Please help us..

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    Up for grabs in todays video is a brand new JEEP or Thirty Thousand Dollars CASH!! Jump in! - pCL7V5y2sg42/?igshid=1ke584k17za6h
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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Thank you for joining us on Chapter 3! Jump in on this.

      1. Asia Rosas

        I want the money to help my mom

      2. Itz Jay Kid

        @glockstrz qqq

      3. VX_ verified


      4. Juan Deras

        Where’s flash

      5. Bryce Mcdivitt

        Jeep for sure

    2. LifeWithBee

      Cash so I can pay off debt! Would love the keep but that can always come later!

    3. Hunterdude


    4. Little Nugget

      Money for sure. My fiance and I are dying to get our own house and it would help sooo much

    5. Hazel O' Sullivan

      Well I'm only 12 so I would say the cash. I'm so glad ur back love u Roman ❤️❤️❤️

    6. Gavin Punt

      Roman i love that yall are happy but I miss the old chapters😔 but seeing yall happy makes me wanna smile moore

    7. Heather McNamee

      I’m in Grove City we are neighbors my son would love a jeep lol

    8. Andromeda Wolf

      No. I will not help you. Do it yourself.

    9. Swearing_Nebula


    10. Bobarry04

      prolly the jeep go mudboggin

    11. Aleem A.J Mohammed

      Boom Atwood's back

    12. BlackGamerz YT


    13. Michael Crockett

      I would get the jeep

    14. Jay scruggs

      Jeep !!!

    15. Christopher Ilardi


    16. Franz Ruiz

      Where's the fishyyyyyyyssss

    17. CC-1004 Commander Gree

      Shit I dont have 3 friends

    18. SWM Music

      Was gonna enter but me out of 3M. People yeah nah I got no chance 😂😂

    19. Ronnie Musotic

      What happened to the smile more fish tanks

    20. Michael Crockett

      He does look like hawk from cobra kai

    21. Guadalupe Diaz


    22. Kansas Brandenburg


    23. Mykia Mobley

      I missed you guys

    24. Adam Oxley

      Where’s flash:(

      1. Tara Price

        I’ve been thinking this all day 😣

    25. Merik Vlogs

      what if the winner lives in canada

    26. Skipper Westbrook

      I really need a new vehicle. Ive owned my 2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71 for 12 years and I'm in need of a upgrade. Please. And thank you. 🙏

    27. derrickrose4

      Love you Roman!! Don’t stop making videos

    28. JPUFF!

      I would pick cash to start my clothing brand

    29. Robert E. Lee

      You got yourself into this mess by choice, yet you ask others for help?

    30. Michael Halpern


    31. sewshy

      I missed roman so much

    32. Brian S

      Truly love these guys, inspiring. Love how much they love to enjoy life the best in the business right here always have been

    33. nzjonnyboy gaming

      Iv been waiting all year for yall

    34. Nathan Noble


    35. Jason Harris

      I want the cash. Would love to pay off our credit cards and have a fresh start. That would be a huge blessing!

    36. Lloyd Crathers

      Hola Michaels

    37. MP

      welp i dont have friends to tag, being a loner haunts me again

    38. Christian Delgadillo

      If I won it I would pick the cash so I can buy my dad a truck

    39. Josie Payne

      I been wanting a Jeep for a while now but my parents don’t have that much money and I am going to be 16 soon and I’m from WV so if you do choose me I will be so grateful.❤️

    40. Jdjjpd /:

      did i miss something? where is flash

    41. Christopher Ilardi

      Don't want anything give it to your boys

    42. Tara Price

      Where’s the pooch?

    43. MomoMonies

      This is the bottom barrel of human evolution. It’s a complete disgrace and an embarrassment

    44. Ana Gutierrez

      wow roman you so happy thats good

    45. Christopher Ilardi

      Congrats on new place you deserve it

    46. Tiger Paws

      I'm still freaked out on how ur girlfriend (I think she is ur girlfriend idk) looks SO MUCH like many Carter from ackpey bridge.

    47. Wausau Luttrell

      I’d have to say I would pick the money I have a lot going on right now I have to pay for and I have to fix up my house it’s starting to fall apart the floor and everything and I need to get my truck up and on the road so I will have away to get back and forth to the doctor right now I don’t have no way to get to the doctor and need to get to the doctor

    48. Jase K

      Is Scotland close enough to drop it of? Love.

