Is Apple in TROUBLE?


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    0:00 no tech news? unacceptable!
    0:10 RX 6700 XT announced
    1:22 Chrome losing third-party cookies
    2:26 Arizona passes anti-Apple bill
    3:38 Honey
    4:12 QUICK BITS
    4:20 Intel drops overclocking warranty
    4:51 Microsoft Hololens stuff
    5:21 Twitter Clubhouse clone on Android
    5:48 DJI FPV drone
    6:12 Sinking City Developer DMCA's their own game
    RX 6700 XT - March 18 for $479
    Smart Access Memory on Ryzen 3000 series
    Chrome ditching third-party cookies
    bad for advertisers
    no alternative trackers
    Firefox does this and has “Total Cookie Protection”
    Brave making its own search engine
    Arizona passes bill requiring Apple to allow third-party payment methods
    Epic Games acquires Fall Guys developer Mediatonic
    Intel discontinues overclocking warranties
    Maybe because they just got hit with 2.2 billion fine
    Microsoft Ignite
    Power Automate Desktop free
    Pokemon Go Hololens
    also wants you to patch server flaws
    Twitter copies Clubhouse with spaces
    DJI FPV drone
    Sinking City developer DMCA’s their own game off of Steam

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    1. TechLinked

      Ok so some of you have noticed that four of the Ryzen 5000 CPUs have been out for quite some time. Congratulations, you passed our TechLinked Test. Going to be doing more of these, so stay on your toes

      1. Aren Clegg

        riley.. the 2021 dread pirate roberts :p

      2. blarg harblarg

        linus said team rocket stole the 3rd fan is there any update on what they are using it for? is it some elaborate plan to steal pikachu or something?

      3. Battery PWR Low

        @Grant Peterson And Newegg has 5600x. For some reason you gotta search 5600x and click on one of the combo deals to get the page where its 299.99

      4. Grant Peterson

        To anybody reading this, the 5800X is in stock RIGHT NOW on Amazon. If you’re reading this hopefully not too late

      5. Kekekekeke

        It’s all out of stock tho

    2. Michael Coelho

      No, Apple is not in trouble.

    3. Tech News Station


    4. D Tech Videos

      there are a ton of things happening in Apple Even I have made 4 videos on it.

    5. Naturally Bad Gamer

      those patent troll companies should actually have products they are selling before they can sue anyone.


      Fuck epic.

    7. Nimras AKA Wipeout

      All Chrome based browsered are 1 big spyware for Google, and even if they remove third party cookies will google still get all the data on the user of Chrome to sell on or abuse for ads and what not.

    8. Rebecca Light

      Google uses "Zucker Punch" - it's super effective!

    9. imicca

      s Apple in TROUBLE? no. lol

    10. Viorel Nicolae Strimturean

      ntz ntz ntz ntz

    11. Evan V

      Riley is the best of all humans

    12. R Google

      Firefox all the way bb

    13. Skuzzy

      dislikes are juggalo's sad you didnt woop correctly

    14. crushingbass

      I think we all need more Riley, he needs to be the main host of TechTips

    15. Sherry Armstrong

      honestly , Twitter is dead and the metal people there, i will never use it even if you paid me too

    16. Nicholas Burk

      this guy wants to be middleditch so desperately bad it hurts. im embarassed for him.

    17. MrSmapdi

      Does anyone else miss when video cards were just #2... #3... #4.... ugh. I don't have the attention span to follow all these things now :) GET OF MY LAWN

    18. KashDaMan


    19. KashDaMan

      Dude you need to eat and work out- you look like woody from toy story. Except you ain't got no stuffing inside you.

    20. Samuel Manny

      Am I the only one who got Pulseway commercial of Linus before this video plays? Can't believe it's real...not a segue

    21. J D

      Holo lens will be released on 2178 so we can wait for sure. 😉microsoft

    22. Three Cats

      1:33 a pillow for $70. ...... You are taking the p***.

    23. Doug Tilaran

      Nice to see Hank Johnson in tech. He has a doktrit in sinking

    24. Mike Charnecke

      I don’t understand why people are so surprised they are raising prices. Supply and demand has been a thing since forever

    25. 6055 boss

      Cant wait for people to start saying "join my space" and have some people thing they are talking about Myspace

    26. Sealed

      @4:40 the headline says billion, not million

    27. Jack Flare

      Getting "tech reform" in the US is as likely as getting meaningful legislation on marijuana..... "results may vary"

    28. Nikola Lozina

      I saw the title and the answer is no :)

    29. Untitled 1

      My Birthday is on the 17th of March. And AMD is reeleasing a graphics card on the 18th. Talk about marketing.

    30. LA

      So you just read news from vice and call it a video?

