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    Tank Destroyers like the STRV 103B love to camp in World of Tanks. Today I'm going to talk about why it might not be the best way to win!
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    World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

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    1. Jïnzu Sentan

      F2P account but premium time (maybe offer by WG for an event maybe, anyway) gold/premium ammo and skins in the tank :D you are funny, for when, the video who name's : STOP GOLDING and START AIMING?

    2. Cogzed

      But I enjoy camping! Campfire, s’mores, hotdogs. Camping is the best!

    3. Jarred Brown

      Aggressive is too often mixed with reckless:( I enjoy learning from your videos.

    4. Dragos Cristian Pantazi

      Why wouldn't u just flank with a medium? TD's are verry good for defending, good camo, verry good guns with big dpm, pen and accuracy, u can take pushing targets out before they realise it, maybe u can do it in this tank, but the rest of td's prolly shouldn't be played this way.

    5. Casey Jones

      This is gold 10/10

    6. Captain Zeth

      The tank I mainly play with is the M18 Hellcat. It's very weak, can't survive as well as the Strv. But using its insane speed and being cautiously agressive has improved my win ratio. I use the speed to not only get to good sniper spots quickly, but also to follow the front line heavy tanks as they push forward offering influential support. I can't say that every TD can be as agressive as the Strv or the Hellcat, but you be generally more influential if you can master you TD on the move


      Yeah this strategy really works here from claus Kellerman ;)

    8. Isak Mattsson

      PROUD SWEDE! 🇸🇪

    9. HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar

      This is way far then i expected to be aggressive defend. Practice make perfect will make it to you QB, GG.

    10. lazy_racer

      >> Talks about tank destroyers >> plays strv 103 which is a tank hm...

    11. Kevin

      Try this with an almost 300 ping average.

    12. Wade Stanion

      It helps that you had a decent team who didn't sit back and watch. Time and time again especially when i have a really good game for ME, my team just yolos or sits back with their heads in the sand waiting to die. So many things have to go perfectly right to get major damage, the kills you need, and win. So many times it seems i will chew up the health of several tanks by myself, with the last kill shot taken by someone else. Many MANY times i will be top 3 or so for damage with zero kills while at the end, someone with 200 or so damage has 2 kills.

    13. TheRealNemesis

      If anyone still reads comments here, any tips on how to be able to influence the battle more in a WT auf Pz. IV? It has no armor and by sniping I lost 9 out of 10 games today despite getting around 3k damage on average. Are there any Ways of being able to play this tank more aggresively on half open or open maps or is it just more down to the team around me? Appreciate every response

    14. Sam Gue

      I've started doing this with my Borsig recently, just poking out when the enemies fire and blasting them for 500 damage

    15. Morris Soaris

      Stop using gold!

    16. Krithik Virdikar

      Personally the Strv 103B is my primary TD on my free to play account and I punish players by playing more aggressively than they expect an Strv 103B to play. Maybe it's the surprise factor combined with just how agile and effective the tank is, that makes it so good in roles that you don't quite expect it to be in, it's just so sneaky with that camo rating in siege mode.

    17. Robin

      I wish my father would understand english so I could show him this video and tell him he should stop camping all the time

    18. Floyd The droid

      Very good sergei

    19. Zocalo

      yea what can u do with a Rhm but camping? it has bad mobility and bad armor so...

    20. ryan elbert

      what mod is he using

    21. Chooch

      Lol get rid of gold in random games, and reduce the 3 arty in a game you might find the camping reduces in most games.

    22. Maggie TheTanuki

      its so funny watching WoT TD's camping in the back vs War Thunder's players playing their td's like bats out of hell. In War Thunder, its the Mediums and certain heavies usually lay low in the back. (mostly germans mediums and American Heavies)

    23. Madness61

      How would you go on about the ISU-152 for example? I feel like it doesn´t have the required mobility to play aggressive

    24. Jacob Vampelt

      I went back to playing WoT after a couple of years (I've been playing it since 2013 or so) but I've noticed huge differences in how players relate to battle. Heavy campers, tank destroyers assaulting ... it's no longer as fun as it once was. Spam of APCR and HE, really annoying artillery... it got worse than before.

    25. muthuraj kumar

      Everything is OK until u get 1 to 3 SPGs in enemy team.. which is how 99% of the Game is in Asia Server.

