The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Full Breakdown

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    Things start off insane with Ahsoka Tano played by Rosario Dawson, wielding her white lightsaber blades on Corvus. Dave Filoni directed this and he did an amazing job.
    As we see the barren forest land of Corvus, we spot a major Easter egg, which is the Owl, Morai. Morai is the daughter. For those who haven’t watched the clone wars, then you’ll want to watch my video I made on her ( which explains everything about her and Mortis.
    Ahsoka shows up and fights Mando, which ends quick after Mando tells her he was sent by Bo Katan.
    As she looks at Baby Yoda, our episode really begins.
    Ahsoka and Baby Yoda talk over the moonlight, where she reveals his name is Grogu. She says they can feel each other’s thoughts.
    He was raised at the Jedi temple on coruscant. Many masters trained him over the years. At the end of the clone wars, he was hidden. Someone took him from the temple, then his memory becomes dark.
    He was lost and alone. So someone has taken his memory. I think there are three people here who could have taken him. One being Mace Windu. Perhaps Mace went directly to the Temple after he fell, and collected Grogu.
    Or it was Palpatine, who had taken him and that’s why his memory is dark, because maybe he tried to wipe his mind of things, vital things that had to do with the experiments done on Grogu.
    Or, Jocastu Nu took him, the librarian. Now, she could have taken him, and when she died months after revenge of the Sith, to Vader, which I’ve covered in a video from the marvel comic, I’ll also link below for you, Grogu was on his own and he had to suppress his powers heavily in order to survive. Like Obi-Wan and Yoda did, so that the empire will not find him.
    The next day Ahsoka trains Grogu, or at least tries. She failed to get Grogu to summon the stone, where Mando tries to get him to summon the knob of the ship’s shifter. It works and Grogu takes the knob with the force. Ahsoka realizes they have a strong bond, and says she can’t train him, for his attachment to Din is too strong. The entire tone of the episode changes when she tells him she’s seen what attachments do to a fully trained Jedi Knight, she is referring to Anakin Skywalker here, who turned to the dark side due to his attachment to Padme and trying to saver her from dying in child birth, which I would argue, was just a dream put into his head by Palpatine. Din makes a deal with her, that she promises to train the child if he helps her defeat the village who hired him to kill her.
    Ahsoka and Din Djarin take out the town.
    Facing the magistrate, she toys with her and disarms her, and demands to know where Grand Admiral Thrawn is.
    Thrawn is out there.
    Anyhow, the village is freed, and Mando goes to fetch Grogu to give him up to Ahsoka so he can be trained. Meeting him back at his ship, Ahsoka tells Din that she cannot train Grogu. The attachment he has to Din is far too strong. Mando tells him that a deal is a deal, and she alters the deal, but tells him of another way, she tells him to go to Tython, there he will find the ancient ruins of a temple that is strong in the force, place him atop the mountain on the seeing stone, so that Grogu may choose his path. If he reaches out in the force, a Jedi will sense his presence and come looking for him. In my opinion, this Jedi, is Luke Skywalker. I think what will happen is that Luke, who is getting ready to start building his new temple of Jedi students, will feel Grogu and will reach back out to him, to which the connection will be broken by the interference and arrival of Moff Gideon, who has tracked Mando to Tython and unleashes the dark troopers upon him and Grogu. I believe he’ll then kidnap Grogu to kill him for his blood, where Luke Skywalker will come into the scene somehow to help Din get back the child.
    I think this will all lead to Luke Skywalker who will train Grogu, but not before Moff Gideon takes him from The Mandalorian!

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    1. Theory's Arcade

      Thank you Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau The most amazing episode I could have asked for. We, the fans, salute you.

      1. Torsten Müller

        6:13 Wow Nice you can also stop by me - thanks

      2. Coltrain10182

        What if the Jedi that comes for Grogu is actually Ezra since we now know that admiral Thrawn is still out there.

      3. Luke Skywalker

        May The Force Be With You

      4. BlueDracolich 13

        @GrievousArmy You see? Even the cyborg agrees!

      5. vDripyyJay


    2. Rococo Baroque

      Mandalorian is giving me a feeling i haven't had since original series

    3. Megan Rose

      I just noticed that when Mando is walking back in his ship, it looks like Grogu and Ahsoka are talking through the force. He stares at her, and she kinda bows her head to him and smiles. It's a cool little Easter egg/Motif since the same thing happened in the last episode.

