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    I know I missed like 5 arcs already but i don't care :P
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    1. Innermeow Gaming

      “Hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more.” Jshlatt: ok let’s go do some drugs in Lmanberg hahaha

    2. Jhonna Weber

      I wonder how Tommy dying by a potato is gonna be animated To look cool 😂

    3. Mountain Man

      Dude if that was a real show I would watch that every day

    4. TomCat'sCollectibles


    5. Calyx Yhuan Oberes

      If Respect is the only thing protecting you from a Knife in the back, Respect is nothing Right?.

    6. Calyx Yhuan Oberes

      You know if i Die, This country goes down with me.

    7. Covo GAMES

      this would make a great movie.

    8. Calyx Yhuan Oberes

      This is where we take it all back. Either that or we got Nothing.

    9. Divyansh Singh

      its not a smp its a movie

    10. K & K Pet Foods Mountainview

      i love this so much i watched it so many times-

    11. Ken Quinga


    12. Sonic_Link

      These are so epic.

    13. Ally

      THIS- THis IS EPIC

    14. Manly Onions

      This is my favorite part of the 3 so far

    15. Its_Error

      It’s gonna be sad if they make one in tommy dying

    16. Francisco Manguera

      did tubbo just really make a scratch when he hurts techno?

    17. Sugawara-san 央グち

      Sad-ist. Yes. Im waiting for you to produce an animation series.

    18. Kat Maxfield

      Every time i watch this i get chills its just so good💝Dream SMP💝

    19. Royal Acorn

      you know what... even if you never gonna see this comment... I still want you to know.. this.. all of this that you made... it inspired me so much.. that now.. I have a huge dream of becoming an animator. Thank you. Thank you for making this masterpiece. We all love you and your animations❤

    20. LuvZixi


    21. anxiety

      Why does this never get old

    22. Allyn07

      I had goosebumps watching this. So Legendary

    23. Kozhy FN

      You know its bad when you've memorized every line.

    24. Firemaster

      After seeing Tommy’s death the only one we saw get truly upset was ranboo and quackity something with those two is going to happen

    25. YOW YI YANG Moe

      Yoooooooooo dis is insaneeeeeeeeee

    26. Kate Robinson

      Sweet jesus this animation is so smooth and badass holy wow.


      i wish roblox have smp war too.if they have im gonna joined of course

    28. Bumble Bree

      nice animation its really cool

    29. Moon

      Wow Im just at lost of words

    30. Denielle Mendoza

      3:12 Dang the way dream said that gave me chills-

    31. Lorriatt

      Im getting excited for the new one AHHHHHHH

    32. Calyx Yhuan Oberes

      This is where we take it all back. Either that or we got Nothing.

    33. Jose Carbajal

      This needs to be a movie

    34. TheBelugaWhale

      A man once said "This is just going to be a regular survival world"

    35. Lexi10


    36. Benjamin Velasquez

      I want them to animate Tommy getting g murdered by a potato

    37. Lonely Firefly

      I keep watching the part where it’s Phil and Wilbur and Wilbur turns around and it’s like: watch’U sAy?! 1:48

    38. Michael Samayoa

      This is like watching a sick war movie trailer

    39. Emily Copeland

      i am fucking shook

    40. Andrew King

      Perfect in every way

    41. Akaashi’s Glasses

      1- THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMFG 2- Do you guys know where can I watch the second war in order? I jus cab’t find where -w-

    42. Samuell


    43. mariel herras

      I've been watching this a month ago and I still remember the lines :')

    44. isabel kilpatrick

      Pov you are now crying at the words "its me and you vs dream" can i gat a o7 for tommy

    45. Nitronic Atom

      Time to steal these ideas and become the next JRR Tolkien

    46. Ian NG

      fundy character design kinda look like one of the ocean park mascots not gonna lie

    47. #GBTV

      Well, now I have Tommy’s death animated to look forward to I guess

    48. TheForgotten Fox

      At this rate, SAD-ist is going to become a member of dream smp

    49. qwurtz

      the fact that there are dislikes on this makes me lose faith in humanity

    50. Smiley King

      First 10 seconds I also have a goosebumps

    51. Phishe

      fundy and antfrost are floofs prove me wrong

    52. Jaxbox08

      Pause near 3:20 and you can see Ranboo in the background.

