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    SpaceX and NASA are targeting Sunday, November 15 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s first operational crew mission (Crew-1) to the International Space Station (ISS) from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window opens at 7:27 p.m. EST on November 15, 00:27 UTC on November 16. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The launch webcast will go live about 4 hours before liftoff. Tune in here to watch live.

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    1. jake glenn


    2. Indie Fury

      Space travel for all in 2120

    3. Skilled

      I wish they showed the camera were they were seated when they were in air

    4. Delvizual

      The Martians will be rolling on the floor, laughing at middle aged men dressed in skin tight PVC "space" suites. For the love of god Elon, please redesign them :)

    5. Lol Lol

      god bless

    6. зубы потеют

      Мне интересно, если рогозина турнут и он прийдёт в спейс х 🤭 и попросится на работу 🤣 якобы он имеет опыт работы со всем что связано с космосом и чёрными дырами?

    7. Belson Pineda

      Hola alguien que hable español

    8. 詩人

      I'm so happy. Because Japanese is be elected d. Thank you from Japan.

    9. 詩人


    10. TheSuslik84


    11. TheSuslik84


    12. Lumine Lee


    13. doliio volay

      I love this crew and I've prayed for their safe journey to and from the ISS. Thank you Nasa, SpaceX and our Lord God Almighty.

    14. PETER

      Who did not follow the broadcast completely, I mean, when the broadcast time ends, I am like me

    15. Robert Newton

      I love the great flight suits ,who say's fashion isn't needed when your riding on top of a fiery dragon .

    16. John S

      Too bad the post-election antics of Trump put a damper on this wonderful mission. He only wants attention on himself, nobody else matters.

      1. doliio volay

        @SpaceX thank a lot... Mr. Elon musk is such a mind blowing person

    17. Makezyy

      Like holyyy, something about 14 minutes and they got speed of 27 000 km/h! :D

    18. GeoSciful

      Impressive how space technology evolved from something like a world war submarine to something you could buy tickets to ride on comfortably like an airliner.

    19. Jan De Bie

      Does anybody know what this project costs ?

    20. levengeur masquer

      the link for french puppet the sound of univers :

    21. Michael Strickland

      Seems a bit sexist that ALL the casters are females? Have we become so PC conscious that we've swung the pendulum to the opposite side? Retarded humans.

    22. Wookie Cookie

      Those suits look so slick

    23. Zee

      Where they going

    24. Shantelle Glab

      Go SpaceX! On to the moon, mars and beyond!

    25. Fuck You

      this is fucking epic!

    26. Ospry

      А роскосмос в очередной раз заглотнул

    27. Илья Пищ

      Yes GO SPACEX!!!!GO TO THE MARS!!!!😁😁😁

    28. Ella Bell

      i went to Titusville in florida on the indian river and saw it! It was so worth driving hours.

    29. 서태민

      와 진짜 대단하다.. 사람을 태우고 우주로 날려버리고, 서브엔진이라고 해야 하나 그건 지난번에 성공했을때와 똑같이 지상으로 내려가고~ 성공을 축하드려요~

    30. Pawan Bhandari

      @SpaceX thank a lot... Mr. Elon musk is such a mind blowing person

    31. alex hebert

      Every one in childhood has a dream to become an astronaut...

    32. Maurice Cardinal

    33. Maurice Cardinal

      More fakery. Aahahaah. keep believing their lies people. They need the TV indoctrinated to pass this ball earth as real. It's beyond ridiculous. The horse manure is thick here!

    34. Слава Кильев

      Цирк с конями

    35. sokin jon

      Every one in childhood has a dream to become an astronaut...

    36. 麻生 Q次郎

      4:16:24 Rat?! 鼠おるやん

      1. 詩人


    37. CortyTheGamer

      I was here for the whole thing. It was an amazing thing to watch.

    38. Mo Mentum

      I was here. Alive. What a sight to witness.

    39. Warren Kawamoto

      I wonder how many times Crew 1 watched this video while aboard the space station? lol

    40. Jason Thomas

      Is there any views from inside the Dragon during liftoff that anyone knows about?

