Is Mandalorian boob armor impractical, sexist or dangerous? Star Wars


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    There has been outrage at the Star Wars female Mandalorian armor with people claiming it's sexist, impractical, and even dangerous, but is it?
    A GREAT follow-up video by Scholagladiatoria on the recent boob armor controversy with medieval artistic references as well as mentioning modern chest protectors:
    My first video on boob armor looking at the historical and cultural precedent:
    My second video on boob armor looking at it's functionality and potential dangers:
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    1. Shadiversity

      I now proclaim myself the patron saint of boob armor. Here's a GREAT follow-up video by Scholagladiatoria on the recent boob armor controversy with medieval artistic references as well as mentioning modern chest protectors:

      1. Galileo Chiu

        @mikadsu I'm just lazy to type all that

      2. mikadsu

        @Galileo Chiu *not indestructible. CAN RESIST not hold for ever.... Of course these things doesnt make it bad, but its not god armor still.

      3. Galileo Chiu

        well Mandalorian Iron is indestructible, even resisting lightsabers.

      4. mikadsu

        Also one other thing is the cost. You might weare shit armor but its better than nothing. So even if boob armor would suck. You might still wear it because there is no other option or what ever.

      5. Aelfrey

        This is a great breakdown! I really enjoyed your previous videos as well. Keep on making great content!

    2. wutzit

      I wonder if there were any medieval knights who exaggerated the size of their cod piece so that people thought they had a huge johnson

    3. TheSimplyJJP

      The soys are stronger than ever scrounging around for anything to put on the spotlight to earn reddit karma. And it's going to get worse.

    4. Steven Dunlap

      This mans a virgin

    5. bluewingsprite

      I've seen codpieces in the wild

    6. fester the jester

      Men had a penis plate thing back in the crusader days

    7. jamie1971

      Don't argue with (3rd wave) feminists, they wake up every morning deciding what they can be offended by today....a world where men spreading their legs on a train to accommodate a physical feature (just like boob armor) is considered an act of sexism, a world where air conditioning is sexist,a world where disagreeing with a female is sexist (patronizing to women) a world where natural male traits are 'toxic' and natural female traits are not valued but scorned and denied! A world were you can just wish yourself to be a woman and somehow everyone else has to pretend its true... There is no reasoning with insanity like that...

    8. Apotheosis

      hey hey, video idea Dick armor impractical, sexist or dangerous?

    9. Rybu

      In classical antiquity, the muscle cuirass (Latin: lorica musculata),[1] anatomical cuirass, or heroic cuirass is a type of cuirass made to fit the wearer's torso and designed to mimic an idealized male human physique.

    10. lam1991hahaha

      There is historical female armour, from Japan, google tsuruhime’s armour, it’s basically a more hourglass version of the samurai armour

    11. A Araujo

      I have never worn armor but as a woman with breasts on the larger side I can hypothesize that that slight indent in the middle of the female mandalorian breastplate would not only be for style but comfort and fit. Anything that squisheds them into a uni-boob stretches the outside of the breast and causes extra pressure on them. Having even that little indent helps them to sit more naturally, comfortably, and by letting the armor support the breasts may allow for better padding and shock absorption underneath the breastplate.

      1. Music Castle

        Very informative. Thank you, I was curious if women would actually wear that kind of armor. Now if only I could get information on the codpiece.

    12. Raw.Genesis

      So we know that any space craft with a hyper drive hase dampers that they dont die , we also know that the clone armor has this strange black bodysuit underneath it wich is for keeping the soldier tempert and absorbing some sort of impact so yes indeed great amrys do provided damping material for their troops (in case of the madalorian we dont know but i think if they know about it and the clone armor is meant to be like the mandalorian armor theyd use that multi functional bodysuit as well

    13. Lasse H. Gundesen

      I think another point in regards to how the armour was developed. While medieval armour would have been developed to take hits. Mandolorian armour would have been designed to take blaster shots and slugs due to the fact guns exist.

