The World's Most Recycled Material

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    Exploring the complexities that go into the creation and application of asphalt concrete.
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    Of all the ubiquitous things in our environment, roads are probably one of the least noticed. Our roads see tremendous volumes of traffic and withstand considerable variations in weather and climate, and they do it on a pretty tight budget. That’s really only possible because of all the scientists, engineers, contractors, and public works crews keeping up with this simple but incredible material called asphalt.
    Writing/Editing/Production: Grady Hillhouse
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    1. Practical Engineering

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      1. Al To

        Otra cosa que creo escuche de gente de El otro lado de la sociedad, clandestinidad, tipo jonh weak, es que creo descubrieron como hacer capas de suelo con cascajo y cemento o mortero pero por capas, donde usaron hasta silicon y sin querer crearon un tipo de base de estructuras que absorven vibraciones y parte de sismos, si un día logran mejorarlo podría ser impermeable y soportar parte de los sismos, me han dicho rumores.

      2. Gabe Whisen

        Is it the most recycled by weight or volume

      3. Jesse Walters

        @Jonathan Randall Thanks

      4. Al To

        Las formas de estructuras si usan en centro de piedras minerales ligeras talladas como centros de carga, como mejores formas que las de occidente y Oriente de arcos y columnas, son ligeras y soportaría mucha carga como pilares de ruby u otros, pues en planetas de más gravedad son vitales para soportar esos pesos y ten iones en 1.5g y 2.0g planetas de gravedad promedio, sin mencionar aleaciones super ligeras y super fuertes, así como nuevos estados de la materia, sugerencia.

      5. Manish Sharma

        @Jesse Walters 9

    2. Ja’Crispy

      So how does cold patch work?

    3. Solar Crystal

      asphalt is made from oil tar, which is full of cancer-causing benzene. As long as roads are made from oil tar, global warming isn't going to stop

    4. Akira S

      I was thinking water being the most recycled, but okay...

    5. Average individual with a Smart Phone

      I’m surprised you didn’t mention “conductive concrete” or “conductive asphalt”...

    6. jjsd250

      WHAT you call me? 3:23

    7. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

      Here in Philippines, they destroy and fix the road everytime

    8. James M

      No wonder it’s always garbage.

    9. Mosab

      I wish i knew about your channel 2 years ago

    10. Bulletproof Dee

      I have to be at work in 3 hours why am I watching this

    11. Andrew Charron

      In Michigan we have two seasons, winter and road construction.

    12. v1sq

      I can smell the asphalt

    13. FaRhyst Hunterz

      I love brand new road with asphalt look...but i hate when it have potholes 😡

    14. Gerwin Bergsma

      Hold on, Asphalt isn't the binding agent, Asphalt is the combination of the binding agent Bitumen, the aggregate and other components

    15. Yirrrboii


    16. Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai

      HelloFresh makes you go bald

    17. James Wood

      "We also drive heavier trucks than we used to" Ahh yes...those light weight roman trucks.

    18. Men Guarding Their Own Wallets

      Have you noticed that before the mass production of the automobile, there were no roads made from asphalt? They had gravel roads and concrete roads but there simply was not the mass consumption of oil to produce the large quantities of TAR at the bottom of cracking towers to create the very asphalt that is used for roads these days. Yes, there was 'some' residual tar produced, but it was in very small quantities and the resulting small supplies meant that asphalt was relatively expensive and used primarily as a 'filler' material in irregularities of concrete paving. Now society uses oil byproducts in plastic production, so even if you were to totally eliminate all use of oil in transportation through the use of battery-powered cars, there would still be a large supply of tar created each year to produce asphalt in very large quantities and at low prices. There are only a few areas in North America where asphalt is something that is not suitable and needs to be replaced with concrete instead, and that is on roads where very heavy vehicles travel in hot weather at low speeds. Have you ever noticed in the city at a bus stop; the pavement is all 'squished-out' where the tires of the bus come to a complete stop? That is because in the heat of summer, the tires of the bus act to 'push' out the viscous tar in the asphalt mix. In hotter cities in the deep South, this effect is also seen at traffic lights. The solution = to dig out the damaged sections of asphalt and replace it with concrete paving instead. This totally solves that problem.

