Minecraft, But With Only 1 Heart!

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    We got random contestants to come play Minecraft with us, but with only 1 heart! These gamers are epic so be sure to watch their pro strats!
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    1. MrBeast Gaming

      Let us know if you want more fan challenges like this! :)

      1. James Charlies melio

        i enjoyed it alot.:)

      2. Ayaan Chutani


      3. Katie Cooper

        Play hard mode but you can't kill or eat any animals

      4. Max Fureder


      5. Hunter Bryant


    2. teddie

      ew why is she back

    3. Mr. Rayan salman

      BTW Congrats for 15 M Subs 😀😀😀

    4. Irisamas

      We have the worst portal ever: Did your portal spawn *_floating_* above lava with nothing in a 50 mile radius? Like me :O

    5. lws

      Chandler:look what's happen when u don't share 1 minutes later Look who got all the loot?

    6. Vadász Angella

      Sorry but i Hate that ugly fat guy

    7. euronisback

      Baby zombie:OW BABY IT TRIPPLE OH YEA

    8. Pauline Paguntalan

      Who is Jimmy Wait.......... mrbeast is Jimmy What.?.?.?.?.?.?.?

    9. 16353-Yusuf Adel B Alzahrani

      I killed the ender dragon on one hart.

    10. Matthias Neo

      try and beat minecraft normally first.

    11. KadVlogz

      Just turn on keep inventory.

    12. Cactuspikeplayz

      When mr beast wears a 100 thieves Shirt me be like :)


      preston has make this callenge before bu is half heart

    14. Moonlight And Mimi

      Hello I want to go in your discord idk how to join so can you add me into the discord server my name is gwen

    15. Edward Virgilio

      what the fuck hahahaha


      at 5:41 you can see on the middle right you can see a RTX is he flexing lol

    17. Jaxson Ramos

      18:18 i keep replaying

    18. russia gear

      2:18 now i finally understand that song

    19. Nathan Silverstein


    20. Lejun Guo Hey nice vid I like it

      But cats cats have 9 hearts

    21. Aadinath KM

      Where did he get this mod???? Somebody please. Help

    22. ran dan


    23. Telyn Ho

      HE SAID "we have offeeeeeeeeeeeeeshally" :>

    24. Luisa Kim

      I sing you guys ok so halo theme ok yes ok oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhh ohh

    25. Luisa Kim

      Hola soy de chile

    26. Luisa Kim

      I ima streamer yo

    27. Papa Rocka


    28. Lori Bowman

      Hey Mr.beast im a big fan I want to join yalls sever but I can't cus yall have 700,000 people in yalls sever can yall expand it more if you can thx cus i really want to be in the sever thx Mr.beast

    29. emma angelica

      Yes I'm so happy doodle didn't win

    30. Michael Abebe

      i think dream does 1 MLG each manhunt with a water bucket.

    31. NATEGAMEZ20

      Hit the Golem and then pile up 3 blocks then kill it

    32. Nice person

      After subscribing and listening to jimmys voice I just got so comfortable with listening to it.

    33. OmlandPlayz

      this video so good !

    34. Liam Bernard

      the fat man is annoying

      1. im going to commit sewerslide

        Dont be rude to people who lok different than you. I dont even think he was too overweight

    35. Nick Jiang

      Everyone: Talking about the video Me: wondering why his multiplayer had a simp place

    36. moises moreno


    37. Georgia Law

      BEST TIPS OF 2020!!! #1: Pro Tip, Don't Die.

    38. Samuel Chiche

      Cuphead is harder

    39. SethEverman

      mr beast is fat

    40. Xal_pillow

      i cant join the diiscord server cause its full T^T

    41. Xal_pillow

      can i join? atleast for a new video plsssssssssssssssssssssssss

    42. Mega miners 50

      1:49 where’s my stuff!?