    14. Orizon


    15. nigel

      I'd love to see shad's search history after this video

    16. Lebendiges Gespenst

      Shad implemented the mommy Milker Mandalorian meme, he is god

    17. Gywn Emperor fearin' citizen

      Mmm Shad I see you're using Kreks nsfw art. Jesus does not approve.

    18. KaityMay_ClayDesigns

      I like how your so logically minded when making these videos, you don't get crude or inappropriate.

    19. Orin Anthony

      13:28 Thats only because men are too scared of walking around in one. I think it could make a comeback in 50 years.

    20. locarno24

      Note that The Armourer - who was created for the Mandalorian - has armour which is pretty genderless on first glance. Is Bo-Katan's armour a bit over-the-top cartoony? Maybe? I don't think it's that bad, but regardless, yes. It's cartoony because she's a live-action version of a very stylised cartoon character, who has looked that way for over a decade. You can play tunes with her appearance but there's a limit to how much you can change it and still have the viewer instantly go 'that's Bo-Katan' - it's akin to complaining about the fact that pretty much every version of Wonder Woman is going into battle in a corset.

    21. TacoUpgrade

      Mandalorian, clone, stormtrooper, and first order armor are designed to spread out the impact throughout the entire body to turn a deadly shot into a recoverable shot.

    22. Richard Murray

      My thought when I saw the tech in the armor is that it is both inertial dampening and magnetic shielding to account for energy weapon hits.

    23. Donald Jaramillo

      Even the male Mandalorian armor has pects.

    24. Dr. Vybe

      Not only does it look good its also functional

    25. Jim Choong

      I didn't really hear this point, but the armour was made of beskar, or at least beskar alloy, which is metal so powerful it can deflect blaster fire, and even lightsabers (the only weapons used by infantry in the Star Wars universe) so the integrity of the armour debate can't be made, and the point of striking is rare, as almost all enemies used blasters, which can be deflected by the fact it's beskar.

    26. IAmEvilTree

      Inertial dampeners in armour, now that makes a lot of sense. Could also help to better withstand force pushes from enemy Jedi.

    27. Syd Donovon

      16:06 this is Shadiversity's D&D character, looks like a human fighter

    28. Will Garmer

      My biggest problem with Mandalorian armor has always been the poor coverage. There are pieces covering chest and back, shoulders, parts of the arms, and in some cases parts of the legs, but the separation between these pieces is a huge vulnerability. Of course, that's the classic trade-off of any kind of armor - increased mobility of less coverage vs increased protection of greater coverage. People who complain about the 'boob armor' issue clearly don't understand the literal definition of the term "form fitting". Female anatomy has a different form than male anatomy. Hence, form fitting clothing, equipment, or armor would naturally follow the shape of the female form.

    29. Blackwater

      11:06 - I cried xD Beautilful! xD

    30. Daniel Daw

      This one feels especially stupid because the armor itself isn't boob armor. It's the personal armor that is modeled to fit a woman. As in it accounts for the presence of breasts instead of ignoring them entirely because women have breasts. It's not the type of boob armor that looks like silver colored body paint perfectly molded around the breasts. It gets even dumber to complain about this because it basically pigeonholes who can play female characters in combat oriented character roles like this if you're going to cry foul any time a woman has armor that's not identical to a man's. What if an actress with large breasts wants to play a Mandalorian? You gonna tell her no she can't because your breasts are too big and we can't make an armor that will fit you without taking into account your chest size, which just so happens to be in the larger size. The final problem, and by far the funniest one, is that if you did do this, and mandated they wear male armor (because that what it is since armor was designed for and worn almost exclusively by men historically speaking), I guarantee you Anita Sarkesian would say something about it still being sexist because you're forcing women to conform to male gendered norms.

    31. HolyknightVader999

      There's also the fact that Clone Trooper/Stormtrooper armor clearly is form-fitting armor for males. It even has man-boob armor on the chestplate even though there's no practical reason for it. Between Stormtrooper boob armor and Leia's metal bikini, the Star Wars universe has had a long and proud tradition of boob armor stretching from the first ten minutes of the original film's release in theaters to today.

