Fortnite Added Invisibility... (Predator Update)


1,8 M megtekintés150

    Fortnite added the Predator and now you can be invisible!
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    1. Shotz

      I can’t believe it’s Been a month already

    2. Israel Cmbpll


    3. voltron clapz

      Visual sound effects that's how they know

    4. Henry Scheper

      i watched two predator movies at age 10 and they werent scary

    5. April Robinson

      Lachy it is invisible when you crouch

    6. Steve Ramsdale

      PEoPlE aCtUaLlY LaNd HeRe NoW 2 weeks later Cricket noises at stealthy

    7. Zayne Marshall

      That mythic is "invisible"

    8. Kara Gnall

      Laughlinyour videos are so good!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Cyber Beam

      Come on people, the mythic is to camouflage, not go invisible


      i watch it it not scary

    11. Xander Carmona

      I have been a fan for so long can you comment back please I love your video ❤️

    12. zN1c0lasシ

      Me encantan tus videos aunque no puedas hablar mi idioma 🤗

    13. Emerald Phantom

      Fortnite is a ded game rn, so introduce some new games :))

    14. Aiden Chrismas


    15. Preston Gator


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    18. Taylor Jones


    19. ReptileGames

      Invis uninvis

    20. glosspoppyy

      Stand still for the full affect XD

    21. 么LGM_BOSSツ

      3:35 9 was the health he was on. If I'm 5 hp and u hit me it will say 5 damage.

    22. TyTylil


    23. F Zone

      The few fierce polyester hepatosplenomegaly chase because structure systematically play beside a unknown sidewalk. phobic, sordid guide

    24. Lisa Boyett

      so hard

    25. Jorge Aguilar Fuentes

      I can't kill a predator but it's good that you can

    26. Jorge Aguilar Fuentes

      good job mean

    27. Carlos Berroa

      Lachlan your webcam is changing base on what you do that’s awesome

    28. B4gszn gaming

      I dont think he noise they could hear you u just gotta crouch

    29. Abdullah Muqaizah

      😝 Invisbility has a glitch

    30. Yohillbilly7681

      Big disadvantage visual sound effects

    31. Garshawn Panther

      The wet margaret distally accept because ostrich formally yell beyond a fast mom. orange, pathetic instrument

    32. bazinga

      Answer is not that really Lachlan. 2021

    33. Kaleb Wheeler

      you need to try the invisibility glitch were you can stay invisible all game.

    34. Leon Dodd

      Trying to get famous of comments day 16

    35. Franco Artero

      hello lachlan

    36. Jake Mordoh

      Whoever is reading this: you are you you are loved you can change the world you are important You do you Don't let others decide who you truly are (Im also a small youtuber looking for your support)

    37. Archie Wharton


    38. Archie Wharton

      How is predator scary

    39. Peanut L

      Fortnite: adds invisibility Aimbotters: *allow me to introduce my self*

    40. dashing&edits

      I seen predator when I was 9

    41. Preston Gator


    42. VaPoR Frezzle

      I just found out this update today and complete all the challenges

    43. Mario Jones

      The predator is a alien race who hunts for sport and honor also I have watch all the movies

    44. mary heidel

      hmmm maby because you are in pro games

    45. BBQ Chicken

      Get a life

    46. BBQ Chicken

      Garbage fortnite is dead

    47. fjgff Adhuy

      so cool so so so cool😀😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍

    48. LordZachary6295

      Can you switch guns while your invisible?

    49. Arnulfo Salazar

      Yo viendo puros comentarios en inglés -_-

    50. Eric Miller

      Finally found a streamer who doesn't just build edit to get kills to the point where it's nauseating

    51. Tate Foussat

      I fell you people actually land at stealthy stronghold its my favorite place to land

    52. K Bourne

      if u stand still ur more invise btw

    53. K Bourne

      F predator

    54. best kids ever dert

      Lachy you said you would still where the Elf were is he .

    55. Scooter Flips

      hey lachlan if you stand still they wont see you AND READ MY COMENT!

    56. Kawhi Leonard

      Everyone: the predators challenges are So HARD! Me: They are also very sus Spend 30 seconds near the predator? Visit his apartment? SUS

    57. Laura LePore

      He is easy to kill

    58. Dawson Lee

      If u stand still no one can see u

    59. iPreston

      You didn't even kill him

    60. HateNoMore0

      If you dont the predator will visit you at night. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    61. BH Editz also

      Does anyone else just live watching Lachy?

    62. savgbio 58

      Lachy if you stand still you’ll be completely invisible

    63. Ramzi

      0:03 I already try it yesterday

    64. Mauro Rooms

      If you stand stil your ful invisible

    65. Linkovsky

      Ktoś z Polski takie pytanko? xD

    66. nirali mehta

      You have to crouch

    67. Manbir Birk

      Almost to 15 mil

    68. Andrew Reed

      Very funny, enjoyed it!

    69. Jaden Kumar

      This predator skin is so nice and he is pretty easy to kill it took me only 2 games to kill him

    70. Michael Jai

      Ruined the balance of the game

    71. allo playz

      Kill predator and go invisible and stand still you will be invisible

    72. Syphon YT

      I have preditor skin I have the full thingy with the pick axe and skin and emote also wrap

    73. Luis Miguel Villafan

      if you stand still it lats longer

    74. Toast Is An Oreo

      But the predators bulletproof



    76. Pree01lee Gaming

      Only use it when ur in a bad situation, ur more invisible when u stand still

    77. Cen

      Lachlan: "Bet, someone gonna glitch this!" Glitch King: "pfft... Child's play. Got infinite invisibility glitch working before you even finished your upload."

    78. Alfie Callahan

      If you stand still it is more effective

    79. Darling Ramos

      When it's gona come you're skin in fornite

    80. Avonte Burchett

      I love yur fuckin vids mate

    81. Jon Durbin

      I tried but Icant my brother got

    82. Doughnut

      If you stay still then you are more invisible

    83. Chickennbread

      You have to stand still to be “invisible”

    84. Maximus Pangle

      You suck if you can't kill him

    85. Kyle Ralph

      Anyone else thinks he complains to much

    86. Aarin Grass

      In the sand you are hard to see

    87. Aarin Grass

      Hey lachy if you stand still you are fully invisible

    88. Bennett Plays Games

      They put predator at stealthy stronghold and not weeping woods because they want more people to go to stealthy stronghold

    89. LOL XD


    90. hiba matar


    91. hiba matar

      You killed mr

    92. Santiago Calderon

      Lo veo pero no lo entiendo 👍🏻

    93. Reymann Bros

      You have to stay still and he is really invisible

    94. FootyTheGamer

      Now this is epic

    95. P.O. Games

      Its garbage.

    96. Splaxx

      The more you move the less invisible you are

    97. Ashraf Eid

      invisible by the way 😂

    98. Carolina Panthers

      He is stupid

    99. Ethen Reeder

      I Killed him frst match frst try dont beleive me that a OK

    100. NEW Denis FN

      How to Your gold is 10k