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    Taking everything back from the worst type of clan in Rust... Payback
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    When I upload Rust Gameplay Videos, you will find many different things including stories of my adventures, intense PVP highlights and fights, Solo Survival, Group Survival, Roleplaying, Funny Moments, Trap Bases and much more!
    The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Do whatever it takes to survive.

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    1. Welyn

      EPILOGUE: twitter.com/welyn/status/1353088424048254977 I'M LIVE STREAMING: www.twitch.tv/welyn TOE PICS: instagram.com/iamwelyn/ THUMBNAIL ARTIST: instagram.com/reidsintoart/ LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Use code WELYN at gfuel.ly/2zDA6xL for 30% off to get GAMER ENERGY MERCH: welyn.shop/ MORE MERCH: welyn.com/ DISCORD: discord.gg/welyn SECOND CHANNEL: hugets.info/like/c9lb2Wpd15E8qJ73UG6e3Q.html TIKTOK: www.tiktok.com/@welyn?lang=en PATREON: www.patreon.com/welyn1 BECOME A MEMBER: hugets.info/like/g4XK-l40KZD7fLi12pJ1YA.htmljoin

      1. Dan DJC

        What do you edit in

      2. Misterscout

        I really wanted to watch you stream rust for your door, but I could never get on when you were. Finally got you on the last day but it was too late. Forever lost...

      3. Debarshi


      4. gaming hell


      5. Cluster Bumbed


    2. Master Arkannor


    3. Ezra Giovanni

      2:23 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Lawrence Guilaran

      *Question how rare is the M2? I have never played rust so i don't know how rare it is.*

    5. Bingus the all knowing

      I want more sea of thieves

    6. Jacob Gray

      Imagine you die while flying around because a random guy hopped in and started beating on your toes.

    7. Un2ea1_ Gaming

      When i first saw wellyn when i didnt have a pc i was like “hmmmm bet rust is real easy” But...NO

    8. Alec Windsor

      Literally one guy with a semi: * shoots near welyn* Welyn: “I SHALL VANQUISH YOU

    9. Weld your shit Dro

      That was Intense

    10. nel dumaran

      Welyn: in the trees *Vietnam flashbacks

    11. Half-Blind Entity

      Question for Welyn or other rust players: How do you know if you shot anyone with a gun from afar? There are no hit markers or are they turned off?

    12. Half-Blind Entity

      And now we see the gamer kid in his natural habitat, Looks like a welyn has attacked it, so the gamer kid starts his defense mechanism:The yell of a 12 year old

    13. Cody Emans

      That was awesome

    14. josi sapu

      How is yours pumkins?)

    15. RAEDONNA Wallowingbull


    16. RAEDONNA Wallowingbull


    17. Cillian Doherty

      *gamer noise*

    18. erdbere

      disgusting video honestly.

    19. Husked Workz

      L9: has mag In game character: "reloads like its a mosin"

    20. Fabian Fuentes

      3:09 WADU HEK

    21. Fabian Fuentes

      3:09 WADU HEK

    22. Jorge V

      I love the sound effects in this video

    23. German Cat Leo

      Porgs normal voice is beautiful

    24. Charlie Chappman

      What would this game be like if you could go prone?

    25. octavio silva

      I don’t even play this game but your commentary made me watch the whole video and want get the game

    26. mox huston

      the only reason to kill nakeds is to have fun, because we all psychopaths inside and dont try to lie and say you aint.

    27. Hunter Ming

      i disliked the video bc of the bad joke lol

    28. Jayden Silva

      I was the 1000 dislike do I get kiss

    29. crystalized

      0:24 TF happened to my guys hand.

    30. Mohammed Talab Al Jundi

      I don't understand how welyn is so good

    31. Yaboihotcheeks

      I love how you make games sound way more intense than they actually are, keep up the good work! 👍

    32. Alex L

      great vids

    33. Captain Gaming

      Can i play with you?

    34. benjamin israel

      i was halfasleep and heard 12:42 ... and woke up immediately

    35. Vyknee

      2160! God damn Welyn

    36. LoonaVanza

      Owesome 10:20

    37. Bricky Bunny

      Why does u voice on playing the rust sounds like a kid?

    38. GlitchLess

      Take the high ground and ill snipe you -me 2021-2021

    39. Noah Frye

      :825 ROODF CAPMER

      1. Noah Frye


    40. MrHomeslice44

      Seen a lot of content on here and by far your the best. # subscribed

    41. MrHomeslice44

      The person who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn was probably blooprint since he waist most of his ammo🤣

    42. Jack Boudreau

      bro wtf is rust i was a woman and this russian kid told me to come to his cell and locked me in and told me to strip like this was the first time i played rust :\

    43. LucidStuff

      He’s translations are getting better and better

    44. saoban reza

      bro that ending was sooooo sick i love this channel

    45. KeDeZ jR Hernandez

      porigee: has gift for welyn porigee: gives welyn gift with no inside Note: GIBE SUCK

    46. Rapier Sister

      Why would the people who made this game make them load a bolt action rifle through the bolt when the gun was clearly designed, by them, with a clip?