    32. Kolin Martz

      Damnit. Now I want a 20+ minute long video of Shad just talking about schlong armour. Edit; the codpiece might be making a come back. Just look up the Blast Pelvic Protector from the US and the Pelvic Groin Protector by commonwealth forces.

      1. Music Castle

        @Kolin Martz I thought only men wore codpieces so, as a guy I said, "Jockstraps and cups." If females need protection down there; they do make Groin Cups for women.

      2. Kolin Martz

        @Music Castle joskstraps and cups won’t protect your taint.

      3. Music Castle

        I don't know why it would make a comeback when we have jockstraps and protective cups that protect/support the area. Codpieces just seems dumb unless its for Renaissance Fairs.

    33. Kolin Martz

      Why does nobody batt an eye to the fact that every clone and stormtrooper armor already have breasts? Also. I didn’t even notice Bo’s boob armour until people pointed it out in their outrage.

    34. Kolin Martz

      Trust me. From friends and colleagues that have to wear ballistic protection for an extended periods of time always complain about, the more well endowed ones wish it’s possible to create ballistic vests that are more compatible with the female anatomy.

    35. DeZeKay

      Another important argument is the fact that the mandalorians carried their armors down to the next generation and the next generation then made changes according to their needs. (Probably) All Armors of Mandalorians are individualized for their wearer.

    36. TheNacropolice

      Also people need to remember that the army makes armor specific for female body types as well as male armor provided inadequate protection for them and was also far too cumbersome. Armor is made with a balance of comfort and protection. I can put someone in a full suit of steel, nothing will penetrate it, they will also be about as useful as a boulder in a battlefield: immobile, and just background scenery. I think the root of the issue is that when it comes to topics like "armor" and the like we also have acknowledge that some people in our hobby are misogynistic neckbeards who have no idea how to talk to women and are then surprised when they're single. Of course on the other side we have people who profess to be liberal and progressive, but are perpetually aghast when the female form is shown at all. In their insane logic there can be no gender specific armor or appearances and everyone has to look the same. This logic, of course, is asinine to no end and is actually sexist against women as it actively erases the fact that women are different and have different needs to men when it comes to protection.

    37. 18 Hands

      Either way you go, flat chested armor or armor with breasts people are gonna gripe because society is a bunch of whiney lil jerks. Did they ever stop and think that armor with room for your body could be more comfortable for the actor ?

    38. HeyI'mLettuce

      did someone seriously see the very non-obvious boob armour in mandalorian and genuinely get pissed off enough to start a whole debate? Sounds fucking stupid to me

    39. Breyden Russell

      Yo I know I'm a bit late to the party but I just wanted to say You said that if women were fighters more historically we would have then seen more armor crafted to their shape and whatnot. Well conveniently Mandalorian culture for a long time was combat and war, and star wars history shows a lot of female combatants. So there you go the perfect storm for them historically (in their universe) having boob armor. Just a side note, the forge master "The Armorer" in the show is female so even without history, I'm sure she'd have a preference (over male or female armor) and she'd get it cause she makes the damn stuff.

    40. Red Dragoner

      3:14 "I think it makes me look (...) slimmer" :D i thought he was gonna say "smashing"

    41. Yu Tubaru

      One factor people forget is artistic flare. A cape is not always a good idea in a fight but it looks cool.

    42. Awesome Austin

      3:13 I agree! I love that armor!

