I deliberately downloaded ransomware… - Acronis True Image 2020 Showcase

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    Thanks to Acronis for sponsoring today's video! Get Acronis True Image 2020 40% off with offer code Linus2020 at go.acronis.com/linus2020 (expires Jan 16/20)
    Ransomware is one of the biggest cyber threats today, and we're going to show you just how easy it is to get infected… by getting infected!
    Have questions on Acronis? Check out reddit.com/r/Acronis
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    1. Ethan Dunn

      When we were little, me and my sister downloaded roblox on my moms crappy laptop. It slowed the laptop down a ton, and she called the lag a virus cause she didn’t know what a virus actually was

    2. Viktor As

      Great sales video, good job! - 6:29 I'll never get back...

    3. Dre Domingo

      That's not how a roundhouse kick is done guys

    4. Daniel Rodriguez

      Seeing Linus without a beard now seems extremely unusual.

    5. Terence Edwards

      how r they allowed to even connect

    6. Jeffery Lancer

      No one does it better than SLIVERHACKZ on ❗️G the best solution ever

    7. Dragon Warrior

      *Never knew, it’s just a triaI that’s needéd I’m glad I got in touch with Sliverhackz on iG*

    8. Oscar Magnusson

      Plot twist: Acronis is a ransomware and this is how Linus paid to get his files back

    9. Matthew Groves-Hambidge

      Could this be the cure for coronavirus?

    10. theRCB

      i download viruses for fun because i'm a rebel and looking for adventure in my life. I already lost 10k tryna get a high score of 60k by the end of the week, wish me luck.

    11. Joe Mccusker

      I remember when I accidentally ran wannacry on a school computer but luckily it was easily contained due to semi decent admin work and the fact the sample I ran wasn't able to cause too much damage anyways

    12. Infamy Studio

      This is so dumb 🤣 when wannacry and other active ransomwares were actually running - you could not click or use other services and it would instantly block and stop movement or the use of any AV - how the hell do you expect to restore your pc while the ransomware is on your computer and not connected to your network - good thing you never showed that because you know you can’t 🤣

    13. Tabby Slime

      2:27 This is the only reason why im making this comment

    14. Rafiraf 7642

      "As for running windows defender, well it actually did manage to block one of them, but the other 15 would've would've ended up wreaking havoc on our machine" Linux users right now

    15. Niko Kourouklis

      How to remove ransomware: Step 1: Remove HDD. Step 2: Unscrew the caddy. Step 3: Install a new HDD, an SSD is suggested. Step 4: Install an OS, Windows 7 is recommended. Step 5: Don’t go to shady websites, especially if you’re trying to download an mp3 file and it turns out to be .exe or .mp3.exe.

    16. Kryptic

      what if the ransomware encrypt that software

    17. hydrotechnic

      this whole video was an ad

    18. Oliver Conner

      At first when I see the title, I thought Acronis is the ransomware

    19. Rizwan Ansar

      *I thought this was impossíble but thanks to Sliverhackz øn instagram who made it possible bro I’m glad*

    20. Solenoid X ꧂

      2020 be like: I’m going to infect myself with “Coronaware 19”

    21. Nebula 4243

      Honestly a really good ransomware would be one that encrypted antivirus software along with all of your files and prevented you from downloading anything from the web. Meaning you would either have to factory reset your device or pay the ransom. But hey that’s just my two cents

    22. Anon Y'mous

      So my options are: pay the ransomware developers to remove the ransomware, pay Acronis to do it, or... use Linux.

    23. Neb Setabed

      Fuck acronsis. It majorly sucks

    24. Scott

      used to use them until I got corrupt files when trying to restore too many times. Now use macrium reflect without problems and it's free 😉

    25. RyanGar46

      00:05 did you mean bonzi buddy?

    26. James Barker

      I'm confused, is this an informative video, or an ad?