    19. Great Northwest

      Well trucks haul weight that is over the limit all the time but it distributes the weight over more axels wich help the road last.

    20. Chef Bgordon

      And diesel allows it to not stick to shovels and other things

    21. Novagunner

      Lol, dont let your wife do the salt again. Im half way joking but, half way not.

    22. Jerry Lifsey

      Would winter-caused pot holes occur less if the top level of asphalt were applied thicker?

    23. GeneralStryker

      I would've guessed that most roads around the world are just plain concrete, as it lasts longer. Who would've guessed!?

    24. himynameistim

      Keywords, it's oil based.

    25. Ruairí Fagan

      Fuck asphalt bitumen is tar. The name tarmac is superior

    26. Chris Hayes

      Now if only Hello Fresh could send me the ingredients for asphalt.

    27. Haley Weatherall

      Unfortunately world's most recycled material is memes

    28. Matthew Trzcinski

      Sometimes asphalt roads add up to scary conditions after dark. Two lane, 70mph roads in rural Texas are scared after dark. If I find myself looking down those kinda roads in the dark again, I’m renting a room.

    29. IcyMidnight

      "We want them to be impermeable to water intrusion".... maybe no so much anymore 😉

    30. TheHowtoDad

      Brady, the double dipping is a bit disappointing. Either have sponsored content, or be monetized, please not both. I love your content, and would watch more if there wasn't an ad every 2 minutes.

    31. Lexy Starwatcher

      Ever see that meme that tried to say engineers today aren't as good as engineers in Roman times by comparing a Roman road to a temporary service access road. Funny bit is that neither would be good to drive over.

    32. Live Life Freely

      "Roads? Where we're going we don't need no roads..."

    33. Chris Robinson

      I used to work for a in place paving company if you haven't you should do a video on the process of in place pavement recycling

    34. Goggles Amaze

      At 3:22 I think hes talking about my neighbor

    35. Guru Killer

      lol, was that a Delorean?

    36. Gábor Miklay

      02:50 "It provides excellent traction with tyres without needing grooves." Honestly, what?

    37. Logan K

      I consider how roads are built everytime I'm stuck in traffic because of them

    38. TrigVids

      Seeing as how even our roads come from the oil industry, it really is going to be difficult for the world to move away from fossil fuels. It needs to be done, but it won't be easy or cheap.

      1. Aoi Kemono

        There are many other binders. Asphalt is cheap because oil is cheap.

      2. Mr Joe

        At least the asphalt is recycled a lot, so I assume it will take at least a little while before we run out of it. But it will definitely be one of the issues eventually

    39. Roger Webb

      I attempted to watch this video twice but it's gated with 7 straight minutes of ads. The ads are actually longer than the f-ing video.


      If you live in Rural PA, you’re all too familiar with the CAUTION: CHIPS & OIL signs when PennDOT is “re-paving”. They’ve ruined many people’s bodywork with loose aggregate on top, and slung tar up in people’s wheel wells that then sticks to EVERYTHING. I don’t miss living there.

    41. Elena

      Grady, please tell us about the books in your library!

    42. bruchpilot747

      "When becomes a road a road" In german (regarding paths motovehicles use) we distinguish between "Weg" (~ path) and "Straße" (road). A Straße either has a cobblestone or asphalt / concrete surface. A Weg may have concrete tiles for just the tire tracks or just the dirt surface. In regards of pedestrian and bike movement a Weg may also have a asphalt / concrete or cobblestone surface. So, a Straße fits a car and its surface is full cobble stone or full asphalt/ concrete

    43. Prasiddha Neupane

      And in my country road are not even a thing 🤣😭 We drive on soil


      Typical American,.. Forgetting to mention it is actually called Tarmac, and was invented by a Scottsman called McAdam, his product was called Tar-McAdam...Asphalt is a silly American term and not the correct word for the material.. I guess you will attribute the invention to some American called Ron Asphalt or something.. and aluminium has 2 x 'i', it is not aluminum...haha!