    43. Galileo Chiu


    44. leoreth

      The thing that bothers me about boobs armour in kinda historical setting is that there wasn't distinct separate cups thing at that time. Separate boobs is a modern bra-related look. If you look at women in medieval times you'll see that they were wearing a tight bodices which were making their chests seem united in one or just flat. Later the stays were introduced, but the first of them did the same - made your chest flat and neat. Only in 18th century eventually were invented some sort of corsets with a cup for each boob but it was for the sake of fashion look of that time and after that they appeared from time to time. I assume, it's unlikely that hipothetical warrior woman would show on public without the essential underwear under her armour. She would wear a tight bodice or a stays which is the thing to help her carry and redistribute the weight of her breast. And in this situation there is no point of having separate cup for each boob in her armour. But I don't mind this thing in a fantasy or sci-fi setting if they are following the modern beauty standards. In fact, aknoleging that some people have boobs while designing the pieces for protection is a good thing. IRL there have been a problem for a long time with vehicles crush tests because of testing manequins has the male feachured body, and safety belts were designed to hold the body without heavy breast, so there were a lot of additional injuries among women. So, i assume, if woman wanted to have a life-providing protection she would like it to fit her body as accurate as possible and the size of her breast would mean here a lot.

    45. RED GUARD

      Cause it wouldnt be comfortable if it was not there, in battle, thats important

    46. Tiziano Herrera

      Now the only question I have is: how do they see?

    47. Jack Crowther

      Solution give all characters boob armour. Mando needs a big set of tiddies.

    48. Brotherbear#8936

      I’m genuinely curious any women in the comments who have worn a plate carrier with plates how uncomfortable are they? I have a slight gut, so with steel plates and loaded AK mags on my rig, I can feel it pressing against my stomach more than someone who is thinner. I feel like this needs to be said no I’m not fat, I have a bit of fat over a fair amount of abdominal muscle. I’m 205 lbs, but I look like I weigh 175. Sorry about that tangent, I just want to make sure the replies don’t have a reason to throw shade my way

    49. Hal Winters

      well if you're flat as plywood you prob dont need it but if you got some serious warlocks bouncing around you'll probably want the armour to be able to hold them in place as well as not squish them into yourself to the point where it hurts.

    50. Lagzester

      I thought it would be worth mentioning that Mandalorian armour is specifically designed to combat Jedi, therefore it would focus more on disbursing heat energy from lightsabers (and blasters) rather than protecting from heavy blows. Also, the vast majority of weapons used in the star wars universe are energy-based so lighter, more comfortable armour would be a greater priority due to the Beskar being able to protect against 90% of the heat-based weapons it comes in contact with. (sidenote: this is actually how stormtrooper armour is designed, it has similar "heat-absorbing" properties but on a lighter, less protective, plastic material)

    51. GodlyGamer

      This is like getting mad at a small person for not being able to put on clothes twice there size

    52. Paulo Junior Lourenço

      Lets end this once and for all. - The armor having a "upper bigger" protection area does not make it sexual or impractical, it still protects you from external attacks. - The armor having a Giant Cleavage is impractical because there is no metal or material to protect your breasts from anything, your skin will be exposed por any kind of attack. - The armor having a EXACTLY breast shaped is dangerous because on the center of the armor there will be cleavage following the woman shape of breasts and this part in the center it will absorb ALL the impact not redirecting the impact to external areas of the armor since its a hole causing a rupture in the armor and puncturing your skin and you will die for bloodloss. it would be impractical if her armor had a giant window to show her boobs or a exactly breast formed like in the images he shows. People must understand that Breasts are NOT a sexual Organ. both male and female have it, there is nothing wrong if a female character need a bigger upper part of armor to protect her chest it would be wrong if her armor was made ONLY for people to see her tits and not to actually protect her in battle.

    53. PeytonTDT

      People complaining the mandalorian female armor would be impractical against swords... it's almost like they use blasters instead of swords...

    54. MysticHero

      I do not know why you are making some feasibility argument when that has nothing to do with Anita Sarkeesians position. The issue is not with sexualization. The issue is that it is one sided. Women in games and media in general are very regularly sexualized while men are not. They are also often reduced to extremely simple characters that are not really independent actors (think of damsel in distress tropes) while men are generally not. This is called objectification. This is problematic as it excludes women from media that does this and nurtures some problematic attitudes in people that predominantly consume such media. To clarify this does not automatically make all media that does this horrible and it should be boycotted. It´s just something that should be pointed out and corrected. This idea that feminists hate all video games that do this is a ridiculous strawman.

