The US electrical system is not 120V

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    It's more than 120V. It's even more than the other 120V! It is the sum of the two (and sometimes a different two!) that makes us who we are. Learn about the US electrical system in this not-at-all snarky video!
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    1. Technology Connections

      One of these days I'll tidy up that wire... A minor note; the thing about 208 being 86.7% isn't right for simple resistive loads like heating elements. You'll actually only get 75% the heat on 208! Power (watts) goes up with the square of the voltage. But, if something is designed specifically for 208, you can pull up to 86.7% what you could on 240 with the same amperage.

      1. surveyguyor

        p.s. I am in the USA

      2. surveyguyor

        why do i get 480 at my heater supply when i replaced it? I think I know but I'm not sure.

      3. Mithrasboy

        @Jean-Pierre White I think what I meant is that it is unnecessary to plug the bugger in. The flex goes straight to a 30 amp box. Everything else requires a plug except ceiling lights.

      4. Jean-Pierre White

        @f off The breakerbox isn't in his bedroom. So he's golden.

      5. Jean-Pierre White

        @Mithrasboy Your oven is hardwired? Have they done away with the over sized oblong red switch adjacent to the oven that would isolate it?

    2. Ricardo Xavier

      300mA protection dont? LOL as while dont get the consume of the safety, always consuming electricity in case of light short circuit. Its not 240 ok, but anyways, no safety at all. I normaly work with 3x240 with and without neutral. Your system is only allowed here in industrial machines. Not buildings that citizens can touch and die...

    3. Andreas Riddering

      I am from Germany. Man. All your systems suck. Plus: our AirConditioning, stoves and dryers got 400V to work with cos every home has the three-phase-thingy with 240V on single wire to neutral and 400V between the wires. And you cant touch any hot parts of the plug. I always feel kinda unsafe plugging in things in the US. brrr.

    4. Jay Mac

      Lots of complaining about our plugs. I just don’t get it. I’m 19. I’ve been plugging things in for at least 15 of those years. Never have I been shocked by a US outlet. Yes, it would be a good idea to insulate the prongs, but it’s a little ridiculous to say that it’s necessary. The vast majority of us are taught how to be safe around electricity from a very young age. I don’t even know anyone who’s been shocked by an outlet. With a little common sense, even somewhat dangerous situations can be completely safe

    5. Michael Wallbrown

      my house is at 125V i have light bulbs that are turned on and of daily for over 10 years and appliances that are over 30 years old

    6. EИDERS

      If you are still wondering Julia Styles will tell you who Max Mouse is.

    7. Gary C

      In the Uk we leave the plugs in the socket and have a switch to turn it off. Then we do not get foot hazards or hurt our backs looking for the damn plug on the floor. regards

    8. BornFree

      Don't worry, the US will be a protectionist society soon enough too. If industry's political cronies can mandate things in the name of safety, the media and politicians will do it. "But what about the children...?" Look at what they did to the gas can,

    9. nigozeroichi2501

      At least you can't bludgeon someone to death with an American toaster plug, you'd have to use the toaster itself😁 those UK plugs are ENORMOUS!

    10. Chuck McDermott

      After listening to this I’m afraid to plug my toaster in.

    11. GeekMoto13

      when i went through electrician training, i got shocked a few times, thankfully it only went through my hand, but the voltages were always 120, i cant imagine what a 208 or 240 Volt jolt would have felt like, nor do i want to find out

    12. Alex S

      The 240V/15A electric dryers in the UK and Australia are nowhere near as effective as the 240V/30A US dryers. Just looking at the Whirlpool websites, Aussie spec has 2300W, US is 5400W. No wonder it takes 60-90 mins to dry a load of towels, in Australia they never get dry lol, gotta use the clothes line. I asked an electrician in Australia if it were possible to power a US dryer there, he said it would have to be hard wired into the wall.

    13. Alex S

      How much of a difference does the AC frequency make between the 50Hz and 60Hz systems?

      1. GH1618

        It also affects the efficiency and size of transformers.

