FLOOR IS LAVA TOURNAMENT in Fortnite! (Free Skin)

Typical Gamer

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    New Floor is Lava tournament in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 unlock Grefg skin free and early gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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    1. Malakai Warrington

      Typical Gamer I love your videos

    2. Kelly White

      Fortnite and I have quite a lot of other people i5 in the past and we have had a few of our friends and family and friends and family and friends and family and friends and family and friends and family and friends and relatives in England who are staying with their families in

    3. Efecttslol

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    4. bernardo mowry

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    5. Joshua Dorsey

      Floor is lava... is trash with guns, I only like it without guns

    6. Cassie Edwards


    7. Santiago Vilarino

      Andre I used ur code in the item shop

    8. Tyler Smilovici

      Get the gold fish first tg

    9. Tyler Smilovici

      Andre I use code TypicalGamer

    10. Matias Kiyan

      I’m a fish

    11. reuben sehmi


    12. Gael Rosales

      friend me i suupot you

    13. Ola


    14. Mack De Pace


    15. yousif Al deen


    16. Hayley Roberts

      I use your code and I watch all your lives

    17. Savelio Luamanu

      i am your biggest fan typical game

    18. Carter Esposito

      never reviving again

    19. Da'yonia Adams


    20. Faiq Ahmed

      What i am a pro then samara and dont have skins and samara is noob and she has tg wow lol

    21. Cason Chiera

      i do

    22. Ashlyn Payne

      Wdcfv is the best thing to do with the last time I saw him and

      1. reuben sehmi

        So bad

      2. Ashlyn Payne

        Oinmj8d$v4c I saw the red red brown brown red red yellow yellow brown brown yellow red brown yellow white brown red yellow brown red white red brown

    23. Wesley Bray

      Turn on visual sound effects

    24. Wesley Bray

      You inspire me to be good at the game

    25. tahsin khurshid


    26. Stephanie Brookes

      Tg you a beast

    27. Edward Quartley

      lol same TG is sooo good

    28. Margarita Hernandez

      I got all your m

    29. Cooper Poe


    30. IceyDrago Gaming

      Whos still watching today? Like if not. Comment if you still watch it.

    31. Alex Caveney

      I love watching your videos and I did everything

    32. Hazel Smyth


    33. Kevin Gray


    34. Sam Hamouda

      there should be a typical gamer skin to support him

      1. Zombie Gaming


    35. Hunteronthego

      hi typical Gamer im hunter can you gift me the flash my name in fortnite is hockeyhunt14 Thankyou.

    36. aqua


    37. aqua

      What music do you listen

    38. Sam Hamouda

      gold fish aim is op

    39. KML Kiddos


    40. Tanner Kyker

      on the snow mountain behind i got that drop hehhehehe

      1. Abigail Williams

        Lol, just wanted to be a first like so done ✅

    41. SabIn Rage

      In ur first game u got more points then me

    42. One mama kill dzz Haha

      Typical gamer I love you and I love your videos I’m a big fan of you one day can I be in your video please

    43. Lisa Rice

      You should play more tournaments with Samara

    44. Kevin Roberts


    45. Pokey girl Yt

      When I go with my dad I’m going put your code it my item shop!!!!

    46. Laura Williams

      Was it just me or did anyone else see that when he was fighting the person that used the bouncer was the gregg skin

      1. Abigail Williams

        I don’t know what u mean but I just want to give u this like

    47. pronis business


    48. pronis business

      Fortnite is having a secret base

    49. Nathan Evans

      Whats up

    50. Fortnite with jose Slamet

      i typial gamer

    51. Kayden Newman

      Can I play one v one I'm a goat a the game

    52. Kayden Newman

      I'm Canadian

    53. Seb Kopf

      All you needed to do was maintain 1 balloon on at all times and hopefully maintain some in your inventory, then you want to just box kids and use the gold fish... get like 2-3 gold fish and when you box someone you 1 tap them. But don’t throw the gold fish if you risk losing it. I played the solo event, started late, and only got 7 games in, and I just barely didn’t get the skin. This strat works best solo, and if you land at the hill north and a little east of risky then there is potential for 2 chests on top of the hill 3 on the rocks and loot down there, then you want to go to the apple farm and get Max mats because you’re going to need them to box and they are kind of essential in this game mode, Also don’t just go to the biggest build fight and jump around spraying your harpoon 😑 pick your fights wisely. I would over build if they also had gold fish and push instantly if they didn’t.

