Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

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    The Macbook with M1 chip is... different. Time to think a little different about laptops.
    That shirt:
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    Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
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    Laptop provided by Apple for review.

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    1. olek olok

      But can it run crysis?

    2. Johnson Thomas

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    3. Jeromy Brackemyer

      I am pretty sure they included a new cooling system that is fan-less which is why you never heard them!

    4. Mr. S

      Yo Marques! Is that Fusion 360 running on a Phone ?

    5. Dave Grant

      Back in the day the jump from OS9 to Mac OSX was a mess! Wait, just wait. 2022.

    6. SAMARTH kumar

      how is performance if you are going to use windows as bootcamp in this macbook?

    7. Ca Sneaks

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    8. Anthony A


    9. David Sader

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    10. JayBee Jones

      Aerm, so 10h of mixed use is a good result? My chuwi laptop from china can outrun that....

    11. Ashmyka Ferns

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    12. Jerson Cristuta

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    13. Sebastian Porras S.

      Ja ja ja epic intro

    14. casual guy

      m1 for android developement?


      Can anyone say me MacBook M1 13 inch price in us


      Dude can I know current price of MacBook M1 13 inch,In US $, PLEASE GIVE ME REPLY THANK YOU

    17. jacob miller

      "there isn't anyone sitting around watching 10 hours of video in a row". I hear a challenge

    18. Koketso Shongwe

      Kamikaze fire 🔥 Eminem album I see you Marques bro

    19. Jay Shop

      Has anyone used this with Logic and plugins from Native Instruments etc? What has your experience been like?

    20. שמעון בן עייש

      The new chip is limited in terms of processing power and does not push itself to the edge so it does not generate much heat and does not need the fans

    21. Sir Vive Pheonix

      I need a laptop ASAP, as I start my Master's program. So I bought this one. Hope it's good, I'm not a developer; I'm a college student.

    22. J C

      dislike for using the term 'buttery smooth'

    23. Emmanuel Etentuk

      Except for Netflix, they're not on the AppStore

    24. Bart Willemsen

      The only catch with this new hardware is a showstopper in some very specific situations. For software engineers relying on virtualization and technology like Docker, this new M1 chip is not compatible with that (yet). More specifically, you can't run X86/AMD64 virtuals. This means you also cannot run Windows with Parralels or Boot Camp on this new M1 hardware as well, since Windows doesn't really have great support for ARM. If you are relying on this and you're looking for a new laptop then the Intel Macbooks are for now still the better choice.

    25. _lionbert_


    26. Darragh Murphy

      What colour do I order, stuck between space grey and rose gold but rose gold kinda sus

      1. Darragh Murphy

        Ended up getting space grey - it’s super nice

    27. Alexander Alexander

      watching this on my M1 MacBook Pro. :)

    28. Genesius Indrawan

      I know it this chipset its not perfect at all, must wait until next generation, I hope M2 its be better than this! 🔥

    29. Joris

      Marques thanks for sharing. I got a MacBook Pro mid 2020 i5 with >>32gb ram

    30. Tommaso Pappagallo

      Basically same as usual!

    31. osnola ibax

      i'm mom or dad

    32. DaNNi Vlogs

      It’s worth to buy it....

    33. Shubham Shaurya

      6:09 did he just call chrome a bigger app ?! XDDDDDDDDDD

    34. Levi Gerard

      I was annoyed that I couldn't open the m1 air like Federighi in the commercial but now I've broken it in after about a month of use it's finally started opening with one swoop :)

    35. Smart Financial School

      like amigo

    36. Trendy Michael #MrBoss

      Can I get one of your review gadgets so I can use, I mean you give away to me, will really appreciate it

    37. The Bro Cave

      should i get the 2016 version???????????????????

    38. Isa doodles

      That intro!!!!!!! I loved it jeje

    39. Back To School

      My use is basically 12 hours a day using excel word zoom gmail sheets Salesforce. What do you recommend air 16GB(7core GPU) or pro 8GB? Im concerned about the heating issue. Also not fussed about the touch bar.

    40. Rel Adora

      For sure you have a lot of laptop sir can i have one of your laptop?

    41. freestrawberry young


    42. Erik Gomez

      how are you playing among us?

      1. Bart Willemsen

        Looks like with the iOS version as a demonstration of the possibility to run iOS apps on your Macbook now.

    43. Rocket Concepts

      Apple directs their specifications towards a consumer friendly way, they don’t use milliamps because a normal consumer won’t be able to translate that into their time using the computer

    44. censored

      Make no mistake: You cannot compare ARM clock speed directly with x86 at all. It‘s just a completely different architecture coming with completely different hardware level features.

    45. Tahir Hameed -MTH

      Come up Apple fool everyone by putting Mobile ARM processor which can handle QHD graphics in mobile into MacBook pro. And everyone is so inspired that look like Apple made a Apple.

    46. Adam Hermiston

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    47. Mummel92

      Why does no one use proper benchmarks? Just run Hashcat, Y-Cruncher or what not. Anything you need is included in Phoronix Test Suite which is free, open source, and cross platform. Geekbench is BS.

    48. Ebune Namata

      Wonderful introduction

    49. Caldwell Juarez

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    50. Zynth

      Can someone tell me whether or not this Mac is good for an engineering student?

    51. jesus barrera

      I´m about to buy my first macbook, should I wait for M2 chip or go for this M1 Macbook Air?

    52. cheapbounds

      "Amazing"? It doesn't even have a DVD drive...

