Can Memory DAMAGE Your CPU?


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    Why could using XMP void your CPU warranty?
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    1. KapRowMeat

      utter bullshit video 0 problems running corsair vengeance 1600mhz 16gb @ 2400 mhz 1.65v with a 4770k which is rated @1333/1600mhz ram speed

    2. Erik Pro

      thank you for this video i recently got my ryzen 7 3700x and i know its dumb but i also purchusade memory at 3600 mhz because i heard ryzens go well with high speed memory and didnt know that cpu's limit your ram and thats why it wouldnt let me go above 3200mhz lolz thanks


      What is wrong with your eyes?


      What is wrong with your hands?

    5. OutBackChillin

      and ? your eyes ?

    6. Sardonyx YT

      Just download some ram, no physical contact needed, oh, don’t forget to download a RTX 3080

    7. robin1987100

      This, indeed, was a bit of a surprise recently. After enabling AMD's flavor of xmp the system wouldn't even boot in to the 'bios' anymore, that was greeeeat. In the process I learned way more about memory latency then I would have liked. Took some attempts to get it going. Later a bios update became available, with that updated it did run fine at the default 'xmp' profile. Looking the qualified vendor list would have prevented this.

    8. Pete Nielsen

      AMD not only honored the warranty on my FX 8350 in spite of bent pins even though the RMA page said it would not, but they also sent me a stock cooler even though they said they would not. But I didn't even remember to consider what that processor's spec was for max memory speed.

    9. Rafael Gaming

      lol even the ads is linus

    10. magikkell

      Is it the same as lying? Here is an argument that it is:

    11. Lain32 James

      775 CPU running 2000MHz DDR3, will Intel cover me... if they would the warranty ended a long time ago.

    12. John G

      Sup with homies eyes

    13. Crossek

      the only thing that can damage your cpu is intel warranty policy

    14. Dhany Firmansyah

      Promoting a product can use something beyond it's capabilities doesn't mean they actually agree for you to do so ... ironic but they got the point. yeah ... that would be smart if you don't tell 'm you broke their product because you did that when you come to them for help.

    15. turbojoe2

      Sorry, cant get with the soy look. Go back.

    16. DuaLL

      It doesn't matter if you use 3200mhz memory with XMP, because a human eye can only see 256gb ssd

    17. Adam Mckane

    18. Accuracy

      can you do a video on the different chipsets and the differences between them please

    19. njgamer

      I will run it max on my ram. My ram speed 3800 and my cpu it's ryzen 7 3800xt

    20. Chris Anderson

      He’s looking quite fine post baby having

    21. David Mutegi

      Telling part of the truth and not the whole truth is still a lie.

    22. Mark Collins

      The cpu has a memory controller which protects it from damage and will throttle if required

    23. Orlando Arzadon II

      How does one lie with diagnostic data?

    24. 【DAGOTH UR】

      Weird because my CPU was recently damaged somehow. I was downloading something and then it just started shutting off over and over again. I reset the hard drive and it worked fine up until I tried installing GPU drivers, which caused it to restart over and over again. I had to eventually get a new CPU.

    25. EsoMiso

      3:45 [The Felis Catus dialect is heard]

    26. Heres_ Butler

      can pc damage pc?

    27. Koneko

      the council will determine your speed

    28. Mr. Reese

      Look in the QVL lists of the mainboard and the RAM on the respective websites to check whether or not the RAM speed is supported. For example, Z170 only goes up to 3466 MHz.

    29. David Caffey

      What's a BI OS? I know BIOS.

    30. Zeguy_exe

      Memory speed history. Some other history that we dont need

    31. TheLastSeeker

      Intel: removes OC ram support from B motherboards old people: can i get warranty replacement? my family built the pc for me? intel: we can't support what they did to you old people: soooo, i don't have money to replace intel: not our issue Making anyone else the demon while advertising the ability Intel: removes the ability to save some people Shop: overclocks ram and voids it anyway.

    32. EasyIsHere

      I love anything made by LMG so here's a hack. Keep asking for Higher support until you are their then mention their website advertises XMP. I followed your company guidelines if you can not fix this issue please advance me to hire support so I can take legal action. Enjoy the W.

    33. 1sonyzz

      JEDEC - but council as in school council which you never liked

    34. Eggnogsucks YT

      I don't care about the warranty

    35. Abbas Darbar

      I literally hate sennheiser headphones 🎧!

