Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?


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    Would you sit in a tub of snakes for $10,000?
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    1. MrBeast

      Great news! We now have a Spanish dubbed option for the video for our Spanish viewers. Just select audio track and you can switch between English and Spanish! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! You could win $10,000!

      1. Jaymee Willey


      2. Mia Hernandez

        Hola como estas

      3. Aiden Richards

        @DannyX qo

      4. Gaming 268

        I already subbed where’s my money

      5. Sina NSN


    2. ? Someone ?

      I bet when chandler’s sister won 20,000 Chandler off camera said: “can I borrow 5 bucks I want a burger without pickles.”

    3. Katy Purnell

      your my fav youtuber ever mrbeast :)

    4. Gary Smith Smith

      Can you please ship me the tub of pickles

    5. Cody Woof

      TBH he probably just got back all the money hes spent on gym memberships!

    6. Cody Woof

      The artist who made that 10,000 dollar painting should be ashamed... he didnt ask for more from these gullible idgits

    7. Sneks are people too

      I fing rats and snakes cute, so those two I would be fine with.

    8. Cody Woof

      Yo karl whered you get that grey hoodie?

    9. Yes.


    10. Sergeant Sanji


    11. Isabella Cortes

      I want money pls!!!

    12. Akhil Thomas


    13. Akhil Thomas


    14. Akhil Thomas


    15. Akhil Thomas


    16. Akhil Thomas


    17. Akhil Thomas


    18. vipul art world

      Hey sir I am your biggest fan but now I am in problem can you give Me a smartphone for my study .I don't have money to buy please help me I Hope you can understand my problem I know you are kind hearted thank you

    19. stan hartog

      If I watch it i only hear you speaking Spanish

    20. A Man

      I'd rather ruin my own childhood

    21. Mario Posada

      why the heck is the audio in spanish?

    22. fachon tu regalon

      The ancient c-clamp neurophysiologically ban because canada luckily remember astride a simple invention. vague, superb hovercraft

    23. francis Nothard

      What's so wrong with rats? I have pet rats and they are so cute🐁🐀

    24. 2021

      I wanted them snake vaccine first

    25. bones

      Karl with unpainted nails?!?! WAAAAT?! Lol fr tho, who wants to pet the snakes super bad? I sure do

    26. Lizbeth Canto

      I’m Spanish

    27. Snakerdoodle

      I'd happily do this

    28. chandrika kumar


    29. shoyo’s harem

      the fact that chandler’s painting looks better than the 20,000 painting😭😭

    30. Martynas Kirna

      How do you get that much money and how long does it take

    31. randomiZersss

      That guy named randy😂😂😂😂😅

    32. Darien Powell

      MrBeast i am a fan i swear i am.

    33. Akhil Sadasivam

      That challenge at 7:02 reading that script is a piece of cake

    34. Jasmine Neu


    35. Dark_Castor164

      I would sit in the tub for free

    36. Riddhi Ruma Chakraborty

      see how people risk there life for money and us!!!

    37. Riddhi Ruma Chakraborty

      see how people risk there life for money and us!!!

    38. Brian Jürgensen

      10:20 Jimmy after fist thing: Aight imma head out

    39. Rommi Preimann

      Give money

    40. Rommi Preimann

      Give money

    41. Rommi Preimann

      Give money

    42. Rommi Preimann

      Give money

    43. Rommi Preimann

      Give money


      Romania flag LOL

    45. rohaan arshad

      i havent i subscribed why?

    46. Hollie prestidge vlogs

      You know them videos where mr beast spends 5 days in something imagine how the camera man feels

    47. Charley strong

      I love when cris said ha yeah

    48. Carlene Rommeney

      Me when I love snakes and have my own snake and think they’re adorable: 👁👄👁

    49. Yelena

      who saw the mom 😳 2:42

    50. XXXTENTATION Lil peep

      Please mrbeast you can create an Spanish channel please :( mrbeast

    51. Pratibimba Gaming

      I have a question. Why are the people from America and Europe afraid of cockroaches. In south Asia people hold them in their hands

    52. Mustafa Fatih Belli

      Please come up with new ideas. Your videos are all the same.

    53. DEAD JOKERX22

      I wanna be friends jimmy

    54. Ricardo

      If someone someday doesn’t know what to do with there money for that day. Please send me a Tesla. Thank you ❤️

    55. Zana Alford

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    56. my Name is Ailce Too

      I thought it was the blue

    57. Kareem talaat

      i just need 1000$ pc for montage 😥

    58. Yashdoes Everything

      Ahhh this is lol hahah 5:22

    59. EE83

      I sub

    60. AmoThePlayer 7

      I would be indecisive about doing the challenge

    61. Oljjj Opj


    62. Oljjj Opj


    63. Oljjj Opj


    64. Oljjj Opj


    65. Oljjj Opj


    66. Oljjj Opj

      م ت

    67. Oljjj Opj


    68. Oljjj Opj


    69. Samael

      i guess i’ll find out

    70. Gamer_boys


    71. klaidi bajraktari


    72. Kawita Letchmanan

      He is mean

    73. Ed0mega


    74. Che Kamal


    75. Patricia Munsch

      Anyone else thinking working there has some great benefits 😆

    76. Sahovnica25

      I think the snakes are cute

    77. pamenta_boo

      Mrbeast pls give me 10,000 dollars

    78. Alma Idrizoskahöömkiü

      hell no mrbeast

    79. Wow TV

      Sana all may 10,000 dollars.

    80. Albert Byanju

      Is that woman ok

    81. gautham avinash

      Yo consider giving me money Lol!!😂😂

    82. Azhar Ali Jafar Ali


    83. Kyun bataaoon


    84. Overpowerd gaming Esports

      Mr beast: subscribe or else I will take ur dog me who doesn't have a dog: :/

    85. nightmare gaming yth

      Never where airpods

    86. funcil pizzabox 518

      Did chandler choke on a pickle when he was young or something?

    87. Johalnie Tumog

      Penge skin lods🙂

    88. The Factician

      So Crazy

    89. MyNoodles

      can you do a challenge entirly on snakes

    90. Timeworks

      love the audio track feature!

      1. Whitebanded

        oh hi

      2. Lucas Michaud

        bruh, why are you here!?

      3. Ali Hindal

        8 hours ago

      4. Mrcreeperbruh


      5. Madhavan Guha

        Btw I have subscribed to you

    91. Rayzel Cortz

      Rats are cute, what's so scary about that and I always wanted to touch a snake 😍😍

    92. Lee Sinclair

      There were a lot of 6ix9ines

    93. DartPheonix Gaming

      Mm yes clout

    94. rosewooo

      7:56 is that a manikin without a head?!

      1. 1N00R


    95. Munkhgerel Tsogbadrakh

      C brem

    96. Cody Casman

      Dude I wouldn’t go in the ocean for 30 grand let’s see someone go in the middle of the ocean

    97. Sean Austin

      Mr beast I would totally want to do a challenge.

    98. Aiden Pang

      Those rats look supper cute

    99. Mansoor Ayoubi

      Plz help me many bro Massege me instagram @ Mansoor__said001