2021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day 1


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    1. Ton Cam Huong

      The savory step-father computationally sign because cormorant partly greet worth a fabulous turtle. utopian, devilish chicory

    2. Ivailo Ivanov

      G2 are clear

    3. jake rahim

      Elyoya is so cute!!

    4. Nexus

      Nobody noticed the Gohan socks what a legend

    5. Rodrigo Melotto

      China using Huawei equipment's for internet, resulting this crap Selfmade interview

      1. Meja Elgeryd

        Wasn’t that just fnatic’s internet so not China

    6. BlaZe

      German internet in a nutshell yikesssss

      1. doom heit

        “Hardware issue”

    7. Giulliana Rampinelli

      Please, can someone tell me what is Patch? I saw that it's 11.4, what is this?

      1. kasia

        @Giulliana Rampinelli they're both for competitive AND everybody that's why esport fucked over the game

      2. LiveDieRespawn

        @Giulliana Rampinelli Changes are for everyone, although competitive usually stays behind a little bit so the pros have time to adjust to those changes :)

      3. Can't C u

        @Giulliana Rampinelli these are cha he's for everybody but focus is to balance compedetive LoL.

      4. Giulliana Rampinelli

        @LiveDieRespawn I get it now :D thanks for letting me know. Just one last thing: these changes are arranged for the competitive or it's actually on the game for everyone?

      5. Giulliana Rampinelli

        @Can't C u oh ok, I see. Ty very much (I've never played, I just have been watching since 2019 and never really stopped to learn about these items and champs changes)

    8. Heidi Willard

      0:33 von.lol

    9. Viktor Decovic

      Caps is so bed Rekles god

    10. Spellbook


    11. Eunice Reeves

      The voracious kenya spectacularly cure because sack certainly wander throughout a unadvised purpose. magical, polite helium

      1. Jonpon

        Thank you Eunice, very cool.

      2. CountGruntula

        Yes okay ahm i see tell me more

      3. BlazedTerrance YT

        I assume that is english, right??

      4. Christopher Taylor

        Wtf...is this like a phrase chewed through translate 20 times?

      5. Shisui