    27. dark devil ENTERTAINMENT

      *OMG 😱 I can’t stöp thanking Sliverhackz via IG who fixed my files in 10 mins 🥰*

      1. iamKush

        fuck off

    28. Andrew Williams

      Test RollbackRX horizondatasys.com/rollback-rx-time-machine/rollback-rx-home/

    29. Tokyo

      i just downloaded acronis, and for a second when I read the title. I thought he meant that acronis was the ransomware and i almost started to panic

    30. Fantastic Chaos

      been using acronis for years and only now I realize that the bootable image isnt the only way to access it. It has a windows app too. :faceplam:

    31. 18CEB375 Haris Ansari

      So where is the ad in this video Oh nvm, it starts at 0:00 and ends at 6:30

    32. Gilbatrar

      Imagine if the anti virus companies were the ones who sent the virus originally 💀

    33. Spencer Kinzie

      I deliberately downloaded ransomware speaking of ransomeware todays sponsor...

    34. ThatGuyJoseph

      Me: installs Teacher: takes to tech support Tech support: plugs into server Wannacry: takes out school

    35. Justin Rowe

      Lot of spammers disliking this vid

    36. Sweet Sunset

      Good thing I still have my naruto pictures

    37. salty bacon gaming

      When you install this on your new gaming pc

      1. salty bacon gaming

        @ItzOwo soldier down

      2. salty bacon gaming

        @Zaid Ahemad big brain

      3. Zaid Ahemad

        Just change the damn ssd

      4. ItzOwo


      5. vedi0boy

        This is probably the best scenario because you probably don't have important files on it yet...

    38. TheJellobro

      any yall heard of avast?

    39. Kes2006

      Does this delete the corona virus

    40. Child One

      Did 2020 download a ransomware?

    41. Infernus

      its not a linus video without a sponsor lol

    42. O&BRG&C

      i did it on a vm... at home heres the link hugets.info/show/2X2ZgKrKu2tlvIY/vide.html&ab_channel=bartlomiejruranski

    43. Semitex

      Diskpart is part of windows recovery tools.

    44. NateBit

      OK so the solution to having ramsomware is.... “You should have just made a system backup.” Well duh.

    45. Mr.CLICKBAIT

      Windows defender need internet to work properly

    46. PowerBat

      Norton 360 does it perfect too, just to let you guys know

    47. Jono

      Yes. Pay a company to not pay a company.

    48. Richard Bilous

      I've always used Nero's Backup tool that came with my dvd burner software when I bought my dvd burner , It's been great for system image backup & has recovered my drives on many disasters :P

    49. Jay K

      Wannacry servers are dead, so if you get it and don't have a backup, even if you pay, there is nothing you can do.

    50. NoriXa

      If i where to create a Virus. It would be a hidden Botnet i can use for whatever i want to do.

    51. Danny Devito

      The timer should have said: *Time Left* *69:69:69* _Nice_

    52. T. Pettersen

      "the user clicks a link and then the software encrypts the users files" Really? No file they have to run?

    53. omzig18

      I used across to clone an had to an ssd and it ate up 40 gb of space any ideas?

    54. Jakeylolkiller 6464

      My laptop is stuck on bios menu asus laptop so please do a video on that

    55. Cauê Araújo

      why did you do this Linus? you dumb

    56. Mr. X

      who is here because you let you parents use your computer?

    57. ch282

      randomly downloaded ransomware

    58. KLEPON

      ummm its to expensive i dont have any money yet

    59. Nature's Ninja

      If only I could have seen this sooner. I wouldn't have had to replace around 750 local government PCs :'D

    60. Anurag Jaybhaye

      Linus ads be like dananana aaaa danananan aaa dananana aaa

    61. Truesaber 57

      2:26 interesting

    62. Steven Brener

      Can you do a video on how to locate and remove ransomware on your pc? I’ve been trying to identify what’s causing this but I have strange folders with strange files with weird names showing up on my data drive. When I delete them CyberReason sometimes informs me it stopped a ransomware attack. I can’t figure out what’s causing it. I’ve done full virus and malware scans using various tools and ever one codes up clean. But, as soon as I delete the files/folders off a data drive new ones with different names are created. I went into my File History external drive and noticed that this has been happening since March 2018 or so, but I don’t see any impact beyond the appearance of these folders and files.