    26. wotb Livestream

      How the heck do you unlock your hull in sniper mode, i can do it out of sniper mode, I can spam x 1000 times and nothing happens

    27. Shane Hodge


    28. Darek B.

      this kind of agressive game is good in two cases: either You are a superb player, with impressive instinct, map-reading-skill and so on, or You are decent player but Your team reacts as they should. Recently I'm seeing too many battles where 10 tanks go one side and other 5 just camp in base - including HT's, so it is the risk. At least for me, since I'm not nearly as good as QB. Great battles anyway, trully impressive!

    29. Lord Sparioch

      QB i want that massive cross-hair thing you have.. HOW I GET :P

    30. The Ethereal Watcher

      Tank Destroyers are built to a certain purpose, some are simply not built for offensive roles. In more realistic games this comes more to the forefront where in arcade games like this one it's more obscure. You would need to look into the design specifications to know what it was really meant to do. Nevertheless you can get away with offensive play in World of Tanks with non-offensive TD's due to the expendable hitpoints, if you know what you're doing.

    31. Wesker865

      QuickyBaby thank you for this video! I only have the Premium Strv S1 and I used your tips and first match out of the gate I finally recieved Ace Tanker. The Subsequent battles were not so great, but thank you for the tips! It was a great battle!

    32. Jeffreygundam

      It works so much on my udes 03 even when I'm stock

    33. DIREWOLFx75

      Starting off by using the 268.4 as an example? Really? It's been called a fake heavy tank for as long as i've played the game already, of course it works in supporting a heavy push! Try doing the same with the 268 instead. Oh, right, doesn't work nearly as well at all, how not surprising. Nice to find out about the turbo in regards to Strv, the rammer however is generally MUCH less useful than camo-net. If you're spotted, you still have to retreat to avoid getting killed, so the increased rate of fire doesn't happen anyway most of the time. And with the camo-net, your chance of NOT getting spotted is noticeably improved meaning that while you may fire slightly slower, you're more likely to be able to keep firing constantly. On my Strv-S1, my camorating while firing is 13.25, and the camonet provides 3.14 of that. Almost 1/4. Almost identical on the Strv-103B. Playing aggressively with TD? Yeah, that works as long as you have high mobility TD. It CAN also work if you have a TD with very good frontal armour. But try playing aggressive with oh lets say Störer Emil? You're going to be mostly useless. No armour to take hits, no mobility and just barely enough firepower. The reason why TDs prefer to camp is because MOST of the time, that keeps them ALIVE long enough to matter and through that, WIN MATCHES. Most TDs will not survive "pushing" too aggressively. In part, that is because the maps are overdesigned, there are perfect TD positions on most maps, IN THE REAR, but too often, not further ahead. Under the right circumstances, sure, SOME TDs like Skorpion G work excellently as "fake mediums", but too often, no, far too often playing them aggressively is begging to get killed early. And i already play aggressively with my Strv, WHEN the situation is suitable. In fact, i have even developed tactics for how to use it close quarters combat. Hint, using the highspeed reverse topspeed is an absolute marvel for that. Example, if you cannot retreat, and a heavy with slow turret traverse is turning towards you, an option with the Strv is to drive forward past him in an arc on the side where his turret is not yet aiming, check if he's still trying to follow you with the turret, then reverse and drive backwards in an arc on his OTHER side, switch back to siege mode and put another 1-2 shots in him as his turret is somewhere in the 90 degree arc pointing away from you. Another example is to abuse how low the Strv is, drive in close and use one enemy that is unable to aim low enough as a shield. Very useful if alone vs many enemies. Anyway, your example match was not the common kind of fight.

      1. DIREWOLFx75

        Oh, and i forgot to add one very important part. The fact that TDs at the back being ineffective isn't because that's a bad place for the TDs, it's because far too often, people playing the middle are being stupid. The simple fact is that lots of maps are setup like they're begging teams to pull a Rommel. And some of the absolute best matches i've seen, is when the front players actually DO THIS. They fight just enough at the point of contact to get the other team to push after them when they pull back, then stop pulling back once the enemy tanks are in the TD killzone. A well prepared PAK front is a wonderful way of saying "we win" to the other team.

    34. Universal Carrier

      Camping TD's often don't understand how the view range is working either. If they're already at the max view range their allies ahead spot vehicles that the TD will not even be able to see

    35. ZenFlight

      ok, so whats the setup?

    36. traxiii

      It is a fact that the teams that advance with the most guns to bear on the enemy without over exposing themselves wins 90% of the time. The problem lies with those on missions and those who rightly don't trust their teammates to cover them. I don't know how many times I've advanced in numbers only to get left high and dry to fend for myself. "Who dares, wins" but you can't do it on your own.