      2. Alex S

        @mike sneath thanks for the clarification!

      3. mike sneath

        In the home very little. The main difference is electric motor speeds where the the speed is a function of frequency. If you look carefully at the nameplate / certification label on a piece of equipment it will often say 50/60Hz

    14. yes sir

      As a auto mechanic I've been shocked by car batteries more than I'd like to admit. Really it doesn't hurt much. Not like a Tesla coil.

    15. Goattacular

      The house I grew up in had not one, but two fuses for the main breaker, and each individual circuit had its own fuse, meaning touching a live plug - while painful (ask me how I know), the power is shut off damn near instantly. So yeah, we can get shocked if not careful (in my case, once was all it took for me to be super careful from then on), but we won't be killed. If Europeans are afraid of our electrical sockets, that's pretty fucking funny, because I reload bullets for fun, and have over 3 pounds of gunpowder sitting on a card table next to my TV. Plugging in a lamp is child's play. Life is dangerous. No one has ever been born and survived life; everyone dies eventually. While it is prudent to take certain steps to avoid an untimely death, if you go full bubble boy, then life no longer becomes worth living. America has figured out an electrical system that works for over 320,000,000 people. What European country can say the same? Our system is not perfect, but it's good enough to allow society to function on a scale Europe can only imagine. Heck, you guys couldn't even stick to a standardized currency, so it's pretty funny to hear Europeans criticize our standardized electrical system.

    16. Slop Sec

      So let me see if I got this right... 120 can kill me, but 240 kills me more. Right?

      1. Bill Elkins

        With 240 you can take someone with you.

      2. Korbin Adkins

        It kills you faster

    17. Michael Hansen

      First off I LOVED this video! So please don't be offended by the following. Awww thats cute... I see your puny 240V @ 2 phase TN system or 120V @ 1 phase. But our superior 230V @ 1 phase or 400V @ 3 phases are to be preferred IMO. Its also interesting that you have a 2P+N 200A supply, while a house here in Denmark will do just fine with a 3P+N 25A supply. Obviously AC and local heating isn't the norm here. Many houses have district heating and no AC. Your argument about the 120V being somewhat safer doesn't make any sense, since we use RCD breakers that will cut the power if the leak to ground is nearing 30mA for more than 20ms - And from my limited understanding your only protection is circuit breakers (correct me if im wrong) Here in the EU we only use the circuit breakers to protect the wiring and the equipment, while RCDs protect humans and animals. It would be interesting to hear a video on the 60Hz vs. 50Hz systems. - In general more videos comparing "yours" and "ours" electrical systems would be very interesting, at lest to me. All of this is written with a smile in the eye and i VERY MUCH enjoy your channel and it is very interesting to see the difference in electrical installations between the continents! Keep posting and educate us all! Much love all the way from Denmark! 1x230/3x400V @ 50Hz FTW ;)

      1. Bill Elkins

        So what do you have in your home that is not available in North America?

    18. Jakab Gergő

      The best part is that you cry like a bathing b*tch about your minimal 15A 120V, but if you want 230V 16A in your outlets, then just do it. You can do it, unlike in my grandma's house. It's exactly the same in my grandmas house. 230V 6A. Turn on hoover -> trip (instantly), Washing machine -> trip, Hair dryer -> trip, Iron -> trip and Chest freezer also trips (instantly). Most issues are caused because of inrush.

    19. John Smith

      I already knew all of this

    20. Jacob Sorensen

      So I learned from an electrician you can hold a hot wire without feeling anything but a potential 'buzz' from the frequency so long as you're not grounded (either to earth or to neutral). I often am too lazy to trip a breaker to switch out an outlet or light switch... my tip is to just disconnect the ground first and don't touch the neutral and hot at the same time and then connect the ground last. Is it potentially unsafe? Yes, will I get seriously hurt from it? Unlikely. My main question is about 3-4 phase electric motors. Are they 360v/480v respectively? How would you get that kind of power from a standard supply in the USA? Would you have to request the utility company install a second 2 phase drop? Thanks for the video!

