SIREN HEAD Imposter in Among Us


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    We give the IMPOSTER a SIREN Ability in Among Us
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    1. Conchita Berongoy

      I subscribe to your channel so I love your channel 😍👍

    2. Andres gallardo

      The like button turned white for me

    3. Ирина Федорова


    4. LEUNG CHUN HEI 梁進熙 [1B18]

      Why you not be light head

    5. Truman Barry

      I consistently get card swipe first try... I was just playing on skeld for about an hour and didnt fail once.

    6. Grace Wolfson

      I literaly suck at EVERYTHING in among us, EXCEPT for getting the card first try.

    7. Edmund Wijaya

      My like buton is black

    8. MaxLegend

      New impostor role idea: Rickroller Sabotage: All sabotaging is normal besides communications. When the Rickroller sabotages communications, instead of the crewmates seeing tasks, they see lyrics to Rick Astley songs. Killing: The killing remains the same as how a normal impostor should be. Rickroll: You can select any task and if any crewmates try to do that task for the first time, Rick Astley appears on their screen and he shouts his songs in their faces and the volume of which he 'sings' propels you into the air and launches you to a random location on the map. Transformation: Transform into Mega Rickroller and equip a custom face mask with Rick Astley on it which disguises your identity and your character's skin colour turns into Rick Astley's skin colour. Also, there's a brown leather jacket that covers the character's body. Dance: While in Mega Rickroller mode, dance like Rick Astley and trample people causing them to die. Sonic Boom: While in Mega Rickroller mode, earrape all crewmates by screaming "Never Gonna Give You Up" and the soundwaves travel faster than the speed of sound, causing Sonic booms. The Sonic booms and the volume combined stun the crewmates for 15 seconds. Like so Ssundee can see _Also, if you hit the like button, it will be_ *FiLlEd* ⬇️

    9. Liam

      Ssundee you mind controlled me into hitting the Subscribe button

    10. Bujar Stefani

      Siren head ahhahahahah

    11. samantha birch


    12. hero54 btw

      You mind controled me and i subscribed

    13. Nyx



      SSundee lmpostor Yas


      Among us lmpostor🔪🔪

    16. rowen gaming

      I love how it started so easy like just infinite kill cool down and now it is a literal siren head

    17. Tara Natwick

      SSundee? Can I talk to you just for a bit as a birthday gift?

    18. Becca Bex


    19. Heather McElhaney

      Bro card swipe is so ez on mobile i always get first try wdym how is it hard

    20. Its totally cool

      I CAN!!!

    21. the mm2 Player


    22. Manning Counts

      Likes are black

    23. Amber George

      I can do card swipe first try too

    24. Kirsten Pratt

      My like button turns black its cool

    25. Noha Elalfey

      I will 360 no scope your foot

    26. Deily Bohorquez

      como podemos colocar ese modo de juego

    27. Sasha Parr


    28. Kyler Gerhard

      325k can do it first try

    29. Sonia S

      i hit the litte bell

    30. Richard Brown

      Not scared

    31. yui mayocaso

      eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thhat scream

    32. Fundy The Fox

      Siren Head Scary

    33. Deanna Ward

      How about Olivia

    34. Gregory Kitchens

      Oh crap you messed up the mind control again and made me click the report button instead of the subscribe button. Probably good cuz I'm already subbed.

    35. Stephanie Wairimu

      Did anybody here nico it's either Ian biffle or ssundee

    36. Stephen Sharp


    37. Zeeshan Agha

      i always do it first try because all u got to do is do it slow and keep your mouse on it till it done well it work for me because i am on phone when i play amoung us


      Justice league mods please

    39. Mario Damian

      Can you do a hawk among us

    40. M

      My like button turns white not blue ;~;

    41. The Peely Fam

      I do card suip first tri and im not subed or iliking

    42. Jeof Soriano

      [Military general mod] Abilitys: Spawn 2 military soldiers Can spawn a tank Send a airstrike Task: defend the crewmate and defeat the imposters Last ability: Spawn military jeeps,tanks and trucks

      1. Nyx


      2. Arcade gaming

        This actually pretty good!