    37. Prediii

      11:00 What is the name of the addon showing the light bulbs next to already spotted enemies?

    38. Zeke770

      I love TD’s. Especially my Hellcat. That tank is great to gun it out ahead of your team to sit on a corner in a bush and spot the enemy early for your team. I tend not to even shoot too often either. So often you can make the enemy stop in a disadvantageous location just because you spotted them. Helps out the SP’s too. I also like to push, when I know I’m safe to, in my TD’s like the AT line of tanks and put pressure on the enemy who forgets where the weak points are on my tank when I’m just trudging strait for them. It’s pretty entertaining.

    39. sero090

      Why does the exhaust system not add stationary camo when using a camo net?

    40. David

      this is how I play my tier IX and since I started playing like this I am really enjoying the games in it

    41. Rolflol Grisepelle

      I don't get this overmatch mechanics, because I have bounced many times on the strv with my jagdpanzer e100

    42. For Life

      i plyed this tank like this since day 1 of getting it. imunity to 105mm guns and godlike dps? strv is only outmached in city maps.

    43. El Diablo

      What skills should my crew have for the first 5 skills? I have a 5 skill crew in this strv 103b and want to set them up with the best 5 sills.

    44. Bob Kowalski

      My friend always says: "Strv is an assault tank"

    45. Berserker HUN

      one. this tank is a 21th century one, against world war tanks mostly makes no sense. two. it makes no sense either. even 150 calibers and above theres literally no caliber in game which can go through heatshield it can just go hull down and keep punishing you due to the stupid 300 base ben ,it is just stupid how this tank works and good luck trying to aim for cupola which is like 2mm part of the tank shown when its directly pointing at you. it should just work like strv s1 does. getting overmatched every single fucking time . not need to aim on a weakpoint which is a size of the cupola of the chieftain, on a goddamn 21th century tank with crazy dpm and very high base pen. three. in this case qb literally suggests to play agressive with this tank, more and more players will do it and it will be even more annoying on the battlefield good job.

    46. Nikola Djordjevic

      How i can grab that 3D style for Strv

      1. Gregory Clark

        Sadly it was only available in an event in July this year.

    47. daytona1212

      I drive my E25 a lot, but using it to like in your video will get me killed in the first minute of the game. The strv has way more amor.

    48. schnellerboy101

      So Quickiybaby, should I push wish a Nashon? Or those TD's with no armor?

    49. Dogsterman

      How did QB get that style on Playsforfree?

    50. WoT Hog

      Aaaaand he never showed us the Sand River results.

    51. Arty_Hunter

      when I saw "STOP CAMPING" in the title I thought that this is gonna be about artillery :D

    52. Nigel Brooks

      If this game was'nt being ruined by massively over powered , never miss light tanks perhaps people would stop camping , as it is i will join thrm!

    53. keithadams812

      Kind of tired of making the heroic push while all my friendly's runaway..... You know when you think things are going good and you think we've got them stopped and you turn around and it's just you there....

    54. spunkymonkey1968

      Did you remove the video about the turbocharger and the UDES 03 you mention @ 2:02 ? I remember it was called :''this shouldn''t work"

    55. D Kits

      Scouts decide for a big part win or lose. Lately i get the teams with scouts that just base camp ...

    56. Sternencolonel

      Don't give the unexperinced players stupid ideas.

    57. V_Stormrider

      @QuickyBaby...but what u have to say about those half-lifed tone from ur Swedish girl crew :P :P :P (have them too)

    58. Voqzi

      No wonder I miss uploads, my notifications were turned off :'(

    59. LaughingHyena

      I personally use the T30 as a heavy tank. It has the armor for it.

    60. S939

      I have played A LOT Strv S1. Positions are the same, slower rate of fire so when I got this.. it was FUN!

    61. Lionello Sacchi

      Sorry, QB, the game is broken.

    62. Aza Azaim

      QB free to play account is way much better than my 8 years main account 😭😭

    63. Ganesh 99

      Thanks for the video

    64. Serbian Ultras

      Hi Quickybaby its everyone and welcome back to world of tanks

    65. Koppány Bán

      I actually started the same tactics a few months before w my 103-O, and knowing wich tanks can overmach your armor and wich can't, you can do somereally great stuff.

