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    Bitlife has a new citizen, MONOPOLY MAN!
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      This reminds me of a time I played this game once my wife died I lost my depression and anxiety

    2. Tom Green

      comrade kevin

    3. Isaac Mounce

      Kevin: *sneezes* Christian Bale: I WANT ON THE FUCKING SET, YOU PRICK!

    4. Stout Platypus

      Kevin thank you for existing

    5. Pedro Donoso

      Rip paddle boat

    6. Michael Piper

      What do you expect for a 130 pound paddle boat

    7. Green Cat

      I figured out why the song Joseph Seed sings in far cry 5 sounded insanely familiar at 7:53

    8. Ayden Keefer

      Employer- "Which cookies do you like the best?" Kevin- " I CAN"T CHOOSE ONE! I GOTTA BUY THEM ALL!"

    9. Gallian

      6:36, I mean Desmond is related to Assassins.

    10. John Torri

      Money don't make you happy... but a paddle boat does 😉

    11. big chungus

      I don’t get how anyone can hate this man he’s so warm hearted

    12. Shiloh Lily

      I had a teacher in primary school called Mrs Mann. My mind was blown when my mom told me that because she's married, it's likely that her husband's name is Mr Mann. I've never forgotten about this.

    13. Erkin Erdoğan

      that ace attorney touch is goddamn good hahahaha

    14. Regan H

      Kevin is so underrated. Like, there are people who aren’t even as good as him, and they still get more subscribers. Take Infinite Lists for an example.

    15. Am I Human

      Kevboi ya look like sk8er boi in da fumnail gud 1

    16. Engineer

      when he killed his boss the hitman's name was Desmond Miles. I mean, i guess it does work.

    17. Nooby

      Be in a mafia gang

    18. Smurf

      6:35 that's from assassins creed

    19. That guy does Everything

      things i learned 1.paddle boat makes you happy 2.monopoly man has a net worth of 69 mil 3. you become more healthy the better your nails are

    20. Ellie Sarraf

      One day we will get a Bitlife life without Kevin murdering someone xD

    21. Shelby :D

      Gonna buy a paddleboat ig

    22. Andrew Snyder

      Dude went fishing and completely cured his depression

    23. Jetfox967

      Rip Paddle boat, gone but not forgotten

    24. Jin Giog

      Who is the book I was just getting all the clicker on the game it wouldn't be fun but I mean why the hell would I care

    25. Kelroy Lovel

      Looks like your boss was Fired 😎😎😎

    26. erina

      im sorry, how did you just pronounce lingerie?

    27. MJOLNIR Soul

      Kevin acting like "Mann" is not a totally normal last name

    28. Rickinator Extra

      3:43 ph intro plays

    29. Lars de Ruijter

      Happy new year!

    30. Phantomartist !!!

      I once played BitLife as a member of the military, I saw a man being assaulted in the street so I helped him, I got the shit beat out of me, got put in jail, got fired, tried to sue the assaulter and lost, and basically got my life ruined. So that’s pretty cool.

    31. Jordan Mann

      My name is mr.Mann

    32. Daniel McGee


    33. Eigwak

      The Hitmans name (6:34) was Desmond Miles, thats clever

      1. Eigwak

        Then Agent 47 at 15:12

    34. Just Some Dude

      10:45 Just Bookmarking something

    35. Loading Mikke

      One of my characters tried to become a social media celeb on bitlife. He became a celebrity when he was 71..

    36. no thats wrong

      13:01 why is the supervisor named gaylord

    37. donotoperatewhileangryisagainstracist

      I wonder what mr burns would think about this. must be feeling real guilty.

    38. Red Sus

      When I tried to do this I bought 20 properties $5 million and I became a CEO

    39. Nightwalker L

      I feel like this was the one chance time Kevin had a bit life character that didn't go to jail somehow 😭

    40. R ya winning son

      ATTENTION : which one was the vid that a guy was locked in a room so Kevin and his friends didn't kill him and then one of Kevin's friends said "I know you are in there" (army vid kinda old)

    41. Phillip Solorio

      Paddle boats are the ultimate cure for happiness

    42. Ryan

      pause at 14:06

    43. Sage Patzer

      him: my mother passed away no one: him: yes inheritance! his live advice: all you need is a paddle boat

    44. MakeupBy CynnBadd

      Did anyone catch that hitman's name? *Desmond Miles* 😂😂

    45. Matthew Fortin

      be turg

    46. vw voidwave

      15:14 hmmm yes hitman 1 hitman 2 hitman 3 thanks ioi

    47. NekoChanSenpai

      Well, I'm sold. Gotta get me a paddle boat now. Should help with my depression.