    36. Qaxalvr

      my 2600k is still running @4.4Ghz on a 1867MHz XMP profile in extreme phase mode (since 2011)

    37. iimmatteo

      That's crazy but I'm matteo

    38. hopin8krzys

      I got pulseway ad with Linus here

    39. True Heart

      What happen to your eyes haha

    40. Chungus National

      Yes, if you smash the ram onto your cpu

    41. j3titanz

      For some reason I can only use 5 gigabytes of RAM instead of the eight gigabytes that I bought from Microcenter does anybody no how 2 fix it

    42. Vel A

      just download more!

    43. Diyan Boyanov

      It feels like watching tech news from super mario. It's wonderful.

    44. highlanderknight

      Ahhhh, I just can't get my (XMP) memory to run at the rated speeds without it crashing even though the exact memory sticks (and I am not talking just brand, the actual item number) are tested and approved for the exact motherboard.

    45. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      Your eyes look wired.

    46. Andrew Folz

      Vincent Price vibes

    47. Kento Salazar

      i dont even understand what he’s talking about but these are fun to watch!

    48. Braxton Burtis

      psst i never got warranty lol

    49. Techalyzer

      Trying to OC my RAM for the first time after my 14-year old PC I have found out that we went from 5 to 50 billion RAM timings in the BIOS. There's a list that just goes on and on and on scrolling through RAM timings. And I just leave it at stock values. I'd appreciate a bit of info on that, even though, NO, I am NOT too lazy to Google it...

    50. MuffinOrama

      It took this video for me to realize why they avoided calling extreme memory profile EMP mode

    51. Bagheera Race Gamer

      Excuse me - I'll be in the other room looking into my bios.

    52. rmpll

      Love the Powerfull FormulanToilet Cleaner.

    53. Don’t Read My Profile Picture

      Literally the 1% people who’s reading... May your parents Live More Than 100 years with Good Health 🙏

    54. Robert Steil

      This guy looks cooked asff

    55. Michael S

      Are you wearing makeup or did you get punched in the same spot on both eyes?????

    56. JoetheGoldenHoe

      Imagine buying a car and being told revving the engine to 5000 RPM will void the warranty.

    57. Supa Bambam

      I agree, just don't tell them

    58. Nicholas Wyke

      Riley Is the best, please don't change. I love your humor and the way you explain things.

    59. FangerZero

      is it sad I simply put a like because of the dislike comment?

    60. Khaled Zaidan

      you can't buy memories... you just have to create them with friends and fami-... oh, not that kind of memory...

    61. Life Works

      Nice Dear

    62. Joshua Guy

      Thanks for the tech tips. Oh it is nice to see him without his glasses I have seen him wear in the past. Must switched to contacts.

    63. McMasterPro Genius

      3:02 "Putting too much voltage in ur RAM" Unexperienced PC USER: *OOOH Ur Ram Square? Mine Rectangle!*

    64. Cody Averesch

      Yo, that mustache is super gay.

    65. Josiah Galicia

      Warranties?? What are those? People get warranties?

    66. TechHut

      Go into your BI-AWHS

    67. TheDude

      Intel: "Don't OC your RAM it'll damage your CPU and void your warranty" Intel: "Don't OC your CPU without paying an OC Tax first otherwise you void your warranty" Intel: "Don't buy RAM beyond this random spec we specified because we said so" AMD: "Haha CPU and RAM speed go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

    68. Coordinate Floaty

      I notice XMP use much more voltage so i disabled XMP and bump speed to the advertised speed many years ago. It works fine.

    69. ThatCrazyWuff

      If i'm correct the CPU is responsible for clocking the RAM. So this makes sense that it would be running out of spec. I'm used to modding cars where every upgrade voids the warranty.

    70. Samil kilic

      thr next vid: can a screen damage your laptop

    71. 832elf

      great video. I don't game, but I'm looking for a trading laptop. Would you suggest ryzen 5 or 7? also does the graphics card really matter, 1650 ti or a 2060 or is it more important to have 16 gigs of RAM or 24 g b rather than a powerful graphics card for trading? looking at the legion 5 but it's only a ryzen 5 Thanks for your help

    72. Diogo Antunes

      Ur not telling the whole story, using XMP can damage memory controller which nowadays is inside the CPU. Some motherboards/BIOS if left some settings on auto will bump some voltages much higher then they need to be (like CPU memory controller VCCIO/system agent for intel LGA1151 has an example). So XMP especially very high frequency memory like over 3600 mhz+ can be dangerous. But I do agree that Warranty should cover this, anyway you should have just explained all of it.