    66. joost te boekhorst

      Honestly, i respect your level of skill immensely but "stop camping" isn't really....feasible. if i take out my Cromwell, and i try anything further than going to a bush somewhat near the front lines, you just get shot to shit. same with most other vehicles really, even in heavies like the IS3, there's always more than enough that can penetrate you as soon as you get spotted, and you always do.

      1. Stephen Bradbury

        I agree with you if I stick my crusader out on show it will get blown up no matter what tank I'm against. Well done on a nice unrealistic game

    67. REgamesplayer

      QuackyBaby, that is a bad advise you are giving. The mistake you made is taking tank destroyers which naturally counter mediums and go for an aggressive plays as unicorn. Str 103 has an effective armor and mobility to take advantage of playing aggressively. However, most tank destroyers don't have armor, gun handling and mobility to pull this kind of thing off. Playing most TD like you did with Str 103 will get you killed or make you less useful to your team.

      1. REgamesplayer

        @Ferdinand910 There are plenty of great or outright amazing players playing this game and I meet them constantly in WoT. People sucked even more in early days of WoT. Furthermore, bringing those tanks to the front is just nonsensical and nobody does that.

      2. Ferdinand910

        @REgamesplayer Have you seen the people that actually still play WoT? Majority of the people that still play this game have little to no clue on how to semi consistently pull their own weight on the team. Most campers you see will try and defend their actions of back line sniping with howitzers or guns that have very sub par base accuracy values like the T30, the Obj. 263, the V4, E3s and E4s or shit barns vs getting closer and giving themselves a better chance of dealing damage. Count how many times you have seen tank destroyers or the odd event of heavies and meds bunching up on the red lines of Mines, Erlenberg, Fjords, Empires Border, Tundra, Prokorovka, Malinovka, Steppes or almost any map that isn't a city map and you will quickly run out of limbs to count them on... The people who already know how to play this game at an acceptable to higher level immediatly understand what QB is talking about which is that you need to be closer to the engagement than just sitting near the red line, getting the odd pot shot off at a poking target thats a mile away. Think of tanks like a T28 Proto, a T30, a JPII, Most of the Chinese TD tree, the ISU 152/Obj 704 or even the Waffle E100 if you've played it. All of these TDs can be more or less considered to have paper or unreliable armour but yet you'll commonly see them on the front lines because these players realise their guns cannot be generally helpful at a distance of more than 250-300m unless you have good scouts and perfectly open firing lanes which both ate relatively rare in this game now a days. These tanks are pretty much heavies in practice because they can swing harder than most heavies ever could and fill in any holes that will inevitably be in your line up due to matchmaker hiccups or general lack of player skill. What QB did is very niche for that tank and the matchmaker was definitly in his favour due to lack of arty but that still shouldn't stop people from playing a bit more of an active role on the map or just show initiative and hope your team is competent enough to support your advance.

      3. REgamesplayer

        @Ferdinand910 You base it on premise that TD does not know how to play its role and talk outside the context of QB video. QB asks you to bring your TD as a medium or heavy tanks respectably which is just silly. TD players in general know all those things and do rotate through fronts, however, they play as TDs, not as heavy tanks when they do so. Neither they are the first to rush into the breach. In the end game they might sacrifice some hp for others, but those situations are few and far in between. It seems that people here created an artificial problem to justify making misplays. Give it some time and you wont see even QB playing TD in a fashion he did here.

      4. Ferdinand910

        @REgamesplayer I don't think you read or fully understood my first comment or understood QBs initial statement for that matter. I never said that TD players have to be the first tanks into the engagement. I said that tank destroyers need to be more willing to move up and play a more active role in helping the team progress the fight. Say your team has won a flank and is starting to apply pressure on the enemies cap circle. The other flank could be either falling apart, holding steady or slowly deteriorating as any good brawl should. Now are you going to move your vehicle closer to the fight for the enemies cap circle? Are you going to try and find a position to support the either fallen or deteriorating flank to slow down the enemies advance? Are you going to go and get stuck in with your team on either flank to help spread out the taken damage and help them win or slow down the enemies push? Or are you just going to not move from that already won flank and let your team push away to continue the fight and leave you all by yourself in that camping spot until its to late? If you choose to not move, this would just leave you vunerable to a possible 1v1 or 2v1 from vehicle(s) who spotted a hole in the lineup and took the oppurtunity to push the base to find any afk/arty players to farm or they could just try and cap your base to relieve pressure from their base. If you have ever actually played this game in a semi competitive environment you should know that rotating HP and tank/flank presence is key. For example, even if you're unwilling to fire your gun, if you take a Grille to a front line or active support position in the earlier stages of the game, you can help draw fire away from tanks that can be more influential in the later game stages like mediums and heavies. A healthy Grille not doing anything while a low to mid range HP tank tries to finish the game out doesn't really work when you can have your healthy Grille come in at that point to reinforce your damaged allies and help your allies to finish the game or slow down the enemies counter push. You can also instill confidence in your team mates by showing that you're near by and ready to actively support them which can stop/stifle an enemies advance and make them rethink a strategy as people in this game generally do not want to be the first around a corner to trade with a 750+ alpha gun unless either someone else is leading or there is a good chunk of allies behind them that are ready to advance the game. Tl;dr- QB and I are essentially trying to convey the fact that you need to be ready to actively push with and support your team mates as a second line force, NOT sit back and snipe at 400m for the whole duration of the game.

