Poet Amanda Gorman reads 'The Hill We Climb'

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    The nation's first Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman recites "The Hill We Climb."
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    1. breakout 459

      POV: you are in high school you have to write an essay

    2. Agent NHR

      Behold, everybody. The single smartest American

      1. Th3Snipe

        That says enough about America.

    3. Lance Smith

      Where is her mask? 🙄

      1. Lance Smith

        @a cats covid is airborne and is spread by speaking, coughing, sneezing and so on. Wind can spread it from the microphone to the next speaker. TBH, she should wearing a mask.

      2. a cats

        @Lance Smith unless the next person touches the microphone I don't think it would cause a problem. They probably clean the microphone too.

      3. Lance Smith

        @a cats yeah but she's talking into the microphone which someone will use after her.

      4. a cats

        probably in her pocket since it would be impractical while reading a poem since there isn't anyone directly in front of her and her voice needs to be clear

    4. Ka-Pow!

      Time to cancel her because of the expectation that only a black person could translate her poem into Dutch. Bye bye. Contact her modeling agency if you disagree with that nonsense.

    5. Minaya

      Hope this works for your essay, feel free to make any changes as you see fit. “The Hill We Climb" by Amanda Gorman is the 2021 Inauguration Poem, it is a well-written composition that talks about the problems of America and what the future holds for us and the world. Here we cover events that are affecting our nation as of right now, (Like covid-19) and events that happened and threatened our nation’s sovereignty and democracy (Like Ex-President D. Trump’s raid); but, it goes through all those problems without making us doubt or despair, because it does so in a way that makes us feel like we’ve managed to survive and overcome all the obstacles that came, and that we’re able to succeed in what is to come. There are also some lines of encouragement that show that your race, gender, or beliefs don't matter and that everyone has a chance at life and we shouldn't waste it.

    6. Martin T

      Never say no to a word-salad!

    7. Kyaw Lin

      How is that a poem? Or black poem ?

    8. It's the squad

      we are all here for a assignment

    9. Matt O'Dowd

      Great message Amanda! Go USA

    10. noronha4223

      Well, now the united states seems to be america's bruised but whole...

    11. B0omer96

      I find this sort of "poetry" pompous and self important. I hate the spoken word/slam poetry intonations. This is not good poetry and you all know it, you are just virtue signaling by acting like it is good. I hate our society.

    12. Harald Harster

      This isn't a poem; it's an essay.

    13. K.m

      Hey what’s your teacher that sent you this. Mine is ms.mentry

    14. Sarah

      POV: Your creative writing teacher said that watch this video because you got a quiz on this 😖🥱

    15. Michael Sandoval

      A White Dutchman was forced to cease translation of her poem...because of his skin color. The BEST/WORST (depends on your point of view) racists I have ever seen or heard, are Democrats in the United States. Black Democrats are equally as racist as White Democrats. Those 2 groups of people are the MOST racist people among mankind. White Democrats vote for Democrats because they know their policies harm minorities, & Black Democrats vote for Democrats because they think they can gain enough power to harm White People. Most Democrats will go their whole lives & have not the slightest inclination that they are the epitome of RACISM. Everything mankind has been fighting against ever since the written word, exists within Democrats ideologies, & beliefs.

      1. Loluz

        so you are trying to say that black democrats are racist because? do u assume someone is racist because of their political views and skin color?

    16. Delish_Taco*

      1.99% watch this because they want to see it 9.99% came here because of their English Teacher

      1. a cats

        what about the other 88.02%?

    17. Cutlass Supreme

      Go Head Israelite Baby: That's why your set apart: she broke down the history of this country elegantly without saying how destructive but how great it is and at the same time explained love & modern integration is possible at some point supposedly as to now vs then: Hope & initiative but the truth is this: she's very talented. Go Head Israelite Baby. He that have an Ear to Hear, Let him Hear.

    18. ya boi koi

      wait a second everyone else is also here for school?

    19. ella morow

      this is a good poem but my ( ig our teachers) teacher making this an assignment is a no no😀

    20. Kamala Harris's Neck

      Fast forward to a month later, "uproar" that a white woman DARE translate her beautious poetry into Dutch. How inappropriate to have a whitey, it's like symbolizing white supremacyyy.

