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    Ever wanted to be a Viking? Step into the world of Valheim
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    1. TylerandMoRoll

      You should play more of this Mark

    2. Sam Fink-Jensen

      Place your bets now: will they ever go back to this game. I say probably not

    3. Darkmage135 jake

      Is there going to be another episode

    4. Harley Brewer

      Mark are you guys gonna play any more of this?

    5. Usedless

      The way bob can barely make it through the sentence just makes me laugh so goddam much 11:30

    6. tailwhip

      If you enjoyed this game, give Frigid Demo a try

    7. Parker Spain

      Plz make this a series

    8. James Frazier

      Mark - Master Spear Thrower. Bob - Lord of the Knife. Wade - Stuck in Building Menu

    9. Bad Girls

      Do part 2.plsss

    10. bigboycain

      John 3:16 New International Version 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    11. Gary Robertson

      We need to see more Valheim, please!!!

    12. Otterboys workshop

      Them seeing the tree above: Xbox! Me: I’m pretty sure that’s Yggdrasill the tree of life

    13. Professor sh*thead


    14. Professor sh*thead

      I don’t know how to pronounce it but I just say Ike-thigh-er

    15. Rachel Krasinski


    16. Col

      Camp MorkWode featuring Bob

    17. Tired Dog

      It’s been over a month now and I’m starting to wonder if they will do another

    18. Daxain

      Hey Mark, you going to continue this series?

    19. soulsman4

      In need moar

    20. TheBlackPhoenix64

      Using the club to cut trees lul

    21. scott c

      Mark.....Finish the Forest play through now please. Thanks bunches

    22. shjfk svhke

      The boring golf independently entertain because priest paradoxically collect a a uptight kangaroo. wretched, wise self

    23. Cheeky Bloke

      Me want more

    24. MageYaLook

      I whould be killed rather by wade because he would frick up

    25. Natnael Asrat

      16:00 did... did he uwu?

    26. Damian Flukey

      I love how they saved it but there never gonna play it or make another video again lol

    27. Superior cristy

      Please play more of this

    28. firesk8ter247

      Can we get more of this game with bob and wade or even a solo play like the mincraft playthrough

    29. Jesse Donovan

      What if the game is about people who are dead?

      1. LargeUpset

        They are dead, your character died and was sent to valheim to prove themselves strong enough for Valhalla.

    30. Solidarity93

      What a jolly cooperation! I envy u guys.

    31. ya_boi_skull gamer

      I wish they kept playing

    32. FML_Abyss

      play ark survival evolved its way harder. the lore of the game is the player is a slain Viking warrior and you get taken to purgatory to prove yourself to Odin the king of the gods that you can go to Valhalla and the way to do that is defeating the bosses.

    33. David Neal

      Is he planning on doing a part 2? Or did he not enjoy the game?

      1. Adolf Hitler

        if you look up Markiplier vods on yt im pretty sure he played it longer

    34. YaGirlRose88

      I'd love to see them return to this game. This was a lot of fun!

    35. Kirk Gonzalez

      And just like that they never played again

    36. gramp lmao

      i want to see an episode where Mark, Wade, Bob, Juhsean, and Ethan play Blades and Sorcery. [soundsmith if you guys are crazy enough]

    37. Crasy Lightnings


    38. I Poopy

      Btw guys Eikthyr is pronounced ike thir

    39. Fish Lantern

      Mark: this is a crafting survival game Also Mark a minute later: oh its got crafting

    40. Ronan Cass

      Bob : "If you play with it, it gets bigger" Poor choice of words.

    41. FFelle7

      You should do more of this game

    42. Ribsyman

      I don't know was more calming the music or Mark stung by bees

    43. Bread The Trashpanda

      I love that these guys never have any idea what's going on or what the story is.

    44. Otaku Lascivo

      38:41 pause See ya boys

    45. KpopFeels MyJams

      Sad they didn't fight the boss.

    46. omegaman182

      So where the feck is part two?

    47. Colin Ringewold

      that's the world tree above you

    48. Allan Nielsen

      As always.. markaplier with a peronality crisis, proves yet again that he has an IQ of a 8 year old.

    49. Samuel Connolly

      This video made me buy this game. I know I'll be awful at it but it seems like something fun to mess around in.