      5. REgamesplayer

        @Ferdinand910 Simple, because they have no armor, no camo, sometimes not even gun handling and mobility. Enemy will load HE an will derp you into garage with 1-2 shots. You can't trade efficiently with such vehicles as you need to slowly move out of the ridge, place yourself on top of it or move around a corner, fire a shot and go back. Enemy tank can fire 2-3 rounds into you for every shot you make.Also you will be competing for spots with mediums and heavies which would take opportunities away from them. Furthermore, arty will love shooting at you. If caught alone, lights will circle you to death, mediums will lock you in place and will kill you.

    68. Jesper_117

      I ended up kicking butt in my stug when i played aggressively and ended up having to cap to avoid arti one shot.

    69. Charles Lee

      u cant do that in bloody asia server QB... They use tanks to play bloody trench war.

    70. Dave Thompson

      Let us note that the 268v4 was ridiculous OP when it was introudced. Add that to a very capable player and it becomes less a matter of tactics.......

    71. steelepls

      QB easy for you to say since you are an excellent player and do this for a living so you can do it over and over and over. I am an average guy who takes out his T-30 heading across Ensk and boom, boom, boom, boom I get hit by four bad guys and am dead without firing a round. Had I stayed hull down on my side of the map I could have survived longer and would have bounced some rounds. You free to play tank has a three level crew while we part time folks are lucky to have a 1 1/2 level crew so it is not the same thing. I enjoyed the video like all the rest anyway but unicom players like yourself versus average guys like me who did this for a living and it still does not work. Looking for your next video sir, keep up the good work.

      1. VioletStatPedder -

        I don't quite understand why you are comparing your skill levels with crew skills. QB has played close to 5k battles on that account. Whenever you get to that point you'll have similar crews.

    72. Evan L

      QB, wow, you make it look so easy!

    73. Timothy Thurman

      QB are you wearing a work of warships T-shirt? I think is Japanese right because of the word “の‘’🧐 Although it was the first two words which gave it away”軍艦” “軍艦” means warship in Chinese, and I can read Chinese 😅 (Ps yes Japanese use a lot of Chinese words )

    74. goomStar

      "Playing tank destroyers more aggressive"... laughs in aged sobbing Jagdtiger

    75. SirMaxBaker

      For stop camping with TDs you must : - Have Armor - Be top tier to have armor efficiency If you are slow : Go heavies side If you are mobil : think about Meds/Lights side But if you dont have dpm, allways think about your flanks and to avoid being flanked by ennemies

    76. Aleksandar Z


    77. SirMaxBaker

      You can be agressive with this TD cause you got DPM, Mobility, and kind of armor. If you don't have those stuffs to hide the fact that you don't have a turret, you can't play the same way. Without one of the 3 good sizes of this tank, you most be more carefull

    78. Johnny Thörnquist, Team Native Sweden

      Very good video, thanks for the inspiration.

    79. Matthew Hall

      QB literally camped the entire second match. It was an agressive position, but still. First battle was a much better argument against camping.

      1. VioletStatPedder -

        Except pushed and bralwed against 3 tanks. Then he started to "camp" as he could fire on multiple enemies.