    43. Fern - Oof


    44. Adventures With Levi

      I want to be in one

    45. Mark Doctor

      Tip for fighting: always make ur enemy confused on where ur going

    46. Ayzal hasnain

      Let's see what happens

    47. Ayzal hasnain

      hey why don't you confis dream with minecraft one heart

    48. Water Sheep

      Bionic did this challenge with less than half a heart

    49. Baby Lui

      I love when they use the rock music for such intense moment 😂

    50. TaZe PoTaTo

      Jimmy: FIND THE FORTRESS GUYS also Jimmy: running around the over world with a boat and rotten flesh

    51. Dr.dragon Vids

      Wow unbelievable

    52. nøtbxbbles

      9:01 Chandler: *horse noises* Me: your gonna die

    53. Christian Sotelo

      Why didn’t he buy more hearts ???

    54. Kid Beast Gaming

      Jimmy:We are youtubes we are good too Also jimmy: *falls into cave*

    55. Lolamai Fay


    56. emily zarla

      Me beast plzzz make your discord server bigger so we can get a chance to win money

    57. hamza shaikh

      ya joey

    58. kris john

      jimmy is a simp as he has simpcraft server

    59. DanChicken

      3:45 chandler found a lava pool and dident even tell anyone lol

    60. g0blinboi

      one heart? half a heart be more impressive

    61. Dwayne On Mobile

      Them mc flurry’s be sounding good rn lol

    62. Jaden TV

      everyone: builds 3 high to kill golem MrBeast: traps him in a cage

    63. Jenny Holloway

      7:10 GET IT NOW HUH GET IT NOW???!!!

    64. Jenny Holloway

      6:54 get it? XDDDDDDDDDD

    65. Jenny Holloway

      a minecraft mod nah nah nah hardcore more with only 1 heart thanks for lieing to us :D

    66. ye james

      Nahh you guys need dream

    67. Yasir Maslah

      I want to be next mr beast

    68. PeachyLemon S

      Like dream would say full health

    69. Liam Maguire

      6:05 we gon talk an how they on day 108?

    70. Linus LaFond

      I got a honey add with you in it before the video started

    71. William Mom

      My house isn’t that big but rate it high because I worked hard for that

    72. Fletcher

      wait karl jacobs is karl so karl is in the dream smp?

    73. Jace aka Jacey

      10:04 DOWN WITH THE GANG

    74. Marc cedric noah Vicuna

      jawynleashed: down with the king! *dies from high place* me:PFFFFTTTTT HAHAHAHA HAHA OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS WEIRED

    75. Bobby hey


    76. kullin sareyka

      I really love you MRBEAST.

    77. Mackenzie Clay

      Chandler really said Rawr 🦖

    78. Juji

      I like doodle. He didnt talk much but when he did it was hilarious

    79. Coolfoxy 70 2

      Bru no one can get in discord

    80. sandra marie taladoc

      bedrock armor

    81. Odessa Pruim


    82. rishon tamang


    83. Oscar Devil Slaying Gamer. Karl Is The Best.

      It would, probably take over 2 years to master minecraft, one heart edition, without losing ever a 4th of a heart.

    84. Levi Johnson


    85. [RED] Unicorn

      Can you give me a Apple Watch

    86. Cyber X Saber8426

      A HUgetsr defeated the 3 bosses with half a heart

    87. Legy

      Could have use gapples for extra hearts

    88. Blackburn Adventures

      They cheated bc they all died at the start

    89. Alan seban

      most more videos please!!!!

    90. Matthew Parsons Plans For The future

      Petition to bring jawn back

    91. Kelly Love

      Hiii I love you so so match

    92. PCman

      * Hey check this Channel out - @UCXNcoLsxUdgjIcE6qiP2_0A

    93. Julian Wyrick

      Ya I Ned to be in one

    94. R Y A N


    95. Austin Clark

      I'm a big fan

    96. Archer Nesbitt


    97. Erandi Hernandez


    98. SerenaBiuBiu :3

      When the invite to the discord server is expired 😔🤚

    99. Elaina Henning