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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics

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    Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

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    1. lee felix is my will to live

      the robots having a party after they've successfully erased the entire human race off of planet earth within 2 years:

    2. RevineYT

      We need petr

    3. Todd Anonymous

      Order mine with a vacuum and dust mop.

    4. Nik Jošt

      Even robots are better at dancing than me now

    5. Leo_some Nucle

      뭐지 CG인건가요? 아니면 진짜 로봇이 추는건가요? 어느 쪽이든 대단하긴 하네...

    6. Elem3nt xD


    7. Edison Valderrama

      Esto es bastante aterrador y con IA lo sería aún más.

    8. Александр Драгонов

      Where is "robot" Fedor?

    9. あらんけい


    10. jakem600


    11. SK AH

      How loud was it in there when they filmed it?

    12. Ryan Meyer

      I'm legitimately scared

    13. L Fenney

      Looks like cgi.

      1. Luuk Schmitz

        @Brandon EllisI meant that its not cgi, because cgi is really good.

      2. Brandon Ellis

        @Luuk Schmitz only the yellow one looks cgi

      3. Luuk Schmitz

        Because cgi is really good these days

    14. Pheven am

      they will dance on our graves

      1. Pheven am

        jk jk much love BD

    15. Devo Barro

      I’d love to have one of these to just hangout with me and my dog.

    16. sachiokun

      Ex Machina was right...

    17. Naderio's Tipps & Tricks

      If I would spend all my life’s money into robotics, that’s definitely what I would do! Amazing!

    18. Mike Gonzalez

      Yall have too much time on your hands.

      1. Brandon Ellis

        The robots 🤖 or the programmers

    19. Сережа Ё

      Самое крутое что я видел на Ютубе в 2021м.

    20. Sleepy Tabby

      Check out the ballet moves at 1:37 🩰🩰

    21. Hanz

      I Love that we are entering a New Age of Robots that can dance without support cables.

    22. Tet

      Someone had to design dance moves for dogs.

    23. I_am_not_a_robot

      We are so fucked when these things gain consciousness.

      1. Axel230

        Until then we will have a good few decades of robot abuse :3

      2. Kama & Kunai


      3. Hanz


    24. SteveVi0lence

      Yes, these are real robots..

    25. azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn

      In a few years machines like this will be fitted with guns, bladed tools, chemical/flamethrowers, lasers, and more. They will be sent through the streets to kill people and will be highly resistant to normal weapons. We are in for a rough ride

      1. Pão de Forma

        Nothing that my tin foil hat can't handle :)

      2. Luuk Schmitz

        They already are? why are you so scared of these being armed when there are already drones, jets and bombs. oh I know, movies.

      3. Jack Caffrey

        who needs weapons - these can kill a man right now better than terminator could

      4. Sleepy Tabby

        I'll be fine. I have "Do you love me?" on download and I can mash potato. 😀👍

      5. Rolls OLMS


    26. irem mucize

      Wow robot danca


      A rare footage of Robots dancing after killing all humans, 2640, colorized

      1. Axel230

        The humans are dead The humans are dead We used poisonous gases And we poisoned their asses BINARY SOLO!

    28. nothereforlong

      Guys, you have to do the "Carlton!". 🇨🇦❤️😉

    29. a pe

      I’m kind of scared....

    30. Ella Ella

      i hate that i love this

    31. Aydid Mir

      What Is Prove Of This Not Being A CGI?

      1. azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn

        Their other videos, they are real robots

      2. Jadon Campbell

        that atlis almost fell and you can se the it trying to balance if it was cgi they would of moved out the motions of atlas and spot

    32. Mark Brimble

      I hope this is CGI for humans sake.

      1. Aydid Mir

        @MushroomStew oh ok thanks I never noticed that

      2. MushroomStew

        @Aydid Mir yes because it was made by corridor, a vfx channel, notice bosstown dynamics instead of boston dynamics

      3. Aydid Mir

        @MushroomStew All the robot war training videos was all CGI

      4. Jay Ennals

        I hope its not, for humans sake!

