Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. trin

      “i still hear your voice in the traffic, we’re laughing, over all the noise” is such a euphoric lyric that reminds me of before quarantine, when me and my friends would take late night store runs.

    2. Jamaica

      100millions views and less than a month okay this better a award fro song of the year yes thank

    3. Liz pamela Pimentel vallejo

      MY MOOOD 24/7

    4. Britt Britt _nicole

      I love this

    5. Aleena Doczi

      I’m back again I can’t stop listening !!!!!!

    6. Fergie Roa

      I really love this song

    7. Bárbara Monique

      Brasil ???


      so we just all are listening to this song in our feelings? oh, hey

    9. Catherine Rivera

      Pov: you’re back from watching the behind the scenes

      1. Liz Hw


    10. vibing

      playing this on my record player and laying down feeling sad. (it's bluetooth btw)

    11. Hailey Roland

      this song is good but ur intentions are bad, and u talked a lot of crap about their relationship then u say u miss him?? don't even girl xD

    12. Tiffany Russell

      A queen 🤍🖤🤍

    13. Marin Morris

      75M views!! You go girl! I love ❤️ this song

    14. Jazz Raynor

      Can we talk about how this has 75 million views 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


      mood :crying ;)

    16. Sophie Brooke

      not me watching this for the millionth time


      idk why this song gets me every single time...

    18. Brianna Fisher

      In "guess you didnt mean what you wrote in that song about me" when she sings me I always think she has a blocked nose

    19. AL

      Road to 100 million views here we go!

    20. Liv Buckerfield

      it’s ridiculous that Olivia’s toxic friends have been sending Sab sooo much hate after the “Drivers License” incident. Olivia does not OWN Joshua - he’s her “ex”. If Sab and him are happy in a relationship, just let them be, no need to drive the entire frickin population mad about a breakup. Again, i feel sorry for Liv and her song is INCREDIBLE however, I also love Sab & Josh. They’re all so young still and are still learning about love and relationships. Respect them not just as celebrities but, as human beings. 👍🏼

    21. Marta Hill

      Olivia I saw your music video driver license behind the scenes

    22. samantha

      seeing the behind the scenes and rewatching this makes everything better.

    23. Daria Matwiejczuk

      If you come from a tik tok - - > 1:17

    24. Mermaidz_Unicorns

      Like, it’s a sad song, but like I keep coming back, and I love it? TOTAL LOGIC 😁

    25. Sreten Vucenovic


    26. Tay and Kay

      Whose here after watching the behind the scenes 🤧

    27. Morgan

      I watched u on bizaardvark u sound sooooo different like omg

    28. Karen Turcios

      It’s so sad like I’m gonna 😭

    29. Ja V

      Raise your hand if ur an adult and still don’t have your drivers license

    30. Yadira Arnold

      Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved

    31. Fia santoro

      Her voice is beautiful

    32. Student DakotaRose Alexander

      Was that boy at the table LARRAY

      1. Deez Nuts

        nobody cares

    33. Yalin Molina

      The best song to follow you breaking your heart 💔

    34. edgarjose gamarra muñoz

      Quien vino después del chisme de Diosniel jajajjaa

    35. Alex Williamson

      Why can’t every song be this good

      1. Deez Nuts

        @Ana Kostojchinovska girl nobody asked you

      2. Ana Kostojchinovska

        girl literally 9 secs ago u posted this comment. Idk i just wanted to say

    36. Karen Turcios

      Your songs are so amazing like I love it🤩

      1. Deez Nuts

        she will never see this comment

    37. Yoma Corcino

      I love this song 🥰 !!

    38. プレイデート

      *this is where the legend was born*

      1. プレイデート

        @Deez Nuts WHA-

      2. Deez Nuts


    39. Trevor Carlson

      *White Girl Anthem*

    40. Kaitlyn 7

      at least she passed her driving test

      1. Deez Nuts

        "barely" passed her driving test


      I know that it has more bislay than like



    43. Khovany Jaysen Kem

      This is why women aren't funny

    44. Annabella Rodriguez Velasquez

      She an actor and a singer what could make this video better 😍 and don’t even talk about the song and her voice🤩

      1. Deez Nuts

        deleting it

    45. Sharon Wooley

      OMG I just realized you are Paige from bizaardvark I love you so much and you are such a good singer

      1. Deez Nuts

        bizaardvark is a dead show

    46. Beautiful Bia

      I've never been heartbroken but this song still makes me cry, like I don't even have a blonde girl in my class

    47. Braxton Cummings

      Past 2 weeks I’m here at least 50 times a day😢

    48. Nomvelo Mnguni

      me thinking of my imaginary ex boyfriend

    49. Scott Liu

      Anyone back after BTS video?