    21. Nicholas Hunter

      Gas dryers work exactly like the forced air heaters in your other video. The gas is lit in a chamber, the heat from the chamber gets to the clothes, the fan removes excess heat, moisture and exhaust. They're fairly common especially as, like you said, gas is usually cheaper for heat

    22. Opie Twoep

      Great video. I would have added one thing. If a home is wired for 2 circuits it shares the natural. At least here in Cook county IL USA. So never discount the natural in a junction box. With the breakers on. You will make the 2 circuits 240 and burn out your tv

    23. craig small

      Love this, thanks!

    24. Gerald Wagster

      I knew this in the '60s in grade school. 4th grade 4H electric workbook.

      1. Tom Geldon

        Kids were much smarter back then. As a child in the early 70s I was already tinkering with electronics.

    25. Andrew Lust

      Interesting stuff. I touched both sides of a 120 volt circuit once (with one hand). Can confirm it is unpleasant.

    26. lrochfort

      One of the reasons we use ring mains/circuits in the UK is because it uses less copper. That combined with thinner cabling, as pointed out, made for considerable savings in copper on the post-war years. If we could reduce our plugs down to the same size as US plugs, keep the safety, make the pins symmetrical and able to be inserted in any orientation (like Europe) and also be able to choose if the cable comes out of the back or the bottom on demand..... I'd be happy.

    27. KYŌDɅI KΞN

      Then the EU's electrical system is not 230V.

    28. John Weiner

      According to your reasoning WE (in France and in the EU) have 440V systems because most household circuits here are also mono phase at 120 VAC derived from center-tapped transformers.

    29. Maarten

      So what are these weird wooden poles with wires hanging from them? They look ... medieval and extremely amateurish.

      1. GH1618

        Wooden poles are cost-effective in a land with a lot of tall, straight trees. They are also nonconductive. And they can be climbed with only spikes and a belt, when necessary. We are a practical people in the USA.

    30. Brian Fretwell

      A BT (UK) training school had the same centre tap system so we could not get as big a shock if we touched a wire during experiments.

    31. AJ Androo

      So the IEC now has Type N plugs and sockets, being used in Brazil and South Africa and compatible with Europlugs. Will the US be adopting this new global standard by the year 2100? 2200? Also, the most interesting thing about your box is the square drive screws with slot drive as backup.

      1. GH1618

        Global standard? The USA is not going to change our plug and outlet standards. That would be hugely expensive and pointless.

      2. Tom Geldon

        Who says it’s a global standard??

    32. Abram

      All electrical systems have 2 voltages classified to them. So when you see 120/240 volts the magic number is 1.73 which is the square root of three. The common house service is a three wire service made up of two hot conductors and a neutral. Taking a volt reading between the two hot conductors will give you 240v. This is called phase to phase voltage. A reading between either hot leg (conductor) and the neutral will give you 120v or phase to ground. So phase to phase voltage can be divided by 1.73 to find phase to ground voltage. Distrabution and transmission are the same so a common Distrabution voltage would be 13,000/7,400.

    33. AtheistDT

      I live in a country with split phase voltage. It's awesome. I can have appliances imported from US as well as from Europe without the risk of blowing anything up

      1. Tom Geldon

        What country?

    34. David

      I've always been very curious about how things work, probably like everyone who watches this. I grew up in Germany but I've lived in the US for 30 years now. When I was 10 I electrocuted myself on accident having taken apart a toaster. Since then I have been electrocuted many many more times so I feel like I can speak with some authority when I say that 240 hurts much much more than 120.

      1. GH1618

        Electrocution is fatal by definition.

