Jimmy Kimmel on Angry Trump Mob Storming the Capitol

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    Jimmy gives his thoughts on the angry mob of Trump supporters storming the capitol building in Washington D.C. today, Mike Pence shutting down Donald Trump’s request to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which shouldn’t, Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and others keeping this stolen election charade going, Democrats gaining control of the Senate after a double victory in Georgia’s runoff election, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump going after the Republican establishment, and we revisit Trump’s inauguration speech with the benefit of hindsight.
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    1. Brooklynn52 Dee

      Stick with the comedy Jimmy!

    2. kitty kat

      WOW, well said Jimmy!!!!!

    3. Collages and More Stuff

      There were many improprities with the election but sadly some judges didnt want to rock the boat. Probably due to the threats of riots and other corruption.

    4. Gunter Raffel

      The police were there in good numbers; why was apparently no attempt made to stop the break-in? Pictures show police officers just standing around and watching the ongoings. Lethal force was appropriate to be used as necessary. Why was it not done?

    5. BrigitofBergental

      Why does everybody say Viking? Maybe a Minnesota Vikings fan, but a fur hat with horns isn't even an opera "Viking". The part about Mitch crawling into his protective shell was perfection, though.

    6. De’Andre Lacewell

      Mostly All the black people was at home looking at republican trump supporters storming the capitol thinking ( how in the hell Target and Walmart have better security/protection than the capitol ? ) also it was ironic seeing the same people that said Blue Lives Matter attack the cops 🤣🤣🤣 very amusing

    7. Chickencheck Butcher

      It s a Tupac scenario,for years of Armageddon,warcommander vengeance activated the mathematical!

    8. tipsy09

      Where was jimmy when riots and looting were occurring in many American cities? Hypocrite.

    9. Shannina DML

      Yet can't stand , the needs being met.. Probably needed Americans to put their staff down . LoL one officer gawd had sent them te be reserved...

    10. Shannina DML

      Gawd sent who ever to defend what ever , and they mad they had to clean the mess.. It could be another revolutionary war . ?

    11. Shannina DML

      Revolution defended it and risks their time .Defending everything that they couldn't . Yet mad because minority had to clean . I clean and often annoyed , yet happier and healthier..

    12. Shannina DML

      Way the King Louis 16 and Maria Antoinette Versa lies was stormed before and after the accused sexual abuse of little boys and girl's..

    13. Shannina DML

      American Republican Revolution .. After the French Revolution ..

    14. Shannina DML

      Not know when gawd whips it axx. ?

    15. Shannina DML

      It was different when Republicans French Revolution. Now its American Republican Revolution .Rather they fans of Trump or not , they have a history of baby rapesist and adultetries in foreign affairs'.. Not know when gawd whips it axx. ?

    16. morgothz0

      i like how Ted Cruz think that people rioting have the time to read tweets XD

    17. Monessar Mohan

      You mean Joe Biden cares for me? Come on.

    18. PHAN SAO

      I like you !you are very good

    19. Satoshi yamada

      Antifa and the BLM are working with Chinese Special Operations shadow unit and agents that are vetted by some Democrats to conduct attacks in the United States to cause chaos and confusion while Infiltrating the Senate and stealing U.S top secret files.

      1. Vedviking

        Just to correct you here, Trump organized the attack on the capitol. It's really not hard to believe Trump's audience would commit an attack against the capitol after he riled them up for almost 2 hours beforehand. Trump was there, he told them to go in. Not Antifa. Not BLM.

    20. Cassie

      thank you for this nice video ??. I like it.

    21. Tom Joles

      This is all your fault

    22. C.S. Lewis

      Hilarious desception... Media's trouper checks in on media's troupes storming the white House ...

    23. Brad Charlton

      Portland? Jimmy supported stealing people's homes in the names of BLM. Shameful.

      1. Cassie

        SO cute...I love it! Perfection!

    24. Brad Charlton

      I have almost finished a couple of books. The next two will be about you and the other idiots who spew crap that is untrue, but attributable to late night talk show hosts.

    25. Brad Charlton

      "Never before have more people gathered to watch a president masturbate."

    26. Brad Charlton

      I reported ya, Jimmy. :)

    27. Brad Charlton

      Every comment made on Jimmy Kimmel (and almost all commentators like Noah et al) make sure that their HUgets pages never really get censored. They eliminate what they don't want seen. Disgraceful. I will be coming back, Jimmy. Trump may not have figured it out (and maybe he did but you felt protected), but I will be back back you deceitful schmuck.I detest people like you. And I have made many of them resign already. LOL

    28. Brad Charlton

      But you will likely take my comments out of context (if you consider them at all) and laugh if nothing happens this time. You're a dummy either way. It's easy to make people laugh when seeking a laugh against a common enemy. You've never proven yourself capable of performing anything than base, prejudicial humour. You'll be out of work in four years.