    55. Hunter Capers

      I got an Ad for Raid Shadow Legends and took a whole new look at their female character models... yeah

    56. Landon Ruddy

      You look awesome with a full set Brigandine

    57. Stickfood

      what are those books on his left. the nice leather ones I see Game of thrones narnia Star wars and star trek can someone tell me what are the other ones

    58. Collin

      if your breasts are too heavy for regular armor. WHY WOULD YOU WEAR REGULAR ARMOR!?

    59. Neruba

      You destroyed more arguments from the counterpart than the counterpart ever made.

    60. James Roberts

      Imagine how good you must have it in life if your movement complains that their favorite "group" doesn't have equal rights in 2020/2021, and you not only complain about a popular STAR WARS TV shows doesn't put women on a pedestal in the very first episode (like every other Disney and new Star Wars movies do when they cookie cut their Marry Sue every time), but you also complain about the armor making space for women's boobs. This shit blows my mind and it blows my mind that people not only stand by this "feminism" and these popular feminist arguments, but rather, they also will instantly call YOU sexist if you don't agree with it 100%

    61. Jafman

      I haven't watched the video yet so here's my answer: NO, It's completely normal for women suits to be like this. It's like a bra but armor.

    62. michael gifford

      i agree with much of what you are saying with 1 acception... there is a difference between cuirasses and a breast plates. the splint mail, brigandine , excreta often absorbed and deflected fine on its own having reduced forces from projectiles like arrows, stones, other on 2nd aka deflected strikes. however with a cuirasses it was hardened steel surface which often reflected ranged shots and some melee strikes, oppose to deflecting the strikes. where many breast armor pieces started developing deflectors around the neck guards because of the reflections cause impending injury to neck arteries face ect threw helmet cavities. where the issue of reflection vs deflection is based on the pending armor type of how it is manufactured and worn, not pending if the subject had breasts on the armors. centerian armors, spartian armors and others often had breasts on them for the male soldiers as well. even joan of arc armor had a double line cuirass (less of a breast) but still with a protective neck coilif. where areas deflecting into the armor to catch a blade or other, actually presents an element of repost, like piked vambraces. not that the element itself in armor is negative, skimpily costly to manufacture adding weight ect when not necessary. as few women fought as armored warriors, those who did used conventional armors available. where breasts (memories) actually depress when things are pressed against them. and most women in the battle field were rapped as part of ethnic cleansing orders ect. so not saying there wasnt female warriors, but that they were few. where the community that i think had the most female warriors were the vikings, where they too were often rapped by their fellow soldiers and for 100's of years as such and probably part why irish red head women are so fisty today. its that viking warrior spirit of the Valkyrie within them. but Valkyrie armors were monolitich to that of the males when they had armor that is. where only 1n6 troop had armors on average, and the only individuals to have full sets of armor were considered the richest or wealthy families which was 1/30-50 on average.

    63. Jo Jo

      Now here's a Shad everyone can get along with.

    64. A person

      Welcome to the Internet

    65. Chrnc Avngr

      Book armor. Or what I like to call barmor.

    66. qwer queti

      Boobs hurt if they have too much pressure 😂 these armours are not sexist, taking it sexist is the sexist thing

      1. Music Castle

        @qwer queti Yeah the female body deserves respect, I get that even as a guy how important that is. Everybody should be treated equally with respect but, when it comes to the anatomy/shape/size our gender differences should be acknowledged and have freedoms with it *not* try to limit those freedoms based on any outside influence.

      2. qwer queti

        @Music Castle i know right?! The female body it’s how it is!! It has boobs as well as male don’t have. That’s just how humans hare and everyone should respect the genders, in this case, the female body

      3. Music Castle

        Yeah I just heard that argument too 🤣 Isn't this like if on a TV Show a male character was wearing a codpiece or a jockstrap/cup or a groin protector and him saying, "Thats sexist" Like how is it sexist? We have different bodies since we have different genders. Should we make armor have boobs and protection down there then just to stop this debate? Its so ridiculous.

    67. Bailey Moore

      There really was boner armor? People were going into battle with an erection? So war was the Viagra of the Middle Ages?