    80. Francisco Urbina Alvarado

      Td players dont have a clue. GG

    81. minsaid

      i like your T-shirt

    82. Boris Konstantinov

      Where can I get that mod with the lightbulbs next to the spotted enemies? Help me please 🥺😂

      1. Boris Konstantinov

        @Ferdinand910 thank you, my dude👍

      2. Ferdinand910

        QB uses his own modpack so they would be available in his modpack. Aslains also has this feature along with XVMs modpack straight from their website. I would recommend Aslains as its really easy to use and you can just pick and choose what you want to add in the form of mods from Aslains Installer wizard

    83. Shane Hodge

      What they never tell you is that the only thing that matters in this game is what team the broken matchmaker puts you on. Ruins the game. The extreme mismatches are just intolerable. They should call it world of slaughter. All the pros on one team and all the newbs on the other. Horrible. One flaw and its a big one. Avoid this game at all costs. And if you dont mind having a bunch of pros wiping the deck of you, just dont spend any money on this game. It wont make a lick of diffence. Im down 60 bucks on it. And regret spending a dime on it. Truly sad, the game is awesome in so many ways, but again, the extreme mismatches are intolerable.

      1. VioletStatPedder -

        It's called _random battle_ for a reason. If you don't like your "random" team then play some other gamemodes which have more a skillbased matchmaking like skirmishes, advances, CW, tournaments or ranked battle.

    84. sean m

      TD's have tracks, noobs. Use them for more than driving behind arty to hide like little girls.

    85. Eric Kuehne

      I did the turbo mod and it's great.

    86. Wayne

      There are good camping and bad camping...

    87. Nathan Hood

      You did not mention how only the centre vertical strip of the upper plate is 40mm, the sides of the upper plate are 50mm so requires 151mm to go through. That is how the Jagd Tiger bounced with a 128. There are even portions that are 60mm on the upper plate. Plus the HEAT shield acts as an additional 10mm armour hitbox. This means that the armour is +10mm everywhere on the upper plate and bumps up each overmatch situation by a level.

    88. Tuomas Panula

      Now i want this tank omg

    89. David Peckjr

      I am an average player at best (Earl_of_Peck on NA), I have been struggling with the Jg Pz E100, a bit. I need support to not get flanked as the traverse is slow as well as the reload. But if I am too far back, I do not get shots, or have the fear factor in a choke point. However in my T110E4, is more flexible when I travel with the heavy tanks, I can dish out some hurt but need their cover for the reload. Other wise I will end up being the next to be killed. However in the T67, Hellcat, Super Hellcar, T78 and T56 TD's they do not have the armor to withstand being too close. The SU-122-44 I play a bit aggressive, It has good DPM I feel, so you might be able to trade shot with one tank, I would not recommend doing it more than once during a battle. Things like the T110E3, T95 and working through the AT-15. I just push...I hopefully not everyone has left me to fend for myself.

    90. ukchris64

      Sadly only the very best wil be able to carry this off, al press for the Aggressive TD play, evetime i try, I die.

    91. Prokop Svoboda

      good job video i love world of tanks

    92. NewVegasNerd

      The turbo on this is an exploit, as far as I'm concerned. On top of that, pretty much all of the Swedish TDs shouldn't even be in the game, in my opinion. They ruin the meta, make armor irrelevant, and turn some games into complete standstills and campfests.

    93. Steve Johnson

      Trim your mustache.

    94. Jin San

      after grille favorite prey of arty

    95. prepresslabco

      STOP PROMOTE P2W RIGGED game! Try to explain rate of fired/hit/pen of the teams Winning team have 15/13/12 Loosing team have 15/12/3 Every time when result is 15:0-5, winning team have ratio hit/pen over 75%, loosing team have ratio lower then 25%... $PM algorithm? RIGGED? MANIPULATION WITH RNG? MANIPULATION WITH MM? GREEDY WG?

    96. Robijas007

      Its possible with td with some armor...if you try it with tds with paper armor, like SU 130 PM or Skorp G, that rarely ends well, you get hit by arty early on and you're out...

    97. Orlando Paço

      Loved the easy to fallow, "here's how to use it, and why!", educational format of the video.

      1. Orlando Paço

        P.S.: Good ending "moral booster",... with the T30, having lots of fun.

    98. Kova Kova

      A couple days ago I did 6046 dmg, 2578 spot and 490 block with 3 kills still didnt get mastery 😅 yeah I hate also sitting in back isnt best solution when you have pretty good armor and a lot of players not knowing how or where to pen... Lond story short good tank and I agree with all but still didnt try boost on speed... Meybe I will.

    99. Benjamin López

      I hate when the players do that camping 🏕

    100. Thomas Underhill

      I've just come back to the game after taking quite a long hiatus. I'm running out of credits buying all the new equipment. The turbocharger is amazing.