      5. MushroomStew

        @Aydid Mir its boston dynamics, theyve been making robots and robot videos since 2007(i think), and adam savage's spot robot videos, again do research

    33. Joe Cудно

      Now imagine if they taught it how to floss dance.

    34. Влад

      head of the yellow one looks cgi but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

      1. Daniele Giuseppe Fronte

        man that isn't an head, that's an hand

      2. Jadon Campbell

        its not tho

    35. Adam Kelemen

      Is this cgi? Certainly looks like it in the end

      1. Gman052488

        look up the other boston dynamics atlas videos this is real.

      2. ATom Grav

        My mind is screaming yes... And then I see the very "too real" lighting and shadows

      3. Jadon Campbell

        no its not

    36. Janterra


    37. SempiternalScientist

      Nice CGI.

      1. Easton Jones

        Definitely not cgi. Have been developing these things for years.

      2. Jadon Campbell

        not cgi tho

    38. Nameless Person

      ugly and freaking me out

      1. Block king

        Your dead

      2. Jadon Campbell

        sat hello to your new ai overlords

    39. Jon Duprat

      Everyone commenting on how cute and cool this is, and here I am wondering how they’ve advanced so much in so little time. Terrifying.

    40. Free Speech

      Sick and useless.

      1. Jadon Campbell

        it was a demonstration on how fay they have advanced with spot and atlis

      2. azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn

        How so? They will be able to do things humans do which will make things alot easier for the rest of us Unless theyre used for war, but especially then they wont be useless

    41. Vinícius Roberto de Moraes

      1:08 Imagine this "yellow little giraffe" wanting to bite you, kkkk it must hurt kkk

    42. Azzv

      Bailan muchísismo mejor que yo

    43. jordabox ⦔

      Well incredible editing

      1. MushroomStew

        Darn it you people its not cgi Unless your talking bout the editing of the dance it's self

    44. santzero santone

    45. Askat Ryspaev

      Когда робот танцует лучше чем ты

    46. Peter Jordan

      This feels so surreal....

    47. jo eri

      When Tony Stark goes to dinner

    48. Bully Maguire

      This is the future of the past

    49. Nic De Houwer

      How much battery was left after this?

      1. IM GRAY

        3 battery

    50. Nic De Houwer

      The spooky thing is, there probably wasn't even music playing in that hall.

    51. Tarryn Cooper

      Incredibly impressive. This is the kind of stuff that makes you think of the future

    52. Jose Maciel Leon

      The Robot after it successfully gets a kill

    53. Drew Tuten

      This is the dance they do after they take over the weak organic life forms.

    54. Cuber Boy

      they improved their robot a lot

    55. Shresth Sonkar

      When you finally pass the “prove you’re not a robot” reCAPTCHA despite being a robot

    56. Kentaurostek

      nice moves, but they feel kind robotic...;)

    57. Lee Wolf

      Next up is this with a human dance partner in sync!!

      1. thlippy11


    58. Sergen Koç

      The video sounded very scary to me because if the robot dances very well and is very well controlled, it will soon turn into a weapon, I think this robot will be used in the war industry. (Video bana çok korkunç geldi çünkü robot bu kadar iyi dans ediyorsa ve bu kadar iyi kontrol ediliyorsa, yakında bir silah olacak, bu robotun savaş endüstrisinde kullanılacağını düşünüyorum. )

      1. Dennis19901

        Wtf are you rambling about?

      2. Bully Maguire

        Awww did the video upset lil sergen the koc junior 😢 I'm gonna put some boston Dynamics dirt in your eye.