    43. Jumana Al-Zayer


    44. Jumana Al-Zayer


    45. Abi Fellows

      Teddy bear role

      1. Abi Fellows


    46. ༒ Omar Hossam ༒

      Who noticed sigils when at the last second he disappeared aka killed someone

    47. Theresa Pascual


    48. Matty

      Ian: “He can scream that makes us blind and Deaf..” Me: s c r e a m = d e a f n o t b l i n d


        So true Dude

      2. ikran shah


      3. yui mayocaso


    49. Jordan Garth

      I can do admin card swipe first try

    50. GT4TV _

      I can’t swipe cards the first time

    51. Ky Mulvaney


    52. fichewjun

      Siren head among us how did you get that

    53. Elijah Folkenroth

      He’s been saying that the light button turns blue but it turned black

      1. andem swetha


    54. Lisa O'Sullivan

      I can do cards for you every game

    55. the anime shipper ship it

      what the thumbs up button turned black

    56. Eli Gates

      Shoot because it turned black the like button

    57. senoussi ouahiba

      Among us

    58. senoussi ouahiba


    59. senoussi ouahiba

      Siren Head

    60. Cooper Larson

      on mobile the like button turns black

    61. Damond Burst

      I got my control to hit the like button

    62. Zahe Mohd Arif

      It's so funny., when it's the End🤣. I love the video

    63. David Steger

      I can do card swipe 1 triy

    64. dave druda

      the like it'l turn bluu


      Sundew siren head was created by treavor henderson


      SUS? Imposter

    67. Fleur Sifford

      I can do card swip in1 swip

    68. Stefan Alexandru Radu

      i know siren head

    69. Dane Freel

      Wow we're can I install among us mod so awesome

    70. Aston Noronha

      shutup bot i do it in first try swipe card you bot chup

    71. Martin Kwaczynski

      My like button is black not blue

    72. Check Lock

      Nobody Me: Bronx impostor browns impostor

    73. Man Ho Marcus Fan

      Lesson learned whenever SSundee says that he's mind know what to do. Emergency meeting...EMERGENCY...MEETING

    74. McKing

      Siren Head Is Not A Creepypasta

    75. Jon Houser

      I’m doing it wrong it’s black=mobile



    77. Shakira Morin

      I can do it zero seconds I already know how to do it

    78. Chivkeeb Vang


    79. Misti Flansburg

      Yeah I know that seems kind of impossible to do the card in One swipe but I’ve done it like two times before

    80. Charley King

      how do you get mods

    81. Erasmo Zubillaga

      No haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    82. jamiiecassiidy

      Make a double mod the dogs dog water begins step on people and he can scratch people

      1. jamiiecassiidy

        I hate my reading

    83. Dylan Williams

      My like button is black

    84. BTKoldDeuce1947

      The quirky step-father anteriorly trick because mint oddly land beneath a first brace. racial, humorous bibliography

    85. Life of Emma and Kate

      D/c means “death confirmed”

    86. Rebecca Niggi

      Nah bruh nah nah nah

    87. Rebecca Niggi

      Wow siren head

    88. Elijah Poteat


    89. Cole Sims

      You should do golden cobblestone with biffle

    90. Karma Dolkar

      It’s not blue so it’s in my HUgetsrs I have no videos sign in to my old iPad so you can tschok👀

    91. Arjohn Andan

      Yes fisrt 1

    92. Galaxy Wolf

      Ssundee: if it’s not blue then your doing it wRoNg me:ITS NOT BLUE ITS WHITE IM DOING IT WRONG AHHHH

    93. rat_ pwn

      I card swiped easy first try

    94. Carson Cameron

      Aw man i didnt hit the like button right

    95. Nicole Marcano

      Zombies ujjhhg

    96. Everlee Houser

      Make a mermaid Amung us mod

    97. Everlee Houser

      I like sirenhead and my Brather