My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date


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    My Gif is the best Beach
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    1. robloxian


    2. Diego Cisneros

      If James can get a girlfriend then there is hope for me and all 8M subscribers (I'm making an estimate here not including girls or lesbians)

    3. Wolf Song Animations


    4. Dertex

      COVID= 5 letters 404= error 5 x 404 = 2020 2020= covid So isn’t year 2020 Just an error

    5. Jeyaram Sathees

      I swear he made that vomit thing up

    6. Terra Gaming

      Someone make a floof 1 and floof 2 story

    7. mirela cookie


    8. RyderCraft

      James is subscribed to Logan Paul. *My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined* Edit: James why? At least subscribe to Madeon or Porter Robinson instead of *him*

    9. RyderCraft

      Ye, I do find it gross.

    10. the best sirenboi

      0:51 elephant: somebody help me free

    11. toy demon gaming

      Hey did you know that gif is actually pronounced "yiff" ?

    12. Evenaar

      I guess it was a terrible idea to watch this video while having lunch

    13. Aidan Handel

      The amount of Katy Perry references... *I love it.*

    14. Sarcastic Weirdo

      I think James lied. He is definitely dating that elephant.

    15. Zoey Thomas

      Shipping real people is just * sigh * how do I put this without blowing up in anger..... disgusting. I am the type of person to ship anime characters and read x reader fanfics from anime, but when I see that people making x reader stories of a real person it disgusts me because I mean like.... bro... that is a real person with real feelings and a real life ( no offense any fictional character that I have ever known of ) that stuff just aint right

      1. zuko firebender

        will this is what has happened to 10 year olds. sigh

      2. zuko firebender

        you still a creep though. Shipping anime characters. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    16. Jenefir Delacruz

      If your a true fan you would accept their opinion before your's 😉

    17. Jenefir Delacruz

      Imagine you being shipped with your friend...

    18. Jenefir Delacruz

      Alot of people care about others lives before theirs, you have a life too why not focus on that?

    19. Kadon Palma

      Floof's attitude is me 24/7

    20. Fat Duck

      wait, is that TF2 on Nintendo Switch???

    21. Roman Garcia

      Yeah why do people shop James and jaiden

      1. Roman Garcia

        Oops typo

    22. butterboiRR


    23. Vader Player

      2:09 so nobody is gonna talk about the pride stickers on his suitcase thing-

    24. •gołdy_ ëđïtż•

      I miss his old videos :(

      1. zuko firebender


    25. Jacob Whiteford

      You make me laugh and I love your videos dude

    26. anGel MaRtiNez


    27. one tome plz

      Ur still a furry lol

    28. xXNeko Xx

      2:08 take a closer look at those stickers 👀👀

    29. Carlos Amaro

      James already spend tickets to disney land but it's closed and he spend he's cash for nothing and did not get a refund 1:21

    30. Chill_im_pro11 OwO

      Wait people shipped you and and jaiden? I think y’all are very good friends Of all people to ship you ship real people Ship some not real cartoon characters Like goofy and Mickey Mouse of something

    31. A German Sherman

      Having a Twitter account as a notable person with a brain is already a death sentence for your career the moment you sign up

    32. Firey The Deadly Flame

      I’m grossed to

    33. king_kingdom92

      Sure it’s a “Girl” friend


      are u into guys

    35. ꧁FOX꧂

      LOL rip the beach

    36. Товарищ Ethan

      I sound stupid but I'm still skeptical that James ahs a gay partner. Correct me if I'm wrong I'd appreciate it.

    37. Rook_5 5

      Lord his poor girlfriend probably hates all the shipping of him and jaiden

    38. Random User

      A girlfriend in quarantine?! How lucky!

    39. Siera

      Does anybody else see the rainbow flag and pansexual flag on the suitcase? 😳 (2:08)

      1. Fatalsalute Gaming


    40. AlmightyIgneel 777

      🎼"This sign won't stap me, cause I can't REhEEEED~"🎼

    41. Raneem’s Style


    42. Dantey Wes 3rd Jr.

      I liked floofs voice the wholevid

    43. Juaquin Vasquez

      James, I never want you to apologize to social rejects

    44. Baconfishcrazy 1

      So do you like men

    45. Wolfie

      you are suspiciously good at drawing dogs. h m m m . y'know james, we all know you're a furry at this point

    46. bobux man

      Random youtuber in comments: *EXIST* fans: *HI* my opinion: why do the fans say hello do they expect them to answer back?

    47. kaiden doxtator

      Me thinking that jaden is hes girlfreinds: Theodd1outs: jaden is no girlfreind haha you noob you no make fan fics

    48. Bon


    49. Rose Cadao

      Ofc is not Jaiden how could it be Jaiden bruh but congrats James :))


      Pls do a dog vid of both of them lol :p


      I love the dog voice

    52. pinata yt

      James im sorry from twitters sides . ppl cannot take a simple sarcastic joke

    53. Genevieve Ram

      Jaiden is too good for James. It was a joke you ignorant bafoon

    54. Gaming Blood Cells

      James, does your GF happen to like peanut butter?

