THIS is COLD WAR WARZONE Season 2...(NEW Map Update!)


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    THIS is COLD WAR WARZONE Season 2...(NEW Map Update!)
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    1. Swagg

      $100 PSN CODE: 6422-QHNB-RKG4

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        Would You guys mind checking me out?❤️

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        Damn missed the chance to get my first battle pass☹️😭

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        Swagg I thought you said you were going to give a xbox gift card to

    2. Jonathan1k -

      11:34 real nigga fr

    3. David Banks

      I just bought COD cold war and is still getting the old warzone map. How I get the updated one?

    4. Ismail Redžić

      5:58 Oh is that an aimbot? No it's swagg

    5. Derrick Milton

      The fake reaction got me weak asf💀😭

    6. Shahbaz ahmed

      Hi good morning beautiful nice

    7. BFF’S GAMING !!

      Hi i live in lebanon and the dollar rate is very high so i cannot afford to buy the battle pass

    8. bilishu aliss

      2:30 “what in the James Brown.. Touchdown?!” 👊😂

    9. kingslayer44

      that teamwork thooo

      1. kingslayer44

        @bilishu aliss 100%

      2. bilishu aliss


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    11. alida flus

      “Done”Xbox I watch your vids everyday keep up the great work!

    12. aola wili

      “DONE” PS5.

      1. alida flus

        Hi Swagg, I'm a big fan of you ❤️😎 Do you play on console by the way for show you do we could play together once on Warzone because it is one of my biggest dreams 😃

    13. Lee Lee

      Arks they’re having a TTOO and SENS. TTOO and SENS. TTOO and SENS

      1. aola wili

        Are u able to play with the new weapons on line

    14. Lee Lee

      INUV luck with everyone. INUV so great. 👍. INUV. INUV. INUV INUV

    15. Lee Lee

      Healthier and healthier food for healthier healthier. Everything. HCMC. HCMC. HCMC

    16. Lee Lee

      Japen and American sun ☀️ power at. ARAO. Japen and American sun ☀️ power at ARAO

    17. Chava Maciel

      Xbox one

    18. butti fdft

      Lol the chat was going crazy at the start

      1. butti fdft

        Dude that was someone baot and i dont know how the human got killed

    19. Daisy Rangel


      1. serdy ximi

        DONE PS4

    20. Angelo Griffith

      i no the stroy it was in rebert island i saw the sam ship when i log in warzone i saw lightning befor the update

      1. serdy ximi

        Dude that was someone baot and i dont know how the human got killed

    21. Brian Contreras


    22. C.O.L.T F.O.X

      I am ps4 player

    23. Derrick Mutugi


    24. serdy ximi

      Swagg over here like Captain America in Age of ultron with that “Language”! I love it! Much respect trying to be a great role model! PlayStation!

      1. serdy ximi

        Such a genuine reaction

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    26. Ian Garcia

      Why is the chat always filled with a bunch of dumbasses. 1000 comments that just say why. I swear covid hasn’t killed ENOUGH people.

    27. High-tier Films

      Lov u man

    28. Glenn Jenssen

      Hi Swagg, I'm a big fan of you ❤️😎 Do you play on console by the way for show you do we could play together once on Warzone because it is one of my biggest dreams 😃

      1. Glenn Jenssen

        @annag cocl What?

      2. annag cocl

        Swagg a real one waiting for J.. #iykyk

    29. aaron isom

      Are u able to play with the new weapons on line

      1. aaron isom

        @annag cocl huh

      2. annag cocl

        Learn how go speak

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      1. shani yan

    31. Kamala Nenavath

      Good job

    32. zuygj bnsv

      Would love to have watched but I cant do the floating look at me head. Found a guy named Jackfrags instead. No floating heads on screen

      1. zuygj bnsv

        He was being a lil selfish when he was like I have 90k viewers 😂

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      ur the best

    35. Reden

      Dude that was someone baot and i dont know how the human got killed

    36. AStoc11

      DONE PS4

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    38. Ahmed Jama


    39. Afzaal786 123

      Lol I hope I can get the battle pass

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        @laskin riubn PS4

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        Xbox one

    40. Michael Jimenez

      That clip for the game was what tropic thunder was shooting for lol

    41. killustrator

      Such a genuine reaction

      1. laskin riubn

        He was being a lil selfish when he was like I have 90k viewers 😂

    42. laskin riubn

      Shoots claymore gets downed him "BEHIND ME GUYS" no one there him "wait what?" PC

      1. laskin riubn

        I play on xbox and my user is Killjoy T22

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    44. JakeG1233

      0:57 look at swaggs face😂

    45. Dean mazareii

      Learn how go speak


      Swagg a real one waiting for J.. #iykyk

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    48. Just Say

      Your hairline is a myth

    49. annag cocl

      He was being a lil selfish when he was like I have 90k viewers 😂

      1. annag cocl

        I have xbox and it fucking sucks

    50. preston mckelvey

      Repeats literally everything🤦🏻‍♂️

    51. sulayman tamimi

      how do you have filed of viwe on ps4

    52. Theme Park Mad UK

      Fireteam keeps crashing for me

    53. Aethan Anagnopoulos

      3:50. Why does that operator look like caveira from rainbowsix?

    54. droski33

      Y’all annoying af

    55. Rome Mac

      The energy from this team made this warzone experience 🔥🔥🔥 lol

    56. misolou fout

      He was being a lil selfish when he was like I have 90k viewers 😂

      1. misolou fout

        Nah son...Swag killing himself by shooting the claymore then saying “behind me behind me!” had me weak!! Lmaooooo

    57. Yellow

      Xbox one

    58. edward barron

      96k viewers during the whole stream 🤯

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      I play on xbox and my user is Killjoy T22

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    62. ShallowDepression

      What, no BLM support this time around?

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      Xbox my guy

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      ¨done PS5¨Turn me up

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      I have xbox and it fucking sucks

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      please read all I did joke

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    72. KodakRAGE

      I’m on PS4 and I wanna know if you could kinda slide that psn card

    73. k-dub

      Nah son...Swag killing himself by shooting the claymore then saying “behind me behind me!” had me weak!! Lmaooooo

    74. Jen’s Violin Worship

      Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you❤️ Never give up on your life!! 🙏🏼

    75. Michael Scott

      Nice game

    76. Poncho Palito

      Damn! Jgod is right he's a content creator not a pro player 💯👍

    77. Liam McDowell

      DONE PS4

    78. FaZe Carter

      To me this season is not that good but gg on the game win

    79. TREads

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    81. Ryan Rouzier

      Bro I love the facial expressions

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      "Rose's are Dead "Violets are dying "outside I'm smiling" "Inside I'm crying" "I am trying to get to 50 subs!"

      1. CFC

      2. Ryan Hildibrand

        i got you. only because of your sick rhymes

    87. TheCalypso

      18:42 Captain america reference

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    90. Nate Chappelle

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    91. scure

      Is the load size large or no?

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