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    Not all of us were born smart. Not all of us were born with common sense either. Take these people, for instance.

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    1. Danny Danny

      "never miss another fail" - that'd be impossible. We've already seen them all.

    2. mples mes

      First time I watch THESE VIDEOS AGAIN.

    3. Martti Kilpiö


    4. Tangitehau Thomson

      The first clown did that on purpose

    5. My33T

      wait it isnt just karens because those are the real stupid ones

    6. oddly faceless

      5:24 I think Dracula's laughing in the background

    7. Vaahteranlehti

      Who sits in the fridge?! My god.

    8. ZENPLAY

      3:26 A proper team😂😂

    9. Mr Snowing otter

      WTF Richard

    10. Nige De Jesus

      Thanks for no terrible music

    11. Wilbert Lek

      Actually, these fail compilations are a bit redundant for me. You see, I'm an Atheist and I talk to "gods-believers" on a regular basis...

    12. Hazulkar

      1:04 Ya'll see what I see?

      1. Rock girl

        Evolution still has a long way to go😒

    13. Blade is Here

      samuel bkl CONFIRMED

      1. Blade is Here


    14. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂

      1. Rock girl

        You're so great ??

    15. Berke Kiraz

      haha so funny

    16. Curry_Monster

      No IQ > 10

    17. Moa Waller

      i seriously get mad watching these videos! why are people soooo dumb? lol

    18. Joseph Stokes

      Pitiful and very, very weak!

    19. Tag Heuer

      7:30 thank meeee

    20. MrPumba85

      Про дротик и монитор конечно фейк голимый, но с него я реально поржал.

    21. Brian Olson

      Some how we are still top of the food chain...

    22. RAFAS

      Humans are a mistake of God

    23. Charles Kellett

      Who the hell likes getting food thrown at them? These people laugh only because they think you are supposed too. Some of these people are so stupid it’s beyond funny, it borders on sympathy.

    24. MeMyself andI

      Sometimes stupid is funny. Sometimes its just ducking stupid. How have these fools lived to adulthood?

      1. MeMyself andI

        @soiung toiue Pardon me?

      2. soiung toiue

        Try not to REUSE the first clip 20 times before hand eh?

    25. sabastion Paige

      0:20 he is adorable!

    26. Dohh


      1. soiung toiue

        Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

    27. oiuet souiu

      4:35 Van in the background: aight imma head out

      1. Chandyn Ruot

        Literally took someones comment lol

      2. OPERATION X

        Actually took me a while until I finally realized it...

    28. Jeffrey Maglowski

      The piquant blade postprandially spoil because cone ophthalmoscopically tour than a narrow spring. purring, distinct gliding

    29. Graham Parr

      Evolution still has a long way to go😒

      1. oiuet souiu


    30. Rahul Narayan V

      Yup at its best 😂

    31. James Melchionno

      in this one literally everyone got what they deserved. these are the definition of play stupid games get stupid prizes.

    32. Cassidy Keen

      It is proven. Covid spreads through current videos.

    33. Mr Kim Jung

      how did they even think this would be physically possible??? 7:23

    34. Simply Melinda

      wow an idiot driving a motorbike in the house. tit

    35. justusdunn ,

      you can't win them all hasselhof

    36. Rock girl

      Fun fact: everyone has eyes but not everyone can see

      1. WDSCS

        Why copy some other comment that was posted six days ago? Bad childhood?

    37. Cecil Pantall

      Well you now what my dad says stupid is what stupid does and you can’t fix stupidity

    38. Johannes Henrici

      Alter content... BORING

      1. Rock girl

        El primero lo hace totalmente a posta. Raro que no le diera al compañero.

    39. CFC thegreatesttherecanbe

      Most of these only go to prove what morons people are.

    40. Pedro Sweepe

      seriously... the clip at 1.45 has featured on most of your uploads for about 5 years now. Time for new content no? stop milking that cash cow, its killing your channel

    41. Alexander Perry

      Survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean survival of the smartest. Someone needs to tell Darwin to tweak his thesis. 6:49 Ah, so this why my parents wanted recessed lighting when they had our house built, on the off chance my brother and I ever did something like this while they were gone.

    42. Joshua McGuire

      Try not to REUSE the first clip 20 times before hand eh?

    43. soiung toiue

      Wow, fresh videos from 2015th!

    44. HUVAN __GO

      nul germain((((((((

    45. songs with cam

      2:23 that kid laughing like a seagull

      1. soiung toiue

        This video make me forget what Bad day is

    46. Bonolo Ntapu

      4:50 🙆🏾‍♂️ Oh shit Jeff Bezos is going to kill me

    47. YeetTheVeate12

      If I See Skateboard Coffee Guy Broken Tablet Kid Dart At Work Guy 1 Eyebrow Dude A Coke And Mentos Video Or Pete And Brandon 1 More Time.... *FAILARMY I AM DEAD SERIOUS I AM GONNA UNSUB*

    48. Jiya Desai

      I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. abbsnn cose

      5:13 You'll never guess what happened to me today. I was having a nice woodland walk when, Bam! Flash flood.

      1. WDSCS

        Why copy some other comment that was posted 6 days ago? Bad childhood?

    50. Sigurdur Helgi

      Allt endurtekið. Leiðinlegt.

    51. Matthew W

      Not much original material

    52. Epic Life

      the first one is my favourite

    53. Harmony Hall

      Who tries to shove a full size sofa in their car's tiny trunk?!

      1. abbsnn cose

        Recycling the funnies! I dig it

    54. ásdragon dranks

      El primero lo hace totalmente a posta. Raro que no le diera al compañero.

