The First iPhone vs The First Android!

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    Both iOS and the Android operating system are used by billions of people every day. But back at the beginning, which was best? iPhone vs Android.
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    The original iPhone released in 2007 was hailed as revolutionary in a world where BlackBerry, Palm, and Microsoft Windows Phone reigned king. Google was working on a competitor to these platforms with the Android team they purchased in 2005. After the iPhone unveiling, Google changed course and the T-Mobile HTC Dream was launched in 2008. How did the two compare and which one was better? iPhone vs Android.

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    1. Vizer

      So many toxic people here, so sad how people fight which billion dollar company they buy phones from. It’s just a phone. People prefer different phones, both iOS and Android are amazing and benefit from each other, they are just made for different people. Can we not judge people based on what phone they prefer?

    2. Joseph J

      Early android phones were pretty bad. They've come a long way...

    3. Kay Hughes

      As pewdiepie said "Its evolving just backwards"

    4. MariS

      Today: Galaxy Note 9. Love it! Never had an apple phone, but love, love, love my iPad Pro. My first Android phone was a One something. :-)

    5. Uridien 1

      Contracts aren't gone. If you pay over 24 months, but have to pay what you have left if you leave, it's the same concept as a contract in my book

    6. Abhay Jeawon

      you didn't talk on siri

    7. Theneonguy

      The smartphone was born when I was 🙃

    8. Sam LSD

      😂🤣😆😂🤣😆 2:04 Typical



    10. Arth Alagao

      That was a fantastic look back.

    11. Piggy Genie


    12. tec738caf ;dik'fac

      my first android phone is sony Ericsson Xperia x10 and in 2018 i bought Samsung galaxy s9+ and still using with android 10 one ui 2.1❤

    13. ninmin

      How is safari better on ios?

    14. Matt Grant

      Rare that tech HUgetsrs are actually genuinely funny as well as informed.

    15. phugyeah

      i would have never bought an apple smartphone, but since i got one as a work phone i actually ditched my private android, because the iphone is by far enough for my intended use and still i am certainly no apple fanboy

    16. Nine

      my first smartphone was the LG thunderbolt and it sucked lmao

    17. DMaish

      who's paul?

    18. NukeCorruption

      I've never liked modern smartphones because of touchscreens, really bothers me not "feeling anything" when clicking stuff on the screen. I miss when phones had more physical buttons than just one

    19. Burn Notice

      The Doug Demuro of consumer tech

    20. NAM

      I still remember the good ol’ days when NOKIA was the king of cell phones 😝

    21. Aperture Prometheus

      First iPhone vs First Android: They're both sucks

    22. D CEE

      First smartphone I owned was the iPhone 4s

    23. Oscar Wilde

      Such a great informative and smart video. Enjoyed it a lot. It has focused on the same notion that both operating systems are excellent and innovatie and both have indeed benefited from one another greatly. I use an iPhone and an iPad from apple and always have an android flagship phone within my access for the great flexibility that android offers.

    24. Matthew Fonseca

      The one contact at 11:39 is "MKBHD" with a number as well. No area code but I hope it's a fake number.

    25. ImTheNidron

      IOS 14...

    26. Saultune

      11:55 well now its a thing :D

    27. Xander Kozak

      I really dig your presentation. Subscribe!

    28. good god lemon

      11:38 MKBHD

    29. Brad ൠ

      Symbian takes a dump on both Android AND iOS the iPhone did not even have an app store so how is that even considered a smartphone I've been downloading apps a decade before the first iPhone

      1. Brad ൠ

        I'll be waiting for your next video about Symbian versus competition, and you better not be Apple obsessed again!

      2. Brad ൠ

        What do you mean by "full fledged web browser" my Nokia had FireFox with FLASHPLAYER!!!

    30. Peter Cetera

      And now he use touchscreen phone

    31. WTF Car

      My first phone was a nokia 2700 classic, I had a lot of games, then I got the dumbest phone on the planet, some trashy phone named homtom ht7, had it for 4 years, and It just stopped working randomly. Now I have a samsung galaxy s8, I have it for a year and it's still working perfectly

    32. Cali_EG6Si

      My first smart phone was a windows phone. But I jumped to Android Samsung then HTC. Then back to Samsung and haven't looked back.. Note20 ULTRA!!!!

    33. Ashok

      "It still feels familiar" in other words, "same sh!t, years over years"

    34. Toto wetu

      My 1st smart phone was an Alcatel T, pop running Android ginger bread it had 200mb ram you had to use an expandable memory card because the ROM wasn't there it was was a good phone

    35. Hassan Ilmi Kitabi

      You reminded us memories of starting iphone and android Thanks

    36. Sivert Leinan

      First smartphone was the iPhone 4s Currently using my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as my daily driver

    37. Afshin Molavi

      Did anyone ever have the Neonode N1 ? I had this jewel in 2005, check it out!