      1. Sally Smith

        Yeah your right

      2. Artis_yt

        no one asked

    54. Lindsay Kelley


    55. Niaja

      How do you get 2fa tg play

    56. Icyy Is cold

      25:23 there actually was a goldfish someone just harpooned it

    57. Gregory Clark


    58. Maisy Henden

      This game is fake because he is a skin when playing the game but next to his level you know his level (249) His skin is a blue hair girl skin lol I don't know what her name is .

      1. Maisy Henden

        There is 2 different skins

    59. Kahle Swartzfager


    60. Kahle Swartzfager


    61. Kahle Swartzfager

      Yesssssssssssssss I thout you weren't going to win😝😝😝😝😝

    62. Amanda Stubbs

      Tg you should do a GTA vid

    63. John’s Gaming WFO

      You’re you’re only good at fortnight because you have a Mrs.Aim assist

    64. GTA Gang

      You killed me

    65. Nikoli Johnson


    66. Nikoli Johnson

      When Melton said there’s a dead body I was like is this among us

      1. Eamonn g

        Yeah same broooo

      2. Graysen and Joel Curcio

        What time did he say

    67. james shoemake

      I Used Your Code TG. Plus I Have Been Watching You Since I was 7 Years Old

      1. Swexy—


      2. Jack Terry

        how old are u now

    68. Aimer God

      At 59:30 he said show me some disrespect lol

    69. Dorothy Weyallon

      I played it I builded a sky base we came 2nd place

      1. I eat kids

        Why would u

    70. aurecre Ramirez

      You make my day

    71. Riley Blankenship

      use code TypicalGamer in the fortnite Item shop

    72. Aman tausif

      i love ur vids tg

    73. Mmandmmom

      NAIA .12

    74. Owen Frazier


    75. Fatima Intisar

      In the first match Ranger could of used the bandage bazooka on samara But he didn't . Ranger IS toxic....

    76. night_wolf's dream

      I got scammed yesterday

    77. Zaiden Reynolds

      me and my cousins love your videos


      hi tg

    79. Sultan Albazie

      Live streat 😂😂

    80. Kathryn Sindlinger

      Can you make a video of the five nights at Freddy's please

      1. Kathryn Sindlinger

        I meant the portle

    81. LMC Turtle


    82. Christopher Whitecrow


    83. Jacob Lafuente


    84. Nasim Ghazi

      Your streams are the only thing keeping me alive during school

    85. Matt Guiry


    86. Roman Chavarria

      Do yo

    87. David Bruce

      I love me some cheese mac

    88. micheline rodrique

      "00:44"😂 Ok that is the best: *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂0𝐌* 📌 disregard others they're BS

    89. Niyeer Bynum

      Next time take three stacks of slurp fish and all of y’all have three stacks

    90. Chultzcullinan Boje

      "02:93" 👨‍🎤 I actually have been using *DADYA𝐏𝐏.C0M* 📌 no issue with it all

    91. lil La


    92. caprice golden

      Dose anyone play fortnite

    93. Ryuzaki [MOD]

      TG be like oh oh oh there’s siphon let’s goooooo reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    94. Zachai Jones

      Gg your so good

    95. Harold Espinosa

      i want a typical gamer skin i would buy it first thing

      1. Marcus Rennie

        kk chill out fan boy lol

    96. Peelystreamsniper On tiktok

      Who’s watching after cxltures skin got banned?