We THOUGHT this $40,000 PC would break records...

Linus Tech Tips

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    1. Slownuggets 115

      So your telling me he has a 40000$ pc and he dosent show any benchmarks

    2. rtx Farman

      can it run crysis remastered?...🤔

    3. Blobfish

      can you give me one ???

    4. the Unofficial

      Somehow the price to performance of this thing is like day and night with a similarly priced apple mac pro

    5. phoenixcrusher

      I would not touch anything that says HP on it. They can't even make printers that would work properly.


      Can I play GTA with this p.c

    7. TimmyF206 Gaming

      The thumbnail could use a little work. Nice vid linus. :)

    8. Adham Salim

      You are crazy 😂😂

    9. BanksForReal

      Only record it’s breaking is the electricity bill

    10. Milkz

      ONLY a 18 core CPU with 4, 1080 ti’s Jeesus

    11. Milkz

      “My one shot, my mom’s spaghetti” Yeah Linus, “Lose your self”.

    12. VibezProgamer 17

      You should try it now with 4x rtx 3090s😂

    13. Aaron brink

      Me that case is my pc budget

    14. Sans Granie

      It was your mom's spagetti

    15. Luka Talakhadze

      Please give me video card 😃

    16. Ronn James Alvarez

      Just use a tv

      1. Klara Lux


    17. MaxMythgaming

      useless gaming pc can't handle gta 5 with 4 most expensive advanced graphics cards In my gaming pc i have gtx 1650 super ryzen 3 and 16 gb ram it runs gta 5 super smooth

    18. Bxmsi Is spooky

      linus should use 4 3080tis

    19. تَرَيَفَوًّرَ فَيَلَيَبَسَ 『 ƬRƐƲOR ツ ƤHILIƤS 』

      12:10 well see u guys in 99999999999999999 decades till this thing loads

    20. Kryptux

      How did you get the 4 quadrants on the TV like that. 1 card for each one. Do all UHD Tv's let you do this?

    21. Robert Stephens

      WAIT!? You can get arrested in gta 5?

    22. mustafa işmar


    23. TechMan2020

      gaming pc i can afford gaming pc i can afford after sales tax

    24. aRTiEJay

      Linus tips

    25. madara uchiha

      me when im not getting constant 60+ fps.

    26. Hedge Earthridge

      3:26 I was about to start cursing at Nvidia with how their damn drivers arent Linux friendly, always causing screen tearing. Took me forever to fix it. But thankfully it's just part of the video, LOL

    27. Sebastian Hydzik

      Nobody: HUgets: Wanna see how much poor are you?

    28. Naufal us

      Now Titan RTX®

    29. ItsRealSL

      my gtx 730 2 gb over clocked and 2.6 ghz pentium processor could run gta 5 at 120 fps lol

    30. Вадим Горин

      Пацан не только все органы продал но и брата

    31. Bloo

      Linus: this pc will %99.99 break the record K|NGP|N: No

    32. Soorya John

      "My mom's speghetti"

    33. Juan Manuel Cantos Villodres

      Ahora con eso sal de hierro IV

    34. Outside ways

      I have a question, i am having problems with my desktop and i can find out what it is. The problem is that it keeps crashing, one day i moved it out of the place were i normally have and it worked fine in that place. The only difference I could think of was the temp and maybe the outlet had a different voltage. PLZ HELP!!!

    35. Long John

      Linus : IM GONNA MAKE A GOD’S PC *Uses GTX* Me : *TRIGGERED*

    36. can Sancar

      2 years later: **samething with rtx 3090s**

    37. Sebastian Claude

      How many computers to these guys have They should start giving away some

    38. Flow TFF

      Linus: Uses quadro(can't spell) cards for gaming. Me: Mom! where's my 3090 Mom: you already bought 4 Me: My motherboard fits five

    39. Kiddo1

      just use 4 2080ti cards you dunce

    40. Daniyal Ahmad

      “Yeah mum, this should run google classrooms”

    41. aaradhy pro

      how does this man gets so much money

    42. aaradhy pro

      we overclock to play games better performance etc they overclock to overclock more

    43. Jinglemybells23

      Do this with the new 3090s and the new ryzen 9s

    44. Benjamin Mathew

      lol edit:lol

    45. myHEXOR

      for the love of god seeing 60hz in your ta settings makes me so mad even 2 years later

    46. Gtx 750 Ti

      goddamn isnt a rtx 3090 better

    47. Rampage Kurt

      this is more than my moms car

    48. The Tyro of Toriyama

      Did we just see Linus do beef...? XD

    49. Vedant Kajoria

      Did you all ever thought, which pc he uses to edit videos, gaming? I think he changes his Pc every hour

      1. Salad Man 420

        he has pc's that he uses outside of recording, he just builds diferent cumputers and tears them down after each video

    50. Qwbo

      i have a pc for 649 pounds and gta is better then that XD

    51. {SlavicGoth}

      Definitely would run better if it was 20 GPUS

    52. Vipex

      13:30 you gonna get busted what are u doing man?