    49. JJtubekid N

      Roman Atwood is back baby yessssssssssss

    50. Kayla Echeandia

      I have to say money cause I already have a Jeep Wrangler🖤

    51. Gucci llama

      How much kids do you 🍿

    52. Ohhappydavis

      We would take the cash. Yes please! God bless

    53. W L

      Been following you since you had less than 8k subscribers!! Loved watching you grow as a family. Glad your back 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    54. Youngndreckless

      You could just tell they are more comfortable vlogging now that they moved!

    55. jovonni Ortiz

      I wanna know how many acres he has now 😂

    56. Bartek Szczesny

      Ive been watching scince chapter1 now CHAPTER 3 NEW POND thats what Probably what everyone WANTS stay with daily vloga plzz

    57. Bruno DeFranco

      i pick 30k though

    58. avnith_jdm

      Feels good to see him trending again

    59. Bruno DeFranco

      30k is not a gift bag.

    60. Silver Ado

      So amazing and kind of y’all. Personally i would put it to building a nee house. Our current house is over 40yrs old and falling apart. My family would be soo appreciative🙏🏻❤️

    61. Lomond Coyle

      Man I’d only I could win that jeep but there no point in trying because I am in Australia

    62. erica atwood

      my last name is atwood

    63. CarlosW42

      I’m glad he still has some land thats good

    64. Matthew Vasquez

      $30,000 cash 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    65. xJeremy

      Great video!!

    66. Miguel ROCKETT

      Holy shit it’s been a while

    67. Nico Repuyan

      I would literally faint if he pulled up to my house

    68. Hamed a

      welcome back Atwoods. Good start 👍

    69. ldyluk35


    70. Slender Warfare


    71. Jeanett 88

      Where is Flash? Is he coming back?

    72. Blockguygo

      I have not been on this channel in SOO long omg u got 15 mil

    73. SIDYfe4r

      The views on these videos... It's like they never left!

    74. Jesse Joseph

      I will love the cash or a shout out love you videos

    75. Kelli Jordan

      Cash all the way. I love you guys ur family is so sweet

    76. Kay Labrador

      I am excited 😁and cannot wait for your next adventure, as I have loved your previous adventures, this new chapter in your life is very exciting I hope it brings you much joy and happiness😃, As you bring to so many of your fans ❤️

    77. FaZe Tfue FN

      Can I get both?????

    78. dsquared143

      cash easy, jeep only like 28-29k lol

    79. Tristan Fleet

      Wait did y’all’s stalker leave y’all alone and is the stalker the reason why y’all moved

    80. Janelle Lembke

      I didn’t even know that you were still on HUgets

    81. Chris Reyes

      This give away is HUGE and although I’d love to take the Jeep the cash would be my go to since I’d be more responsible and use it to Provide for my family and give back to my mom since she’s the reason behind my successes in life so far 🙏

    82. Dale Austin

      Or the money

    83. Jax Henderson

      Doesn’t post for a year and has that crazy of a house

    84. Noah Zimmermann

      WHERE IS FLASH????!?

    85. Kinzu

      Haven’t seen flash?

    86. Jamie0187

      I would ‘lend’ the jeep to my brother untill I get my license myself and then use it for my own.

    87. Riley Campbell

      I hope I can maybe win the money would help with college a lot

    88. Crunchy_ Banana

      No I dont think I will

    89. Wyatt Campbell

      I would pick cash because I want my first vehicle to be a truck

    90. Dale Austin

      How you will the jeep

    91. Elbo

      waste of space

    92. Andrio Robberts

      If only content creators actually helped people instead of just trying to spike their numbers. Jesus.

    93. Lilly Flower

      is this a vlog popping up on my yt

    94. One Day One Step

      I check every single day for new videos from you and the family. Im so excited


      how many banks did u rob when u were not posting

    96. Andrio Robberts

      Maybe if the content was actually engaging it wouldn’t take wasting money on a Jeep to keep people watching. You could’ve literally helped a few people affected by the current state of the world, yet here we are. Flashy cars and shitty content.

    97. Nohemí Almanza

      I will get cash 💰 but I want the Jeep

    98. Michael Cheramie

      It's so nice to have y'all back

    99. Zan Z I

      I am subscribed and I have a HUgets channel to.😁

    100. Lynsey Lodgr

      Yeah you guys are ace 🙂 more