    55. Blimeycrow 22


    56. Spooky Gaming

      Lifes a bi***h and then you will die =Lifes a beach and then you will drive

    57. Naurin

      Congratulations James I never expected a girlfriend to come out of this channel but it was a surprise nonetheless

    58. kronan dank

      James dont listen to Twitter. You still my homie.

    59. karter mcelfresh

      its crazy people think james and jaiden should be together you should be shipping him with AMaazing

    60. • Xsiellax • gaming

      GIF on toogle: *pictures who can move* GIF irl: *G I R L F R I E N D*

    61. _Wasavi


    62. Luna Ella

      Who is your ex girlfriend

    63. Luna Ella


    64. Luna Ella

      Lol flollf 2 GET ME OUT OF HERE in the car

    65. Luna Ella

      I ship James X Jaydon sorry

      1. Luna Ella

        @soggy cheeto I use too into I watch this video

      2. soggy cheeto

        Are you being sarcastic?

    66. Ben Duck

      It’s freggen undeniable

    67. Ben Duck

      100 bad days make 100 good stories

      1. NuggetsWillRise

        100 good stories make me Interesting at parties

    68. Beens Comrade

      I know people are kind of confused on what happened but let me tell you what happened James tweeted out something that was offensive to people on the autism spectrum he understands this acknowledges this and he deleted the tweet once he understood that the problem is that no one’s excepting his apology And before anyone says anything I do enjoy James it’s just this is what happened in some people are thinking that he was just joking when she was but the joke was insensitive so even though it was just a joke it was insensitive and no one really should’ve taken it really calmly because it was offensive to people with autism so just understand that I support James

    69. Ben Duck


    70. Mr. Froggy Plays

      1:04 im still gonna ship some people maybe not you x jaiden bu itzotally and dreamnotfound

    71. Mira Amato

      "yEs We'Re GoInG sOmEwHeRe I wOnDeR wHeRe We'Re GoIng."

    72. Kevin Alan

      James was 12 grls

    73. Minou boubou, killa

      Cats also do the uh uh uh uh

    74. LIAM and Bobby

      Are you sure it’s not Jason

    75. Spazzy YT

      why why

    76. Spazzy YT

      oh my gosh dud

    77. Colby Loughlin

      go check out Haminations hes great plz he whats to be noticed by you

    78. RisingFNAFempire78


    79. Mariela Avila

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm pretty sure that it might be Jaiden there could be a possibility but I'm not sure

    80. Irais Cardoza

      Sorry I thought you and Jaidden were an item I will stop :(

    81. Sam Silverman


    82. Night Alpha

      his girlfriend has an error sighn on her face *how* *romatic*

    83. Harry Newton-Parkes

      Well I have a theory. Y can’t James say the name of the dog. Unlesssss the dog or owner is a fellow HUgetsr, and if he said the name of the dog, it would give it away hmmmmm

    84. Kirby Fan

      Why does floof 2 look like scooby doo?

    85. Juliet Goto

      2:09 :0 is James pansexual???

    86. Adamthedumptruc


    87. Miguel soria

      Nice video

    88. The awesome Youtuber

      “My gf is not jaiden, it was never jaiden” sure James, sureeeeeeee.

      1. Soren Wangsgard

        Not cool bro... Not cool

    89. Voodoo S

      When James was a kid 7:12

      1. NuggetsWillRise

        Wait yes math and waindrop

    90. MarkyyyMark999

      Twitter is the most toxic platform. All he did was make a joke.

    91. Learry Miller

      You got another dog 🐕

    92. Gacha Cat

      James: to tell you this story I need to introduce you to a new person in my life.. YT: this is a good time to crash. Me: 👁👄👁 who my home screen?

    93. Bluefoxgaming

      In every video there is a secret spoiler that James might be a furry

    94. Yukonicus Gaming

      WhO ShIpS JaMeS AnD JADieN MoRE THeN GIfF

    95. Black Fox

      "The elephant broke up with me because i kept calling it an elephant" also well done for finally saying something about the shippers they suck

    96. Benjamin Coley

      People are saying you got cancelled IDK why

      1. HutchHere

        @JNS Studios ikr, it's stupid, he didn't know.

      2. JNS Studios

        He made a joke about the “/s” thing commonly used online. /s is part of a set of similar-looking codes intended for neurodiverse people, but I’m not sure of the specifics on that. These codes are typically used online to convey different speech styles, such as joking, sarcasm, negative connotations, etc. James tweeted something like “/s is super useful! /s” implying, in a joking manner, that it’s not. Then people got angry that he might’ve offended neurodiverse people. Realizing his mistake, he deleted the tweet and quickly tweeted an apology, but people are still giving him crap.

      3. I like minecraft


    97. ляпсь и всё

      Я из России i from Russia

    98. Soccerplayer18

      Somebody quote James at 7:50


      you think you had it bad, well one day my GREAT DANE puked about a foot wide foot long square of puke and THEN he BUTT sprayed butt vomit in front of our door and smelled sooooooooooooo bad and THEN i go upstairs into our bathroom and there is more butt vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    100. Juliangus

      Aquí está el comentario en español que tanto estabas buscando ;D P.D: Que alguien le ponga subtitulos en español al video no entiendo absolutamente nada de lo que dic James