    31. GtgdGaming

      The thumbnail artist added the pink glow to the original Apple logo, rather than merging the spikeys and the logo, then adding the pink glow. You're better than this!

    32. SilviX

      ok, so smart acces memory is gonna work with my processor but is it really worth it to lose all the nvidia software?

    33. Rainer Gaming


    34. Kahle Kable

      I LOVE Riley so!

    35. Crunchy License Plates

      4:42 you said $2.2 Million, not $2.2 Billion.....

    36. Michael Bellini

      Riley is my new fav HUgetser!!!!

    37. Michael Bellini

      I LOVE James comments off camera. I think that’s somethings you guys should keep doing. I like the 4th wall thing.

    38. bxsicqlly

      3:31 *cries in woo*

    39. svgPhoenix

      Google Chrome *_IS_* the third-party cookie

    40. Jason Stephan

      i thumbs up the vid purely because Riley eating imaginary quick bits.

    41. TheRightWay

      Am I the only one who noticed wide Riley?

    42. Graham Belfield

      Nice impersonation of the Queen. Talking of queens, where's Madison? give her another gig guys

    43. Jorge Moreno

      Brave has REAL problems related to privacy, you probably shouldn't use it, just search around, right now about the only alternative is Firefox which has improved but its still not as good as Chrome

    44. Arvydas Andrius

      The dji fpv drone is actually not what it seems like, its slow, breaks from light crash and its not made for what fpv is all about. If you fpv pilot you dont buy dji, its more for cinema things

    45. Alexander Nenninger

      Where is Madison?!

    46. _ ASleepyDragon _

      Apple in trouble? Impossible. They have a HUUUGE cult and HUUUUUUUUUUGE Slave labor. They are as untouchable as the Technopoly Google and Amazon.

    47. TREX POWER

      Excited for fall guys getting released by epic games

    48. nintendians

      chrome losing third-party cookies - i rather have it private. arizona passes anti-apple bill - that too bad for apple. microsoft hololens stuff - hopefully microsoft got the okay from nintendo and the pokemon company to used pokemon for their hololens advertisemnt. sinking city developer dmca's their own game - don't know why they teamed up with nacon as the publisher in the 1st place.

    49. Churchgrimm

      It's Friday and the new tech news hasn't been uploaded yet. I need it. I NEED IT.

    50. random codes

      I see some mouse there!!!

    51. Sam Heywood

      Probably not a good idea to use a banana as a size comparison to the CPU pillow. Banana sizes vary significantly, particluarly by region.

    52. Adam Stock

      less and less information while more and more riley bs ......

    53. The L&K Network

      So... will Fall Guys become Free To Play?

    54. daironpower

      69.99 for a pillow? dang.

    55. Cameron Productions

      Do you know all I can say is people are really going to be wishing that they didn’t make a huge ass deal about this when their iPhones get bugged forget hacked by somebody by downloading a third-party app that hasn’t been inspected or reviewed by anybody from Apple you’re going to be wishing they never said anything about it and they would’ve just left Apple to be strict about their App Store and that’s for very good reason if people don’t notice because of how strict Apple is about what abseiled on their App Store there are less iPhones that get hacked or get bugged not only because they have high security but mainly because Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps that are not trusting want to look shady until hair App Store this is why you rarely hear about an iPhone getting bugs or hacked or anything of that sort I have been in iOS Eugene all the way up to the iPhone to 2G which is the grandfather iPhone this is why you hear about Samsung users having their devices hacked A lot

    56. milp

      what is this laysei-fair and does it have a rollercoaster?

    57. elorz007

      Please don't support the Brave browser, the founder and CEO is, to put it mildly, not a very nice person.

    58. Joe Dolan

      Google IS working on building FloC, which is their own in-house replacement for third-party cookies. It's even worse than third party cookies were in that it basically stores the entirety of your recent history: sites visited, length of stay, interactions on page, etc. They claim by using a system called "Cohort IDs" rather than individual user IDs they're protecting user privacy, but in actuality, it's incredibly easy to narrow down specific users, even as little as 3 datapoints can oftentimes be enough to define a specific user.

    59. Pigsalot

      It sounds like Linus talking lol

    60. lorrygoth

      Riley and TechLinked fans if you care about right to repair in the US please watch "The Sad Truth about what it takes to get Right to Repair passed" on Louis Rossmann's channel.

    61. cyberfennek

      Apple in Trouble? naah they got money to survive the next 100 years

    62. Robert Burbulea

      479 usd is a raised price, but a 70 dollars pillow is totally reasonable

    63. Ekansh Dadheech

      Hi , I am your biggest fan ,I have watch your all videos you are really great ,I am from india my name is ekansh, I want to built a pc for my online classes and some gaming but I don't have enough money ,can you help please I really want a pc please Plz reply. Thank you Ekansh dadheech

    64. Fernando Santos

      I see Riley starting a video with randomness, I immediately push like.