    35. G Harwood

      Agreed. UK plugs are crap! They're large, clunky and the pin contact area is poor. They're only fused because of the stupid ring main system which has the wiring to the outlets fused at 30A. Most of Europe uses spurs with MCBs ( NOT fuses) rated at 16A which makes the plug fuse redundant. The switches on the sockets are also effectively redundant, as they are usually mounted on the skirting (baseboard?) where you can't get to them! Most of this is due to British exceptionalism (we know better than Johnny Foreigner) which has obviously crossed the Pacific to OZ. We've even been late to adopt the RCD, although they're conspicuous by their absence on your side of the water, I note.

    36. Chuck Gibson

      Great channel! i just found it.

    37. cedivad

      Here in Italy 3.5kW max draw per home is typical... yours is 20x that, and I'm still like wtf.

    38. Ted Ferkin

      The thing that concerns me more than anything is the potential for floating earth and floating voltages...... BTW I have 3 phases in my house. A left over from some security system, and they couldn't allow a potential failure on one phase to open the doors. Voltage increases the likelihood of an arc, and what it can penetrate. The added advantage of 240v uses less ampage, therefore less chance of heating of the wires, it also saves copper. And btw I've taken 240v no end of times. Luckily just across the hand.

    39. The Tinman

      From what I understand the switches on British plugs are there to avoid arcing when you plug or unplug something. The 240 volts has a tendency to arc when you plug/unplug things with power on the receptacle.

    40. Krystian Sergiejew

      3-phase, 400V... is what we have at homes in “EU”... Why was this overlooked 😜 ?

      1. Matteo Fazio

        *cries in single phase 230V*

      2. Darth Brooks

        E who? Nobody cares about europe.

      3. G Harwood

        @kingspride Yes that's part of the harmonisation. Primarily to accommodate the UK's 240v. All they actually did was widen the tolerances a bit, so that no-one needed to change things much.

      4. kingspride

        @G Harwood according to wikipedia 380V is the old standard. (single phase was 220V hence with 3 phases, its 380V) today, its 230V single phase and 400V 3-phase.

      5. G Harwood

        380, nominally. Not allowed in UK.

    41. Ian Kemp

      Disappointed that you didn't mention that 208V is the result of (120V * (square root of 3)).

    42. Peter Stephenson

      The purpose of switches on UK power sockets is for your mother to turn them off when she visits, leaving devices inexplicably non-functional.

    43. Jason Obrien

      Black Panther 2 Will Start Filming in July 2021 Black Panther 2 currently has a release date of May 6, 2022.

    44. SuperVibe

      Can you use time-stamps please...

    45. Mark Jervelund

      But in Europe we often have 3 240 phases to homes and apartments. But I assume this is just from our transformers having less turns on the 2nd side.

    46. enigma1863

      This reminds me of trying to explain why we wear masks. Masks don’t guarantee you won’t get sick but they do limit the likelihood you will get sick.

    47. PheonixRise666

      Re: toggles on sockets. It's a safety thing, switch socket off unplug device then if something is shoved into the now open socket it can't complete a circuit to ground and you don't get shocked.

      1. Jay Mac

        I’ve plugged in possibly thousands of devices in my 19 years. Never once have I been shocked by a US outlet. That’s because I’m not an idiot and don’t hold the plug by the prongs nor do I unplug active high power devices. With a little bit of knowledge, our slightly flawed outlets are not that dangerous. We’re taught from a very young age how to be safe around electricity. All it takes is a little common sense.

      2. PheonixRise666

        @gregheffly it's for accidental insertion and children.

      3. gregheffly

        Why are you Jamming random shit into an outlet? Also couldn't you just turn the thing back on after your done stuffing a fork into the outlet? The switch is right there. I'll be honest if I have a mad idea that requires me to shove random metal into the socket I know it's going to work without the .5 seconds it takes to click the switch after I do it.

      4. Uncollapsible

        Both other primary English speaking countries (UK & Australia (Canada uses same as america)) have toggles on the outlets.