    29. Brad Charlton

      Jimmy, you silly man (and I know that you never reply to intelligent comment), Bush and Gore were still fighting about who won when 9/11 happened in 2001 - and I knew that something bad was going to happen. This is not the first time that a dispute has occurred. The other similarities are that a good chunk of NY got blown up last time, YOU IDIOT.

    30. Lavalea Seu-Leota

      If you don't already know, Trumpet gets others to do his dirty jobs, what we the world see, is a " so call Americans " who needs to be educated, & lock them up, nxt to there faithfully leader..muppets..

    31. Bill Smith

      Where was all this sympathy and concern during the summer riots?

    32. MadOrse

      There's itterally NOTHING about that guy's costume that resembles a Viking, can we just get that straight?

      1. BrigitofBergental

        Thank you! It drives me batty when people do that. It is not even what he is claiming; he calls himself a "Shaman" which was never a thing for Vikings (not happy about him claiming "Shaman" either, for that matter).

      2. Smaragdlaan

        I think of nim as the Lost Halloween-goer 🤣

    33. Brad Charlton

      Jimmy, open your mind.... just a bit. You're intelligent, but very misguided. BLM groups taking over blocks of cities, including police stations. And yet not a single criticism was afforded them, never mind a fine or arrest. Yet some Trump supporters go a bit too far and all your intelligence allows you to do is make fun of them "for staying between velvet ropes". Not to mention that how many of these people may have been Antifa and BLM people posing as Trump supporters. Maybe you really are less intelligent than I think.

    34. Diógenes Rodrigo

      . . 😞😒👉 Prostitution services 📺📺📺📺

    35. Che Anarchist

      You got the joker AKA JFK Junior into office You can expect a Circus show After all The ninth circle order AKA The new world order, don’t like to lose ...

    36. Euridice Garcia Diaz

      Please stop saying that guy was dressed like a Viking. That headwear is actually Native American... It’s supposed to be given to a great warrior, and he obviously doesn’t deserve it at all.

    37. Kuzka

      lol loser country

    38. Aakash Bhardwaj


    39. Petru S.

      Trump won fair and square ! The American people love him !👍❤️🙏

    40. Shafiqa Fikree


    41. iMolika Men-Thlang

      No more ‘Trumps’ anything should be allowed to run for anything government wise. Also, Mexico will help put up the wall, free of charge. 😂🤣😂

    42. Rick Tandron

      Very well written. It's too bad that nothing matters.

    43. Mikenkfalls P

      You counted on Americans too be passive. You counted wrong!

    44. TheSecret Protocols

      Don't believe this Jimmy Kimmel. this demon holds power in media to deliver false support.

    45. Fernan Fernando

      Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for speaking out the truth The rioters are domestic terrorists Thanks to the white supremacist Donald Trump he must be prosecuted and put in prison where he belongs

    46. Marty Ringo

      Rip David Dorn

    47. James Mcbeth

      Now there's more proof of Ted Cruz leading a coup than evidence of massive voter fraud to help Biden.

    48. edward king

      Oh come on dude stop with the fakery and pretense - some of us (including yourself) know your kinfolk are behind all of this division, chaos and disunity

    49. Free Dom#1

      After weeks of planting the idea, dozens of extremists used social media to promote an idea with no basis in reality - that the people besieging the Capitol were actually far-left agitators disguised as Trump supporters

    50. Mary Kimbro

      You are not funny, retire. Sick of you looting, demonstrating cry babies...DEMS.

    51. Brian

      I used to like him but this twisted fake story just made me loss all respect for him.

    52. A K

      1:30 Pretty sure that's one of Joe Exotics husbands.

    53. Tasty Designs

      The new word in town VIRUS, VIRAL, Funny that isn't it? The Virus is not physical, the Virus is a media created viral environment to control the plebian. firstly by fear using that fear to control, the ultimate goal is global enslavement. They are the Virus. Not everyone is falling into the masters cold rum of lies and deceit.

    54. L Cook

      Last thing a cop wanna see is somebody with a blue lives matter sign. Oh, how the times change

      1. Brenda B.

        Those “patriots” took their American flags and as they told the officers “Hey we’re on your side” beat the police with them. My condolences to the families of the heroic officer’s families and loved ones who died while protecting The U.S. Capitol.

    55. Nadie R

      I felt that “Yeah, thanks president Trump for making America great again”.

    56. Joon Ki Hong

      Lol and u were silent when blm destroyed the local community

    57. Tom Sdralis

      The glamorous yellow experimentally perform because den naturalistically reduce despite a certain circulation. ratty, vagabond prosecution

    58. Reid

      Jimmy has no room to talk he lost to Ted Cruz in pick up basketball! You know how embarrassing that is.

    59. Andrew MacGregor

      You never saw this coming? The US has so many deep rooted problems that have never been addressed and the country has never been so divided. Give your head a shake

    60. Last Chance

      What will El Bizco Kimmel do with his worthless time once President Trump leaves office?



