Joshua Bassett - Only A Matter Of Time (Official Video)

Joshua Bassett

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    Director: Keenan O'Reilly
    Production Company: Two Bridges Film
    DP: Andrew Shankweiler
    Colorist: Jacob McKee
    Grooming: Ariel LaFontaine
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    Look me in the eyes
    Tell me you're not lying to me
    See through your disguise
    You can't keep on hiding from me
    Time to make it right
    So why are you still sayin' I'm wrong?
    Well it's only a matter of
    Time to set it straight
    Time to tell the world that you've been lying on my name
    Doing what you want and think you're gonna get away
    Well I'll leave it up to fate for now
    But it's only a matter of
    An eye for an eye you'll go blind
    When did you stop being kind?
    You twisted your words like a knife
    Well I'm sure that you're hurting
    But why would you make your pain mine?
    You're making me pay for your crimes
    Well darling I'll be fine
    But it's only a matter of
    It ain't over yet
    You can't tear me down and act like I will just forget
    When karma comes around then you'll be drowning in regret
    But it's not about revenge tonight
    No it's only a matter of
    An eye for an eye you'll go blind
    When did you stop being kind?
    You twisted your words like a knife
    Pick myself up off the floor you can't hurt me
    No more of this endless charade
    I'm not playing your game
    You can say what you like
    Doesn't mean that you're right
    Are you glad you got that out
    Do you feel better now?
    Do you feel better now?
    An eye for an eye you'll go blind
    When did you stop being kind?
    You twisted your words like a knife
    Well I'm sure that you're hurting
    But why would you make your pain mine
    You're making me pay for your crimes
    Well darling I'll be fine
    But it's only a matter of time
    #JoshuaBassett #OnlyAMatterOfTime

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    1. Elianna Bravo

      idc about no drama all i know is that this song is just amazing. hes so talented i swear-

    2. Pinkypie311

      He has a talent Blinking only his left eye

    3. rmass

      omg I really felt the lyrics WHAT A GREAT SONG !!!

    4. Renée Ashley Olivia Theodore Regis

      Why does this give me such good vibes???

    5. Abbey Oliphant

      I haven't related to a song as much as this, it is amazing and certainly underrated. Joshua you are an amazing musician and your music has touched me so thank you!

    6. Luna Ramos

      im super mad at you, joshua bassett... but i cant help falling in love with this song 🎶

      1. Luna Ramos

        bc of all that happened with olivia, y’know?

      2. Aaron JudgeFan

        why are you mad it him? and yes i agree this song is incredible

    7. agustingg08 Cazador65

      I still ship oliva and him

    8. Lacey

      yo why he look like joe from blues clues

      1. Lacey

        @Aaron JudgeFan im not hating or anything i love him but bro he do....

      2. Aaron JudgeFan

        how many times are you gonna comment this... lmfao shut up

    9. Brianna Shepherd


    10. Orianny V Oduber

      this shit is a bop gl, all drama aside these people is giving us tea and great music so im not complaining

    11. Jacidelafuente 22

      i'm obsessed with this song

    12. angie harmon

      Who else is here after deja vu

    13. Briana Cronmiller

      He was dating a Pisces

    14. Waslat June

      this is actually the best song off the EP

    15. MK Evasco

      " when did you stop being kind?"

    16. Lucille Durgey

      Yo I'm inlove with this song

    17. Lucille Durgey


    18. Kidlets Hull

      Im on your side and if olive doesn't say sorry thats her loss

    19. Tahq 9

      i do really do think this is cool great i love olivea and you ok but like why does he go out of the camera ?

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        why not...?

    20. padio125ify

      okay your cute but your singing is just terrible

    21. Aaron JudgeFan

      i could listen to this song for hours. as a matter of fact... *i have*

    22. Rebeca DaSilva

      SO. GOOD.

    23. Skyplaysroblox423 4 life

      Ummm why is this song so good lol.


      hey you! yes you! you silly! don’t scroll please :) ik that you’re hurting inside ik that it feels like things will only get worse but please remember: *you are loved *drink water *eat today, and eat well *you are valuable *you are beautiful/handsome *you are important *treat yourself nicely *make sure you GENUINELY smile today *you matter too *how you feel matters *you are amazing *stop trying to please others *be happy with who you are *you ARE enough tell yourself these on a daily basis, because i love you, even if you’re only a stranger :)

    25. Bryanna Davidson

      Deserves more hypeeeee such a good song

    26. Bryanna Davidson

      This deserves more hype than drivers license honestly. Lyrics hit different.

