The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Official Music Video)


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    Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Save Your Tears"- 'After Hours' available everywhere now:

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    Directed by Cliqua
    Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
    Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
    Production Company: Florence
    Abel’s Costume Designer: Matt Henson
    Prosthetics: Mike Marino, Prosthetic Renaissance
    Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu
    Production Designer: Annie Sperling
    1st AD: Mike Alberts
    Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh
    Production Supervisor: Joe Keenan
    Assist. Production Supervisor: Linda Nhem
    Cast Costume Designer: Lisa Madonna
    Gaffer: Matt Ardine
    Key Grip: Jon Booker
    Camera Operator Nick Muller
    Steadicam Colin MacDonnell
    Editor: Miles Trahan
    Color: Matt Osbourne @ Company 3
    Sound Design: Christian Stropko
    VFX: Buralqy + MADNOMAD
    Online: Sunset Edit
    Titles: Bradley Pinkerton
    Na na, yeah
    I saw you dancing in a crowded room
    You look so happy when I'm not with you
    But then you saw me, caught you by surprise
    A single teardrop falling from your eye
    I don't know why I run away
    I make you cry when I run away
    You could've asked me why I broke your heart
    You could've told me that you fell apart
    But you walked past me like I wasn't there
    And just pretended like you didn't care
    I don't know why I run away
    I make you cry when I run away
    Take me back 'cause I wanna stay
    Save your tears for another
    Save your tears for another day
    Save your tears for another day
    I made you think that I would always stay
    I said some things that I should never say
    Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine
    And now you won't love me for a second time
    I don't know why I run away, oh, girl
    Said I make you cry when I run away
    Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay
    Save your tears for another
    I realize that I'm much too late
    And you deserve someone better
    Save your tears for another day (Ooh, yeah)
    Save your tears for another day (Yeah)
    I don't know why I run away
    I make you cry when I run away
    Save your tears for another day, ooh, girl (Ah)
    I said save your tears for another day (Ah)
    Save your tears for another day (Ah)
    Save your tears for another day (Ah)
    #TheWeeknd #SaveYourTears #AfterHours
    Music video by The Weeknd performing Save Your Tears. © 2021 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Yousef Ahmad Ikk lop

      This song will be like building light

    2. Bo i

      Wait is the piano thing doing the sound during the chorus

    3. Kundai

      I'm here coz of WRESTLEMANIA !!!!


      Muy buena musica. 😎😎👻👻

    5. Crazy gamers

      Those dislikes are from Selena Gomez fans

    6. M. C.

      Wrestlemania 37

    7. Liow yong Sheng

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    8. Liow yong Sheng

      keep repeating listening 👂

    9. spandan barsagade

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      Best music of 2021

    14. Jacqueline Kauluma

      Superb vocals, instrumentals and video! His mesmerizing eyes and the mask really do add to the intrigue! Have been playing this at full blast on my car's stereo ...🎶

    15. UFC Super Fan

      I hear this song for the first time on WrestleMania 37 last night and it has stuck in my head

    16. P R A N J A L

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    17. Ceddy OFN

      Kinda reminds me of `Goodybye Horses`

    18. YungAkumaru

      That woman he Pulled to the stage looks like Selena

    19. Nunu Pleschke


    20. AngelCaido79

      I love this 80's retro sound

    21. eric horvitz

      Tommy Cockers I COCK THINGS OFFICIAL AUDIO...HUgets

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    41. Minecraft Player

      If u wanted to know The Weeknd never had Plastic surgery

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    45. Nicky Lobo

      The 80's sure did have better music because this guy sung to a track which was just Rod Stewarts "Young Turks". Ever hear Chicago's song "Hard to say im sorry"? This song is another version worked around Chicago's track. More proof the 80's had better music than the auto-tuned jackasses plaguing the music industry nowadays.

    46. Aryak Chatterjee

      Just want to give the director some appreciation here. Fuckin legend. If you know even a little about cinematography or editing or filmmaking you know what I'm talking about.

    47. Bhagyesh Sharma

      Wrestlemania 37 song❤️❤️❤️

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      Um, okay, the guy that rejected my confession...sent this song to me after I stopped talking to him for a > week,...can someone tell me , what he might mean by that?

    52. Seldian

      I fucking hate most new music, but ive heard this dude sing in person without auto tune. its really not needed but it still works for him. the guy has talent and this reminds me of some older 80s music. Fuck man 'take me back, cause I wanna stay....'

    53. Javi Cortés

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    65. Chris Blake

    66. KitKatKimbles Ani

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    70. kane088 Gaming

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