    48. Josh Cowart

      I call it 110/220. I know it’s 120/240 but the former is how I learned it so that’s just what I say. I don’t argue which is correct so I don’t think I’m the target of your comment. Then again maybe

    49. Whitbypoppers

      You did, at one point, make reference to the “North American” system. I wish you had used that expression throughout the video instead of “US system”, since you are obviously aware that Canada uses the same system. In fact, much of the modern transmission systems used in North America was developed in Canada. In many areas of technological infrastructure, US and Canada are aligned: telephony, broadcasting, railways, automotive and highway systems. I think we’re the only commonwealth country with right-hand traffic. And then there’s language. At least a third of Americans talk with a Canadian accent!

      1. Tom Geldon

        Geez, there's always some of you insecure anti-American Canadians chiming in on American sites and topics. Get a grip and stop being so jealous of America; it’s embarrassing. Oh, and no, Americans don’t speak like Canadians. That’s ridiculous.

    50. Game Fever Online

      US Plugs are Shocking

    51. rambbler

      I have not seen anyone praise that Transformer joke so I'm gonna do that- it was absolutely delightful and the fact that it was extremely subtle and took me a few seconds to realize made me like that joke even more. Your videos really are more than meets the eye

    52. Mc Earl

      Do Brits really get upset about us not having switches on our outlets that’ll probably be behind the couch or dresser anyway? Aren’t these the same people who still use separate hot and cold sink taps? In 40 years of being a live I don’t think I ever thought to myself “I wish this outlet had a switch. I could understand wanting a switched outlet, as in, the outlet is where it is and the switch is in a convenient remote location, but we do have those some places

      1. Tom Geldon

        People from that part of the world look for any excuse to express their anti-Americanism.

    53. Lee Zackaryasz

      electrician here you got a ground clipped on the left side of your panel lol

      1. Lee Zackaryasz

        2nd romex connector from right- front wire

    54. Andrew Hawkinson

      Great video. Loved the breakdown! And I think the only reason some countries have the switch on the outlets is the government responding to one or two idiots using something wrong and trying to stop the rest of its citizens from doing something similar (which most sane people respect electricity-at least I’d like to think so).

    55. ALAKA2787B

      he in my country you can ask to the company single fase 220/240, or Three phases 380 plus neutral , and ground

    56. Matt Carrell

      I seem to remember reading somewhere that power does not overcome the resistance of dry human skin until it exceeds 60 volts, so 55 volts per conductor phase on a construction site makes a lot of sense!

    57. jp

      that's the symbol for ground not earth

    58. Bradiant

      I hear that hum in every single high-rise from their giant transformers. You'd think 50+ story high rises would repair/maintain their very expensive equipment. Especially since they're all commercial office buildings.

    59. pflegerich

      So basically it's still a lower total voltage system than here in Germany. We have 230v in a 3-phase mains line for the normal flat/house (yeah i know you explicitly took that out of the video). So it's 400v total for the main line and that's what we use for high powered appliances (not clothes dryers, mind you). Also - the Ground == Neutral seems weird to me. How is it a safety measure if it isn't on a pure ground? There's always seperate ground terminal around here. Not an electrician though, just curious.

    60. Garth Oswald

      Just enough charm and sass to be amusing. Oh, and also informative. Thanks for popping in the "North American" reference at the beginning. As in Canada, we share this same electrical configuration.

    61. Andy P

      I think the reason for the switch on a wall socket is to stop the risk of being electrocuted by accidentally touching the plug prongs. Switching off before inserting or removing it seems to me to be eminently sensible.

    62. Sean H

      What do you think of GFI outlets being installed with the ground terminal on top? I've been lead to believe this add *some* safety factor.

      1. Bill Elkins

        It makes it less likely for something to fall onto the hot lead as the first thing to be hit is the ground pin. However the outlet will be upside down. As will any devices plugged into them like timer switches and 90 degree plugs.

    63. Adam Rowell

      I always thought British sockets have switches so that you don't have to unplug them and leave the plugs on the floor, so they don't get stepped on

    64. Mark Wulffert

      Nice and clear simple breakdown, good job.

    65. David Moore

      Standing on a uk plug is worse than standing on lego. Switches are convenient more for tidy nature of not having trailing cables cluttering the place.