    21. Aniga W

      Love her

    22. TheCass

      Is she also translating it into sign language?

    23. Mihaela BORZOSH

      Golden Globe? Good...but not enough!😐

    24. Timmy Corbitt

      I knew it would be bad, but this bad I did not expect

    25. cj wins

      I sent myself lol. What a poised beautiful young woman! I’m proud. 💜

    26. Luis Macas

      Good speech. Not a poem though. Does anyone agree?

    27. Nephele Torres

      POV: all these comments say something close to “POV: U have a writing Assignment about this”

    28. rd609

      I got here because I heard Amanda do it live at Joe and Kamala 's Inaugurations. Excellence all around. -Dave@Woodpile 58N 16E

    29. Nayeon Kim

      my teacher tell me to do what do u felt what you will do this me I felt nothing and I will do noting bc I watching Kpop and Kpop is better than this sorry


      I love this poet!

    31. Maty Diop

      LMAOAO i like this comment section. except for the people bullying the one english teacher that commented BAHAHAH

    32. Miriam Israel

      FALSE HOPE! All those Luciferians know that i understood the agenda! This wicked world is coming to AN END! What you call good is COMING TO AN END ... PERIOD! 2Thesselonians, THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY. POEM FOR THE ANTI CHRIST ORDER! NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

      1. a cats


    33. Basti lol

      Who's here from 9b flg Bamberg lol

    34. Basti lol

      Hello classmates

    35. Kryotico

      came for the schoolwork stayed for the schoolwork. Poem was good tho ngl

    36. Henk Rijkse

      Impressive. This is American energy on its way to the Great Republic. The Shining City on the Hill. But first some healing must be done. Begin with the JFK murder. See what it was. A coup d'etat to reach an imperial state. See what has happened and make the turn.

      1. SmellyNotSlim

        im only here for my assignment ;-;

    37. WolfieDog

      Lol all the comments are talking about how their english teachers sent them here I mean my english teacher sent me here too

    38. Parker Will

      pov: you have to write an essay on this but are distracted by the comments

    39. Captain Price’s Lover

      It very interesting that this is a Spanish participation assignment for me

    40. Smash Studios

      0:17 when the poem starts

    41. Avivia

      POV: your teacher assigned this to you.

    42. Radaev Alexander

      She speaks well, but it's not poetry. Although for "New BLM America" it's really the top of the hill

      1. Joey billy bob

        yeah it's more of a summary speech then poetry

    43. EX_cLaW

      POV: ur English teacher sent you here

    44. Soham Vankudre

      POV: You're watching this for a school English assignment.

    45. Abdul Bose

      my teacher sent me here and im canadian bro

    46. Ben Roorda

      I got sent here by an SEL teacher

    47. Mobile Player

      Fr tho, are they all teaming up against us?

    48. Mobile Player

      Pov: all you see is pov

    49. Colin Law

      POV: Ur looking through the comments for things to help u write ur essay

    50. Hannah Emme

      forever a historical moment

    51. _Lemon.Frog_

      Hi set 2?:)


      hi education village

    53. Jjk

      Imagine bein sent here from school. I came in my own time😎

    54. Roblox Bby

      POV: when u realize that ur not the only 1 who got send here by ur english teacher

    55. leila hope

      pov: you have to do this for school

    56. Xoxo panda


    57. visionhaze

      yay school assignment

      1. Zombie

        Correct, egg

    58. Zombie


      1. Zombie


      2. Zombie


      3. Zombie


    59. Zakk Elwell

      jesus. 1.6 mil like from just English assignments

    60. Hi Hi

      The way she talks is just annoying

    61. The Holy Boink

      I came here because I wanted to, not because of my english teacher.

    62. DankEZ

      See if I wasn't forced to watch it by the school board against my own free will, I might actually enjoy it

    63. Spectacle

      POV: Looking for answers to the question your teacher asked you for your school assignment. The Guidance you are looking for: Talk about her being a girl raised by a single mother descended by slaves who wants to be president.

    64. TranscendingEuphoria

      You should talk to Candace Owens and have your brain reformatted.