    50. Natalia Kiknavelidze

      Still here

    51. sh 1739

      The dislikes are people who didn't pass driver's license test

    52. will the wise

      i'm just got offended with my best friend cuz of his girl friend. this song.. it's getting everything better and worse at the same time.

    53. Angellsway

      2:22 Armys

    54. TSOFI

      Guys please check out my short mashup to drivers license+Stone cold! 🎹🎤🎶 I promise it’s worth a watch!!!♥️🙏🏻

    55. mamahobbit

      The shots in this music video are super cool👏

    56. Mia Gimenez


    57. Caleigh Redding

      watching this video @ 75,658,478 views, wby?

    58. Adopt me ROBLOX

      Omg I love this I laing ti it all day

    59. A A

      1:15 hits deep

    60. Katie Richardson

      I feel like if u searched up 'beautiful' on Google this godess would show up. Girl u don't deserve him, ur to pretty for him

    61. Amy Johnson

      This is one of my favorite songs that Olivia Rodrigo wrote she is a beautiful singer and a pretty woman.

    62. Caleigh Redding

      who is here after the behind the scenes video came out?

    63. Mieszkuś

      In my country to have normal drivers license you must got 18 yo :(

    64. Liv asmr

      am i the only one who’s youtube isn’t working

    65. annietea

      she broke the world record

    66. Srihitha Pericharla

      Okay so you hear people say “Be Happy is over rated”, Or “I don’t get the hype about this song,”. But have you ever heard someone say those things about drivers license? No? Yeah I thought so. I LOVE THIS SONG

      1. Pete Owen

        Not everyone likes it. That’s an impossibility. Yes, it is great.

    67. Vanessa Park

      I just need a moment 😭😭

    68. Marcus Austin

      I love this song🥺

      1. Anime_gxrl


    69. Illiana Pena

      Guys her song is already on BLI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Illiana Pena

        @Anime_gxrl Radio station 106.1 bli!!

      2. Anime_gxrl

        Whats bli

    70. Rich Allen

      Most of this was shot in Provo, Utah for those wondering.

    71. User User

      Imagine haw many people are listening and singing in the same time

    72. z

      This song is so over rated 💀

    73. bruh

      75 mil in two weeks? wow

    74. poob poob

      I think its overrated

    75. Margot vinc


    76. June Wilson

      She will have a lot of views after we're done witch will be never so she will have a lot of views and ALOT

    77. Hafsa Ali


    78. sheri lopez

      amazing. you are beyond talented. u should be proud of yourself, liv. this made me feel all sorts of way: happy, sad, surprised, excited. thank you for this song. keep being amazing 💛

    79. Honeyblossm


    80. Princess Leah


    81. Agz

      Y is everyone amazed that she did this at 17, literally sounds like every lovey song. Digga D changed the drill scene forever at the same age

    82. vian njau

      now i HATE AND DESPISE sabrina

    83. Tori Arias

      So young and talented

    84. marinara

      omg this almost has 100 million views as it should

    85. aiman safwan

      I heard this song is very² famous rn , and im here knowing the the reason why...

    86. •Sparkle Vega•


    87. Roldan Hwang

      hello Livies

    88. Bill Rad

      Great song but I love sibrina and honestly it's not 🚫 her bad and he's not worth this girl he's a crazy dude and stupid

    89. Shella Marie

      the Filipino genes be hitting right, dayum

    90. Taekook Is Love

      Idk whom i miss so much 💔😔...but this song just makes me miss my non existing lover

    91. Fuck You

      New taylor swift or better lol

    92. Fuck You

      Fuck, I'm here again

    93. liv

      THIS SONG HIT'S SO DIFFERENT LITERALLY -don't have a car or my license or even took drivers training -single virgin, never had a bf THIS SONG MAKES ME MISS MY IMAGINARY EX INVISIBLE BOB

    94. AaronTCU

      I don’t get what’s so good about this song? Why is it so hyped up I’m not hating on I just curious why problem are hyping this song up?

      1. Taekook Is Love

        Read the comments lol

    95. Karen Fuentes

      gracias melissa por recomendármela :)

    96. My name is bob

      Who’s here when she changed some of the parts in the video?

    97. Zizi Edmonds

      I love this song 🥺😩😩

      1. Brayden Palmer

        Me too. My son is a huge fan of Olivia and did a cover "Drivers License" Hope you'll give it a listen: hugets.info/show/pXZ8eqitmWmW1oY/vide.html

    98. domonik leon

      songs ass

    99. Meymuna Ali

      who watched this again after the behind the scenes

      1. Brayden Palmer

        Yep! My son is a huge fan of Olivia and did a cover "Drivers License" Hope you'll give it a listen: hugets.info/show/pXZ8eqitmWmW1oY/vide.html