    62. IronChef

      Deep State paid actor Jimmy Kimmel.

    63. opzz xsin

      Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

    64. bibi green


    65. Mad Max

      He wont give up cuz he promised infront of the peaple of the world said : ill leave the US if i dont win the election :

      1. Wendy Quarles

        ✋ 👋 bye

    66. Chuck Dickinson

      It was not Trump supporters who caused all that death & distruction. It was antifa & blm. Theyve already been identfied as such. None of this would have happened if the demonrats had not rigged the election.

    67. Jan Stone

      The FBI should note down the ip addresses of the 20K, who downvoted this....

    68. cuda40 *

      You mean angry Democrat/ antifa/ BLM/ Q mob.

    69. SyzygyStardust

      Find their azzzzez guilty of treason and then hang thier sorry azzzzzes! Btw, screw the Viking's request for a pardon....pullllease dude! Screw your organic food insane dude!

    70. User

      A perfectly staged democrat drama !

    71. Raul Valdes

      Trump won in a landslide!

    72. Josiah Henson

      That guy with the horns is left wing

    73. TexsLady Victoria

      I LOVE this guy! Straight forward and honest 😍😍😍😍

    74. Lucas Blazestone

      While I don’t support what happened in any way shape or form, Jimmy Kimmel is the last person to be lecturing anyone on values. Just remember this is a man who supported the rioting last summer. He pushes division rather than unity all due to his hatred for Trump and gives no thought to the real people who are suffering out there.

    75. brian willoughby

      just entertain james your kinda shitty reporter reporting the news reading whatever someone wants you to read. You obviously are not a reporter

    76. Walter G

      Jimmy jew person who do not like Trump over 4 years on his show Trump you can hear over 1 million time word or more Trump Political hater Most Democrat Jimmy Kimmel This true Better watch out People don't stop I give my opinion I don't want to be nasty or discriminate some one need just to stand up talk about true bye

    77. Rob Haley

      Biden & Harris = Fair & Square

    78. rick hanson

      We could shove Kimmel into office and have similar results.

    79. rick hanson

      So they are not Americans and yet millions upon millions of other Americans engage in the same behaviors in different organizations all across the

    80. rick hanson

      Who says that all the previous elections were fair or that we all care just about Trump or Biden??

    81. Dandadabman 710

      Jimmy Kimble why don’t u get out there n help huh I bet u would get beat with a brick

    82. R B A

      Hey James Kimmel- look at all the "THUMBS DOWN" you received about your video goes to show how many people you've disgusted. Very good job JAMES

    83. TheBeagle DownTheHole

      This is pethetic , and when the truth comes out about the breach , this man will be eating his words .

    84. Phyllis Wurm

      Shut up. Hope you have enough material for coming shows cause boring Biden and laughing hyena not rating worthy.

    85. Aaron Diver

      A fair election.....you don’t know that until the evidence has been reviewed.

    86. James w

      Kimmel you ain't no saint free mason illumanti puppet

    87. Always Aishy

      Someone who can't accept defeat is NOT A GOOD LEADER! Trump disgusts me. I feel sorry for people who follow him. They're being used and manipulated for his own interests. I hope they can see that!

    88. Joshua Plays

      I would rather be a zero than support trump

    89. Daybot

      You've gotten just a bit too funny, you can't make a joke of everything.

    90. Andrew Richardson

      Lol, bet BLM supports don't realise that Susan, who owns part of BLM actually broke into the capitol in 1980.

    91. Andrew Richardson

      Goddam haha. BLM loot and burn and it's ok. Yet trump supporters attack a single building and apparently it's the worst thing ever.

    92. Christian Gonzalez

      Mitch McConnell had to crawl into his protective shell😂😂😂😂

    93. Majed Marji

      The healthy geese currently plant because drop neurochemically rinse across a hissing stocking. delightful, few fierce territory

    94. Philip

      Totally agree on everything you said Jimmy!


      It’s funny I did not see anything from you talking against BLM or the riots related to it.

      1. assnw assnd

        Moron. Those riots were because black lives are taken daily by dirty cops for no reason at all. These riots were because abortion is not leagle in some states so Karen and her mother/sister travels to Washington and does all kinds of stupid things.

    96. Alpha Delta Romeo

      How can someone live a life so disingenuously?

    97. Mark Landers

      Yeah a good day is when BLM and the left burn and loot throw rocks and urine bottles at law enforcement, that's a good day for the left!

    98. JoJo Vix

      System is programmed to hate each other. Wake up. And youbare one of them hollywood puppet Jimmy. Why so much hate instead of understanding the whole picture. The crimes against humanity is real how about you say something about that jimmy. But no you cant cuz you are in that hollywood bubble. Wake up if you care about the world.

    99. Blindone101

      I see an orange man. I have been told he's bad.

    100. cutator

      Kimmel sucks so bad....... I can't stand the guy.