    4. The Man From Volantis

      Issues with this episode... 1) Ahsoka is no jedi 2) The fight with the magistrate lasts just over 2 minutes. That's roughly 1 minute 50 seconds too long. Ahsoka was trained by Anakin and matched Vader when they fought.

    5. Scrotie McBoogerballs

      SWT mentions maybe Mace Windu collected Grogu and hid him after Mace Windu fell. Can someone explain to me how this is possible? I thought Mace Windu died in Episode 3. I do not know much about the lore so I would appreciate a quick explanation

    6. naila sahar

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    7. Bootleg Taximan

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    8. jakub tomas

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    9. papagni tanika

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    10. ChocoNutsX ChocoNutsX

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    11. donya crier

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    12. Worley Passmore

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    13. ayeza noor

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    14. marianela windler

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    15. polap rosa

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    16. mi humphry

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    17. Blister Blister

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    18. olika rosdan

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    19. olin candido

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    20. asraf sani

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    21. evelyn laurino

      '1:17' 😆 I would stick to *(𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠)* + ⏪ that's where we get ours

    22. Matthew M 116

      It’s impressive that your predictions for the end of the season were exactly right 😮 😎

    23. Robert Cremin

      some of his predictions are scary accurate damnnnnn

    24. WannaDJ - Fortnite Gameplays

      This guy literally predicted the season finale.

    25. Andrew Thomas

      Watching this after the finale: Dude, are u fking kidding me?

    26. ManDeLorean9

      I've never seen Ahsoka Tano use white Lightsabers before. I only remember her using green and blue in Clone Wars and Rebels. Has she used white prior to this episode?

      1. Casey Peter

        She built the sabers you see in the novel "Ahsoka". You can see them in Rebels as well.

    27. fahrettin gökgöz


    28. Wcoast408

      Not really a big Star Wars guy but I love this show... is it really true that mando couldn’t kill ahsoka tano even if he wanted to? I Feel like with his weapons and beskar armor he has a good chance

    29. MetalOrDie

      @star wars theory what did you think of them still kinda shitting on star wars by having him call ahsoka's lightsaber a lazer sword or do you think it was done on purpose...he is a mando he knows of the jedi what reason would he have for calling it that?.

    30. travis hackney

      "The Jedi" is plural: watch the Bo episode: they always refer to them as such in plurality. This episode is title such because it is Mando's first interaction with a representative of the Jedi (plural)

    31. Wilburn Rolfson

      Kathleen Kennedy: “wE haVe NO soUrcE MaTeRiaL” Dave filoni: “have a seat”

    32. Christian Miller

      So grogu is the real last Jedi

    33. Christian Miller

      So we’ve all just retconned the sequels now

    34. yung Stoney

      bro ik you didnt just cry over a fictional character

    35. N.R Lanos

      Look...I just have to say, Din Djarin is like the ultimate single father. Puts the little one first. Holds down a job. Gentle yet strong. Wipes the vomit off bebe with his cape...

      1. RFN Kami

        right? and in no moment he needs to be a whiny mopey guy without control of his emotions, this is how you make a male hero that isn't "toxic masculinity" but still is a badass instead of a wimpy.

    36. SpringTrapLord

      Dave Filoni > Kathleen Kennedy _______________________________

    37. Ruz Danielle Garcia

      the other merc's outfit looks similar to anakin's clone wars armor

    38. Brad Miller

      I think he could kill her if he was serious

    39. Chris Aguilar

      I love Star Wars, it’s amazing how far the Star Wars universe has came, props to Dave Filoni, the true padawan of G. Lucas !

    40. thornbadd

      An interesting thing is that in Star Wars Old Republic Timeline it is explained that Darth Malgus lead a successful assault on Coruscant and the jedi temple. After this attack The Jedi were blamed for the troubles the republic suffered during the great galactic war. Still committed to defending the republic The Jedi decided to relocate to "their ancient home world of Tython" in order "rest, meditate, and seek guidance from The Force". The question is if this is indeed the very same "Tython" as that which is mentioned in The Mandalorian?

    41. mylobage

      I will be UTTERLY disappointed if the saber fights are anything like the sequel trilogy.