    48. bsooka327

      Kevin: i want to be the best capitalist ever in this game Ceo's: tip one exploit the workers

    49. Nahje Masukat

      6:45 Does Kevin not notice the awful relationship?

    50. StarSM

      I got a fix your marriage ad watching this video

    51. AlxPluto

      Kevin welcome to the Office

    52. Mikayla Rose

      My issues studies teachers name was Mr Mann hahaha

    53. Your Mom

      Wait isnt desmond miles dead

    54. gium x

      i laughed so much when his paddle boat healed him

    55. EK MH

      I desperately need a paddleboat.....and I live in Arizona.

    56. Shelby Simpson

      In from New Orleans lol

    57. Aino Ruoste

      Two weeks without youtube really enhanced the enjoyment I got from this video. Laughed a lot! It feels good to be back watching Kevo.

    58. -g2.Timmy Wonka

      HAUNTED CAPE COD HOME?!?! I WOULD NEVER HAVE THOUGHT!!!! Thats where i live😊😊😊😊

    59. George Robins

      Mann is actually a real last name. I knew a girl in school who was technically Miss Mann

    60. AshyNorthstar

      playin bitlife chooses to watche yt with a friend and who is a option YOU as im playin this video as background noise lmfao XD

    61. Richard Landgraf

      Rachel has big Jim energy

    62. CalebAndCohenGaming

      Superviser: *starts rumor he is homeless* Reality: *owns 5 houses*

    63. mariana :3

      i just met you today, and your laugh is so cute like-

    64. GraysonAnimations

      Do a play through of the last of us but you are a complete jerk (like what you did in the walking dead)

    65. Gabriel Gonzalez

      Visible pain to say better person. I love kevin

    66. Ed

      Bitlife but I'm a filthy capitalist ? MORE LIKE BOR- turg Day 97 Of me watching every single video posted by Call Me Kevin.

    67. Shundrika Draper

      florence and the machine

    68. david 87

      Why does the monopoly man look like mort Goldman

    69. Matthew Flanagan

      Sounds like your co-worker Rachel might really be Jim

    70. BobTheOrange12


    71. David-Aster Cousins

      kev you can go to HR in bitlife if a cowworker bullys you. you know HachR.

    72. Abby From Wii Sports

      I-I’m sorry... l i n g e r i e ? -

    73. Stefan Taylor

      "He severed my booty?"

    74. chiaki 69 gamer

      He lived the life of Byakuya Togami.

    75. Shannon Guy

      I salute

    76. Autistic Candle

      Kevin: If you don't sub, I'm not offended Some unholy being: doesn't sub Kevin: hello is this hitman international, I'd like to set an arrangement

    77. Big Chonker Raccoon

      The fact that Mr.Man always become so happy when going on a boat is too wholesome.

    78. AAG Jero

      Video idea BitLife but I’m a professional athlete

    79. Sebastian 127

      Yay more bitlife

    80. Company loves misery

      "What is wrong with the people at my work? Why does my supervisor hate me?" We all ask ourselves these questions Kevin. We all ask.

    81. ImMoral *

      My investment in paddle boats is about to pay off I see

    82. Jonathan RBLX


    83. Kloe Kurbis

      Kevin, my little dwarf catfish is named Mr Man

    84. WaterMelonツツツ

      What if u had a paddle boat but no place to use ur paddle boat? U'd be screwed 🤣🤣🤣

    85. Camila S.

      Kevin, I'm sory to tell you, I know this is tough news, but you ARE a millenial.

    86. Mathew Nold

      Desmond Miles did assassin work before being kidnapped by Abstergo? So he knew he was an assassin all this time...

    87. Heretic

      i've been rewatching this now because i needed some background noise to forget about owerwhelming emptiness in my life and i realized that putting personal belongings in a vending machine is a reference to "The Office" the greatest show to ever exist

    88. hunterwrldd

      What do you use to run bitlife

    89. GiantFluffyShark

      *writes down* Buy...paddleboat...get rid....of anxiety...and depression

    90. BMoney8600

      Paddle boats are amazing

    91. Cloudy Sheep

      U should try to get all the ribbons

    92. woogie storm


    93. Zerkilliom


    94. Brian Robbins

      Fuck the title, love the video.👍🏻

    95. cleo w

      lingery model

    96. Isaiah English

      you should get your boss to love you and then report all your employs.

    97. Kara Gulledge

      There is this blue whale challenge going around it makes you sucidul please stay safe

    98. Aurora McNamara

      Now I want a paddleboat

    99. 3 p

      I last charged my phone 3 day's ago and its at 71 percent

    100. PairOfPears3

      You should use GodMode and become the ultimate overlord of the WORLD