    65. Hello Nicetomeetyou

      Grüße an die Deutschen Schüler die das für Englisch machen müssen

    66. scootmaloot

      Everyone is saying they're from their English teachers I'm just here coz its a great poem

    67. Caribbean Girl

      Wow! First, Serena Williams best in tennis; Simone Biles best in gymnastics; and now Amanda Gorman best in poetry! Who's next? They put a smile on every face who watch them.

    68. Female Hustler

      So who got the answers?

    69. waffielz

      i expect an apology for making a poem so good that every single teacher in American is currently shoving it down our collective throats

      1. Leon Sketchley

        Not just America

      2. Thulini Don

        I mean I do t even live in America but our teacher is doin the same lmao I'm from Ireland btw

      3. pamela egeonu


    70. a m

      Cringe AF Didn't even bother with cadence, syllable count per line, or even a basic rhyme scheme Just straight prose

    71. Jane Helena

      Perfect Amanda

    72. taytay Matthews

      someone should help me with this assignment lol

    73. cuncenti

      Garbage poem! Trash lady!

    74. Will Damron

      2:31 There he is.

    75. Chronicles

      I'm not even American and yet I was still sent here by my teacher.

      1. ya boi koi

        @CJ Gaming You stop crying about the fact that your country is small and insignificant compared to others

      2. CJ Gaming

        @ya boi koi stop crying

      3. ya boi koi

        @CJ Gaming literally just read what I said pea-brain. American English is the most used by a lot.

      4. CJ Gaming

        @ya boi koi what’s your point it says English in it so don’t even speak

      5. CJ Gaming

        Same I’m Irish

    76. Sunkissed Edits

      so, we all got this by our english teachers?

    77. onian AE


    78. Waferz 05

      Shoutout to my classmates!

    79. Jack Neiman

      The libs cheated and won!

    80. Pathways Immigration Law


    81. Bandanna Cat Studios

      I was sent here by my school librarian but I'm glad I stayed

    82. Samurai Gamer88

      Stop looking at this comment. You have an essay to write.

      1. breakout 459

        school is bullshit

      2. a cats

        @Randy Sherman i dont think that was their communism but ok

      3. Randy Sherman

        @Communismisgreat COmmunism is great, you've killed over 90 million people with your "communism"

      4. Communismisgreat

        No I don’t think I will

      5. Randy Sherman

        Dont write your essay, school is abd and is the things democrats use to KILL bABIES!

    83. Maya_hello

      who else here for a school assignment.And dad made them watch this

    84. C.J. Young Jr.

      You go girl!

    85. 곰디

      For 심슨. 0:17 1:14 2:01 3:12

    86. pearl harbor

      Typical oppressed racial rhetoric. She also did not say anything poetic and she stole from Maya with her 'rise" stanzas. So cliche. Most people just eat this stuff up. I had to mute her just to shut her up and read the comments in peace.

    87. Betty Johnson

      Ugh she looks so gorgeous

    88. Carter-hot pockets

      All y’all here for an English assignment, anyone here for an art assignment??

    89. Don Camacho

      POV: The English teacher sent us here again

    90. Spoonzity

      My English teacher teaches me more and black history than my history teacher (who just so happens to be a big trump supporter.) Really says something huh?

    91. Nasir Uddin

      Joe 1.🇺🇸💙👫hi

    92. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

      Anybody know the 9 literary references used in this poem? I got until tomorrow. Asking for a friend.

      1. waffielz

        good luck lmao

    93. Rainey J


    94. If i can you can too

      nobody: teachers: let's make this homework like if you agree

    95. Jan Krynicky

      I feel like I traveled in time. Back. A bit more than thirty years. Back to the time communists ran my county and "actresses" recited poems exactly like this one.

      1. Jan Krynicky

        @SoftNut America wasn't, the country I live in was.

      2. SoftNut

        Yes cause America was under communist regime in the 80's lol

    96. En Win

      My English teacher told me to follow the sheep...

    97. Veniayetta Flowers

      🤭🤭🙌🏾she did so good‼️😍

    98. peter elem

      "Democracy may be delayed but never denied". What a great poet you are!