    53. Stop This

      *uses quadros for gaming*

    54. ilyedgar

      sometimes i wish i knew what he is talking about

    55. relax edits

      Today: ryzen 5000 with a rtx 3090

    56. Karina Li

      I like how he puts up the links to buy the parts even though most of us can’t afford it

    57. The Casual Subculturist

      Proof that LMG does suck at benchmarking.

    58. Samuel Fogelgren

      What Chassis is that? :-p

    59. Grimmer2006

      I wonder how much ESD damage all Linus tech have that stunt performance :P Never seen him care anything about ESD.

    60. Yeetus

      When his pc is almost as expensive as your school tuition

    61. Dennis Collier

      If you can't out build em; out buy em?

    62. pop slush

      How to build nasa computers

    63. Aydon Joseph

      Everybody else complaining about their computers and stuff meanwhile I’m here thinking that 9 times 4 is 45 :’(

    64. Ryan Major

      Then: wow so good😱 Now: Gtx 3090 is better😂

    65. Kovalan Kalamohan

      Did Linus just spend 36 THOUSAND DOLLARS ON GPU!!!! **&#@(#@*7+)##(+7(#3-;7#3/+ how lol

    66. Sujal Gondkar

      I love how he knows lose yourself

    67. Amal Joe Sojan

      Linus playing GTA V: THIS IS A REALISTIC CAR PHYSICS WE'VE GOT GOING ON! GTA IV Gamers: Excuse me? What did you say Linus!?

    68. gamergod8778

      i love that fake tear when you were talking about weird tearing issues

    69. Gobum

      Perfect ' busted ' timing..

    70. Blitzboy Gaming

      Frame rate drops, rams car into the pool.

    71. i2 Shadexz

      One of those GPUs is more expensive than my rent

    72. Rhodney Felix

      All that so he could be at the top of the leader board!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    73. Nicholas Diehl

      It’s good but Can it run Minecraft shaders?

    74. VIZ

      What i gotta do for you to send me a computer?

    75. Nils Nica

      9:07 wow u r so good at cable management

    76. kamalpreet kaur

      Finally I can build 2000 dollar pc Sales man - but with 38000 tax

    77. ButterSquids

      This really puts the Quad in Quadro

    78. Jack Dolah

      Why is quadro soo expensive??

    79. DriversOnThePhone

      Ever thought software is making that jerky using only one of those cards or you overwhelmed the pcie busses ? What a numpty. Try a real world test like multi gpu rendering, cad or 3d animation, an xbox is going to be smoother than that thing at games.

    80. DefinitelyDan

      "Which would cause weird tearing issues" Shows tearing on his head.. idk if many noticed 🤣

    81. Kanwar Jasbir

      *It broke those electricity bills tho*

    82. Pearl

      do this with 3090

    83. Kaleb Ren

      Now do it with 3090s

    84. James Ryan

      quatro quadros

    85. Ethan Quigley

      I've never seen a person so happy about spending so much money

    86. Viktor

      Quadro is horrible for gaming.

    87. Juan Pablo Osorio

      Why if you mount a pc in quantum computing cooling module and break benchmarks with the best pc hardware available?

    88. Tha Keey

      Welcome to linus tech tips, where you can watch making pc’s that are 10 000$ and can’t afford it☺️

    89. No InternalMegaT Here

      me watching this video at 4k with no problem

    90. Dr Someone

      Can I have one of the graphics cards 😂😂😂

    91. Ryskyplaysmc

      I mean it still broke something aka Linus’s wallet

    92. Peter Phuc

      niceeee but can it run crysis

    93. Contraption

      3090 releases

    94. SevenK

      respect for 0:33

    95. ғᴀᴛ cj

      I had my fps thing for my zoom calls and i was running it at 40 fps 😳

    96. XD Lego

      The NASA PC is at this video!

    97. Injailgaming

      Ok boys, it's time to steal

    98. officialzz

      seems a little overkill idk

    99. Beav 23

      Your camera man is kinda trash, never at a good view angle