Unboxing CYBERPUNK 2077 Collector's Box + Dual Shock 4 (Unofficial) + Diskette


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    Unboxing new Cyberpunk 2077 Collectors Box, fanmade steelbook, not official Dual Shock 4 (custom fanmade), PC diskette, bandana, ceramic mugs and more. Excited for Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 and Xbox Series X? Cyberpunk 2077 by CD PROJEKT RED releases November 19th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia and PC.
    Cyberpunk 2077 graphics card (ultra rare) hugets.info/show/wIears7dzp1zxXI/vide.html
    Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 limited edition hugets.info/show/xoKImJ3RsIRrl5g/vide.html
    Cyberpunk 2077 gaming chair hugets.info/show/mGKliZ3Nn56sqnY/vide.html
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    00:00 Intro
    00:12 Steelbook (fanmade)
    00:51 Dual Shock 4 (custom)
    01:44 Bandana
    02:13 Books for later
    02:32 Collectors Box
    04:34 Ceramic mugs
    05:55 Plushies
    06:21 The World of Cyberpunk 2077
    08:49 Mystery diskette
    09:30 Outro
    #Cyberpunk2077 #Unboxing #TheRelaxingEnd

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    1. TheRelaxingEnd

      Cyberpunk 2077 fan? Please note: the Dual Shock 4 is a custom unofficial design by some random guy lol

      1. GURI'z GAMING

        From where did you got it?

      2. Ryan Olivares

        If it ever comes out...id like to be

      3. Predaking Savage

        @czarny duch what is this?

      4. czarny duch

        @Mohamed Fayad hugets.info/like/TmPab9-uVmWHYaPgdJ1hog.html

      5. czarny duch

        @Predaking Savage hugets.info/like/TmPab9-uVmWHYaPgdJ1hog.html

    2. Shaggy0711

      We: You're so lucky, YOU HAS CYBERPUNK 2077 He: knives

    3. Shaggy0711

      We: You're so lucky, YOU HAS CYBERPUNK 2077 He: knives

    4. Shruti Kumari

      rog zephyrus s15 2020 unboxing

    5. An88

      What Keanu rides in a real life :D : yesbuy.fun/?product=cyberpunk-2077-quadra-car

    6. jumxdil

      Sukses trus!🖤

    7. Jonathan Gamer

      Cyberpunk for life the future is now I hope we have Cyber like this in real life it would be cool I want the jacket so bad lol

    8. Bajson Przewodnik

      Polska ❤🤟

    9. pfuitoifel


    10. Geesh


    11. Mostofa Kamal

      Controler is boring

    12. Joshua Walker

      But what's on the disk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. sadniqqahours

      Cyberpunk 207u souns really cool butbI don't want to get into it since I'm underage.

    14. SI Punk

      This gotta be the biggest collector's edition ever!!

    15. ParZ iVaL

      The Controller Looks shit the Xbox Controller is way Nicer! 😂👌🏻

    16. eyesscream051

      When all accesories and stuff for Cyberpunk2077 was already release except for the actual game... Even the steelbook was already out 🤣 Seriously they keep us waiting

    17. MJ16

      Do a voice reveal

    18. Adrian A

      Why there is no Quadra V-tech keychain??? Im lookin for it so bad...

    19. Rishabh Dubey

      Can u please send me one console I have never played on any console ,I remember when ,I was 12year old I use to give 10 rupees to play gta vice city for half an hour ,I'm watching your videos since u started I'm from India love from India hope u see my msg ❤

    20. kuba Gutowski

      No proszę nie wiedziałem że cdpr wysyła takie rzeczy, będzie trzeba kupić jakiś kubek z cyberpank 2077

    21. unitedkingdom offiveeyes

      Pointless junk just get the game out already. Socks are decent though.

    22. messatsu

      Came for Cyberpunk stayed for bubble wrap.

    23. Luiz Gustavo

      Se você colocar seu corpo contra o celular ou em cima da barriga,vai se imaginar abrindo o treco.

    24. Henmine J

      You gets socks get out of my face

    25. KRAL

      u ready

    26. Carl Ward

      When this game releases. I'm going to buy it off of eBay so CD projekt Red doesn't get my money. If they're doing this kind of stuff instead of actually releasing the game across the world, they don't deserve my money.

    27. Matt Grumbler

      So what's on that floppy?

    28. dead

      8:20 why can I smell it??

    29. little Guardian

      Watching that i can't have 😂

    30. Michael Larsen

      What's the mystery disk ? And yes i am indeed a fan of Cyperpunk, i pre ordered it over a year ago lol in 2019 xD

    31. Mohammad Akhlaghi


    32. Tony Redgrave

      They even made a floppy disk, this is awesome!

    33. tt128556

      Toi bad you flipped the pages of the artbook, it's almost worthless now.

    34. xX-Delirium-Xx

      i want those mugs

    35. Juan Garcia

      Where did you but that knife

    36. Janusz polonezowy

      I AM Poland CD action

    37. Ryan Dway

      If you aren't a content creator or someone famous on a streaming platform you cant get any of this stuff.. its all out of stock to the general public... such bs

    38. GraveMIST8K

      I picture you have a modern house thats full of game merch😂

    39. Scary Night

      NICE BRO

    40. Alex McDowell

      Do you get to keep all the stuff you open?