    55. Andrew Pavlovich

      3:57 instant karma

    56. Michael Hilton

      1:20 Not the first time she's had a mess like that on her face. Sure I saw her somewhere mess up with eggnog.

    57. Fernando Miranda

      Not only recycling stuff from 5 years ago, you should also look into other ways of hiding swearing that don't include those annoying beeps that make your ears bleed SMH

    58. Riley Welch

      What’s up with this stupid music you guys are playing over all the clips?

    59. Crazy Shorts

      Just started, check me out!

    60. Victoria Wolfer

      2:27 kid sounds like a pelican

    61. Epic Life

      This video make me forget what Bad day is

    62. Carlos Ramos

      Qué gente talentosa! El mundo sería aburrido sin sus tonterias tan naturales.

    63. Auizy

      I present to you, the human species.

    64. seiom jvony

      5:30 Santa Claus laghing

    65. Anuj

      6:49 One of those videos where you already predict what's gonna happen..

    66. thatnatureguy_92

      you know what would be funny is seeing one of these idiots getting paralyzed

    67. Rapmagic Deleon

      Recycling the funnies! I dig it

    68. Shri

      Trump followers at their best.

      1. seiom jvony

        This channel is so fucking amazing!!!!!!!! 1,000,000,000 out of 1,000,000,000!

    69. Julian JL

      Stop it with the added music. We just need funny videos.

    70. Deepak

      Why don't you try putting the same clip twice in the next video. Let's take this to next level recycling.

    71. Héctor Finschi Pacheco

      repeated, repeated, repeated, over and over. boring

    72. Robert Gardner

      Stupid Human Tricks

    73. T. B.

      1:04 dude needs to keep the snake under control. I missed the fail becasue I though his manhood was gonna come out of his shorts. 🤣🤣

      1. Chandyn Ruot

        Lmao sooooooo true. Couldnt take my eyes off it

      2. Iamaze621 W

        Omg I kept thinking same thing lol

      3. DblOSmith

        No containing it. Unleash it.

    74. Fernando Mirarios


    75. Jay Hulm


    76. vieraeugigerZyklop

      Motorcycle in the room? Must be good 'ol 'Murica

    77. JoTHEgreen

      80% idiots vertically taking videos are dumbest at its own 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Top Fails YT

        Top Fails YT

    78. Samuel Santos

      5:00 It’s that scene from Bad Boys 2

    79. Darthadios

      Trying to put a big sofa to the tiny Skoda like WTF ?

      1. yuoop noke

        The guy at 5:31 laughing like the Count from Sesame Street.

    80. E SNAP 02

      This channel is so fucking amazing!!!!!!!! 1,000,000,000 out of 1,000,000,000!

    81. Dave Duffy

      Seen it seen it seen it

    82. dim liss

      Ya des français ?

    83. Red Banana

      I won't believe this is true 😥 0:34

      1. MC Chase

        @Ryan Klausner Explain the obvious cracked screen then. Exactly, you cannot. It's real, anr besides, how can it be edited if the guy is at the same spot from when he threw the dart?

      2. Ryan Klausner

        It's not real, just clever editing


      All stupid laugh to hide their sturdiness.

    85. Flowmie #719808

      I like how people are complaining about reused videos, like there hasnt been a quarentine for the last 9 months and everything has been closed where typical shinanigains happens. Who gives a fuck people? Think you can do their jobs better? I think NOT. Thanks and good night :)

      1. Dylan Castellanos

        @Flowmie #719808 Karen video make me question my faith in humanity. Fail videos make me question my faith in the intelligence of mankind. I won't pretend that I've never done my fair share of stupid stuff when I was younger. But that was generally the ups and downs of growing up. But a lot of people in fail videos makes me wonder who ties their shoes for them. Karen videos make me wonder if they're dealing with some internalized self hate that causes them to take it out on others and explode at people for the smallest things. Then again, narcissism is a thing.

      2. Flowmie #719808

        @Dylan Castellanos lets be honest, you watch enough karen videos, youll start to question your faith in humanity...mine is shook hard

      3. Dylan Castellanos

        @Flowmie #719808 Exactly.

      4. Flowmie #719808

        @Dylan Castellanos or karens raging at managers, but lets be honest those arent *fails*

      5. Dylan Castellanos

        Right? The only fails we'd see now are people not wearing their masks or social distancing.

    86. Donnie V.

      You guys do know that adding music does not make the fails new right??

    87. WarChild5309 ————

      I gain great pleasure in these people failures and misfortunes...

    88. Eddie Yacobozzi

      FBI, open up? 7:10

    89. Lucas Sullenbarger

      Thanks for the 2005 compilation

    90. Steve Freedenburg

      Fail Army used to have legit funny stuff on it. New, fresh.... Now the channel itself is the joke. Unsubbing.

    91. Brandon Rutkowski

      Looks like the news took all the recent fail videos again

    92. Greg King

      This is so sad, didn't laugh....because seen this for 5 years....what the fuck happened

    93. AdirondackBuzzard

      The guy at 5:31 laughing like the Count from Sesame Street.

    94. Stre Led

      The dart one was made on March 13th *2018*

    95. E.M.R.G.

      Wtf Richard lmfao

    96. gargoyleb

      Did momma never tell these people "Not in the house!"

    97. Brad Miller

      4:55 I love that he left the view of the camera before running.

    98. Christopher Bailey


    99. Many_Lives

      If its one thing ive learned watching fail army its that gravity always wins.

    100. Derian le Breton

      Just stop with the stupid added music.