      Really thinking about my first smartphone is weird... It was Sense 500 from Reach. Then Redmi 5 then One plus 7 pro untill now...

    39. Jackson Morgan

      funny cause just after this video a lot of what he wants on Iphone has just been delivered

    40. Daniel Garczarek

      My first smartphone: Orange San Francisco (aka ZTE Blade) - £99 in UK, unbeatable value for money, great support by Android community, tons of custom ROM's to use once manufacturer abandoned it. Currently: 1-st gen iPhone SE - because "it just works".

    41. John Cunningham


    42. mellyn ginting

      That was fun. My first smartphone is sony st250i if I'm not mistaken, now, RealMe hahahha.

    43. Andrie M

      Adam n eve

    44. koushik yeluri

      Poor windows Phone 14:33😭

    45. Absolute8384

      I Had The HTC Dream. I Remember Telling My Cousin It Was Time For Me To Upgrade To A New Phone And Asked Him What I Should Get. He Was A Tech Geek And He Told Me To Buy The HTC Dream Because Their Was This New OS Called Android Which He Felt Was The Future Lol. I LOVED That Phone! Only Complaint Was The Phone Had No Vibrate Feature. So If You Got A Text You Either Had To Hear A Sound (Which At The Time My Job Didn’t Allow Us To Have Our Phone On Us) Or Turn It To Silent So You Would Miss Notifications. Hahaha Times Have Changed.

    46. Kacper Kapuśniak

      I am still waiting for phone with hardware like HTC Dream. I after 3 years with Dream and another 3 with Desire Z, I am missing Dream keyboard so much...

    47. No One

      Bruh this guy is like the Doug DeMuro of tech😂😂

    48. Jaimin Sondarva


    49. Nijamuddin Sarkar

      1. When is the Realme X60 Pro coming? 2. Detailed Comparison of Realme X50 Pro & Realme X7 Pro? 3. Which one is better? Realme X50 Pro & Realme X7 Pro?

    50. Jaxon Paul McCartney

      My first Smartphone was a Blackberry Curve, but my first touchscreen Smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy S. I now use the iPhone 12

    51. The Wandering Aristotle

      Add English subtitles option.

    52. The Wandering Aristotle

      Nostalgic revisited.

    53. Leftover Melodies

      1st smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy 3 mini. Had to get a J5 because the battery burst. Currently just got an iPhone SE 2020 fresh out of the box. We'll see how she holds up through the years.

    54. Anti epicall SOM NINJA

      dam im andriod user but never new there where phones with ect. that alraedsy

    55. ashwin k george

      There’s no real reason to be an iPhone or Android hater...... Both are great innovations and keep getting better (That’s what I understood from this video)

    56. Black Sabbath

      3:34 it is rumored android still use this camera today

      1. Saultune

        iphone cameras are made by samsung

    57. Karina Larsen

      My first smart phone was the G1. I loved that thing so much. I also had the G2. I really miss having a physical keyboard on my phone.

    58. Buchanan Games

      you can now set default apps

    59. Buchanan Games

      i went from basic phones, that being non-smartphones, to a windows phone then straight into iPhone i started with a 5c in 2014 when i turned 18 .. second year of college

    60. Aliex Folgueira

      Speed?? 2 G was horrible I switched to HTC tilt at the time

    61. nathan fowler games

      My first phone iPhone and now use Motorola g8 power lite

    62. Vernon Sanders

      The HTC XV6800 was my first smart phone. I quite enjoyed it. I think my first Android smartphone was the HTC Hero.

    63. INDABRIT

      Safari the best mobile web browser!?! Does it even have desktop view support yet on iPhone? 😆

    64. Ted Francis

      o2 xda 2 and 3 year 2002 and 2005 had all that and more

    65. Edgar K

      I like the ASMR in 13:47

    66. nword boi

      Steve Ballmer: $500 for an iPhone? Hahahahahahahahhahaha! Apple, 7 years later: *sells 200 million iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses*


      Without competition there is no innovation

    68. Vorrimade

      take a shot everytime he says "yikes"


      I'm late, but I'll play. My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011. I got it on a contract and had it for 11 months before I dropped it in the toilet. A friend handed me down his S1 after that. I used it till it died and then got an S4. As smartphones have gotten better, I've found that I no longer need to buy high-end to get all the features I need, and so I currently have a Huawei Mate 20 Lite, which does everything I need it to do. I recently became a MacOS user though, so I've been considering if it would be worthwhile getting an older generation iPhone as my next one. Maybe a refurbished iPhone 8.