    53. Games of All

      I've watched this animation 16 times and it gains more respect every time

    54. Juliet Gauthier

      two words: HOLY CRAP

    55. Mr. Smiley

      If you made an entire movie.. I would pay money to see it.

    56. Undefined ,

      SAM just has a picture of a creeper taped to his foorhead

    57. Communist FBI

      Me and the bois waiting for the "Tommy is dead" crab rave animation

    58. Hannah Jung

      My chills haves Chills and those chills also have chills

    59. • Rin •

      This is about three times sadder now that Tommy died...

    60. James Gilbert

      This is what we should be taught about in history class

    61. Skilara

      this is epic.

    62. Prelongs

      Now this is what you call good animation

    63. E Calma-Alejo

      this has to be a anime show

    64. Humza Siddiqui


    65. Chunky Monkey

      L'manburg, Pogtopia WHO CARES

    66. Kevin Andreassen

      How tf can people dislike this

    67. blanc waffle

      make this a tv show right now

    68. CreasedChaos65


    69. Jente

      I can watch this like so many times😅

    70. Louise Van Der Stap

      At 3.04 when Wilbur pushes the button Philza protects him. I haven’t noticed that before. This is amazing!

      1. Louise Van Der Stap

        @moonlxxt wow I didn’t know that. I’m always so impressed about the power that the artists have with the lore. Its so epic!

      2. moonlxxt

        Philza actually said that canonically he can’t use his wings cause they got damaged while protecting will from the explosions :”)

    71. Norah Page

      How much everything hits harder than the actual clips

    72. Yeex-Roblox

      lol play this on 2 time speed

    73. Soapevar

      I’ve watched this 53 times and I can’t stop

    74. Meme Boi

      Seeing Tommy in these animations hits harder now

    75. Oganshmogan

      7th time watching this today 😂😂

    76. Steve Goatman

      Thanks to this AMAZING person, i want to learn about dsmp but i dont know where to begin... can you help me?

    77. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

      *I came back here after Tommy’s canon death.*

    78. Wasp

      I think what makes this so good is the music timing. Like my favorite scene has to be when the PING in the music timed up with wilbur exploding lmanburg

    79. 【Jayden】エッジの効いた鍬

      anything technoblade says is golden-

    80. Billy8

      I watched the original stream and when I heard Dream yell "YES" It terrified me that this truly was the fall of I'Manberg!

    81. vlog squad ggxxx

      This was so good 😊

    82. Zefa vs The universe

      Tommy’s real name is Tom

    83. メイ

      I cried during the stream-

    84. נריה פרבר

      Who is here after tommy died?

    85. נריה פרבר

      All the 3000 dislikes are blind people

    86. KrisTea

      How can someone dislike this? This is absolutely beautiful❤❤

    87. Itsmeyeti :D

      :) ur talented bruh amazing keep the good work dude :)

    88. Cateater _

      i like how you take this to AN ABSOLUTE NEXT LEVEL

    89. Kiran


    90. North Beta

      bro, this looks like a movie trailer like woah

    91. Anna Young

      Tommy did die a hero 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 rest in piece child

    92. Anna Young

      I’m crying over drawings of block game role play 😭😂

    93. Janice Estillore

      Tommy is just the fucking hero of the smp

    94. DanteWasTaken


    95. Grim Creeper

      Imagine her animating Tommy's death.

    96. Opels_cookies

      In the vault did anyone see you turbo run with the stack of emeralds XD

    97. Daniel Canales

      this video is increbile good the best video i see

    98. Daniel Canales

      the best animation in the store of minicraft

    99. Izzy Sandle

      eyyy, I'm caught up to everything in these animatics now! now I have to wait for the next one with the rest of you edit: hah, oh god, I just realized that I left a very similar comment on the "the Fall" video when I caught up to that one, thereby accidentally revealing my unhealthy watching habits

    100. Æ

      here i am still watching this everyday as a daily routine