    50. KillerPotatoZ

      Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful HUgetsr! Hope you have a good day. :3

      1. F

        I subbed ;3

    51. Carbodude

      I'm very happy that there are more and more Norse Mythology themed games being released

    52. Nuka Chronic

      If they continue without cheating, this will be very interesting to watch lol

    53. B Laff

      14:08 thats what she said

    54. Graham achu

      Make another video about this

    55. Boi Boi

      A series please I loved this 😁👌😂

    56. ق Shadi


    57. Michael Minch

      That bird at the start triggered my dark souls ptsd

    58. mr_ byebye

      great game to play but no one to play with still great game

    59. Triple S

      That giant green tree in the sky is called Yggdrasil, aka "The World Tree", which connects all the different realms

    60. Willow Hull

      When are you going to play Little Nightmares 2?!?!?!?!?!

    61. Jake Angleton

      22 minutes in the doom music kicks in

    62. aTorsion X

      Now I admit I haven't watched Markiplier's channel for the duration of the pandemic. But god damn is the man becoming Keanu Reeves.

    63. Misael Flores


    64. Dark Baphomet

      More Viking Mark lets go

    65. Wesley Wang

      Check out Let's Game it Out's version of gameplay for valheim. He's always the best at finding bugs...In the best way possible

    66. Sid79

      Where is the let's play for this game? We demand more bro

    67. Nate Ozanich

      I believe that the tree you are looking at is called igdrasil or something like that

    68. Kyru Kyru Kyru

      Grow your hair out amigo

    69. DeltaSilver88

      10th world... wait a minute, what's that supposed to be? There are only nine worlds in Norse mythology (well, ten if you count Nidavellir). Asgard (gods), Midgard (humans), Jotunheim (giants), Muspellheim (fire giants), Vanaheim (gods), Niflheim (no people? Just frost.), Helheim (the dead), Alfheim (light elves), Svartalfheim (dark elves or dwarves), Nidavellir (dwarves). Nidavellir and Svartalfheim may be the same place. If anyone mentions Valhalla... yeah, that's just a building in Asgard.

    70. Bullseye

      I need *M O R E*

    71. ataerb099

      tumbnail: strong bob strong wade and just mark

    72. Pier G

      I m a Non Bee-lever just killed it !!! 😂

    73. Cherno alpha , the motherland’s monster

      Two great series, the forest and valheim

    74. Card Wolf

      I would rather get killed by Bob, cause he can’t kill anyone, he would get killed by me =)

    75. Gabe_c_b _____

      Yall should play this more

    76. Locksher Mohes

      Vikings-the best medieval theme ever!

    77. TheDutchmanUK


    78. Dylan Gray


    79. olbart

      If i had to chose which one would kill me between mark wade and bob i feel like i would choose mark bc i dont want to be killed while in fear and terrified, mark will kill me while i am calm and collected i will die while in peace. Bob would kill me with horrific tactics that work but horrific none the less and i dont want to be horrified and terrified. while i dont really know what wade did but i would choose mark.

    80. Jay Paine

      cant wait till they run into a troll

    81. NeonFruit


    82. Farsad Faryar

      Where did The Forest go ?????

    83. [DATA- ERASED]

      This play through in a nutshell: I just killed a thing, fuck yeah!

    84. CaptainFry24

      ah yes, murkwood's unknown cousin, morkwode

    85. Markcraft

      14:05 If you play with it, it gets bigger

    86. da german stuka

      The swedish Town Skövde made many good games including valheim

    87. This is FINE

      HEY you should only use camp fires lol it works

    88. clockwork box

      Bro this new minecraft update is lit...

    89. RemorGamer 1615

      Game about vikings: Norse lore Mark: Whats that big tree textured thing in the sky? Markymoo, my friend, that is the very same thing you stand on. You are seeing, and standing on, a branch of Yggdrasil. The World Tree.

    90. Unison

      A game without a tutorial is very immersive😂

    91. The king Ace

      more please god more

    92. Egjjf Fhkkd

      The misty opera beautifully provide because orchestra pharmacokinetically deceive into a null squirrel. empty, jaded node

    93. Logan Johnson

      6:21 I could listen to that over and over.

    94. Smol Bean

      Game: *has actual tree physics* Mark/Bob/Wade: I'm in danger

    95. Zerge Blackfire

      i just got that game its real interesting cant wait for the updates

    96. Sach Massare

      14:08 Bob : "if you play with it, it gets bigger" now hold up- edit : timestamp

    97. Foamrule

      "Guys look, a goblin, it's a goblin coming!" Me, who's 50 hours into Valheim: NANI Edit: *Later* Mark: Is that a swamp? *runs forward* Me: HONEY NO

    98. Random_Gacha

      Mark: Who would you rather be murdered by? Me: Umm, how tf would I know, I like all three of you

    99. Ikea The Sweden


    100. Thatperson

      did you know the loading icon is what thor's hammer looked like in the original mythology