    65. Dameon Edwards

      Did this chanel and linus tec tips go to the same youtube and voice school??!?!?!? 🤣

    66. Catman

      30 years from now Epic is gonna buy google.

    67. Steve b Yt

      I don’t like this because it makes iOS so great and it’s more secure if all this stuff happens they can just install any apps they want they could potentially give you viruses I think when Apple was floating floor was the right thing and epic needs to screw off because that means the App Store won’t be as a crew as secure as it usually was that’s why I like the App Store over the android store it’s more secure and you can’t just download anything you want like an emulator or anything that could carry viruses and stuff I just think that they should just back off and Apple just worry about the privacy rather than the app stores in the store that’s what apples about privacy quality in a showing that you enjoy your products Apple’s always been about that since 1976 and on

    68. Steve b Yt

      Apples a multi trillion dollar company epic doesn’t stand a chance against them

    69. PCSA

      4:42 2.2 million or 2200 million?

    70. PCSA

      pfuhhuhuhuh... programming!

    71. Siim Soasepp

      Why is it that when you watch one fan at 0:22 the other one starts moving and vice versa?

    72. Arnaud

      I just wanna say that your sponsor Honey is trash, I had the extension installed for at least a year, maybe 2, and it never got me any coupon code, worst they spammed me on some page yesterday and I just rage uninstalled this shit, that's it.

    73. Valiant Cashew nuts

      hello everyone its gamer meld

    74. Valiant Cashew nuts

      next rx6600/xt

    75. Try sky

      Where is the girl we want her back!!!!

    76. Angel Ocaranza

      How he said "track other than google" hahahaha

    77. blarg harblarg

      oh great M$hit heads are lens teasing us even more! that fucking thing costs a metric shit tone so now not only cant i have AR minecraft now i cant have AR pokemon either only some corporate dushbag that makes more money then god can afford that shit! fuck you Microsoft!

    78. Steakncheese VS Emerald

      Going back to firefox.

    79. Vilius Kubekas

      Please people, don’t get mad at me for saying this. IMO if you use the appstore to distribute your game, you should pay tax... you’re using it for commercial use to generate money after all. I think there are two options: you use appstore and pay taxes off your software sales or you’re not on the appstore. BUT Apple should make up their minds. If you enforce a rule on something, it should be strict. Now fortnite can’t be on the appstore, but spotify can?

    80. Mitchell Abercrombie

      Epic: "The 30% Apple tax on Fortnite is disgraceful" Also Epic: "Still have Fortnite up on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, all which have taxes of 30-35% on them" This is a vanity lawsuit

    81. Steven May

      That English accent was better than mine, and I’m English.

    82. sunny jeet

      i love your videos but i wish there was more than just apple and Microsoft news.

    83. Jan Stoltenborg

      Clickbait title :(

    84. Ilyass Karouach

      There is more Ads in this video than content

    85. Olivier vdB

      Tbh a company where i ran an internship uses hollolens to show where all the tubing in the manufactering halls go with ar to the clients and it works way better than you would think its just not a normal consumer market product yet.

    86. hellooo world

      We're already using hololens in work for maintenance activity in Intel....ahead of the curve

    87. informitas 0

      Patent trolls and scalpers needs to stop existing. Same ilk.

    88. SnakePlizkin

      Passing Bills like this but still NO development on right to repair...

    89. just_twistah

      Apple could be bigger if it were more open source

    90. Marco Martins

      My bot is ready! AMD!

    91. just_twistah

      Yep terrible picture for the thumbnail

    92. James Read

      I'm better they just move to cname cookies so they can track you as a first party.

    93. PixelGM

      Dude's voice is same as Linus?

    94. Pole Tooke

      I've been using Brave for months. It's way better,

    95. Knakra

      Can't wait to try out Ho-LoL-Lens

    96. CasivYT

      At the first 2-4 seconds I thought he was Indian

    97. Fabio

      Why doesn’t Apple just buy Epic? All problems would be gone😂

    98. Ernest Giboo

      Radeon RX 6700 $479.00 MSRP AKA Bot Price. Real consumer price $1000-$1500. PS5 now hacked for cryptocurrency mining. So fun one there. good luck getting a PlayStation 5.

    99. randomguy26

      Lol fans accusing AMD for pricing it at 480 , we'll be lucky to find one for 750$

    100. Suspicious Rainforest

      This is what happens when you spend so much time in the budget range and stop competing with competitors; people start to accuse you of stuff like this or try to market you as something else. Hopefully, AMD will continue to compete so that their brand image can be changed even further.