We are One | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021

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    Tune in for We Are One, a celebration of the accomplishments of the African-American and black community and the historic inauguration of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
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    1. tiktok delisi x

      channel ma I wait for you.

    2. Rebecca Z

      Worst content ever 😂

    3. Glastonbury Risen

      we are the people, get all these inauguration videos deplatformed simply by NOT LIKING all of them, bad ratings get them removed.

    4. Savage Pence ES

      We've already got a N mayor, we dont need anymore N bigshots. - Joe Biden

    5. MattsCallOptionBrief !

      This all seems so fake, sad how the democrats take advantage of the black community to keep them voting in the herd mentality, we need to break away from dem and republicans. 🇺🇸

    6. George Ensor


    7. Drive 99

      Fake likes

    8. Dayd Fuck Google

      Illegitimate President

    9. Sharp Sniper

      I think I got more sleepy than communist Joe, watching this video. If that's even possible.

    10. Leslie Andrews

      Open season on liberals begins today!!!!

    11. Leslie Andrews

      We will never make peace with liberals... we are going to give you what you gave us for 4 years... but much worse...

    12. Jordan Esquivel

      boo biden boooooooooooooooooooooooo biden Trump 2021

    13. Zichen Miao


    14. Gee Zee


    15. Avoid PeRil

      18% of population representing 80% of this video What happened white bros?

    16. ZEN Christafarian


    17. John Doe

      Biden: I love black people.

    18. DAVID Alvarado

      🎉 China joe 🇨🇳 yeahhhhh you did it !! 👍👍👍👍👍

    19. shane tyler

      The only respect I have for Joe Biden is that he left the comment section open

    20. Eternal Typhoon

      Stacey Abrams really doesn't like it when you point out that she looks like Fat Albert.

      1. mister62085

        Hey Hey Hey

    21. Faethon

      Ohhhhh boyyyy, I SURE am looking forward to these next four years. /s

    22. Agent Smith

      Everyone Ready for WW3 in 4 years?

      1. shane tyler

        WW3 will be against the CCP but, I reckon Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo will happen before then

    23. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "If you can't change your fate, change your attitude."-Charles Revson TERRANCE OUT

    24. Ann Sanchez

      Satanic demons in the White House I rebuke him in the name of Jesus

      1. Bored Link


    25. Ann Sanchez

      A cheater for president

    26. Jimmy Chen

      LOL. biden has few supporters

    27. Shawn S.Beats


    28. sav savron


    29. sav savron


    30. James Joe

      Not my president

    31. margaret thomason

      What a missed opportunity and disappointment. Too much talking ... DJ Nice, Dr. Allen, Terrence and some of speakers should have been limited to 30 seconds or edited out. Performers and videos were excellent. Celebrate Americans pulling together to elect Joe Biden as president. Wish Stacy Abrams had kicked off the event. She has earned the right and speaks for all people. Glad some have made it but the Graduation rate for HBCU is 34 percent or lower. What's the problem?

    32. Bill Bob

      Gonna go take a Joe and wipe my Biden.

    33. ET Nem

      I used to be a white male Trump supporter... But... Officially today I now identify as a transgender undocumented immigrant person of color... So can I please get free stuff and special privileges? Thank you for your understanding! Congrats to Biden and Harris on their TOTALLY fair and honest election results! 81 million votes? Great job!

    34. C G VIDEOS Via paw paw Guthrie

      We are not 1! Thanks Democrats

    35. He Who Shall Not Be Named

      Joe Biden is the puppet of Beijing.

    36. He Who Shall Not Be Named

      Wow, the comments are still up? How long till they get yeeted like Parlor I wonder? 🤔

    37. Malcolm Little

      Black Power

    38. Prince Gaming

      didnt Biden say the n word at a meeting before

    39. UMBRA

      Not everyone in America is black.

    40. Dareal Derek1

      Sub to me:)

    41. New Normal World Order

      *”We are One”* What does that _really_ mean?

    42. James Jones

      This was boring. These songs are flat and stiff. Wack like Biden

    43. Roberto

      "if you don't vote for me you ain't black

    44. Dr. Pepper

      when biden has been ignoring blm ever since getting the sheep vote

    45. Phil Phil

      Joe biden, Harris and their entire little group won't be uniting us they're going to be separating us,

    46. trutH seruM

      I pray for UNITY... but I think he is too weak! The PURGE is coming...

    47. Trevurr


    48. Tony

      Wish you the biggest 4 years of failure and no usa economy.

    49. jrodak

      Hey HUgets! You're going to need to reset the like/dislike ratio again. The peoples true will is shining through again.

    50. Jason Krane

      That’s a lot of dislikes. Hopefully there will be more soon.

    51. Marvin Lewis

      We Are One is a tribute to all of the HBCU'S and historically Black fraternities and sororities. Vice-President Kamala Harris is a graduate of an HBCU and an AKA. This is the "We" who are "One".

    52. Joy Planta

      Today’s presidential festivities are the best. Watched all over the world, they are about people celebrating the people power which toppled the previous administration at the polls, and many had helped by getting the word out that folks vote. And today talented artists, musicians and citizens did their bit to contribute to a dignified inaugural.