    59. Alchemispark

      i can only think that if the robots where sentient then theyre being forced to dance to a song they may not even like, which sounds like a horrible torture method

    60. KINGatLIFE

      It moves like a Disney character

    61. No One

      Working there must be great

    62. Lotus zen

      The helping robotic hands of JAZZ

    63. Talha Genç


    64. Leo T

      Man it’s so cute

    65. Jason Park

      "Hey guys! I can make the robot jump from one box to another without falling over!" Yeah.. But can you make it dance?

    66. Mother Nature

      This is scary funeral dance.

    67. Juda Love

      Well I guess this is an advancement of science... Just not an advantage in science lol

    68. eskakdollar


    69. TheDestroyer69

      Can you do a real steel tv show XD

    70. Mr. Bread

      Damn, they’ve really come a long way, from that engine powered horse.

    71. vineet joshi

      I would still prefer humans over robots

    72. Joe Braun

      I love this! Thank you!

    73. Hugh Jass

      Question: Are these moves pre-programmed like motion capture or are they A.I driven?

      1. Dylan Hedger

        From another video I saw its kinda like an animation software. They program moves it can do and test it in a lab to find correct variables then they put it all together while the robot stabilizes itself constantly. This is very impressive because how much you need to take into account just to make a robot like atlas stand and now they can dance with more complex movement. Someone in the comments said its an advancement in science not an advantage but I feel that this is really important as it shows the movement possible and how far we boston dynamics has gone, from a robot that jumps, to walks, balance, run, DANCE!

      2. Saltylelele

        These were pre-programmed. It can stabilize itself of when needed, but the general movement was pre-coded

      3. L W

        I am pretty sure they are pre-programmed

    74. Richard Ingle

      Hahaha these are fantastic , thank you boston dynamics for making my week 🤣😂🤣👍

    75. Nizovtsev

      That dance will be symbolic AI in the future after war and total won at the human race

    76. Tim Liao

      Skynet: Hey T-800, come to see your grandpa dance:)

    77. Florian George

      How long did it take to program the dance? btw, this is how it's done:

    78. •KNI

      호랑나비 보고 왔슴다ㅋㅋㅋ

    79. 046 Galdinius Nunga

      When he did 🤖🙋💁🙆 i felt that

    80. Martin Urban

      Remember Skynet? This is how it starts :-)

      1. Mother Nature

        I'll be back

    81. 마이카운트


    82. Shahid chaudharyzz

      Now this is wholesome

    83. Divridend

      Holy crap. This is insane!

    84. Midhun P

      I don't like the humanoid, especially the leg shape, 😌👎

    85. Vadim N

      Нее, ну тут Андрей Губин больше подойдет))

    86. liline 56

      Ready for dirty dancing remake!!!!

    87. HUEY휴이

      damn.... better then me...

    88. Coldwynn Frost

      This is evidence they're escaping BD at night and hitting the local clubs.

    89. icecoldsora

      this is obviously real but it looks just to good to be real

    90. danimardani

      Guys, you're out of your minds! What will be next? Robots smoking and drinking coffees?

    91. StarySport

      twitter had a meltdown over this

      1. Tuuminshz

        Twitter is not relevant

      2. Halim AY

        Anything that come out of this cancerous social media should never be taken seriously.

    92. CalDoesLife

      why does this have dislikes

      1. guitbrad

        Robot cultural appropriation. Oh my, the poor SJWs.

    93. Charming nowhere to hide

      That was amazing ?????

    94. Jacob Lara

      Do you think the contours would’ve ever thought a robot would be dancing to their music

    95. Ann S

      Waiting for full show on Broadway

    96. Evanor

      the plexi glass walls is to protect the robots from the humans kicking them

    97. 공명의함정

      이 애들을 과연 현대가 어떻게 가꿀 수 있을까

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        This is why I laugh when people say other companies make the same robots for cheaper.

    98. mon namake


      1. Mohammad Luqman Haris

        completely real robots programmed to dance

      2. MushroomStew

        No, its boston dynamics

    99. Hasan Can Cevahir

      after robots conquer the world:

    100. Red

      Okay now give them Terminator faces.