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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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    1. Eric Walter

      I feel like Sherman cares more about his KFC mostly in the end!

    2. Gaming centre Ali

      Also f in the chat for the f fine liner

    3. Mario Saldana

      Why he calling him his brother

    4. little gomez


    5. Sea Cloud

      You should do "I don't like your girlfriend prank" on him WILL HE CHOOSE BRANDON OR GIRLFRIEND

    6. Jaden Stclair

      Banger 😂😂🖤

    7. Destiny Soto


    8. Luke Riddell


    9. Luke Riddell

      Anthony is a LEGEND!!! GOATED.

    10. Christopher Fitak Vlogs

      Ultimate fail but funny as hell. The video was still entertaining 👍

    11. Alex Vazquez

      Failure 😣🥀🥀

    12. Annie Edwards

      Aw her personality is great

    13. Collin Shammami


    14. Syed Rahman

      AJ is Now your Brother not cousin

    15. Marcos Molina

      Happy birthday to me let’s go I’m 12

    16. ٴҜ卄ㄖ几丂ㄩ

      8:30 man was deadass staring straight at the cam🤣

    17. brycq

      Anthony is your brother?

    18. Ya boi Connor

      I didn’t know Anthony was his brother

    19. Suvi Jokinen

      my brother’s?

    20. Paloma Vargas

      Papa rug in the back

    21. Paloma Vargas

      Me thinking he’s actually being mean to her

    22. Gem ii

      HES NOT YOUR BROTHER 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    23. Kevin Engelhart Rivas

      “Prank someone else” 😂😂

    24. Geralee C

      Omg that’s funny! Leslie you give me mad Hillary duff vibes with your posture lol KFC vibes lol

    25. Drxp-Kingzy

      Being mean to by best friends gyal

    26. FearlessYT


    27. Giovanni Goytizolo

      Anthony to his girlfriend about Brandon: "He's so broke." Brandon: * Has more money than Anthony *

      1. Zupreme


    28. Raheb Rahman

      You tube is dieing branden is getting that Money 😁

    29. Axis

      bruhh anthony is a g he puting the homies first

    30. Nate Smith

      Oh she a baddie

    31. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Ha ha ha 😂😂😂 this was hilarious

    32. oceanblue

      bri this scripted as hell

    33. ethan eastman

      why did you put brother

    34. Jeremiah Gil

      Rip f in te chat mate

    35. Michael Hanna

      it says brother I thought Anthony was your cuz?

    36. Salwa Haj


    37. Salwa Haj


    38. Washington football team Phan

      Bro Brandon Anthony’s ur bro?

    39. nayak rajpal

      leslie is cute i am happy for sherman

    40. Eesa Butt


    41. simone pegels

      Anthony: She called me fat Brian: smiling 😂😂😂

    42. slixVFX

      Who realized the title was wrong! It said brother instead of cousin

    43. Iris Yessilth

      He put brother and anthony is his cousin

    44. Angie Marie

      bruhhh why brandon always just look so dead now

    45. Marco Basilone

      Anybody see how the title says brother not cousin

    46. TG destenyy

      notice how he called sherman his brother

    47. Milton Aguilar

      Learned from this vid that Brandon can’t be mean

    48. Legend4All


    49. Ember Playzz

      On 9:59 it's so funny how Anthony found out 😂😂

    50. Shane Henderson

      i’m actually happy for him , they are so good together

    51. Znowhite350z 3x

      Why his hair like that 🤢🤢🤮🤮

    52. Jayani Marrero-Hernandez

      anthony i hade a dream of u crying

    53. Paris Hassan

      Why did he say my girls BROTHER ??? When it’s not his bro

    54. Errico_on-PS5

      The anxiety this video gave me lmfaooo

    55. isiah barraza

      A belt and skinny jeans? Ur pants aren’t going anywhere..

    56. Lilmo

      she got a nose job

    57. Uniqe

      So Antony is ur brother now

    58. Day 1

      I don’t think Anthony is your brother hehe

    59. Leah Thomas

      who else caught how red his face got at 6:41

    60. Edgar Colin romero

      At the ending imagine the camera was actually off and Anthony talking to no one

    61. Leslie’s Life

      My name is Leslie lol

    62. jocelyn moreno

      It’s the “I’m going to eat my kfc “ for me lol 😂

    63. sheluvsdry

      After antho said he’s joking he looked at the cam like this shits fake

    64. SABO TV

      My baby mama name Leslie lol

    65. Luxes Galvez

      Fffffffff 🤦‍♀️😭😭

    66. Andrew Santos

      F- lol

    67. gg boy


    68. kookie_cookie

      Brandon just looks so good with that hair!!!

    69. KB_420

      She's a clout chaser. Dude is busted af just got a lil money and a famous family. Btw he's not your brother he's your cousin you moron!

      1. Enrique Chavez

        Why tf you hating 😂

    70. Dallas Joseph

      What’s with the video cutting all the time? Is it staged?

    71. Chino Contreras

      Faze rug brawadis Shermantheverman is a legend

    72. Mykal Gibson

      yall look like a couple


      Is it just me or does Leslie sound like Jackie in the intro?

    74. The Sad Street

      Stop trying to ruin relationships

    75. DevilishFox 8572

      I love it when the dogs all crowd around u all like they’re tryna get in all the conversations u have lol 😂

    76. Fatamah Rashid

      Heh it says broTher

    77. ITZXOLO

      This IS why Anthony is my Favourite 8:00

    78. simmi Official

      I cannot breathe 🤣🤣🤣😭 this is mad funny

    79. Alvaro Garcia

      Anyone else thinks that the shirt brawadis is wearing looks like a cockroach?

    80. Noor Ali

      F 😓

    81. luxe baby luxe

      Sherman: “oh so it doesn’t say REC right there?” Brandon: what’s REC mean??

    82. Ammo Gaming and Sports

      I don’t why HUgetsrs say shush the camera

    83. Gamer MinorSavage 22


    84. SWB Fishing

      That stupid ass tiktok earring 🤦🏻‍♂️

    85. Jay Rorie

      Everyone SUBSCRIBE!!!!

    86. Jay Rorie

      The biggest goat

    87. Suna Rintarou

      The face that Anthony spotted the camera as soon as he started guy you need to hide the cameras more🤣 Also she is so and she actually likes the camera and isn’t shy around it☺️

    88. Shawn Prince


    89. Flash Bando

      Now u using other peoples girlfriends for your vids ? Smh bro

    90. Wali Savge


    91. Demhat Aydilek

      she is lowkey cloutchasing

    92. Manny Eshou

      She has a Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson nose deadass

    93. x MANTEQUILLA24

      Another comment. Notice Anthony's beard looking thicker he be eating good 😼

    94. CupCakeOreos AreTheBest

      He just said Jackie........

    95. DopeVideos

      what kind of camera does he use?