    63. Boss is Right

      1 simple , consice , good solution install linux

    64. Jerry Straight

      I installed Acronis 30- day demo 4 days ago yesterday I tried to get the windows 10 esd on flash drive acronis for some reason destroyed the flash drive by "Write Protecting" it now I have a worthless 32 gigabyte flash drive even Linux can't format it says write protected...I tried dealing with it on windows 10 again and had to throw it out. The flash was brand new from WalMart. I will never use this software again.

    65. JVenom

      My grand dad doesn’t know what a pc is don’t think he could use it

    66. Thomas Tissington

      Wow I remember using acronis true image back in 2004 or something to back up my xp system n when I got a malware n too many Trojan horses to even get a bootable laptop, I was able to fully recover my system, i got them intentionally to test this software n how good it was, when you restore on windows recover the Trojan horses kept staying behind, with this software they didn't , I used to use alot of cracks for things like Nero image cd burner back then, I know I'm bad lol anyways it's great to know this software is still going strong, I get all my software lagit now n mostly use streaming so no longer need to do dodgy downloads lol

    67. Miniarts

      Honestly, True Image is a godsend. I'm sure some Linux users out there will nag that all the same features can be done for free with open source, it's all-in-one package and sleak UI has made it my drive copier of choice. It helps that I basically have a key to it from a single $10 sabrent drive

    68. Tomi Igo

      Who are the makers of ransomware?

    69. Bear Ice

      I just got a IT Management Software Pulseway add.

    70. potorrero

      Of course I won't do this at home, I'm not stupid you know.. I'll do it at work.

    71. bigmugo

      I rickrolled the virus by putting a picture of rick astley

    72. aditya bhatt

      just back up every file on your pc to a cloud

    73. Scroll Wizard

      ( in a calm voice) “Oops all my files are gone, oh no”

      1. bagasapra

        (In a sarcastic voice) oh yes this joke is so funny oh my god

    74. TheMagicat

      2030 virus: haha you can’t decrypt the files i’m too advanced Me: haha quantum computers go brrrr

      1. kid


    75. Beefy head

      Plot twist: Paying money for Security software that made by Ransomware devs

    76. Awesomeomer3

      Or you could reset your whole pc

    77. Bruce Williams

      Nice to find out about a product I own that wants to renew

    78. Hell Xapo

      Either way you gotta pay.

    79. Windows Guy

      did i hear a throwback to ROG Rig Reboot 2019?!?!?!

    80. Gus Cichoski

      Is there a version of TrueImage for the world?

    81. markustegelane

      diskpart is a command line partitioning tool built into Windows

    82. LieutenantAtrex

      Wannacry ransomware: HA! I steal your files Acronis: I have a better name and NO U

    83. Forzafan456

      0:15 alright imma get vmware

    84. Obama

      Win win... U get 600 bux and dont need to pay....

    85. Dan.Ungureanu

      does this software work with already infected computers? .. i screwed up big time you guys

    86. Anonym 123


    87. confeti youtube 2

      You DO NOT TRY THIS Me UH In VIRTUAL Machine

    88. confeti youtube 2


    89. TraxYT

      This is why I use Adblock Plus

    90. Mixup 221

      Was this entire video an ad

    91. Nam Phuong

      Imagine wasting your skill on creating a malware instead of making an AI that can hack nuke code

    92. tirlux -caster-

      2:57 he said big oof omg

    93. GodnFIRE yt

      2 months before have downloaded a highly compressed windows 10 in that file there is a setup when I have istalled the setup after some time my all files get encrypted my all game files all are encrypted I have almost 100 to 150 game sin my pc all get destroyed when I reserched about that is was and ransomeware virus which is encrypting my all file with ".mzlq" so what can I doo

    94. Naul Freakraler

      This is why i downgraded to windows 7 Windows defender is so gay

    95. Sapphire Legends

      I would have used VMware so that I don't waste $500 dollars.

    96. Typical Drixpy

      Where did Linus's virginity go? It ransomware

    97. Gina Tilley

      Acronus is really cool 😎

    98. JK ASH

      Ive bean looking for this thanks linus I have ransom ware called aimp2.exe and it doesn't uninstall

    99. Ass Holes

      I feel like I watched a 7 min long ad

    100. SexCannonMusic

      2023 and i still love showcases