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    i added thanos to among us very cool
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    1. Stephanie Snyder

      If you're waiting for your food at a restaurant for the waiter to get it would that make you the waiter

    2. tyler rumpf

      Dw mate I’ve got like 3 accounts were I have sub’ed to ur channel I’ll help u get there

    3. FNAFKilla358 REEE


    4. Night Bluebell


    5. Joanne Wait

      I will buy one of your T-shirts and Hoody is but then my mum won’t really let me

    6. Lex TPE


    7. Kimberly Heck


    8. Leon Galas


    9. Woutime

      Massive giveaway at 100 subs. Be sure to be there when it happens!

    10. Extreme lightning

      Great mod

    11. Mark Boyle

      Thanos: I am inevitable. Imposter:😹👎

    12. Fortnite Intros

      Who thinks among us should add modes like thanos and other characters

    13. Alex Gunderson

      Hey laser beam In chapter 2 season One of fortnite Mr. Top 5 Beat your sniper Record

    14. Circa 1980s

      No no don’t touch me there this is my no-no square no no don’t touch me the

    15. Yeet

      I didn’t notice that was sub


      (; you are amazing

    17. David Thai

      Oh hi fletch

    18. AaronDaLegend258

      Today we become thaaayyyynos

    19. Iazarbeam

      I went into some peoples chat and they thought I was u🤣😂🤣🤣

      1. Night Bluebell


      2. TYM 2 DEZTROY

        Wait whaaat

    20. Lucas Zarate

      It's thanos's kidney stones which is looking for because he lost them

    21. Lazar Beam

      I am happy with this video

    22. Jamshed Mughal

      there was literaly 3 stones where he was

    23. Galactic God


    24. Benny Toks

      I love ❤️ (2020)

    25. T man Willy

      For 20 mil subs say yeet 20 million times

    26. Stromic

      Bruh 😭, did he say transformation stone 😂, idk why but it’s bugging me that he’s calling them blue and yellow stones

    27. Lia Lia

      Holy crap he is SO GOOD I spent my last Braincel laughing at him ( in a nice way not being mean)

    28. Totally Awesome

      CODE LAZER:)

    29. XD Armor

      its thanos not thaneos

    30. Elizabeth Salazar

      Just kidding

    31. David Haines


    32. Nisyoh

      I love this

    33. glitch X

      Hey I miss you lazerbeam◉‿◉

    34. alopointVEVO

      Can i get the link to play

    35. Arj

      This is so sussy

    36. Logan Harkleroad

      Your videos make my day better

    37. the sonic nerd

      I wonder if lazarbeam is actually mully

    38. Johan Jaensson

      Mr.Beast ✔︎

    39. Martin Cook


    40. Edwin Campos

      Fuck you you delete fortnite

    41. Kevin Munoz

      The purple Grape is back

    42. Maximus Andrews

      He's inevitable

    43. Dukkie12

      Snap away among us pls

    44. Sahar Sajid

      Us code lazar

    45. Jesus Jimenez

      lazarbeam can you play more robloxs

    46. Vlogqueen

      I subscribe

    47. Sam Dankyi


    48. Mui stackz

      Mullet /(

    49. Phrogness

      more than one thanos is called thani

    50. X_ Nat10n

      How can we play with this mod?

    51. Dalton Dugard


    52. MADD T

      Daily dose of internet is here ☝️

    53. Sathvik Majumdar

      Reality can be whatever I want

    54. ItsThanos

      I'm THANOS

    55. Unickable

      lazar i wand to do a video with you because i am BORED sooooo... i'll add you

    56. CoolSam


    57. Naveen 5a Pallavaram-1

      Dude u litterly missed 3 stones at the same spot

    58. Gun Cat

      Wait if thanos is trying to find stones is he stoned?

    59. Deepak R

      Me:it’s not thanos it’s chunky grape 🍇 Iron man:And I am red grape

    60. Anoxmous

      Bro back in Fortnite! *big Grape 🍇*

    61. Riley Freeman


      1. Riley Freeman


    62. AponteTV

      Lazarbeam, I don’t feel so good 🥺

    63. Braylon go blue

      How do you get those mods

    64. Harry Jones

      I was kidding

    65. Harry Jones


    66. Harry Jones

      Ur vids are sick

    67. Ryan Jaques


    68. Aiden Arrington

      Do you all remember lazar into it will be missed

    69. Marshall Cook


    70. Kamden Holley


    71. Zane-Andrew Clarke

      thanos snaps his fingers '' I am Inevitable''

    72. Straxili Superman

      Please tell me

    73. Straxili Superman

      How to install that

      1. Straxili Superman

        Please tell me

    74. STG Squad

      Why are sub and fletch there

    75. STG Squad

      Can. I pllllsss play among us with ya

    76. skinsfan66

      Make more Apex gameplay please

    77. Nongchi Lo


    78. Charles Bachell

      Just a new game segestion its called theif simulator

    79. Cameron White

      I love lazer beam

    80. Lost_Soul999


    81. BulletProof

      Mully sus m8

    82. Jacob Dench

      Lazerbeam has the most dry and bland humour of anyone I’ve ever seen you pay a guy to rig a game and act like you rule the world it’s not impressive it’s just annoying and lazy be original

    83. Michelle Caporale

      I’m a big fan

    84. Classic

      Maker another one

    85. Rita Saeli

      RIP mullet :(

    86. Insyde Music

      7:57 Thanos Hub

    87. Henry Ganse

      Lannan when the new airship map comes out make a video on it

    88. Liam Miller


    89. zenitsu gameryt

      You misses the green stone

    90. フランシス[FRANCIS]

      Lazer beam say bad word at 4:01

    91. Eva Winland

      Omg so me and my brother were playing akinator and he was trying to guess lazerbeam and he said does your character get carried by mrfreshasian. And after that he got ir🤣🤣🤣

    92. Nicolas Asberry

      I started playing among us after watching. GG

    93. Wyatt Petty

      Rip mullet 2020-2021 😓

    94. Among us God

      Lazarbeam how do I get the mod

    95. Merls Jahlin

      Why do you never upload

    96. Facts Eliminator

      Love this guys..He so Fun ! : )

    97. Dream Machine

      Lazarbeam can you make more fortnite videos? I love your fortnite videos

    98. Rhys Dealz

      4 thanos is to over powered

    99. Tyler Christopher

      Why does it look like he wants to flip you off