    66. lee neal

      Love your videos. In particular I like how you think about what you are going to says and then anticipate what the "warriors" will be typing :-) Keep it up

    67. Weapons Free

      Thats a clean box damn

    68. Snug Breezy

      I thought they were 110 and 220 volts.....

    69. Jason Reed

      Saying 120V is safer than 240V is the same as saying you want to be shot by a .22 not a .30-06, yes you are still getting shot/zapped but it is more survivable on average. It is not saying that its harmless, in this analogy a 5v usb line is like a nerf gun, basically impossible to hurt yourself unless you are really trying to visit the hospital. (In EE lab i have touched plenty of hot sub 20V DC jumpers without issue since humans are 1-5 Mega ohms in that voltage class)

      1. Craig A

        50v is touch safe on AC (50hz (uk)) anything above 50v is considered deadly (or has the potential to kill). I might be wrong but I think with DC you can touch 120v without getting a shock but don't take my word for that.

    70. MadScientist267

      CRINGE! You seem to understand it enough but "+120V" and "-120V"... I realize this has to be dumbed down for idiots and beginners but the beginners can understand the AC concept without using DC nomenclature...

      1. MadScientist267

        @Bill Elkins and there are proper ways to illustrate that.

      2. Bill Elkins

        + and - are phase indicators.

    71. YanestraAgain

    72. Barry Lawrensen

      Here's an application question. I have a router woodworking tool and a sander that I purchased in Hong kong, for the 220 volt electricity there. Can I wire hey UK plug to the two legs of our us 220 volt and then use these tools made for 220 volt?

      1. Craig A

        Is the sander single phase? If it's single phase and you put two phases into it you'll cause a short circuit.

    73. Barry Lawrensen

      Entertaining video! I lived in Hong Kong for 8 years, and I wired many a UK style plug there I could buy them for $0.95 each, and they were extremely durable and easy to wire. So now I'm back in the USA and the three prong us plug cost not less than $1.79. heavy duty ones can cost $5. What gives with this?

    74. zombieman81

      Second viewing of this video and just noticed the diagram of the house at 4:50 looks like an angry face.... It's those "eyebrows"... :)

    75. Mariusz Lasota

      Completely wrong. European homes get 480V between phases and 240V between phase and neutral

      1. Mariusz Lasota

        @Craig A Actually I get about 420V under load and 480V at no load. There may be slight voltage variations between countries in Europe, but in general all homes should get 240V in domestic socket and no less than 400V-415V between phases. There are always 4 lines feeding a home - neutral plus 3 phases, each shifted 120° apart. You should always strive to load each phase evenly, so there should be a number of separate circuits in each home connected to differen phases. Fun fact: most induction hobs allow connecting two or even three phases, so that you can cook at full power on all cooking zones at the same time, and each cooking zone is powered from a separate phase. This way you can draw as much as 5kW and not trip a circuit breaker. This is all regulated by IEC 60038. And by the way I really like your channel!

      2. Craig A

        480? Are you sure about that.

    76. Bram van Bennekom

      "It's not like Americans bodies have a lower resistance than yours" I thought fat was not as good a conductor of electricity as other bodily tissues? In which case, the average american body does have a slightly higher resistance than ours 😅

    77. Aaron Rucinski

      I didnt even realise you didnt have switches on your plug sockets, youre all nuts

      1. Tom Geldon

        Why do we need switches on outlets?

    78. lars moen

      I don't think you mentioned that europe use 50 hz not american 60 hertz

    79. Alaa Saleh

      I don’t know why I keep pretending to understand anything he says.

    80. evan Reed

      245 volt elitist styling on the 240 plebs.

    81. Brad Grant

      America is number 1

    82. Franny Ward

      at 1:22 , It seems there is no plywood or uni-strut behind the service panel, on a wall in a basement that surely is below grade. My underwriter would shoot this install down for sure.