    45. WigglesICU WigglesICU

      I can tell you as an asphalt laborer myself it is the hottest miserable work in the summer, and a battle to stay cool and warm in the winter. No balance anywhere and the work is relentless if your crew makes even small mistakes

    46. Skrivbordslampan

      This why russian roads suck?

    47. Andrew Mcgovern

      Is that not just tar Idk if tar is knowing worldwide so it might just where im from that we call it tar

    48. Rafael C.

      I'm a Biologist and I love this channel

    49. Marc Stanga

      I spy a delorean 😊

    50. Nathaniel Schultz

      Asphalt engineers, I think our local county needs better ones when a guy with Cold Set does a better job of patching the roads they neglect. I mean.. those taxes have gotta go into pockets and not into the roadway. When they do a chip repair they leave vast piles of gravel behind and its a mess and damages cars. They must contract with the Three Stooges Road Paving Corporation.

    51. Dollar Guy

      I was thinking CNN, but this is pretty good.

    52. Nightstalker 1

      So when people say that drilling for oil is bad and we need all electric cars, they don’t consider where they’re roads actually come from.

      1. solii01

        the worst part about oil is the burning. if you make a road out of it, it's not getting into the atmosphere.

    53. ascott

      2:53 Delorean??

    54. youtubeaccount573832

      The real world's most recycled material is the average HUgets comment section

    55. ctdieselnut

      6:26 - that didnt warp, that was installed that way. It probably looks worse on camera but still, they couldn't of spent a little bit longer grading that flat first?

    56. di. mythios

      50 years ago asphalt is not recycled. I actually repaved driveways/pot holes with at that time just throw away asphalt chunks. By reheating the chunks and adding a few things ( at first old oil then used roofing tar) it was just the my cost of time to do it... Now its being recycled as well as broken concrete.

    57. David Esposito

      broooo i have the same glasses as u!

    58. Mr_Fantastic_Aj

      Pouring tar and rocks on roads sucks. In the last place I lived they used this method. Cars were loud, paint chips from rocks and those who speed seemed to enjoy wheel spinning when pulling off on it. After 6 months the road gets better

    59. The Fumbler

      Pretty sure Amy Shumer's comedy special is the world's most recycled material but go on, humor me science man.

    60. Eddie A

      I have a very serious question! WHY is newly paved asphalt ALWAYS so lumpy?! I understand the budget issues and cost of materials and that the lowest bidder usually gets the job... but why can't they make a smooth road? It is always so lumpy, even in temperate areas like Southern California. Next time you're on a newly paved road, just notice how lumpy it actually is. This is unacceptable.

    61. Robert Bass

      I HATE crapsphalt!!! It looks horrible when used as a patch on concrete and it simply does not last as long as concrete does!

    62. Константин Якушов

      What is the music in the video? e.g. 9:10

    63. Akbar Ali

      For the Indians it's just dambur

    64. Weavus1

      I dread the "fresh chips and oil" time of year.

    65. Andrew Greenwood

      the only major issue with asphalt is that in some climates it can melt

    66. Aahil Lakhani

      Me: Time to get some work done Also me: Äšphæłt

    67. Justin Bland

      Congratulations! you’re a Dad!! So excited for you all!

    68. GVGVIT1993

      7:45 UA!

    69. varun prakash

      Asphalt one of the World most Recycled material where more countries in the world uses recycled Asphalt to put the roads In each and every year the roads are putting and maintenance cost high due to temperature , Traffic , Rain & many more "World most Recycled material " Asphalt ♻️ Good for environmental protection for future

    70. lyokofans

      I always thought Asphalt was an inferior road material. This video was very enlightening.

    71. chance encounter

      Not sure how (or why) I found this channel. But I'm really enjoying and learning from Grady's excellent presentation and video production.

    72. Martin S

      Great video!