      1. Sha Shanuka

        😂 😂

    53. Imagine

      "And celebrations burst out across The Biden Plantation..." 😂

    54. David Sword

      Impeach 46

    55. SEA QUEST-R


    56. Brody Stoltze

      Corn pops a bad dude Joe Biden new leader of the free world

    57. HyperFlexs

      6.2K Dislikers Trump Supporter

    58. Brody Stoltze

      Our country needs to look toward Jesus Christ to save this country not man! Joe Biden is gonna lead us straight to destruction!!

    59. Cinde Arbuckle


    60. Feltal

      The most popular president ever is so popular that he has to fake views on his inauguration to fake popularity and disable comments and hide the inauguration on The White House page because the like-dislike ratio is so bad.

    61. True_exiled

      "We are one" "we need diversity" all three people at the beginning are black hmm doesn't look diverse to me

    62. CannoliCrusaderTV


    63. Yasmeen Kharboush

      90% of comments: wow they left comments open!! 9% of comments: random things.... That one percent/ aka me HUMBA LA BUMBA

    64. Jose Rose

      Wonderful 💘

    65. Kim Smith

      SW Houston in the house!

    66. xxo ava


    67. Michael Lara


      1. KaiSketchez

        even after the capital riot? Disgusting.

    68. Darth Nihilus

      He is gonna send me to a reeducational camp i can feel it.

    69. Daneisha Roman

      Ummm.. this ➡️ The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, commonly referred to as the 1994 Crime Bill, the Clinton Crime Bill,or the Biden Crime Law,is an Act of Congress dealing with crime and law enforcement; it became law in 1994. It is the largest crime bill in the history of the United States and consisted of 356 pages that provided for 100,000 new peace officers, $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and $6.1 billion in funding for prevention programs, which were designed with significant input from experienced police officers.

    70. Bobby Schmelz

      Why does everyone call trump a racist when Biden wanted blacks to got to a different school than whites Biden is the real racist

    71. Ryan Tripp

      I can't believe that Biden didnt burst into flames when he touched the bible

    72. Nocturnakind

      We are one, really!? One what? One big happy gang of communists??

    73. Batman Wayne

      This video is a prime example of how this country will become a craphole!!

      1. patterson adaiah


    74. Batman Wayne

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... A video called "we are one" but has only black people commenting in it.

    75. Brandon Mcmullan

      Most rigged election in United States History.

      1. stefan johnson

        Amen. Or is that Awoman...I forget....but so does Joe.

    76. Sug Madic

      One Nation under Chyna with persecution and enslavement for all

    77. Itz Swifty

      Segregation via skin color...ray cyst. And you all know it's true..,book burners, statue history snuffers. Joe sniffin ain't my prez legally trump1

    78. Shad Rock

      It doesn't feel very uniting

    79. Secrets Of Meditation

      Fun fact: everyone else including me who is commenting right now hasn’t even watched half the video yet.

      1. patterson adaiah

        Right everyone's being so political and not actually focusing on the performances and the actual purpose of the video smh

    80. Kickin

      Only authoritarian bootlickers like Ol' Crime Bill Biden and his cackling prosecutor VP.

    81. you should stan stray kids

      Why is the comment section open

    82. Bruce Craft

      Trump 2024

    83. bluecheesegrader

      I saved 15% switching to geico on my car insurance...

    84. Avigail


    85. Joby Jeffrey

      Trump won 2020

    86. Joby Jeffrey

      Trump won 2020

    87. Vrice See

      Let me sum it up for you, Loong video. " we love black people "-Biden, Harris

      1. Sha Shanuka


    88. Claire Davis

      Remember the Constitution of the United States Joe. No mandates and let us have free will.

      1. Caden H

        Considering that face of yours I HOPE he mandates mask usage

    89. Yi Hang Chen

      Wow i never realized the importance of a person to sign language for the deaf people

    90. ChiBot

      Keep checking my account Joe. Where’s my 2k?

      1. davidsquall351

        your gonna give it to blm right? das rasis if not

    91. davidsquall351

      I feel the reeducation setting in guys..... ah healing

    92. dane great

      $h1t eating th1e√€s

    93. Brian Koenig

      What a joke biden and harris

    94. SB Gaming

      The week of inauguration I found out me and my wife are having a baby. None of this could of happened without Obama but I know Biden and Harris will build on it. Thank you.

    95. 伊瑞

      American is over

    96. J R

      My sincerest hope that both he (and Kamala Harris) fail so spectacularly, that A-list celebrities, Network Television, Cable and Social Media Outlets won't be able to convince anyone otherwise

    97. The Defaults


    98. blueblade455

      Any bets on how long it will be when they kick Joe out and throw Harris in the drivers seat?

      1. Sha Shanuka

        I say two to three months

      2. Jew Tube

        No need. Joe Biden is basically gonna be another w. Bush who got elected on name and his cabinet will do all the ruling.

    99. Energyfl00d

      Jospeh Stealin

    100. OG Farts

      Looks Like a Circus With All them clowns

      1. Darth Nihilus

        @FiFi wow never heard that one before, oh wait nevermind i have over thousand times.

      2. FiFi

        Hey no need to describe yourself