    41. Astronacademy

      Go SpaceX!! This launch was incredible, I can't wait to see more!! 🙌

    42. Raketlina space express

    43. Ker Loz

      "The rocket needs to be more POINTY" "The shape of the rocket has no effect on the payload delivery" "more pointy!"

    44. Rage

      This is amazing


      Униформа персонала как из фильмов ужасов. А скафандры наоборот, комичны и выглядят бутафорскими. Если произойдет нештатная ситуация, маловероятно, что эти, так называемые, скафандры спасут астронавтов.

    46. Sameer Khan

      Hey space x I wanna go to Mars so bad😭😭

    47. Woodynic

      There’s no thrust in a vacuum... and how is a vacuum next to the pressurized system of earths atmosphere without a solid barrier? Sounds like a hustle to me.

      1. Steve Adams

        Try to be less stupid. Thrust doesn’t come from a reaction against the atmosphere. It’s a direct result of Newton’s 3rd law of motion. If you force mass out the back of a rocket at high speed, you get an equal and opposite force on the rocket. This hasn’t been a mystery for over 400 years.

    48. Max Jean Tallet

      SpaceX n°1!!! 👌

    49. Noe Sanchez

      China and Russia are probably crying right now.

      1. Dan Severns

        China just launched a sample return mission to the moon, so they are probably pretty happy.

    50. omer tekin

      Bizim ülkede elektirikli traktör yaptık

    51. Dipsy -

      Good job space X!

    52. The Elemental Mystic

      All SHEEP walk in the direction they are told. Be a wolf & Walk to your own Path folks. You are the Chosen Ones but sheep will not be chosen. WWG1WGA 💨🍺💕 One LॐVE 💯 🙏 💚 👍

    53. The Elemental Mystic

      SPACE FORCE MED BEDS - 'Q' & the 'White Hats' are in FULL CONTROL FOLKS. 1Love4ThePlanet - Folks. THE BEST IS YET TO COME 'The Great Awakening' - God Speed - Ticking Bomb -

      1. The Elemental Mystic

        @Atlas WOW. SO much attention these days. Thank You bud. TRUMP - Wake Me Up -

      2. Atlas

        Take your pills, schizo

    54. Ms K Valent

      Stop playing. LOL

    55. sapyor

      What about the rats that walk around your "spaceship"?

      1. Atlas

        There are no rats, dummy.

    56. potato

      SpaceX leading humanity into the future!!! respect!

    57. seiom jvony

      successes that have led to this moment which is now shared world wide.

    58. Плюшевые приключения

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      1. seiom jvony

        prisoners were executed on demand by the doctors for their organs, sold to the highest bidder.”

    59. 382436wow

      Like watching old Japanese movies, where talking does not match what you see. Going to Mars and can't get video and speech matched realtime!!!!!

      1. seiom jvony

        who undoubtedly has blood on his hands. “Prof. Jiahong is an expert in liver transplants from Beijing, and has been involved for over 20 years in liver transplants in hundreds

    60. Ken

      glad to see human being advanced on science together and not some political bull shit

      1. seiom jvony

        А у нас батуты песни и пляски и неработающий космодром )) профи рагозин))

    61. Anay Tare

      Every one in childhood has a dream to become an astronaut...

      1. Prince Henry

        Not me

    62. aviator boss


    63. I Ruiz

      Norminal 😂

    64. Art

      Never ceases to amaze. Incredible.

    65. kavik27

      Thanks for not including New Zealand on your world map, the less people know where we are the better.

    66. BlackOak

      I don't understand why they talk over the launch. Like wtf?!? Do you think it's not enough on it's own that you have to try to come up with some faux inspirational comment?

    67. Arthur Osokins

      When he put both hands on one of those ninjas head. She had a look in her eyes saying " Hm that's sexual harassment! I won a big one this time by sue this monster called SpaceX." Well if she haven't done so already.

    68. 王有


    69. Scott Nelson

      i need to file a protest..................I never saw them go thru TSA screening before flying!!!!!!

    70. Live4 HIM

      One important question...they were in there seats waiting for take off about 2 hours...with all the nerves and time, what happens when you need to urinate???

    71. Arthur Osokins

      Ninjas look better than astronauts.

