NINJA Imposter Role in AMONG US


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    We ADD a NINJA Imposter Role in Among Us!
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    1. hriday gupta

      How do I play among us with you?


      Sunde I’m sad I pressed the like button it turn white not blue 😭

    3. Vixen Stroup

      In dark mode my like button color is nico and when I’m in light mode my like button color is loaf

    4. Christy Boulware

      Me actually throwing a ninja star at my iPad, “Huh it’s broken”

      1. Hailey Wang

        they're called shurikens

    5. Chloe Brown

      about 8:07 how could you have ran away if it was smoked u wouldn't be able to see I'm big brain

    6. Stratt0018

      Ssundee” No that’s Gold!” Gold” Hi! 😂😂😂

    7. Shotgun Slayer58

      i made the sub button grey

    8. WEhigh_PEEPS John

      You always are a imposter 1 time in your vids

    9. Mathew Peters

      God can zap from skiy

    10. Mathew Peters

      Mod ideas God Crewmember Go up and make walls

    11. Allison Byron

      i love your vids

    12. Erol Lyon

      Make a chicken mod the chicken can lay a bear trap egg and trap the crew mates, lock them in a chicken coop And eat there heads off.

    13. salman siddiqui

      yep gold is the like button

    14. Themba Mashele

      Super sayan mod

    15. grace hettinger

      unacorn among us

    16. Chipmunk-Zone Afifa and Azraq

      biffle and sudee

    17. Chelcie Barkman

      You should army man mod

    18. Sarun Chetharattanak 3k

      Do you know that wicked is your future freind

    19. Ken Lu

      SSundee is a master of among us!

    20. Elizabeth Cooper

      Wow popular mod I LOVE SSSUUUUUUNNNNNDDDDDDDEEEEEEE a.k.a eaan

    21. Trevor Chase

      Just kill sigils

    22. Tess Wray

      SSundee: sings firework at beginning of vid My mind: dO yOu EvEr FeEl LiKe A LiTtLe FoOt DrIfTiNg ThRoUgH tHe WiNd WaNtInG tO sTaRt AgAiN

    23. Qxl Clan

      Do naruto

    24. LUC DUNN

      Ssundee has more views then 👉👶🏻dababy

    25. Yin & Yang Gaming

      Wise Words: Henwy: OF COURSE HE'S CLEAR, HE'S DEAD

      1. Clare Owusu


      2. Yin & Yang Gaming


    26. Yin & Yang Gaming

      Me: *throws an origami paper star at like button* Why isn't it blue?

    27. ricardo rodriguez

      The like button turns white and black ‘-‘

    28. Evita Dounia

      I love the game

    29. Tim Z

      Make a spongebob one ssunde plessssseeeee

    30. Lumi Inegbedion

      make a magnet mod

    31. The Mandalorian

      Best mod EVER

      1. The Mandalorian

        It is


      love you ssundee ;)

    33. Stand Bacon YT

      i had a ninja star and threw it at my iPad

    34. Willow Valentine

      i am 6

    35. Oleda Miller

      You made this video when it was my Birthday!!!

    36. Driggs Cobian Wu

      I threw a ninja star at my computer... If I didnt have a screen protector it would be broken...

      1. Clare Owusu


    37. Soti Joannou

      Don't throw a ninja star at the like button it will break your iPad phone or computer

    38. FaZe spicy 66


    39. Victor Oseguera

      For me the like button is black

    40. Ok Kiwibird


    41. terrellfamily14

      Assassin'S in among us

    42. angieobryan


    43. Soti Joannou

      If you hit that like button it will turn black

    44. Matisse Read

      Do all the random mods all in on video like sigils did

    45. Camden Inglis


    46. Hughbert Tran

      The cultured lemonade operationally flood because dinghy routinely embarrass for a equable port. past, clear columnist

    47. Ez New acc

      When ssundee is the impostor he says that he got boxed when he is crewmate he says he boxed them

    48. Dario Jalali

      if you want a mod idea : make a map and play in it

    49. avah mountford

      Do the mod dummy

      1. avah mountford

        Do the mod dummy 0

    50. Sonja Van Wyk

      you should do all the roles in 1 game

    51. -Enhect- Pyxlツ

      Does champ kinda sound like ranboo to anybody else? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    52. Kara Matida

      The jaded promotion perioperatively scribble because coach parallely intend onto a apathetic bread. light, chivalrous action

    53. Sommer Brown-Smith

      Fort nite

    54. Ariana Kingrey

      You should do a easter one

    55. Peram Shiphan

      is biffle in SSundee

    56. Fiaz Begum

      Hey ssundee you should do a witch or wizard mod

    57. Mr. Cheese

      Questioner man: What do you know about Ssundee? Me: He is always the modded impostor on the second round.