    68. Draw 2Death

      Hmm its allmost like women have huge clumbs of Fat on their chest wich feel uncontrolable to be pushed against your Ribs.

    69. DunamisDylan

      Lol nobody complains about the occasional mans armor with an exaggerated six pack shape.

    70. THESNAKE

      3:13 Jesus dude you not only have great Speech skills, your also rock your fashion.

    71. MySingingTomato

      There’s also the fact that the armor was designed by a female so how can it be sexist?

    72. Danny Schoofs

      When you make a video, with so much common sense, that it is cited in every necessary occasion & (allmost) becomes as important as a Wikipedia/encyclopedic norm, on how to do it/explain it & debunk fairytales, about a certain subject ;)

    73. iNathanLite

      B - Battle R - Ready A - Armour

    74. ash marshall

      i'm 8 minutes in and he hasn't even mentioned mandalorian armour design yet, this is a dude who knows his stuff and is very passionate about it lmao

    75. Tshethij Magar

      Idk why people are arguing over fantasy and real life lmao XD. But even though anyone would be scared if a person had a fucking sword and you were barehanded, fudge you’d have to be really becareful or your dead, look at this swords aren’t that heavy, most women can pick them up and swing them etc. men can too, and swords are sharp our skin is weak asf and we would get cut by just a small swing if we don’t have armour, but with armour it’s easier. I am not going to lie, men are stronger very strong, but we also can’t forget a fight isn’t always about strenght, hell what if someone threw a giant bowl at you or a plate you’d be in fear, and another thing is many men and women have not been in fights so they wouldn’t know what to do, throwing shit is easier than blocking shit cause your in DANGER, shooting is easier but when your getting shot your scared, so yeah. Also don’t forget body weakness if someone poked your eye you’d be hurt and your instinct would kick in to help that pain, fighting isn’t always about strenght it’s about skills, eye poke, dick kick(Lmao), chest punch(of course breast), etc. no one wants to get hit in private areas especially IMO XD women and men both.

    76. ThePopsiclePrince

      If you still don't believe in "boob armor", look up fencing armor. If you wanne be more specific look up female fencing armor. It has boobs. And people use that. Today. Case literally closed.

    77. Sam Fisher

      i don't even realize that her armor shaped like that until i saw this video

      1. 0ptimus1984

        @Sam Fisher yup lol

      2. Sam Fisher

        @0ptimus1984 lol they always find something to complain about aren't they

      3. 0ptimus1984

        u only realize it when watching series if ur searching for it and twitter puritans/sjw's do lol

    78. The Raging Gamer on PS4

      I dont get the fuss about breast armour

    79. AltF4Gaming

      The people complaining would be the first to be punched in the face by the character wearing it.

    80. Erk Jadrek

      They look beautiful and hot and strong that mandalorian girl warriors. Rey Palpawalker looks plain and fake and ugly and that's a fact.

    81. Dumb Ass

      Wtf!? A woman with bobs?! THATS SEXIST!!!

    82. Illidangernika

      Very well explained, thanks!

    83. Alexander M

      So Adepta Sororitas armor is gtg? /s

    84. Simon Slash

      I did not watch that series yet, but was very curious what armor started (yet another) "controversy" over this tired, old topic... I am really surprised that THIS desiged really varanted any attention.

      1. 0ptimus1984

        watched both seasons when season 2 was finished more to watch if u w8 for 2seasons to come out, pretty good

    85. Ombric Shalazar

      everybody complaining about the chestpiece, i'm here trying to get used to the weird helmet eye slits the horizontal one was bad enough since you couldn't look up, but the slanted one... wouldn't they ruin your peripheral vision as well?

