Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu (Official Video)

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    Listen to ‘deja vu’ out now: OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/dejavu​
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    Co-starring - Talia Ryder
    Shop the deja vu collection: smarturl.it/oliviarodrigoshop
    Director - Allie Avital
    Production Co. - SMUGGLER x north of now
    Executive Producer - Elizabeth Doonan
    Creative Producer - Daniel Yaro
    Producer - Matisse Gaillard
    Assistant Director - Lynna Baculo
    Cinematography - Logan Triplett
    Steadicam - Renard Cheren
    Gaffer - Cole Pisano
    Grip - Colin Stoye
    Art Director - Jake Tremblay
    Production Designer - Natalia Brito
    Editor - Lindsey Nadolski
    Colorist - Kaitlyn Battistelli
    VFX - B.Art VFX
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    Instagram: oliviarodrigo
    Twitter: Olivia_Rodrigo
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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing deja vu. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. Stefano Minardi

      Ok so everyone is twerking Im just aggresively singing

    2. Annie oopsy

      I'm so touched by every of her songs💔💃

    3. haha haha

      New songgg 🎵🎵🎵🎵

    4. Jin Lu

      The laugh is😳

    5. cresxendo

      can anyone please help me differentiate if this is olivia rodrigo or taylor swift singing on 1:04 ?? she literally sounds like taylor swift 😭

    6. Czai Cutang

      the fact i get deja vu listening to this song

    7. drei

      *inverted twerking*


      this song make me remeber a relationship i had when i never had it

    9. Душан Мила

      Thank you! 😘🥰

    10. Carolina Oleiro

      I can’t stop listening to this

    11. Suheb Ashlir

      Her voice is so soft

    12. Wai hang Fong

      speed up to 1.25x, trusttttt

    13. Eren

      Who else searched for Anime music?

    14. Diana Santos


    15. Laura

      we've all been there

    16. Dora

      And she is only 18:)

    17. SS harmony

      I like her songs but I will always believe sabrina

    18. Friska Aulia

      ga simetris

    19. isa

      ur talent- dead

    20. isa

      to presa aqui

    21. Christine J

      I wonder if the French are annoyed by the fact that deja vu is written without the accents 😆

    22. Allyson

      Why is there the real Olivia and then ghost Olivia in some of the video??

      1. Rommel Gonzales

        someone runs in the background wearing white, just like what Olivia's wearing kinda creepy

    23. Dylancy l

      2:14 ahhhh "i love you"

    24. Justin Bieber


    25. Cf Haasbroek

      Happy twerking

    26. nct yelyah

      *Twerking aesthetically*

    27. c.llective._world

      I think this is the idea of the story. So she used to be dating this perfect man, and she introduced him to her friend. It was like love at first sight, and he didn't really feel it for his partner. (I'm just going to say Olivia, since she made the song lol.) The reason why she says "But you get Deja vu" is because that Deja vu is when you feel like your reliving the same scene. (Like you've been there before, but you cant clearly remember.) So whenever hes with the new girl (Now dating, and left Olivia in the dust) he goes to different places and he feels like hes been there but he has brief memories. He doesn't realize how broken he is after she betrayed Olivia, only because of the new girl. Edit: Also, I know the mv is about friendship, so please don't spread hate. I'm just saying that the song itself just reminds me that.

    28. Chotie

      After playing it continuously for two days, I have memorized the lyrics

    29. Bow Wow

      2:06 someone wearing white is running behind Olivia's back.😂

      1. Rommel Gonzales

        that's creepy ,I saw that too

    30. Araa Putri

      i hate when everyone hates the lyrics while i enjoying this song

    31. S s

      This hurt hard even when you don't have a partner

    32. Yvonne Andres


    33. Muring Ndi

      Guys i dont get it when did she twerk???