    73. Falxie_

      If you just don't tell them what you did it they shouldn't be able to tell unless they have some weird logging shit going on

    74. Robert Andrews

      It's like if lambo said their cars can go over 200 mph but most speed limits are way below. If someone were to ignore the speed limit and crash than it would be hard to get Lamborghini to pay the damages just because they advertised their cars could go that fast. It does make some sense. The cpu sets the speed limit and the just because the ram can go faster doesn't mean it should. So it's kinda like checking to make sure your motherboard can use a cpu, make sure your cpu can handle the max speed of the ram

    75. Jeff Harder

      is he wearying eye makeup ?

    76. Semi AUStral Ants

      I had to turn my voltage up to 1.3 volts to make XMP 2.0 (2666mhz on my ram) work. 1.25 or whatever is standard, world work on XMP 1.0 or any Jedec profile but 2.0 needed 1.3... Still I've never had to hit 1.35

    77. John Buggy

      I decided to test if memory can damage my cpu so I took out my cpu and a stick of ram and started hitting my cpu with my ram. Turned out memory can damage a cpu


      Who cares about manufactured warranty. If my local retail does refunds I am all good. What now? AHAHA

    79. Chris Kamper

      One of the reasons why Intel can **** my ****.

      1. Rob

        they both do it

    80. Alexis Torcuato

      I bought a 3600mhz kit for my ryzen3600 because it was 7$ more expensive than the 3200mhz one. But the ryzen supports 3200mhz according to the website and and the fsb:dram ratio that cpuid shows is 3:54.... I wanted it to be 1:1. It's not 1:1 regardless if I turn on XMP or not

    81. Wood Ant

      Click BIOS 5 is the best, easy, useful, fantastic, keep it up MSI

    82. ChrisGR93 _TxS

      if your xmp is higher than 3800 just check what your motherboard has auto set for System Agent.

    83. ChrisGR93 _TxS

      it can definitely corrupt windows files and more if its unstable.

    84. Jacky Evans

      this is like if apple was like "you can charge our phones but if it breaks we are voiding the warranty" dont advertise it if it isn't covered by warranty thankyou

    85. FizzlStepTV

      Who dis Linus clone

    86. x x

      Imagine if your car company decides to void your car warranty for going faster than the speed limit in your state, after advertising the speed and power of the car. Clearly this must be an FTC violation. Geeks everywhere should band together hire a law firm and file a class action lawsuit and start an FTC investigation to force them to honor their warranty.

    87. Mobi Adam

      "this is the face of linus"

    88. TheRangeControl


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    90. Med Amine

      And the psychopath is back

    91. zoheb saikia

      How do I download more RAM

    92. Tachi

      What about in Europe?

    93. DaGucka

      They: Talking about warranty relating to xmp profiles... Me: Sitting beside the pc where i did delid the cpu and switched the standard thermal compound with liquid metal

    94. leono mesaldo

      I went to amd website and checked r7 3800x and jt was 3200mhz and 2 sticks only But how does it work with more than 3200mhz and and 4 sticks?

    95. Xanthelei

      The question isn't "Is it really a lie if you just tell half of the information?" I don't feel that's even relevant in this situation. The true question is, "Is it wrong to play dumb about XMP when you're running the RAM at the advertised speeds as the manufacturers have listed in their marketing?" For that, I'd say not, as long as you stayed within the maximums listed.

    96. Asim Khan

      Next: can CPU damage your Ram.

    97. Seth NoWai

      Yeah, just be like XP-what? Wasn't that Windows? And that will be all they will need to hear about that. And if you are sending PC, just clear BIOS. Again, you can always say it ran bit weird before and you had someone over to look at it for you, they did that when it was still booting and it didn't help. Like they can prove otherwise.... unless you really put enough voltage through to blow up a hole in PCB or CPU die, they can't. Or if you live somewhere where warranty void stickers are still a thing. Locally they are more like "did anyone temper with it" stickers.

    98. B_POOP8

      I love intel

    99. B_POOP8

      How do i go to my bios

      1. B_POOP8

        @Period Period but where do I do it at and I'm on Mac

      2. B_POOP8

        @Period Period thx

    100. Wildfire Phoenix

      but it's ok for the processor companies to outright friking lie to customers about what their processors can "handle", but yet they expect ALL customers to behave........ well maybe if team red and blue stopped freaking lying to their customer bases then maybe the customers would not have to demand answers in this whole thing........