    70. game Faqih TV


    71. Aaa Technology master

      My first iPhone was an iPhone 4. Then I went from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5c. Then from the 5C I went to the six. Then the 6+ for a little bit then back to the 610 to the 6S plus. Then to the seven then I went back to the 6S plus then I got the 10 hour two years ago. In a while back way before that I had one of those old clunky flip phones that you couldn’t really do much with. I like you though. Do you have any websites where we could possibly be friends and one of those sites.

    72. Michael Noland

      What? No Steve Jobs unveiling the original iPhone for the millionth time??? BOOO!

    73. Tawhidur Noor Badhan


    74. Ethan

      I went from a BlackBerry Storm to an iPhone 4 and been with iPhones since. It was like switching to a different universe. Looking back, though, I have some fond memories about my BB Storm.

    75. deegan1241

      my firs was a blackberry storm and my current is a iphonexr

    76. KZK2333350

      my first was iphone 2g 4gb))) i loved it!

    77. deegan1241

      its not ios1.0 its iphone 1.0

    78. thegirlinheels8

      My first smartphone was first gen iPhone and my current smartphone is iPhone 12 pro

    79. Ly Will

      It’s been an iPhone and iPhone ever since... I’m never gonna stop using it... still have my 3GS lying here working perfectly

    80. Dude Guy

      Idk man but you're the most positive person i have ever seen on the android vs ios fight in my entire life. And my first phone Nokia x2 and my current one is Samsung Galaxy A70 6Gb of Ram 128 of Rom and running on android 10 with Samsung one ui 2.1.

    81. i7i.

      I am usimg ASUS ROG PHONE 3 an android device

    82. Nino Heđi

      You didn't mention one thing about first android and it's fact that you could share files via bluetooth only between android devices and i know it because then i had java device and friend couldn't send me a song on my phone.

    83. SpicyR4MEN

      my first smartphone ever was a wooden stick back in Africa...

    84. SAM SB

      In 2007 Google: People don't need headphone jack iPhone: No people need it In 2020 Google:Yes people need headphone jack iPhone: No people don't need headphone jack Google:👁️👄👁️

    85. Ankit Srivastava

      A bunch of info.

    86. AP

      First smartphone was an LG L7 Current Smartphone 11 Pro Max

    87. Tom Pike

      The folders were cumbersome about 5 years ago when the feature was introduced and I started sorting my apps. Now, 4 iPhones later, I simply clone my user from phone to phone and never again have to sort all of the apps manually.

    88. Octo Hex

      smartphones have gotten so excellent yeah i have 20cents in my pocket

    89. Jarred Anderson

      first smartphone was iphone 3gs and im using the iphon xs plus about to get the iphone 12 pro max

    90. Nicks Cubes

      All I could think of watching this video was “Man when is he gonna iron his shirt?”

    91. Simos Katsiaris

      So this video is the reason we got iOS 14?

    92. Kal El

      My first android phone was the Xperia X10 and I still use sony.

    93. Tj Harmon

      Both are crap, only difference is android doesn't still suck

    94. Raymond Lo

      I'm waiting for the "Last iPhone and Last Android" video ...

    95. Wyvern

      There is only one company I hate more than Google... and that is Apple.

    96. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Lol I have the essential PH-1 made my essential and Andy Rubin so yeah..

    97. Alexandru Marzenco

      IPhone was so behind since the first day.

    98. ep-1000

      If you are from Europe you know we had dumb smart phones a long time before Iphone. Nokia and Ericsson made them. But they didn't apply to the masses. Nokia and Ericsson smartphones needed smart people. When Iphone came the smart people wasn't needed to operate the phone. Steve Jobs Was smart enough for all of us. In short. Apple did not make the first smart phone. Apple made it happen. They used already available technology and made a phone that worked. One problem with Ericsson phones was that you could open two ore more program at once. That med the phones crash. On the first ipone you could just have one app open at a time. Later when the soft or hardware was strong enough Iphone launched a phone with "multi tasking". Multi tasking was the thing that buried Ericsson and took Aple to heaven. Something like that.. But this is just like my opinion, man.

    99. Aldon Dekock

      “I wonder how Andy is doing??” “Oh” “Ohh” “Ohhh”

    100. SteveRT

      I sub’d to you channel because I find you incredibly sexy and I’m hoping you’ll make a shirtless video one day.