    73. danteelite

      After leaving another comment about motorcycle riders paying attention to roads and watching the rest of the video.. Could you do a video on how certain weird anomalies in roads form? Sometimes I encounter really bizarre flaws in roads. Like a small.. pimple in the road, just a small shard perfect bump in the road, easy to avoid but hard to see. Also I notice the opposite pretty frequently.. a small pock or divot in the road, just a deep mark that looks like someone bounced a basketball in soft asphalt.. it's smooth asphalt, just in a weird crater. Or I often notice that manholes are seemingly raised sharply above the surrounding road.. theres a hump around them. Did the road around the manhole settle and drop, but the manhole kept that part raised up? There are a lot of odd flaws in roads that aren't obvious how they form. I think it could be an interesting video. Thanks. I love the videos!

    74. danteelite

      "Of all the ubiquitous things in our environment, roads are probably the least noticed." Not for us that ride motorcycles. Even newbies learn very quickly to pay attention to the roads. Road quality, road obstructions and debris, repairs... everything. I can pretty much tell you where every pothole, weird hump or crater, and trace out every tar snake within 5 miles of my house. It's become so second nature that even in my SUV I pay close attention to road quality and find myself thinking "Ooh damn. If I hit that on my bike I'd be dead right now! Whew!"

      1. Jack Daniels

        Exactly bro. Riders have the pay attention to the road, memorise bumps n humps n worse, potholes if we want to live long and old to see our kids grow up. True It becomes second nature.

    75. Achawin Piromrak

      I feel really bad knowing more about road and how mush corruption are in Thailand building road.

    76. HPK174

      What about plastic roads?

    77. Jordan Chamberlain

      If you don’t use concrete, that’s your own asphalt

    78. Adam Eg0t

      Not worth 2 adds

    79. Travis Ryno

      Superpave sounds like my dad's greatest fear......the Superfund

    80. bill maxwell

      I’m asleep.

    81. Ankur Banik


    82. aGamingMonkey

      "They don't build things like they used to" It's called survivorship bias.

    83. Sam D

      And, it's highly cancerous! Good for you, killing people.

    84. Singland 1

      Bethesdas engine still takes the cake

    85. Adam Smith

      Don't see concrete much here in NY, our cold winters and warm summers cause the ground the expand and contract constantly so it doesn't take long for concrete to start cracking and falling apart. Most roads are asphalt mainly because it can be recycled, is easy to repave, and bends better than concrete

    86. Philippines Pinas

      The only recycle I know is my heart For no reason I just Comment Stay safe Every one ♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️

    87. C450N470R

      What are your thoughts about the use of what's called "Slurry Sealing"? I live in a small Seattle suburb, and the town is doing it nearly everywhere on top of existing asphalt. I'm curious how cost-effective it is, as well as its long-term outlooks.

    88. deltaray3

      Hey congrats on being a dad soon. I think you'll make a great one.

    89. Николай Пушкаревский

      It hurts me a little when I see how you cut tomatoes, greens etc. You can easily cut yourself this way. Better learn how to cut things properly with the knife safely for your left hand fingers. )

    90. Vixy

      you can never forget the smell of it and how sticky and how hard to get rid of

    91. 5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

      Unfortunately world's most recycled material is HUgets comments and memes

    92. Argiel Sasil

      In Philippines we use asphalt on top of cement

    93. sergio gudino

      Fantastic video, thank you.

    94. Law19157

      Black asphalt is so yesterday

    95. Leonardo Alberto Larios

      I knew there were used tires involved.

    96. Meidan Cohen

      2:24 ibtin, ISRAEL

    97. Matthew Matthewq

      Holy crap an 11 min vidieo and 8 commercials and a sponsor AD. I get you want to generate ad revenue but WTF that is getting a bit much.

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    99. Lucas G

      Is tar allowed in roads in the US?

    100. Strike Team

      Bruh i lowkey just want no fucking potholes. That's it, The roads can be loud ass hell. They could be upside down if they want just no fucking potholes