    27. camila coutinho


    28. Angelica A

      Why is not in focus I can’t setting off my ocd

    29. Kharisma Clarke

      Wait he is singing in slomo which means that he had to sing super quickly.


      anyone who sees this..... please drink water, please eat today and know that you're loved, even when you feel hopeless, please keep fighting, if you feel like no one loves you in this world, that's okay because i do too...but guess what? i love you. so keep fighting, whether it's to stay alive, to stop cutting, to get out of an abusive relationship, an abusive household, etc... just keep fighting.. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH!

    31. Roshni Bajwa

      Why was a part of me scared he was gonna he run over by a train. 💀

    32. Melissa Olan

      No genuinely, does anyone else understand how perfect this song is? From the melody, the production and the lyrics? It’s genius

    33. Melissa Olan

      This song is brilliant, i can’t stop listening, the artistry is phenomenal

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        YESSS! it’s on repeat for me

    34. Maria Fernanda

      i love u

    35. Nelsi Cervantezzz

      1. Nelsi Cervantezzz

        @Aaron JudgeFan tas vein pendejo translate it

      2. Aaron JudgeFan

        @Nelsi Cervantezzz what does that even mean😭

      3. Nelsi Cervantezzz

        @Aaron JudgeFan CHILE- ANYWAY SO UM go watch baseball or sum lil roach

      4. Aaron JudgeFan


    36. Divya Sooklal


    37. Karizma 00

      I’m back this is beautiful ughhh

    38. Kyra Fowler

      Why does this give me ratatouille vibes-

    39. Haisal Judith Nabukenya

      The new Justin and Selena hahaha 😅😅 we see how it ends Joshua and Olivia 🤣🤣🤣😂

    40. Elbridge Robinson Jr

      I think this his best song. I love this Song the most

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        same here

    41. himalaya ahuja


    42. Gaya De

      Sounds really good ✌️

    43. Anaya Navarro

      So what what if he is, or isn’t a good person. No matter how you feel about him, it won’t change the fact that he was an amazing talent

      1. Anaya Navarro

        @Aaron JudgeFan I meant to say he “has” an amazing talent. Lol sorry. And I said that bc I don’t know much about him or the drama at all, and I didn’t want to make assumptions so that’s why I said if he is, or isn’t.

      2. Aaron JudgeFan

        what do you mean “was” lol. and he’s actually a very good person behind the scenes. he’s supported both girls music this whole time

    44. Amari Izquierdo

      Love your music!💜💙💝❤️

    45. Josué Nicolas

      this song is so addicting omg

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        tell me about it. it’s been on repeat since january 28th😫

    46. Lakshmi Ganesan

      Play this song in 1.25x speed! It’s good!!

    47. camila coutinho


    48. Heidi Paola Varela Preciado

      Me: let's see if I like the song. Me 3 seconds into it: what kind of magic is this I love this song! Also I think everything in the song is f*ckng magical :')

    49. ItsSteven

      Play it in 2x Speed and thats how it looks behind the scene lol

    50. Madison Bowton

      what about oliva

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        ok... what about her...?

      2. Gonewith the wind

        What about her

    51. Karoline

      Beautitul song💕

    52. juliaa garcia;

      This song is so good daaaaaam 😂🥺

    53. juliaa garcia;

      These vocals are amazing.

    54. mariah lynn

      the way hes singing this and staring at the camera feels like he's talking to me and im getting so insecure and sad PLSSSSSSSS

    55. Fernando González Criado 10N

      Love the song!

    56. Eli Velasquez

      Do u still like oliva and the truth casue if ur still brotherd by it then u do i now love trust me💜

      1. Gonewith the wind

        Who will love that girl and this song isn't even about her

    57. k

      man he's srsly talented

    58. Aaron JudgeFan

      i’m here for my daily listen

    59. Sandy Holmes

      There's a small pause after 1:45

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        ikr. it’s so odd yet it sounds so awesome. especially with headphones on

    60. Sandy Holmes

      I love his voice and the melody wow


      "why would you make your pain mine?" ....hurt people hurt people..


      when he goes "tiiiiiiiiime" it was so good...

    63. Melanie Martinez’s LEGENDARY CRY BABY

      This song is kinda giving me a little bit of a Tim Burton vibe (the audio though)

    64. Sofia the First

      Wow just wow🤩 I have no words Like if u are with me

    65. Yvette Ringang

      He looks like he could be Tom Holland’s Son-

      1. Yvette Ringang

        @Sofia the First No problem 🙃

      2. Sofia the First

        @Yvette Ringang thanks

      3. Yvette Ringang

        @Sofia the First Nice name

      4. Sofia the First


    66. Ari

      ok who hurt him??