    42. Toxic legend

      I literally cried tears of joy

    43. KArlo Dvizhi

      The season's ending still hasn't come but next time please don't make assumptions about endings, because knowing you... you're probably correct

    44. SoulHuN7eR

      Hey man. Something you might have missed and i failed to find other people talking about it, is the knob itself. To me, probably grogu as well, that little knob kinda looks like a toy death star. Now i can't link this piece of information to a certain timeline theory, as grogu would not be alive to see or witness a deathstar at its prime, but its a fun little detail or easter egg.

    45. Craig Lovelace

      This episode made my little Kurosawa nerd brain happy.

    46. 0bnoxious12

      I would like to think yoda just procreate with yaddle to protect the species no romance

    47. Ashtray195

      Hopefully Thrawn survived and Ezra died a horrible painful death

    48. Pete Kay

      The Star Wars saviour's

    49. Simone

      I myself have grown attached to grogu n mando together. When mando says stop playing with your food and slightly stabs the alive food and when he try’s to stop grogu from eating the baby eggs to be fertilized. Lmao it’s the best ever

    50. nieooj gotoy

      I 100% agree with you that the title “Jedi” is referring to Grogu and not to Asoka because in rebels Asoka clearly says to Vader “I am no Jedi”.

    51. Raspas 21

      This episode is perfect

    52. Mike x%er Pressler

      Lol yeeted

      1. nieooj gotoy

        I feel like since Asoka is looking for thrawn, there could be a possible chance that Ezra finds grogu

    53. rich murph

      Anyone seen anything on spin off show with actress sophie thatcher already rumoured to be cast prequel show to mandalorian. to me her look and timing suggests a live version ventress. what do you guys think?

    54. Lil Envy

      2020 combat scenes for luke is something we need

    55. Polina Syzrankina

      The cooperative head spontaneously depend because punishment corroboratively dance failing a keen llama. maddening, wild yam

    56. Daniel Stevens

      Baby today is so cute!

    57. Ty O

      Anyone notice, this episode has a Robert Rodriguez feel, but he didn't direct it, but he directed episode 6....and that didn't have the same colors and excitement.

    58. o0_MEIK _0o

      I would have love if they had played the darth vader musik in the background when ahsoka talked about anakin and that he turned to the dark side

    59. Kyle Shaw

      The first time in “The Mandalorian” that anyone has said, “May the Force Be With You” was said by Ashoka Tano... pretty epic.

    60. Derick Lewis

      I just ask why we couldn’t make a different sequels be so good as this. Those movies are horrible and look even more horrible

    61. Rock girl

      "Thrawne and Ezra were Yeeted" best quote about Star Wars😂

    62. jose melendez

      This is a good star wars story not just the story I mean the essence ... no like star wars episode 7 8 9 wtf going on... how can be possible...

    63. baby yoda

      I still prefer to be called baby Yoda, it makes me sound more talented in the force.

      1. Rock girl

        This gives me hope, literally I’ll happily take mando for a good year before you give us a good movie, pleeeease! Fuck me you are so close please just get it right

    64. Éric Potvin

      The title The Jedi means Asoka and not Grogu. The french title is La Jedi and not Le Jedi. Similarly for The Last Jedi, some thought it only meant Luke and not Ray because she would be walking the middle path, but the french title is Les Derniers Jedi. It’s pluriel. Jedi being invariable as we know, the english title is misleading.

    65. TheMarionick

      I bet the Jedi that is coming to get Grogu is Luke and that Grogu is one of the children he trains in his Jedi temple before the events of the sequels. But that would mean that Grogu's fate is to die, so I might be wrong.

    66. Josh Dix

      You can tell Dave Filoni has done his reading. THE RULE OF TWOOOO!!!!

    67. Skarpne

      I feel like since Asoka is looking for thrawn, there could be a possible chance that Ezra finds grogu

    68. Nikola Ivanov

      9:44 Am I the only one who thought that Mof Gideon have stolen the ship with Grogu inside while Din and Ashoka were fighting in the village? That would have been funny I guess...

    69. Medussa_Mods

      The Jedi is definitely Ezra because there was literally a loth-cat in the previous episode

    70. Magma - StixX

      I think thrawn and Ezra have a chance of episode appearances

    71. Aaron Kimzey

      Grogu is the next Tar Vizla.

    72. Grim Reaper

      Ezra will help.

    73. Luke Skywalker

      Wow Because of you now I am so interested in the Mandalorian.