    83. B B

      In Europe, we use letter "U" for potential difference (potential energy) and it makes more sense because letter "V" is already used for Velocity in Physics. V = 2 V ( "voltage = 2 volts") U = 2 V (potentional difference = 2 volts) sounds more sensible . Also, you wouldn't say "amps = 2 amps" or "current = 2 currents". It's I = 2 A or "strength of electric current = 2 amps" No hard feelings... ☺

      1. lars moen

        I like that, makes more sense

    84. Brian Kelly

      12v will burn you on a hot day while you are sweating installing an amplifier in your car. Don't ask how I know

    85. Mike H

      I am not weird! okay... maybe a little...

    86. Shane Matthews

      i think thats the neatest electrical box i have ever seen...

    87. Music Anime

      I live in an apartment and sometimes my dryer doesnt dry my clothes all the way. could the 208v be the reason for this?

    88. PlopPlop!

      No. It's neither the voltage nor the current that kills, it's the energy.

    89. Kristoffer

      But Europe has 400V too

      1. Kristoffer

        @Tom Geldon it is

      2. Tom Geldon

        @Kristoffer Is it, or are you simply assuming so?

      3. Kristoffer

        @Tom Geldon, doesn't matter if it is a country or not, when the mains is the same across the continent.

      4. Tom Geldon

        Where in Europe? Europe is not a country.

    90. martin baker

      Lol, it sure seems you ended this video twice before it finished. 😆 I don't want to seem like I didn't appreciate this presentation though. Very well-done, educational and entertaining. Great job.

    91. Hatux

      I have to ask. Was it a mistake you said V = I * R? I only know it as U = I * R. It would be nice to know if this is taught differently.

      1. Hatux

        @GH1618 wow interesting. In what language or country did you learn it like that?

      2. GH1618

        I learned E = IR.

    92. Linsey Young

      I have to agree - the switches on our power sockets are unnecessary. You occasionally see them without. Not sure about current (yes, pun intended) regulations but you used to be able to buy cheaper unswitched sockets. I do like the gated live and neutral holes actuated by the earth pin though. The exposed length of the live and neutral pins being insulated is a no brainer as is the fuse. But yes, I can confirm that standing on one of these things with bare feet is ******g evil.

    93. Aurum Faber

      I really liked this one. Thank you.

    94. Gaston X

      As german i prefer our "Drehstrom" (240V/400V 3-Phase) and our service panels aren`t nearly that dangerous like this in the video, much more individual and well arranged. But i know it is almost impossible to release the old (crap) and buy all new. But thanks for showing the american system.

      1. Tom Geldon

        @Craig A It’s crap compared to central heating and air here in America. For one thing, humidity can be controlled.

      2. Craig A

        @Tom Geldon how's radiator heating crap? And against what?

      3. Tom Geldon

        Crap? Like the radiator heating used in Germany?

      4. Craig A

        This is basically a new(ish) installation in America haha, think they've got pet t-rex in the back garden.

    95. Screaming Person

      3:22 Nice reference lmao

    96. 4thGloryMonday

      black to brass or u will burn ur butt

    97. Daniel Gospodinov

      Ha haa Europeans have a 400v ;-)

    98. Dr. Remulack

      110/220 is what electricians say. We just do. We also say gfi, not gfci. Outlet, not receptacle.

    99. Throw Away

      I now want Technology Connections to cover UK ring mains. Either that or ask Tom Scott to make one

      1. Throw Away

        @Craig A ah. Didn't know that regs changed. I did a thing at college for 3 months for getting apprenticeship back in 2012. They never mentioned it

      2. Craig A

        @Throw Away meant new installs. But there's still houses being wired with rings, so it probably will be more than a short while.

      3. Throw Away

        @Craig A 20 million old houses makes me think not

      4. Craig A

        Good back in the day, more power for less copper, just cause this guy laughs doesn't mean there wasn't a reason for it. Plus, the UK is slowly moving away from it, it's still common but it'll be gone shortly.

    100. Lance McQue

      Brits and Australian! haha. Switches on receptacles. haha! That's ridiculous.