    72. Anon Ymous

      Musk the magic man does it again.

    73. qing tian

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    74. Мазут Мазутный

      Маск Нормальный такой батут рогозу за щеку всунул... Но он наверное не чувствует, этому предателю пох, чего только за щеками уж нет... Грустно((( а Маск и команда красавцы👍

    75. Станислав Лазарев

      А у нас батуты песни и пляски и неработающий космодром )) профи рагозин))

    76. Aksel William Danenbarger

      The live video is 1 second later then the sound... please synk. the taking video with the sound.

    77. The Factual Truth

      Disaster strikes when Elon Musk realizes that he forgot to include rest room facilities for this astronauts. The shit has just anti-gravitized itself into the fan!

    78. Twozup

      Those welly boots 🤣🤣🤣

    79. VR 4K LIVE Tech University

      I have an idea about cheap space transportation for raw materials. We can use a solar Zeppelin (20.000 meters/aprox. 14 miles altitude) with an Electromagnetic Railgun (US military) which brings an instant speed of 5600 mph. At 14 miles altitude you have a much smaller wind/athmosphere friction and the missile can be even more aerodynamic than the Falcon. It can be much thinner and longer. (Like a toothpick). Inside the missile can be stored different metals or raw materials or different objects that can resist at such a big speed acceleration. (Things that can't be printed on the space base). Now there's a problem, you have to launch it with the right speed and to catch it. It's a baseball problem that americans will love to solve it. What do you think about it. Just solar energy to launch the materials, perfectly clean.

      1. VR 4K LIVE Tech University

        If you're interested I can make a video presentation and even a live streamed webinar.

    80. Bill A


    81. epposh

      what are those particles seen during engine separation? those don't pose any threat, traveling at those speeds?

    82. matteo pigozzo

      No parole.

    83. Paul Gwiazda

      There’s people starving all around the world at this very minute in time. You think going to space is going to solve this???

      1. Atlas

        Do you think posting a comment on youtube solves hunger?

      2. La Ez

        More land to farm on the moon and mars

    84. Richard Dean

      The world is flat water sits over..nasa lies.. millions now know..stop this cgi rubbish..

      1. Richard Dean

        @Atlas you have no future are lost in lies.lololo

      2. Atlas

        shut up, old man. the future is now.

    85. brokentoaster

      Give them EVA suits, the Space X suits are dumb.

    86. Utkarsh gupta

      Mars just a launch away from SpaceX , job well done spaceX i hope my kids stay on mars itself

    87. Dav Yogi

      Last year was the 50 years from the first luna landing, what a difference 50 years can have on technology, touch screen against buttons and switches, this has started me to keep up with space and nasa, Mars he we come!!!!!!,

    88. steadydavoliv

      This is goin to be riddled with numerology love a good laugh !!

    89. Paltimpotampkin

      @52:34 reminds me of the penguins of madagascar haha “Smile and wave boys, smile and wave 👋 “

    90. Maxim Polishchuk

      Американцы молодцы

    91. L S

      American public paying for this circus. Look GenZs, this is inflating our economy and only serves to distract you from the real problems--covid and unemployment. You are being fooled by SpaceX, wall street, and govt. Wake up!!!

    92. L S

      Wow, they've come so far since the 1960s-- not. What a waste of resources to promote and sell cars that also waste as much energy as gas ones. Mars? Lol.Another tech bubble heating up.

    93. hplis

      big internally

    94. Михаил Валюта

      Ну наконец то американцы научились сами летать на орбиту! Нашим меньше забот. Well, finally, the Americans have learned to fly into orbit themselves! Ours is less worried.

      1. Михаил Валюта

        @Atlas :)))

      2. Atlas

        roscomos on suicide watch

    95. ao9dfj12


    96. russell clark

      The vacuum must be on low these days???

    97. Turning Around

      so they want us to stop driving but this is fine? smd

      1. N. M.

        I too like being stuck in traffic for 2 hours

    98. guns21111

      We used to write stories of dragons. Now we ride on their wings.

    99. Romulous75

      Two and a half hours sitting on the launch pad. "Err, I gotta poop"

      1. Eldon Giann Navarro

        they actually use adult diapers during launch.