      1. Luke Skywalker

        Thank you so much

      2. Luke Skywalker

        I can't wait to see Ashoka and Luke

    74. sithlordsoup

      Every episode so far: "I might be able to help you if you do something for me." *Mando completes the task* "oof, I can't really help but I know someone who can."

    75. C.O Phazon

      Fed up of seeing Luke... hope we see bo katan again to fight mof since she wants the dark saber

    76. Steve Persing

      I think Maul took him to hide from the empire

    77. Edward Kowalczyk

      Luke would be an AWESOME Character add - could also see the next Episode ending with a shot of a purple lightsaber being ignited right before the credits - the only character that can be revealed by lightsaber alone - could also see Ezra showing up as hinted by the cat in "The Jedi". Would love to see Asoka show up in addition and perhaps team up engage an Imperial threat. Could easily see Season 2 ending more like The Empire Strikes Back - an ending with a main character facing an unknown outcome and a team to rescue them...

    78. Will Hartley

      This gives me hope, literally I’ll happily take mando for a good year before you give us a good movie, pleeeease! Fuck me you are so close please just get it right

    79. Bly Davis

      The jaded pediatrician observationally double because postbox behaviorally invent until a witty debt. many, quickest calculator

    80. Sergio Flores

      How could Luke return when the actor is so old? Wouldnt that cause an issue? Wouldnt it just be easier to make it someone else? Although i do want it to be Luke haha

    81. Ames Kirshen

      If Grogu was rescued from the Order 66 siege of the Jedi Temple in ROTS and The Mandolorian takes place 5 years after ROTJ then that would make him around 28 so how is he still just a “child”? Does the Grogu/Yoda species age that slowly that 28 years for them is still biologically a child in human years?

    82. Googly

      Grogu Moment.

    83. Jamie

      This series is far too smart for a Luke Skywalker Deus Ex Machina event.

    84. Braybeast 2

      Me: it’s called mandolin and baby yoda is in every episode and his name is grugu

    85. Braybeast 2

      Everyone: OMG I love the baby yoda show it so good my fav episode is the one with baby yoda

    86. Boom Boom

      Style points award goes to Rosario. Absolute best Jedi choreography and performance

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    88. KevT

      A force wilding Mandalorian?! That was insanely awesome!

    89. Random Channel

      Idk about anyone else but I think it would be SOOO awesome if Revan’s force presence was found on this planet. He has history with the Mandalorians and might try to manipulate Mando into giving him the child and try possess him, or maybe his conflicted side will try and help, idk but I think Revan would be a cool edition on a show about Mandalorians

    90. Simba Mandi

      New to your channel. You make amazing videos bro!

    91. Rizzle Nizzle

      I don't want it to be luke, it would be cgi deaged luke that would look really weird in multiple episodes. The voice actor wouldn't be mark hamill and it wouldn't feel right. In my opinion it's problem going to be Ezra since they mentioned a lot of rebel shit recently, like the thrawn seemed like a tease for a revenge sequel and to kind of make you think oh thrawns alive so what happened to ezra. Don't get me wrong I love luke but it would just be odd

    92. James Hart

      I’m pretty sure we’re going to see the opposite, with a Sith sending Grogu instead or something along those lines

    93. Logan O

      I think he will find Ezra not luke

    94. bouytt guyt

      Yoda's Theme was breathtaking too.

    95. Val Paliy

      Thanks for your work, but... "The Internet is not always right" but you are? At least a viewer might get such feeling while watching your videos...

    96. Fayez Bilal

      Imagine that there is a possibility that we will get Grogu's flashback scene from the jedi temple during the purge

      1. bouytt guyt

        This series is better than all of the last 6 movies combined

    97. Nikola Petek

      I really think that Anakin saved Grogu and I hope so because this will show how there was still light in him, and give an answer to "Why did Anakin lose to Obi-Wan?" and the answer will be - he had not fully joined the dark side back then. This will give a lot more reason to him, his spiritual separation, and the anxiety that he is in.

    98. Daren Davison

      This show is about the Mandalorian. I don't mind a few cameos but hoping for appearances of characters from other shows, the point of the snow kind of gets lost.

    99. Chris Lopez

      Why was he crying😂

    100. TheSpaceVortex

      Guys their making a show about that space knight dude from fortnite