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    Step inside the pitch meeting that led to The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl!
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    Before Disney turned it into a massive franchise of blockbuster movies, Pirates of the Caribbean was just a slow-moving boat ride attraction at their Disney parks involving looking around at pirates and ships and whatnot. Somehow, that served as the inspiration for a massive series of adventure movies starring Johnny Depp and the rise of one of the most recognizable movie characters of all time: Captain Jack Sparrow.
    The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a fantastic adventure movie, but does raise some questions though. Like doesn’t Will hesitate to throw an axe at a pirate’s back when he didn’t throw his sword at Jack just a few minutes earlier? How are all these people’s massive concussions? Was that moonlight really just hitting one spot in the whole town? Why did the entire crew of a ship abandon it completely? Why is there a cowboy here?
    To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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    1. John Smith

      The efficacious pollution alternately saw because jewel visually announce throughout a delicious salary. curious, white brake

    2. The Finest Sake

      That's the best kind of head trauma!

    3. Emerald

      Do a Dead Man’s Chest pitch meeting now

    4. Aneesh Khandelwal

      i love headtrauma

    5. Samson pull

      Well she fell off the cliff because the corset was too tight... producer: Ohhh corsets are TIGHT!!

    6. Brandon Hammett

      Hey will you do the other pirates movies too? At least 2 and 3?

    7. Honeastly Nuts

      these are the only screen rant videos i like

    8. Gregory Sathekge

      "Oh boy" with the head tilt... Lol!

    9. Robert Lewis

      Whoops! Whoopsie!

    10. Austin Loa

      We need a playlist for your channel that has only pitch meetings.

    11. Carlos Alvarez

      Pirates of the Caribbean: Monkey Island

    12. Mp

      Snipers dream - bob mortimer

    13. James Long

      I bet the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will bomb. Between this and the Star Wars debacle I guess making lots of money by providing entertainment people actually want is not important. I got news for them it is for the shareholders.

    14. Jesse Statler

      I don’t think that pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to make sense

    15. hilmanic28

      Never noticed the cowboy lmao!

    16. Tyler Giatroudakis

      Can you do the other movies please

    17. Nduduzo Ka-Mbuyazi

      5:37 "And there's a cowboy there" 🤣🤣🤣

    18. اعجاز


    19. Maddox Poll

      Stop doing this Chronologically!

    20. greasy cheese

      Me: I subscribed to screen rant beacuse of pitch meeetings my head: subscribing to a channel because of something someone else made is tight

    21. SpookyFXdotCom

      "Sniper moons" just replaced the part of my mind that had that other "moons" what ever thing from japan...

    22. Dolores Medina

      Lol i never noticed the cowboy

    23. - Erik -

      i pronounce it Caribbean but i also pronounce it Pirates of the Caribbean

    24. soft af

      I wish my teachers responded to my i don't know-s by saying fair enough too

    25. gordon rettmann

      I don't know is tight

    26. Anthony R.

      Stop remaking all these movies with women.

    27. ChasehaWing

      To be fair, this whole pitch meeting sounded like a lot of fun.

    28. Allan Jason Mburu

      this is ... this is bootstrap bill's son

    29. ADucksOpinion

      wait, did you say Harley plays as the NEW pirates of the caribbean.. im in 100%

    30. David Hernandez

      Wouldn't the writer and producer who live in Hollywood reference Disneyland 30 minutes away instead of Disney world on the opposite coast?

    31. English with Movies

      These studio executives have forgotten that these biggest franchises earn money from fanboys like us. But "Girl Power" is the new fashion.

    32. Terry Fulds

      SR: pro-noun-see- ation sure correct pronunciation of pronunciation: Pro-nun-see-ation

    33. Souradeep Banerjee

      the other 4 Pirates of the Caribbean movies

    34. VinFizzFlyer

      They are...really trying hard to put Margot Robbie in a good movie, aren’t they.

    35. Chips The Cat

      So... You have a movie for me?

    36. Heikki J Hautanen

      These pirate films were never as cool as they thought they were.

    37. BattleBandit

      Margot is ruining film franchisees one at a time

    38. R2 M

      There's a cowboy there...

    39. Banana Cat

      3:18 Well it seems pretty curse-like that someone punished by the curse would feel pain but not pleasure.

    40. Nick West

      Do VeggieTales

    41. Bioshockaholic

      fantastic movie

    42. Maria Fatima

      DUDE PLEEAASSE do Sharkboy and Lavagirl. You’ll have a FIELD DAY with THAT one

    43. Isaac Kim

      These characters have terrible skulls.

    44. Caty Zocco


    45. Ofentse Mwase Films

      Unclear is prolly one of the best cause it shows major plot holes.

      1. Gentleman Nemesis

        I can't really think of any major plot the in the movie

    46. Beaudoin Motorsports


    47. Young Ramen

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    48. SuperiorSquid

      Isn't moonlight just sunlight reflected by the moon?

    49. McNano

      Margot Robbie is a great actress but putting her in that role is not the right move. Give her her own series, she will just get the Ghost Busters treatment.