    34. Sophie Chamat

      pov : olivia's songs come on the radio me : DO U GET DEJA VU! *voice crack

    35. Muring Ndi

      This is literally a be continued of drivers license sorry for spelling

    36. eyooitsmels

      The lyrics is so petty lol don't act like you are the most hurtful person in the world

      1. eyooitsmels

        but the song still good to listen

    37. Diana El Safadi

      Anyone realise that at 2:10 after she says 'In between the chorus and the verse', she whispers, 'i love you' really softly

    38. sim sinic

      I love how she said „ I love you ” at 2:14 Favorite scene🎶🙈

    39. //star sea


    40. //star sea

      Why do I feel like crying after listening to this

    41. qh

      So when you gonna tell her 🎶🦎

    42. Andy Novak


    43. kayla stander


    44. CHARMS

      The lyrics are so true

    45. annaya nashmia

      if beaches & ice cream had a song

      1. annaya nashmia

        @can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato yesss

    46. Strawberry Muffin

      Yeah Olivia loves car😌😌😌

    47. who is darren dummy?

      Olivia is so good

    48. honest reviews with jennie

      Bruh can someone explain why y'all filled the comment section with *_twerking_*

    49. Taylor Lover

      I really really wanna buy Olivia's EP but my father's salary has been decreased due to Corona and I can't really ask him to buy it for me, I swear that one day, I'm gonna be a successful woman and buy all her and Taylor's albums

    50. albrrttt

      how petty could she be 🤡

    51. Matila Oksanen

      The fact she said actor.

    52. LUMINA WANGs

      why is everyone twerking? *sad twerking*

    53. Kashalakasha

      Every song is outstanding let us BREATHE

    54. rell

      gives me girl in red vibes

    55. George Ron


    56. George Ron


    57. Haizel Cordova

      Still the girl? I mean when you going to stop it, you just use the drama lol, girl stop “paining” malcriada

    58. George Ron


    59. George Ron


    60. Princess Diane Fernandez

      The Rodrigo we're all proud of! ✨

    61. Eduarda Martins

      man I felt Olivia's pain

    62. ensi tea just want some milk

      ok guys but i need a list of clothes that she wore in the MV

    63. Renee georgia E.

      And I’m the only one weakly twerking

    64. Nadhira Revolis 19TEP1013

      omg gurl, who hurt you? 😭

    65. Taylin Thompson

      Is it just me or does that girl kinda look like sabrina 🤔 btw I love this songgg

      1. can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato

        Olivia? Or the other Girl

    66. Maisie and Mia Games

      No hate but she defo listened to Billie eilish before making this 😃

    67. better than you

      So are you moving on yet? Or ?

    68. Nan Sam

      Been living this song for the past year

    69. bubburitos

      i don’t know if she mentioned it before BUT I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE OTHER GIRL

    70. Anna Presty

      literally every comment has something to do with twerking

    71. Liow yong Sheng

      strawberry ice cream ~

    72. sk matrix

      I am going to be honest, I did not like driver's license, but I really do love this because it's literally so true, like it's not like people change their style when they find someone new. There's a reason you like someone for who they are.

    73. Elika Ramadhani

      I don't even know who Billy Joe is

    74. Red Panther

      I want to see a Porsche in your next music video.

    75. Wiam Mohammed

      I didn’t like driver license but this one ☝️ girl is fire 🔥 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    76. Nicole Dominique Foja

      The lyrics as well as the concept of the music video are brilliant!

    77. Tia kh54

      Stop amazing!!!!!

    78. Sunita Aggarwal

      the people who says "twerking" aren't really twerking :)

    79. Braulio Martínez

      Olivia:we kinda do sound the same My head: Olivia /sabrina 👁️👄👁️

    80. Big PP


    81. Scarlett T

      **sad pansexual twerking**

    82. Luddy XD

      Assumptive twerking

    83. Radhika Diksha

      Even I want a talent like yours, to write about my feelings and about my ex.

    84. justpottah

      I'm in love with her voice! This is killing me that I can't sing as well as Olivia, but I can dream! I just need to figure out how to make music for my lyrics I write...