    47. Infant Annihilator

      ezily best rust ytber,keep it up


      Thanks you made my clan dead!

    49. Operation Cod

      Alternate title:”killing every naked we see”

    50. black

      6:15 anybody else thought of the Juan meme?

    51. Dylan Garcia


    52. Pa COJO

      how have you not seen micspammers?

    53. Pameth Nicogrey Visaya

      Thank you for saving me from my boredom huhu love it

    54. ooglepants

      ok, is it me, but I'm waiting for the "Welyn farming video" where he AVOIDS fights at all costs. My good sir, you have conquered the pvp, but can you conquer the anti-pvp?

    55. KTeam Clips

      I have not seen this channel in forever and I am glad Rust is still a thing!

    56. 1 Charger 1

      In the beginning how did that l9 reload like a bolt 👀

    57. Suzanna Headlee

      welyn:we dont like roof campers welyn at 8:05: *roofcamping*

    58. Gund Gaming-brawl stars

      0:15 why does he reload it like that

    59. Eric Pickle

      Return to the small cabin

    60. Not Skippy

      Now this is a story

    61. westboundNinja1

      I tried other rust content creators and I just can't do it. Your gameplay is just so good with the editing and narration. If anyone knows of other comparable players lmk.

    62. Marley Lindo

      Ok I’ll love the content but how do you see at night

    63. Calvin Adamsq

      Welts goes in to compoun naked comes full metal gear like

    64. Calvin Adamsq

      Welyn loses m249 go away for a hour comes back home wit more then just a m2

    65. Reaper999

      Welyn: *makes base in trees* Boomers watching: **VIETNAM FLASHBACKS**

    66. MetroHeadshot

      The forgetful switch relatively surround because pound indirectly tease apud a curved fine. swanky, sticky swamp

    67. Lunar Virus


    68. _Stars_at_Nite_

      Superbly executed old chap! Bravo 👏

    69. BrodyR

      If u haven't done so already you should totally make a beginners guide playlist! Love the videos man keep them up

    70. Gate 4 Gaming have fun

      this is the best server ive ever played client.connect

    71. T Karcher

      This game should be called Assholes vs. Assholes.

    72. LovelyShad0w


    73. Barnold

      You rag on the roof campers killin peaceful people but you skewer some poor guy with a torch tryna get away.

    74. Austin Brown

      The 2160p60 is the highest resolution I’ve ever seen on any HUgets video....I’m on my phone as well 😂

    75. Hunter

      Who else is waiting for this to come to console

    76. Jay Gerred-hart

      That epilogue was just amazing!! 😂 Laughed way to much haha love your videos man 😂

    77. PeeJay

      The way I deal with people like this is I offline them because they don’t deserve the online

    78. diogo 122

      In a really loud voice that almost kill your ears *IT'S KRIIIIIIMAAAASSS*

    79. jw

      What is at 6:24?

    80. Random Awesomeness

      I named my foster cat Mitzi, I’m going to change it

    81. SuperLordHawHaw

      Looks like it was edited while someone was having a seizure

    82. blazin cotton

      Welyn I searched pumpkin boi and it came up with you! 😂

    83. Jacob Hernandez

      This guy always talks with such high morality but plays like any other scumbag on the game.

    84. Philip Stanley

      How to survive a porgie/welyn attack... make *Gamer Noises*

    85. Hammer Thyme

      You're a great storyteller!

    86. JAM Beats

      Welyn for rust president. Make rust a funny meme again.

    87. Sudzy

      Ay bruh. Don't disrespect the rats.

    88. Derek Forrester

      Im gonna get this game now. Any tips?

    89. Tdaddy1212

      What a great video

    90. Scub Bub

      WELYN I just got rust and I'm trying to learn from your videos and there helping a ton is there any good starting servers you could recommend? Anyway thanks for any tips!

    91. FluffierBox448

      I have seen your comments on other videos

    92. w1ntzz Twitch -Trovo streamer

      Anyone else hear about the baby rust server ... Softcore rust 👀👀👀 such weakness

    93. Dentenoe

      Though your rust videos are amazing you make it seem like all you do in rust is raid. I’ve never played rust but there has to be at least one server where you just have a good time building or something other than just raiding constantly. I understand the value of raiding but there are other aspects of rust that I’d like to see you do. The videos are great though.

    94. HammeR dtls

      I started playing this game because of how fun welyn's vids make it seem. Reality for me however is mostly trying to hit trees with a rock so someone else can sneak up and kill me and take whatever wood i gathered XD

    95. Anthony Flores

      Im no hater i actually like your content but, you roof camped in a lot of videos xd

    96. lol man

      please stop the sound affects like SUPRESSING FIRE

    97. kai Tam

      2:20 i remember this guy from the old ass rust videos trying to escape from geared players 🤣

    98. Stardust 103

      Roof campers: exist Welyn: D I E

    99. Rhys Lawing

      Yo I haven’t met many “Rhys’s “