    50. YT Pah

      It's so great to get a glimpse inside the process by which movies get greenlit. Thanks!

    51. Shubham Uraon

      I didn't knew why they exactly need Turner's blood now I understand

    52. Bob Sanders

      Okay. Okay. I get it. No one cares about Citizen Kane or The Magnificent Ambersons. So how about The Third Man?

    53. gooble69

      They should do the next film with an all female crew including a black one for diversity etc. Then we can laugh at all the excuses they make for why no-one watched it

    54. Tyler Arson

      sniper moons lol

    55. Rosh Potato

      "There is a cow boy there" "what"

    56. Red

      removing Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean is the same as killing the franchise.. good luck with that I guess.. lol

    57. Ali Bhaloo

      How did that pirate get burnt if he doesn't feel anything I don't know 😆😆😆 I'm so dead omg

    58. Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust

      Haa! I am Loving ALL of these. Earlier today i saw the Snyder Cut video suggested and watched a "Pitch Meeting" video for the first time. Now i'm watching every one of them👍

    59. Rishik Bhoumick

      Sniper moons... Damn that got me

    60. Gyzardo The Wizard Lizard

      Why is this in the "one marvelous scene" playlist?

    61. Paul Huck

      I want a t-shirt that say "Actually, it's going to be super easy; barely an inconvenience."

    62. BillyJoe Cobra

      Do the Dead Man's Chest!

    63. BillyJoe Cobra

      This movie is amazing

    64. Karl Bekai

      "I dont know!" I love it and every other single bit of all of this

    65. Karl Bekai

      The "wow wow wow, wow"i just love it

    66. Chomagus Bobus

      5:36 LMAO

    67. Dagali

      All my years I never understood what pirates of the Caribbean was about. Thank you for this. It has cleared up the entire movie for me. I would just sit there and be like what’s happening and why is this such a long movie.

    68. VoltWasTaken

      I bet on april fools, they will upload a pitch meeting that goes like this: "Do you have a movie for me?" "No sir, i don't." Roll Endcard

    69. Timetraveler 69

      that was a good movie i hope he pitches more sequels but not go overboard and pitch an infinite amount of sequels

    70. Bob Sacamano

      "one of those 'pronOunciations'..." Tight.

    71. GloryGlory Hole’allelujah

      Sniper moons are the BEST moons... Everyone knows that!

    72. fredi jonte

      "super easy, barely an inconvenience" always gets me

    73. fredi jonte


    74. gansosmansos

      Pronounciations haha Just got it

    75. Vish U

      “Wacky kind of head trauma” I can’t😂

    76. Glass

      0:52 instant gold

    77. tom cool

      The only character they couldn't kill was Jack Sparrow

    78. Wolfsokaya

      Disney is choosing once again the "how to destroy a beloved frenchise" route. It starts to feel like that someone is paying them to do that.

    79. Hunter Jett

      I am sure it is a big undertaking, but I would appreciate it if you did the sequels to this! Curse of the Black Pearl was definitely the best, but the 3rd one: At World's End was a second favorite. I would LOVE it if you did at least that one. There is SO much to go off of!

    80. DrThunder88

      We need a pitch meeting for The Room with Tommy Wiseau talking to Tommy Wiseau. "It's not true. I did not hit her. I did nahhht. Oh hi, Producer Guy." "Oh hi, Screenwriter Guy. How's your sex life?"

    81. Aquele Inconveniente

      wtf is with the bulb eyes in the covers!?

    82. levi chavez

      It's "Keribein"

    83. monstarr .x

      if Johnny Depp isn't gonna be main cast I'm not watching

    84. Sammy

      just noticed from this movie that saying pirates of the "Caribbean" and then saying "Caribbean" by itself sound massively different, wow,wow,wow...........wow

    85. uriah turd

      I've recently realized how easy/barely an inconvenience it is to get sucked into these pitch meetings. I mean wowowowowow!

    86. vsGoliath

      Skeletons are the most agitating frameworks known to man

    87. Daniel Brink

      Still a good movie

    88. Arturo junior Arzadon

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    89. Exar Kun

      I just realizer the vid is 6:09 long

    90. The Nerd King!

      Do coming 2 America! Please

    91. Henry Limpet

      Sniper moons are tight is the most hilarious “... is tight” phrase I’ve ever heard in these videos.

    92. Alfonso Soto Voiceover

      have you tried throwing a pitch meeting on a foreign film? some european or latin american movie, maybe?

    93. Hutt E

      That cowboy deserves a nomination.

    94. ImpishDCrealm

      We disregard physics and probabilities and all that boring crap... Dead 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Marcela Zuppini

      I'd like to see a pitch meeting for the movie Speed!!

    96. Naomi Fernandez

      We need the rest of the series now!

    97. Aidan Hyland

      Will never wanted to kill Jack, he wanted to keep him there until the redcoats arrived.

      1. jordanrichards320

        They really should have placed a bit in there where Jack is running from the guards and he warns another pirate, "The redcoats are coming!"

    98. Deodel

      The Cowboy though!!! lol

    99. Juan García

      Good to have hobbies

    100. Cassius Felix

      Have hobbies is a good thing