      1. Joel Rcianpandacian

        I dont know there really is people stupid enough to want a disk drive

      2. NinjaPenguin76

        @iTaczer I did distinctly think to myself when I was about to post the reply that it might be, but I wasn’t sure and I had already typed it lol. Sad to say I’ve heard people say that in full sincerity before and I kept flip flopping between whether I thought it was serious or not. If it is- disregard my comment entirely haha

      3. iTaczer

        @NinjaPenguin76 Pretty sure it was a joke

      4. NinjaPenguin76

        Because practically nobody uses them anymore lol. I built a desktop in 2016 without a disk drive and have not once been like “damn I wish I’d have spent the money on that” Besides, if you’re in the niche category of people who does need one, you can buy external USB plug n play drives pretty cheaply. But again, if you’re in the market for this specific laptop for whatever reason I can’t imagine you’d care about such a thing.

    53. Mike Odden

      I ordered my Apple M1 yesterday, after watching your excellent review today, I am really glad I did, as I fit in the grandfather mold.

    54. Honey Money SG

      I must say, the first few seconds of intro having Marques twins looks more impressive than the M1 chip itself

    55. Afotey Annum

      The speed at which FCPX opens up in this video is ridiculous! Wow

    56. Glenn Glennones

      Would be interesting if you introduced how secure new tec is when it comes to privacy? The new Macbooks are awesome performance wise but not when it comes to privacy!

    57. Robotronz Dev

      I see premiere pro working fine on this machine, and I’m going for the AIR 🔱

    58. S Tea

      I bought my wife a MacBook Air M1 and compare to my 2019 pro, this thing kicks butt. I can't wait to see the next gen of cpu's from Apple.

    59. Craig D'Andrea

      I NEED the M1 iMac!!!!

    60. dustboxednorth

      I’ve gotta get to penny pinching here!

    61. I do not have a name

      How is the display is it good for watching shows (high quality anime)

    62. Wade Williams

      Sorry, I’m a professional videographer and I bought the MacBook Air M1 and it’s a beast.

    63. Chinthaka Fernando

      got the new M1 in December, oh man love the battery performance. gone are the days where i had to take the bulky laptop and the heavy charger. (but as someone who switched from windows im still adapting, TBH)

    64. themajorgamer00

      I wish I have money to buy your MacBook pro 😭😭😭

    65. Rizzo

      marques vs. marques is the debate we didn’t know we wanted, but sorely needed

    66. Joe Bielak

      4:57 “Last charged yesterday” ??? Please explain

    67. elektrinis

      wait, no external GPU? :(

      1. elektrinis

        @P Mosh need it for CAD. Currently running a dell ultrabook with eGPU.

      2. P Mosh

        Don't even buy a macbook for gaming get yourself a ThinkPad with external gpu

    68. yt trendsetter

      0:40 his hand

    69. dwino DD

      Could you hurt me with one of your iPhones please, it will be a life-changing gift to me? in Africa here, only few can afford for iPhones.

    70. Dani BL

      What’s the name of the channel of your twin so I can subscribe to him He seems pretty cool

    71. Bucky8 Q

      There are no fans in the m1 stupid

    72. North Remembers

      Hello, I want some suggestion, I have my laptop with i5 5 generation processor, with 4gb ram and 1 tb HDD,and AMD radeon graphic card, so, I want to upgrade it and want to make it best to use as it gets heated when I am doing a heavy work and it's bit slow when it starts, so please give me suggestions

    73. Muhammad Tarek

      Okay! Wanna Buy this piece!

    74. MINIMAN


    75. Juanswe of one hand its out of the image..:-)

    76. Aysha Khatun

      Great minds think alike

    77. Harshil Sathwara

      Will it run heavy software such as matlab, scada and other automation softwares?

    78. Anthony Forrest

      Thanks....soooo...oh just made it very challenging to upgrade my oooold MacBook pro..which I really need to do like RIGHT now!,! For LOGIC PRO!!! I need to know. Thanks Marq

    79. Sonny abw

      Is it a good laptop for school

      1. Zzskaoqod

        For college yeah. If you are in highschool just use a $200 laptop

    80. Donald Green

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    81. Andrew Robinson

      Shout out to Paul Davids

    82. Zain Uddin

      This or the zen book duo, I really like the touchscreen on the duo but battery life is terrible

    83. Amay

      5:59 EMINEM ❤️

    84. bharath medala

      watching this on mack book air m1 and already torrent not supported glad did not sell my pro..

    85. Marcus Danchision

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    86. SGT_ 5WITCH

      I hoep I can buy that plsssssd

    87. Her Unboxing

      loving my M1 mba ✨

    88. Minhee Kim

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    89. Marty DeLeon

      Plot twist: Marques really is one of 6 sextuplets.

    90. Ziess xX

      nice augmented reality

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    92. Rao Muhammad Umar Farooq

      I saw your left cutting hand during a conversation with yourself.😁

    93. Denis

      you explain it so well

    94. Ofir Tal

      I’m a student and I can’t decide which laptop I want, my budget is up to 1500$. What should I buy?

    95. Menard Dias

      That moment you wear the same tee everyday

    96. Karthick Anbu

      Any one please give me the your old laptop...

    97. Bastian Rivero

      Its not good enough, i want a 14 inch macbook pro 💻😂✌🏼

    98. ali sakr

      Is Ableton live available??

      1. P Mosh

        Nope separate purchase for that

    99. MA K

      Does 16 GB RAM drain battery faster than 8GB one . While keeping other specifications same .

    100. Rob Wilcher

      I hear you loud and clear on the wait for a bit brother!