    86. Zoe S.

      Honestly, the mandalorian armour is pretty how I'd imagine female to resemble. The whole double cupped boob plate just personally isn't my taste and seems uncomfortable ( not ineffect, mind you, I agree with Chad. But considering from experience, most females will choose sports bras over bras with cups for physical activity for support, so I'm applying that same logic to chest armour.). Regardless though, if you're going to make armour for females you have to address the matter of having a chest, so having extra space in the bust isn't objectifying, it's necessary. Great job👍 I'm always hesitant to press on these kinds of videos by male creators, but I was pleasantly surprised this time. If I could suggest one thing, Chad, it would be to reach out to women from this community more often when creating a video like this. It would allow a wider perspective on these matters and boost the voices of women who are so often ignored in the the reenactment/historical/fantasy community.

    87. Chris Baker

      I don't understand why this makes people mad. It makes sense. Us dudes want our armor to be comfortable. Why wouldn't women? I imagine it would hurt to have ones boobs/other bulges pushed up/pinched uncomfortably between steel plating and ones torso

      1. 0ptimus1984

        well sjw's are crazy they complain about awry little thing they can find

    88. Branflakes Cereal

      I’m definitely here to learn about armor and not any other reason

    89. Lee Bee

      surprised they didn't complain about the helmet eye sight being shaped different. Arguing because they cant handle the fact that things can be different, a Knife is a knife and a fork is a fork, they wont be happy till every utensil looks exactly the same. Maybe they should complain that a lioness doesn't have a

    90. avihai cohen

      I've heard women talk about modern-day ballistic armor being uncomfortable because the armor plate itself is a flat plate and isn't formed for a woman's chest and since the Mandalorian armor is closer to modern armor in the sense that they're both made to stop projectiles whether it's bullets or blaster bolts so when you think about it we should learn a thing or two from the Mandalorian. Furthermore, it is said that really well made Mandlarian armor can deflect a hit from a lightsaber in that case female Mandalorian armor could be more effective because the curve would function as it did in medieval times to deflect the blade away unlike the more flat male armor that'll allow the attacker to force the blade on and through the armor, something that might not be effective with a regular sword but is with a lightsaber.

    91. jaco kruger

      here is one , NEVER have i seen BIG BOOBED woman do battle or anything for that matter, in sports you see woman with small or medium size breasts, reason for it, BIG boobs get in the way of practical things, like fighting or jumping, even running is a problem lol, woman back then was home makers, the fighting was left to men and taking care of children was for woman, a natural thing we tend to forget about woman today lol, boob armor is a concept only in movies

    92. komitadji

      Who is the artist that does that boob armour piece used several times in this video?

    93. Mux

      My take on Mandalorian armour is that it's more akin to PCs (plate carriers) as the primary form of combat is long range blaster fights. Therefore, they don't need *as much* protection from mele impacts.

    94. Chaos Farm

      This is the fanciest dialogue I’ve ever heard on boobies. I like it!

    95. MsWorld5

      Can we just enjoy the Mandolorian serie ... and not talking about nothing

    96. Anakiana

      .... even women irl wear *the right sized breast protection when participating e.g. in martial arts competitions... (and I am /very/ glad I had that protection o.o otherwise I would've been seriously worried for my boobs o.o ) *edit for clarity's sake

    97. Mike Petell

      The answer to the question is ALL 3!

    98. progressivegaming34

      It is called"breast protection"

    99. Steeljaw XXI

      I think the argument was dead before conception, given the context it's in. Star Wars has proven the mantra of War Thunder HUgetsr PhlyDaily of "No armor is best armor." How? Through out the movies, everyone dies to blaster bolts, especially storm and clone troopers in the same armor material as each other, probably intended to keep them alive for at least 1 hit; but 1 hit and they're done. Episode VI, Princess Leia takes a blaster bolt to the arm through cloth. She survives to become space Jesus. Chewbacca also takes a blaster bolt in Episode VII to his bare fur/skin. He absolutely survives. No armor is best armor, so any argument about Star Wars armor is dead before anything is said regardless of intent. Your armor argument does not matter in the world of Star Wars because if they have any at all, it's already too much.

    100. Jhay teh AwSoam

      I mean, if *I* was a woman, I wouldn't want my boobs be crushed by a chest plate that's like wearing extremely fit pants, like Bee Gees fit