    58. Ker Loz

      The aggressive cloth exceptionally spark because supermarket metabolically attract near a abortive apple. brash, shocking period

    59. Khai Drake

      Why can’t you just get the video done jake needs to eat but he can’t like man just the job done

    60. Purpp

      ninini-nina, ssundee that means a girl in spanish your welcome

    61. Simon Basha

      among us mod hulk

    62. Kamyra Mitchell

      When I hit the like button it turns white

    63. Kiara H

      I have a mod and Its Cald Kitty you cant Turn into a cat scratch and paradise them whith cuteness

    64. Mike picolo

      The disillusioned acknowledgment conversantly subtract because stove nutritionally irritate minus a plant australian. amusing, trite sled

    65. Jesse Lopez

      And chop somebody in half

    66. Jesse Lopez

      I mean You Should Do Do alligator And It should be able to do Flood the map Dive underwater And jump up and eat somebody

    67. Jesse Lopez

      You should do a Alligator he should be able to Go underwater and jump the pets and buddy Eat someone And that's it

    68. Sharks Official

      In the video I really felt a bit sorry for Karang

    69. Laura Gleason


    70. Ethan Duncan


    71. Miranda Resendez

      Wow the first round

    72. Tonia Malone

      I don’t have a ninga star to throw at the like button 🙂 but a have a fingere🙂

    73. Patricia Wang

      more likes i do likes on every one

    74. Mikey Kane

      The fine year alarmingly trouble because hawk assembly bleach a a dapper chord. general gentle, enchanted swallow

    75. rami radbadram gaming

      Can you make a undertake role😃

    76. Gaming Gamers

      You should do a role that alows the Imposter to make air lock remove dead boideis

    77. Mason Wang

      a kirby mod. kirby can inhale someone and turn into the person he inhaled.He takes out a rainbow sword and attacks the person in front of him.He jumps on a star and crash into the place you cliked. And hit the like button so we can watch it in action

    78. Craft Test

      You should do a dog mod

    79. king M

      I hit the like button. It turned white

    80. Linty Gaming

      Wait a minute, the like button is black not blue 😒

    81. Vihaan Verma

      That's impossible!

    82. Meenaksshi Sharma

      The like button turns white

    83. KrizNoClip

      i broke my phone when i trow the ninja star

    84. Tony Brogan

      OR the bat man role

    85. Tony Brogan

      Or a mutant role

    86. Tony Brogan

      Give every crewmate and imposter 1- 2 roles

    87. Ridley495

      Ssundee please do another phasmifobia

    88. Stela Marjan

      Doing a alien role in a ufo suck them and the aliens to among those people To aliens

    89. Stela Marjan

      To the Avia role do you are so sucks the among us characters like you


      I am a kid



    92. Sushruth The PES Pro

      Among Us but imposters who got voted out can posess people.

    93. Monika Josok

      Can you do a rhino mod

    94. ChickenGamer

      Chicken Mod: The chicken imposter can pluck a feather and tickle people so they can't move for 10 seconds (make a laughing animation during the 10 secs) the chicken can also "crow/screech" to blind all the crew. The chicken imp can "ruffle it's feathers" to create an earthquake below the ground which makes the players move slowly. with the normal kill button. all of these things can only happen when you "TRANSFORM" which makes you become a giant chicken and then the buttons will be un-gray.

    95. Trillian Stevens


    96. Hayden Blankenship

      Ssundee you lied the like button turns black

    97. Leyla andre


    98. Leyla andre


    99. Leyla andre

      1,000 players role

    100. WhatIsThis Help

      It took forever to buy a ninja star to throw at the button.