PS5 Fortnite Is Epic! (New Graphics!)


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    1. Brian koz

      The left field empirically crack because brother osmotically rush past a adjoining shade. anxious, sedate clerk

    2. Tracy Williams

      LG little goblins


      Omg u r gonna destroy your eyes in front of that huge tv

    4. Jake Blindt

      Actually I play on console on a 240 hertz monitor

    5. not xxx

      Nice TV man

      1. not xxx


    6. Molly Lopez

      ps4 players are trash

    7. FCubeBoy

      i’ve been playing on my xbox series x and it’s great. i’m still not tho

    8. Daniel Santi

      Bruh I was so scared when he dropped the controller

    9. PSYCH0PUG

      This is why us console players hate playing against PC players.

    10. No name

      God blessed whoever see this

    11. AAYAN_F

      I love his videos

    12. RNG spamer

      FUN FACT :If You Say Fun Fact People Read ur Entire Comment.

    13. McKryton Plays Fortnite

      Oh man that looks beautiful!!!

    14. McKryton Plays Fortnite

      PS5 is my dream!!

    15. EvilKnivel610

      The only real change I see from the ps5 is the death scene and the sky

    16. fuh naff

      4:54 I'm pressing keybind

    17. willfesr

      ok lachy mabye sit back a bit lol

    18. Jim Westbrook

      2:06 that’s how I normally speak to myself while playing Fortnite

      1. Pickle

        Lol same

    19. Copeland Ostrander

      soo skilled...

    20. Unknown

      cant u do xbox

      1. ultra yt

        Other people have done xbox

    21. Lajuicy Universe

      I was pressing the keybind

    22. Zixxify

      Ps5 graphics tho

    23. Lenart Kupljenik

      Hi Otto

    24. Kanav Jaiswal

      1343543758436574365430000 k super hd

    25. Charlie Berthon

      Me: wow lachlan, you are really close to that tv, you might get eye strain. Also me, watching on my laptop: 🖥👀

    26. Zylonex


    27. Mustafa Afridi

      No kidding

    28. Mustafa Afridi

      I have ps5to man

    29. DIlan The villan

      2:27 did you see that dog

    30. LuCkyDuCky

      As a console player, it was tough seeing Lachy do this, but he did GOOD!

    31. Brian Jandres

      I love the Ps5 ❤️

    32. Kylie Diehm

      I play fortnite

    33. Kylie Diehm

      Can you please give me a ps5

      1. ultra yt

        He will not

    34. Chad

      Great video!

    35. TACTICshadow

      He's cracked on controller

    36. Xavier Vieira

      I play on that TV

    37. Tombob Yt

      Yo Lachlan do u want me to help u on console

      1. ultra yt


    38. Mix Feelings

      Should I get one

    39. Jayesh Bhusal

      How he captured on a tv can some one tell me

    40. Bryson Taylor


      1. ultra yt


    41. Advanced GaMer

      I was pressing the key bind 😂😂😂

    42. Shinydanntdmfan 1

      you the best pls never stop uploding do ps5 fortnite with fresh

    43. angelica manalad

      Not. Bad

    44. YT- Weston


    45. Gavin McKoy

      hey lachy love your skin in fortnite

    46. Samuel ???

      just kidding XD

      1. ultra yt


    47. Mimi Montez

      Who else is watching this in 2021

    48. xd KABIR

      litterally i have the same TV Lol

      1. ultra yt


    49. Gaming with rolls Royce Cullinan

      Imma tell u something throw the headphone away the ps5 controller has a microphone and a speaker so the control or is the head set if u ask how i know then i have a ps5 to

      1. ranisflapp Boy

        i know ihave a ps5

    50. Nirelahski _4

      OMG ur dog is sooo cuteee!

    51. John Brooks

      He really said I couldn’t place it I was pressing the keybind

    52. Dyl Bob008

      Want to collaborate with you but I am not a popular HUgetsr

    53. Michał Kołodziej

      Lachy, even if You 86, You still a boss, keep playing, Your the best!!

    54. Daze

      Dr dude

    55. Steph Crissey


    56. Yarized Santiago

      Ps4 has so many malfunctions I don't know y would u get it u dingus

    57. Yarized Santiago

      It's so horrible

    58. Yarized Santiago

      Ur lachlan skin is trash

    59. Yarized Santiago

      Your lachlan skin is trash

      1. ultra yt

        Ok then leave

    60. Yazen Daoud


    61. bokor david

      You cute🤗🤗🤗

    62. Abilene Flores


    63. Abilene Flores


    64. Devin Ehly

      I play on Xbox I am so bad on pc or ps4 or ps5

    65. Hamilton Rogers

      ayeee its otto

    66. Adam Arafa


    67. Adam Arafa


    68. Adam Arafa


      1. ultra yt

        WHAT?????????????? ?

    69. Kyrie James

      The useless schedule fittingly suck because speedboat exclusively concentrate save a cooing friday. quick, boiling community

    70. Alex Pittman

      im a xbox player but those graphics look surprisingly good

    71. Caiden Tatro

      Can we just give attention to the f$&king AMAZING setup 😑😑

    72. AdrianGamingPlays Roberti

      Lachlan Started to get better on PS5 When he was With his firend PWR radius I’m ngl

    73. Christian Childress

      Why did you use such a small tv

      1. ultra yt

        Pls tell me your joking

    74. shamus george

      I love how he says that he’s bad on controller but he could be playing on a iPad and be better than me. Lol😂

      1. lil rocket

        WORLD RECORD PS5 CONSOLE Fortnite solo squads on my channel please check it out I'd appreciate it hugely 👍

    75. Da real bacon

      You can change your controller settings on ps5

    76. more than games

      If you don't want the ps5 ill take it 😅. Someone gave me a ps5 controller but no ps5

    77. Atahan Tek

      I swear I heard lachy say that at the end of CHAPTER 2 there used to be a water fall storm

    78. Lyriq Parker

      Thos adaptive triggers hit different huh

    79. gamer275albert fort


    80. 방재원

      The jittery hallway bacteriologically try because wallet opportunely regret failing a brown indonesia. hard-to-find, opposite risk


      lachy's eyes must be dead after being a foot away from a 65 inch tv

    82. Tdrm70 aka RED

      i play on a monitor and i have a ps4

    83. Preston Gammo

      I have a LG tv I use them all the time

    84. Brandy Welles

      Lachy Ohio fresh ...

    85. TOJO JOSE

      Do some one play fortnite in 5 fps I thing its ONLY me

    86. David H

      Ps5 OMG 😱

    87. Aqib Ahmed

      The ps5 is so bad xbox is way better man

      1. Aqib Ahmed

        @ultra yt they are both good

      2. ultra yt


    88. Jake Lasrado

      did anyone notice the dog behind him

    89. Elis Playz

      Its xbox series x not xbox one x

    90. TTVfaze_matrix57

      We play on the same tv

    91. Basix on switch Yt

      I have been trying SO HARD to get a ps5 and they are always sold out

    92. _ also_ _also_


    93. _ also_ _also_


    94. _ also_ _also_

      hey can yuo plz dont say bad words

    95. Thomas Hier

      Your not suppose to sit that close to a giant tv lime u did

    96. Avee Patel

      i play on the ps4

    97. CarloIsCeo

      Ps5 gets Xbox add I play Xbox I seee

    98. lxCATCH-_-UPxl l

      why play fortnite on a ps5?