We broke up.

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    We genuinely hope you guys respect our decision. We hope you also continue to support the both of us. Much love to Kaelyn ALWAYS & forever.

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    1. FaZe Rug

      Sorry guys :( I hope I can get through this but with your support it should help. Also, please continue to show love to Kaelyn. She deserves it.

      1. S Fire

        Last comment

      2. Trinity McCarrell

        love you

      3. TYRONE 123

        Hey i just wanted to let you know rug you have a magical dog at 5:09-5:10 in the video the dog disappears. i

      4. Blake Crow

        I'm so sad man you guys were good together

      5. ramnaresh ramtahal

        We respect your choices rug but we hope we see you together again

    2. Jose Castillo

      Lola is your dog not hers. Please don't give her away like you did your other dog.

    3. R G

      I was gonna comment that the next video you would be WE ARE BACK TOGETHER :'( I couldn't watch the full video

    4. Anthany Pataq

      Dude never have a reason why they broke up and he expects people not to speculate

      1. Zero Control

        there doesn't always have to be a reason, you may not vibe anymore

    5. H3ndr1x 101

      i was waiting for the “ITS A PRANK WE WILL NOT BREAK UP!!!!”

    6. Michelle VanGuilder

      I'm so sorry things didnt work out I love you guys but I seriously love her and glad you 2 will still be friends..

    7. Jenn Kerns

      Kaelyn I see your broken 💔 Just remember this relationship made you stronger . You’ll find someone who will be head over heels for you and will love you no matter what 🤍 Rug gave up a diamond 💎 We love you kaelyn 💛💛💛 Start a HUgets channel girl

    8. Fais Gaming


    9. SAM

      Think I have seen him break up several times and then again get along and some peeps are really sad lol come on guys after few months they will be together again Mark my words.

    10. Lucian Steel

      I no ppl will call cap but I kinda saw it coming

    11. Daphne Flores

      Um I was crying💔💔🥺 I’m wish you both the best ❤️ We understand thank you for telling us and being real with us I would love you both and obviously I will keep supporting you guys❤️❤️🥺

    12. MatteoIsGod 1220

      5:08 the dog disappeared 😭

    13. Janssen Carl De Jesus

      If a genie shows up i will wish three times that they will be together again

    14. Adeana Sunardi

      i wisk kaelyn was back to faze rug. i was so sad😭

    15. Andy Skiles

      You...you poor, poor people. Who are you talking to?

    16. Ivan Clark

      No one cares

    17. Sneha Mahabir

      Respect for not making a 1 hour explanation video

    18. Aiden Nichols vlogs and gaming

      I respect you guys

    19. Basik_playsyt

      dang :(

    20. Jason Maciel


    21. GAMER KING

      I hope she still be in vids😁

    22. Berry Benson


    23. Rin Yajima

      He broke up with her obviously

    24. Meli R

      Kind of sounds like he lost feelings but obviously I don’t know. It’s just overall sad

    25. lu ja

      All liked comments on this page are FaZe bot!

    26. Sulaiman

      No one cares

    27. PieceCONTROLmichael CALLmeTHAT

      Get with your ex

    28. chill you beans

      I hate people honestly 😒 like this generation Is fucked with everything going on like Jesus

    29. Vlogs By Nicole

      Omg No 🥺

    30. tyler carroll

      wtf went wrong tho something had to of happened that made this happen and make you guys lose feeling

    31. The Bevil Boys

      :( this is sad

    32. Chill And scan

      Not surprised use are split up cause you never treated her right

    33. theboys1416

      No 😭

    34. elenadiaz545 Diaz

      No I sad 😭 I well miss you ☹️😔 I love you 😕

    35. O O

      I do not care pls do not talk about because I do not care thank you

    36. Luciano Diaz

      rug cheated 100% look at kaelyn’s face we he says that they are “loyal”

    37. Lovely Yasmin

      Didn't expect that!😭😭😭.. I hope it was a prank... my favourite couple 😭😭.

    38. Stuart DePaz-Ronquillo

      Lola just vanished


      FINALLY she was a bitch

    40. Jesus Zazueta

      Brian lost feeing 😂

    41. Arianna Pierce

      You broke up with your mom? Do you mean she disowned you?

