first game with MY SKIN


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    1. Fred RED

      A labourer isn’t a tradie! You was a skivvy a tea boy on the building sites! Embarrassing to all tradies out there that you actually think you was a tradie.

    2. Diego Sousa


    3. Sean Price

      1:19 the description of lunch break is i want 5 of them

    4. Maksym Gawel


    5. Russia Memes


    6. Veronica Torres

      luv the skin wish i had it me defalt from chapter 2 season 6

    7. Kavya Kuntamukkala


    8. El DeaD

      You're not a tradie if you don't have a hilux

    9. KJ gaming


    10. Fuzzy_RBX

      That's skin ☺😃👌🤮😐😒😏

    11. F'sInChat DO DO DO DO

      boycott bad games. refuse pirated games. be aware of self defense and being deceived. playing games is good for your brain, but too much game-play can harm your health. manage your time well and enjoy a health life style

    12. TheLuigiNoidPerson 109

      0:58 ENGINEER *G A M I N G*

    13. GiddyHaddcock_Gaming

      The views this guy is getting?!!

    14. Peter Harton

      6:22 he’s got a goddam Ute

    15. JewelsRblx

      LazarBeam: I’m bad Also lazar: gets a win every time he plays Me: gets killed at the last 10 people by a random dude who came out of nowhere


      You are just a bored person cuz you don't have real friends !! Your fake friends run after you becauze You have Money ...only for that !!

    17. Matthew Rushworth

      it might not be true but its fun to chat shit

    18. Matthew Rushworth


    19. Ivano Štimac

      I buy your emote whit code lazar

    20. Jeff Nuggy

      I bought your skin lazarbeam was a really good design! Just be you Lannan

    21. Eased Product

      Congrats lazerbeam WOOOOOOO

    22. Pippa Robinson

      My dad is a construction builder

    23. Lotus

      I bet that he is called lannan

    24. Pierson Mon

      its not even you

    25. Scott Hyland

      Bunnings Warehouse lowest price of just the beginning

    26. Alexander Kalendzhiev

      Why does the last edit style for the Lazarbeam skin look like MrBeast.

    27. Goose liver

      My friend thinks laser beam is american... and my friends a aussie.

    28. the sacande YT

      Who else love the skin

    29. Ryan Ford

      How do you do it

    30. Kaan Cankat

      CODE: lazar

    31. Charlie James


    32. FAMtheMANog


    33. Percy the little Green engine

      Just me or should this skin be one of the hunters or whatever hired (kinda) by John jones he wouldn’t do much he would just be there cuz why not

    34. Guy Ahmad

      not me

    35. Amy Palamara

      Call me please lszer

    36. Mercedes F1 Fan

      the yute carried

    37. Lightning is Gaming

      Uhm I do t think they want you to kill them but to do something calmer like dance with them and pretend to be their friend and kill them with a pickaxe

    38. maxandjose jose


    39. maxandjose jose


    40. Dolan 149


    41. Golden Freddy


    42. Marleen Pollok

      Sorry for forgetting to add quote

    43. Marleen Pollok

      Ah victory / star wars

    44. Zaiondlayn Gordon

      I was playing fortnite when I watched this and I got spammed by a default and he used a legendary smg

    45. 101 iwillshowuP

      The people who disliked are muselk fans 😂😂😂😂

    46. logan mcgregor

      nobody deserves it more gg's lazar

    47. Hyper8844

      Code lazar

    48. Dan Games 0928

      Just leave me alone I am on smoko

    49. Saucy _

      Yessir im here in this vid to (use code lazar btw)

    50. Shay Johnson

      Streamer btw

    51. miles mason

      I was pickle condor

    52. cameron bush

      The impossible windshield generally rule because slime family supply notwithstanding a lowly platinum. teeny-tiny, clumsy food

    53. Crystal Overload

      I just realized the guys at the beginning weren't going to kill you

    54. DCS6486

      Coo eeee

    55. Cooper Seidel

      And when I bot it i used cod lazer

    56. Cooper Seidel

      Happy Easter everyone’s and YEET and Lazerbeam I love your skin I bot it ❤️

    57. The MattBat999

      I love this so much

    58. Loobear robust Games

      What is that hoodie ur wearing? Btw use code lazar and congrats

    59. Ahmed Husham

      If fresh had a skin ,the pickaxe should be 2 pickles and it should be called pickle pickle and it should be part of the gg gamer set

    60. Esteban Uribe

      Código lazar Do

    61. Jake B

      everyone: you spin me right round baby right round me: come on tars!

    62. Nate Field

      Escape from fortnight

    63. XxFirePoolxX

      Use the ginger skin if its the last thing you do

    64. JHay

      Still not able to kill real player

    65. Brendan Nallen

      Congrads on your skin

    66. Game Mixer


    67. Bruno D'Agostino

      Subscribe to Lazerbeam so he can get to 20million subs

    68. Ricky RxZER0X

      I wish they bring it back cause I want to buy it (WITH CODE LAZAR)

    69. Slumber Inc.

      He should of landed in Retail Row

    70. dolly pel

      I. Am. On. Smock. So. Leev. Me. A. Lon. K. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    71. dolly pel

      I. Haf. Your. Scin

    72. dolly pel


    73. Jim Garvey

      So emotional

    74. Boof Davey

      ItS tHe GuY fRoM fOrTnItE!!! Btw, I used code Lazar with your skin

    75. wajih ashar

      Hi lannan

    76. father and son duo

      i cant believe lazarbeam is a streamer btw

    77. Rocky Raccoon

      Now all we need is fresh to get a skin then we will be good

    78. lilmil

      Lannan and Tannar have the same endings yo their videos. Always a random cut

    79. Eli Gibbins

      hey im austrailian and i am 9 im your biggest fan and i made a gingy mask my mum sent it to you on instagram i hope you see it :)

    80. jhonathan bueno


    81. Wyatt Slatter

      For live

    82. Wyatt Slatter

      How do you get member

    83. Luka Magic


    84. Anurag Kumar

      Hey lazer beam I am a big fan and I bought your skin

    85. Jase Gyurkovics

      50.00000000 m

    86. Jase Gyurkovics


    87. Chimichanga

      Che bello uno che porta fortnite e non sa giocarci

    88. Fahima Batin

      Who likes the gingerbread skin more than the new “lazar beam skin “ Like if Gingerbread skin Comment if lazar skin

    89. Franciszek P

      Lazar if ya need help on a video u can rely on me just plz add me I can also coach u for free

    90. Oliver Mulligan

      Wasn’t your Ute white?

    91. Lucas Hayes

      The best icon series skin ever YEET

    92. Colleen Smith

      What the hell what is the intro

    93. 《•Forģotteñ Memøřies•》

      Hey Lazar it's been awhile but I'm back :> I'll never leaveeeeee

    94. Ever 1X

      Who remembers when Lazar slept in his Ute years ago for a video

    95. Fe4rless Ferlcia


    96. Abz Rahman

      There’s a yute der yu man

    97. Alex Tichonova

      In the item shop

    98. Alex Tichonova

      Use code lazer

    99. Alex Tichonova

      Your skin looks cool