    85. Kyrsten Paige

      I feel like this song is about a girls ex has a new gf and she does everything she did and she saying like hey you probably think you did this before because we did that that was our thing of that makes sense

    86. Ezzaty Ameera

      Me : wondering why does the people in the comment are twerking but still wanna join twerking too 😂

    87. success stories

      Why is everyone talking about twerking in every other music video these days hahahaha

    88. peaxys :D

      deja vu twerking

    89. Lekisha Sharan

      Everyone: *sad twerking* Me: *sad twerking*

    90. Radio UP's

      olivia is proudly using her drivers license in this video

    91. Trashekko

      2:13 is when she says "i love you"

    92. Kirsty Johnson

      🌟 Her music just gets better and better 🌟

    93. Addilyn Ling

      I literally love ur voice. Its so relaxing and calm.

    94. WesternMass EAS

      Holy shit this is soothing af. I’m a 14 year old male and I enjoy this

    95. gayane maghakyan

      Ok i dont really understand what happened at the end but it was interesting

    96. c. christyon

      wait so the other girl his copying liv ? & doing everything she did, so that’s why she’s asking do they get deja vu?

      1. ningningie


    97. amal khairunnisa

      Not twerking

    98. Vanessa Cristina Facchinelli Viloria

      omg i lovet deja vu im, fan

    99. Kimberly Marysol

      No puedo sacar está canción de mi mente!

    100. Lovely Elle

      Anthem of the pitty exes.. who can't move on. She's beautiful I hope she can move on to this phase of her life and wright songs other than ex.. and what the hell have they been doing 😂. I love the tone so refreshing.. I just don't like the lyrics and how she undervalue the experience of the new relationship.. she's no longer part of. .

      1. ASHAYA

        @Lovely Elle lol someone dumps u suddenly u write multiple songs going thru the motions and all or a sudden ur an ex who cant move on ?? songwriting is about being vulnerable and i love that she embraces her truth so openly, the new relationship has NOTHING to do with her so undervaluing the other twos experience isnt her concern, she has a right to be upset and luckily shes a singer so she has a healthy outlet to do so, if u like her voice like it and keep it pushing no point stressing about what chooses to write on is there ? shes gonna write what she wants without ur approval anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️

      2. ASHAYA

        this is literally her SECOND song from her personal music journey .....and it only seems that way because we know all 3 people involved lol we usually only know 1 or 2 out of 3, olivia JUST started and if that is how she felt at the time then so be it 😂 u dont like the lyrics but its in the top 10 so clearly a shit ton more people like it 🤷🏽‍♀️ there will be time for liv to sing about other things when she is INSPIRED to, she had just gone thru a huge break up shortly before going to start the album obviously most songs on there will reflect that. also she is not giving bitter ex vibes she had a right to talk about anything she personally felt about the whole thing whether its anger jealously or sadness its literally normal for EVERY song writer and yall are trippin hard lol like yall are basically trlling saying ignore the best source of writting inspo she could have and instead write something that has nothing to do with her ? bye

      3. Lovely Elle

        @ASHAYA ahmm miss beautiful. I don't think you understand my comment . I'm pertaining to the " writing songs about exes phase".. her song and her image are clearly marketed as the " pitty ex" can't move on. Sure she moved on. Like what I said.. this song is like an anthem of a pitty person who can't move on. Well depending on the person listening..

      4. ASHAYA

        @Lovely Elle babes ... do u not understand the song writing / production /music video process ? the song was WRITTEN a year ago recorded and picked by september the music video was most likely filmed late last year early this year, right now in the present she has moved on from this, but her album is just releasing so to YOU its feels like shes dwelling on it .

      5. Lovely Elle

        @ASHAYA We'll that's the thing.. this was made a year ago .. but the music video show's a girl who look identical to Sabrina carpenter. . Don't tell me the music video is one year to make too.😅 Well you're right there's a lot of songs that has been wrote already.nothing left to put out there to catch attention .. I mean she could capitalized this drama after all right.? Is that you mean. We'll she's a young girl, beautiful and talented. one year less my age. It's just that lyrics just doesn't sit right with me.. it's like this toxic friend I have in highschool that keep on stalking he's ex and his new girl.. and bashing things they do cause they did it first. And passive agreesively humiliating them.. it's just not right.