      1. Gonewith the wind

        Olivia nd media

      2. Aaron JudgeFan

        social media unfortunately

    67. Maya Conway

      Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how absolutely beautiful him and his voice are?

    68. Dion Yates

      Is he still waiting for the train

      1. Sofia the First


    69. Ana Rita

      It's a crime that this song only has this amount of views!!!

      1. ariel villalon

        i dont what ur saying

    70. ED Tv

      I love you Joshua

    71. Itz_quinn

      Aside from all of the drama going on between him, Sabrina, and Olivia, All three of them are insanely talented it’s crazy.

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        i totally agree. they will be HUGE in few years

    72. Mina

      I just found my new crush (♡_♡)

    73. Jerusha Jaison

      Go listen to "I don't" by Johnny Orlando. It is the response to drivers license that we all wanted from Joshua from the start. "You dropped those letters on me hard... I'm not ready for this part ...We're having fun, ain't that enough?" is just like in HSMTMTS when Olivia says I love you to Joshua, but he wasn't ready for that part of the relationship and couldn't say it back. "Teardrops on your steering wheel" literally describe Olivia crying in her car because of Joshua. "Broken hearts are hard to heal" which is basically the whole story of the song drivers license. "Wish I could tell you what you want to hear But I can't control the way I feel" makes sense since Joshua loves Sabrina, he can't love Olivia.

    74. drooling star

      this song is so damn fucking good

    75. Andres

      this song means too much for me. Thanks

    76. Random Meowwws

      From this song we know Olivia fking lied and use them just for fame..

    77. Ariadna Alarcón Anca

      te amo

    78. Jeanette Annabelle Karo Karo Fernandez

      this is to sad bru

    79. Khushee Maniyar

      superb melody and perfect voice

    80. Elena Leaton

      Wow this is so good.❤️

    81. Liliah Altamirano

      "im sure that ur hurting inside" wow.. that hit hard

    82. james clare

      He reminds me of toby turner for some reason a younger version obviously 🙄

    83. keshavi salwan

      "when did you stop being kind" olivia being broken because of him and wondering when she stoped being kind

      1. Brooklyn

        this isn’t about olivia but go off 😂

    84. Justine Panis

      my man be lookin like edward from twilight 3:07

    85. Irene Maria Ruiz Solano


      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        yup😫 his management sucks, when was the last time they promoted one of his songs. he’s gotta fire them if he wants to be REALLY successful

    86. Aurelia Badica

      At the end he had a saliva bubble on his lip 😬 great song tho

    87. Nikolai Music

      Can we talk about the video making? He had to sing super slow to get the song in real time while slomo in the background

    88. isabella burgos

      who is tristan .____. im just here for the talented dude😂

    89. Ariadna Méndez

      please this song is so good, i'm dying

    90. Dana Alsaleh

      He's heaven. The way he looks at the camera, his hair, his voice.

      1. Maya Conway

        Heaven is HIM

    91. boi2222 boi

      Also send to sabrina and why u make that song in the car with a blonde gurl so u finna try and make Olivia jealous huh ik what's goin on sis I ain't some dumb shit my guy

    92. boi2222 boi

      Bc y'all know it's TRUE u just don't want to admit it bc ur scares what other ppl might think all tho this song hit different and its low key good I don't give a flying fuck still ain't ok for ya'll to be messin with fans like dat

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        what are you talking about...? just curious

    93. boi2222 boi

      Anyway nobody better hate on my comment bc u got another thing comin sis

    94. boi2222 boi

      The song still really good tho

    95. Aaron JudgeFan

      i’ll never get over the fact that lie lie lie got more attention than this gem😫 only a matter of time you deserve so much better smh


      this deserves more hype

    97. olivya asquith

      Why low key would he make a good spiderman

    98. Lena MacDonald

      This song gives me “golden slumbers” by the Beatles vibes

    99. Carlotta ARRIGONI

      You are lying 🤥

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        @Carlotta ARRIGONI what do you think he’s lying about... if you think that this song pertains to olivia, then you are in fact wrong. how about you shut up😚

      2. Carlotta ARRIGONI

        @Vlogs and More Umm excuse me who are you to tell me that he’s not lying I mean I can have my own thoughts so you can Shut up

      3. Vlogs and More

        Shut up 🤡