    41. Reuben Daniel

      5:46😩😩 mini hart attack

    42. Jayden Stiles

      wait so if you get the collectors you get the xbox , the chair , the gpu and all that other stuff? except the controller

    43. AC Mild

      Please... what’s in the diskette???

    44. Introvert Ash

      Can't even enjoy the game yet it's been 8 years

    45. 10K Subscribers with No Videos

      the cup is broken that's why it's rated for 15+

    46. BlackSheep

      Yo where can i get the book?

    47. SplatoonFireGamer2920 - Tech

      Umboxing sony ps5 plis

    48. Morgana O

      This is a nice asmr channel

    49. RET Studio HDR

      Cyberpunk 2077 is coming soon, let's rock :)

      1. NMduke

        No it aint it got delayed again

    50. Alan122pl

      hej bro im from polska 1:44

    51. Atharv Gautam

      How do get these things before they are released ?

    52. Iam Me

      What's on the diskette?

    53. ricky sanchez

      Game reviewers like yong yea and legacykillahd have been low key advertising this game for years. Now we get to see if it stands up to the hype.

    54. K Brunson

      Didnt find anything interesting in this box smh

    55. The Common Commentator of Youtube

      what was in the floppy disc?!

    56. saeid1989 Kazemi

      Hello everyone, I do not have money to play PS4. Give me $ 10 or $ 20. Thanks،😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

      1. Luigi

        Nobody will give you money. Go work and stop crying for something you can get by WORKING

    57. Hero Name

      I imagine how much ps4 controllers is has

    58. Cabron355

      There's a never seen DualShock 4 of Marvel's Avengers right here ! Do you have it? hugets.info/show/0JiFhMvMy3h40oI/vide.html

    59. Snoopy Crash

      Can you give us the links of articles? Pls The art book is very interesting ^^

    60. Jonatan Oliveira

      Where can I buy this Steelbook Fanmade??? 0:32 Looks awesome!

    61. JasieKs

      Poles make the best computer games

    62. John Smith

      My dad moved on before this game could come out. I wish he could be here to play it with me.

    63. Bang Santuy,09

      Super mega ultra uboxing cyber...

    64. SixLicense

      This Channel should be named "UNBOX THERAPY"!

    65. Gonzo Richards

      So jealous

    66. Illinois Jeffery

      Where can I get the diskette? Is it part of the collector's box?

    67. TheRealDamiani

      Unboxing in silence is the cleanest best pleasure.


      ps4 controller custom = 2 stickers..... great imagination sony and the game :D

    69. NekoJa Chan

      Where did you get the Steelbook?

    70. Keeg Jb

      It was 5 days ago

    71. Keeg Jb

      Why did I just barley get a noti from this??

    72. jUICEbOX

      Can’t believe this guy gets the game early. Fricken famous utubers smh 🤦‍♀️

    73. Juan Simón Primera

      This could be one of the dumbest questions in here, but, Is this for real or fake that he got the CP2077?

    74. Joshua Gill

      Is it just me or does he have a different knife every video

    75. Glitch Man

      you need to be 15+ to drink from that ceramic mug. Noice

    76. عبودي الملكي

      حبيبي والله

    77. Death Thekid

      That PS4 controller is lame af

    78. EnderKing

      That is the second coolest DualShock 4 I have seen but man that 20th anniversary one is still my favorite

    79. J Makras

      well, u miss the shoes

    80. Thorne Hill

      You love your tantos good choice tho 😂😂

    81. Ishy Walker

      What's crazy is I don't consider this asmr, I'm jus a fan of the channel n I get to see all the coo stuff he gets plus the knives obvi

    82. Karthikeya

      8:33 99E$/gallon? I gotta start storing water from now.

    83. Kraken WasSlayed

      This mans house is probably the best place to be like at any time

    84. Jordan

      Can't use that controller on the PS5 🤣🤣

    85. Elan Must

      Controller looks cheap af

    86. israa qaz

      I can smell the magazine from here 8:10 😭❤️ so brand new

    87. ARIAN TEX.


    88. NovaProspekt

      Compared to the Xbox One Cyberpunk controller. This was nothing more than a last second thought.

    89. interceptor 80

      It's seems like from wish

    90. Andrew Bucchino

      pretty wack considering its not a dualsense

    91. Chris Escue

      Not impressed with the controller, where's the blue? Might as well have tattooed cyberpunk on a banana. (Edit) didn't read your pinned comment before posting... but still.

    92. Joystix Canada

      Jesus that controller is hideous.

    93. FrostyBrows

      CLICKBAIT #desperate

    94. CoolGreySoul

      You should start unboxing sneakers

    95. Vitor Zanelato

      wanted to have half your knives

    96. Rads Maneuvers

      That bubble wrap 😳😳 I'm sold

    97. Rads Maneuvers

      Seems like they didn't put much thought in to the design of the custom controller

    98. David Lagowski

      That controller is pathetic... they had such an oportunity to make a robotic humanoid type controller. No slap a fkn character on a grip handle and title on the touchpad... pass

    99. BlackDogJoker

      The best ASMR video I've ever seen.

    100. Sean Hanson

      Whats the knife called?