    42. Starri Ari

      Sorry it didn’t work :(

    43. Rolando Colon

      guys this is not a prank if thats why you come to comments \

    44. sisco2da

      Eh....moving on

    45. sisco2da

      He wasn't hitting it right

    46. Maalik Abdelsalam

      😭 we enjoyed you kaelyn

    47. Jafor Howladar

      হ মডম জত৷৷ নআগজচহনডগম

    48. Quality it's

      Very nice

    49. Aikee Lacorte

      I bet some people skip it to the end to see if it's a prank

    50. Nathan Hernandez

      Omg 🥺 kaelyn made me cry the way she was holding it in


      out of all the videos that i wish was a prank this is one of them😭

    52. YNG_Madridjr2

      5:07 she just vanished

    53. Armaan Khan

      I never liked her

    54. wrlld

      Real sad man I hope u guys make videos together still I really respect it

    55. Saif Ullah

      I respect your decision But it's :(

    56. Linda Cardona

      😭😭 I'm thinking another prank but to find out this is legit. Relationship is hard no hate here just love. Hope the best for both and hope to see Kalyn from time to time. Truly gonna miss seeing her in the videos.

    57. Mr. badass

      Every big you tubers title

    58. Nathan Larsen

      Sorry bro hope you get over the break up stay strong

    59. fiorella alva

      Kaelyn thank you for being such a great girlfriend to Bryan梁❤️Like you genuinely loved him for who he truly is, instead of the his fame.

    60. Eric Draven

      Who cares. You’re both not attractive

    61. Golam Raif

      dude kaelyn was literally the best u got but is alr things happen

    62. Zoqezz™

      Relationships are a waste of time nowadays tbh just stay friends 🙄 I lost 6 years to girl I love so..

    63. Jacqueline Booker

      This is so sad. When he said in a friendly way, it broke my heart. Wake up guys!! Another good woman lose to you all not growing up and been mature adults. Did moving back home missed up the relationship? Don’t let her get away. We want a baby Rug channel!!!

    64. Ricoito


    65. Samuel Narvaez

      Dont break up

    66. Garfield Curtis Jr.

      Sucks that you have to explain to people why you broke up. It’s none of our business honestly

    67. Patriotic Pinoy

      Like we give a flying fuck

    68. anton beavers

      P2 and rug this is crazy

    69. HD_ Fabulous

      Damm she looks 30 and you look 10 lol

    70. DS HAVOC

      I really wished this was a prank🥺 I dont believe in true love anymore

    71. Zoqezz™

      I wish nun but the best for yall but not going lie I tired of seeing HUgets couples be so perfect for each other the content gets better then boom broke up 🤦🏽‍♂️ gets old

    72. Audrey Porter

      I'm bout to cry... 😫

    73. Faiz Khalifa

      Holy shit that thumbnail man. She scared the shit out of me.

    74. Demarion Applewhite

      I Respect That💯

    75. Bruno Zaldívar


    76. Chimi King

      5:09. Where did the dog disappear

    77. JTHAWK101 T.

      You broke up?

    78. DANA SLZR

      this made me so sad

    79. Jesly Chinea

      Nooo I loved you guys so much why didn’t you just do a lie detector test and show the people that she isn’t using you

    80. Hamood’s Tech

      Why do you get hate ur awesome

    81. LA Juan Martinez 410

      Thanks to the north got your tweet him exactly the you la has😭💔

    82. Robert Combs

      Next vid better be y’all saying hahaha pranked ya

    83. Daniel Clark

      I support you much love I really kept on thinking that you were gonna day haha pranked at the end but im dorry and hope things go well for you brotha

      1. jo ramirez

        Preach it brotha

    84. jo ramirez

      Feel bad, sorry.:{


      Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment

    86. Ashely Rodriguez

      Maybe he’s finally coming out of the closet .. she’s broken while he’s laughing and telling her he loves her as a FRIEND I guess he isn’t mr nice guy After all

    87. Edith Plecencia

      All good things come to a end and you vant stop it tou know

    88. ElXav


    89. Gabriella Anderson

      Bryan honestly you made a mistake. She was a genuine girl.

    90. A.A & Efi

      Something I thought never would have happened 😔


      Dude comon please no I wish it’s not trueee ughhhhh plz get back

    92. DaRealOmar

      U had a gf ?

    93. Katie Heinlen

      aww lola in the back like she knew what was going on

    94. OboystevenPlayz

      Can tis pls be a prank

    95. Steven B


    96. Tar1

      Why does the girl look like she just escaped from Area 51 and is trying to act normal

    97. Jackson Wang

      This was not expected... But I still hope for the better.😢

    98. Rick Ross

      Yo girl not hot get a baddie

    99. RCDN200

      I just found this on my recommended page 😔

    100. Hyra 2

      Why do I feel that one of then chose to break up. It’s confusing how they break up with no reason all of a sudden. It’s okay to break up with someone and tell us the truth