Why Apple Skipped The iPhone 9

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    Since the release of the second generation iPhone SE one of the most common questions I’ve received is why Apple didn’t name it the iPhone 9. In fact, many people think it’s strange that the number has been skipped altogether. So in this video I’m going to explain some of the history behind Apple’s naming strategies with their products, and what influenced their decision to skip the iPhone 9.

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    1. Todd Bieloski

      Because 7,8,9

    2. Subhan Jawad

      I got a anger add on an anker sponsered vid

    3. Md Gaziur Rahman Noor

      Because 7 8 9(seven ate nine). You can blame Iphone 7 because it ate iphone 9

    4. Zachary Labao


    5. adiroau

      Iphone x is iphone 9 and iphone 11 is iphone x lol

    6. Pulsx


    7. Pulsx


    8. xp50player

      Watching this in landscape, charging on my Anker😇

    9. Nagy-Haffner Denes

      Sponsord by anker

    10. Nick DiToro

      I assumed Apple skipped the iPhone 9 to avoid it's being heard by German speakers as 'iPhone NO." :-)

    11. ÆUGH fish lives matter

      7 8 9 so 9 died seven is fat wow so seven must be full if he ate 9

    12. Mike Turner

      The iPhone 9 does even sound good

    13. TSU MyH

      كل الي بلمقطع غلط السبب الحقيقي لعدم تنزيل ايفون 9 هو اعلان باري لان فظحهم

    14. Cristina Grindeanu

      Dont make me uncomtofor dude

    15. Minecraft Cososper & RXM

      They skipped the 9 so you can't combine the models to create the iPhone 69

    16. Gordon Paulo

      Because 7 ate 9

    17. R1xu

      Because 9 means in german no

    18. lmaomoofeq

      i predicted apple would skip iphone9 when they released iphone6

    19. PinguGamer89 _

      Thing is iPhone 9 has already been released but they just removed the phone in general.

    20. JonPlayz _

      Why did apple skip the iPhone 9? Because 7 8 9 (7 EAT 9)

    21. 佐々木アキ

      Microsoft: we skipped windows 9 Apple: we skipped iphone 9 Samsung: weak... we skipped S11 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17 S18 and S19! Sony(Xperia): AMATEURS!

    22. Seán McCaughey

      iPhone se should have been called 9 people would’ve loved it

    23. FishFiletfan487

      All I am saying I don’t know any one who called it iPhone X every one Ik calls it ten

    24. Jounrey- Plaz

      9 is unlucky

    25. CowCow

      dammit someone already commented “because 7 ate 9!”

    26. Gabryel Batista

      Apple skipped a number: 8 to X Samsung: bitch hold on my bag lemme skip it from S10 to S20

    27. masho bregvadze

      its because 789 seven ate nine

    28. Can_der_aller_echte

      Nintendo skipped Wii A-T

    29. Anthony Huang

      Apple: Skips 9 Samsung: Skips 11-19 Huawei: Skips 11-19, 21-29, 31-39

    30. D -


    31. NaayaTheOoblet

      Ya'll, the truth is... *7 8 9.*

    32. Jack Slowik

      simple. it's cus seven eight nine.

    33. Partygod237

      like windows

    34. CaptainCozmo

      It’s because I’m 2017 when they added it was there tenth anniversary for the iPhone that’s why

    35. Anirudh Rai

      Both Windows and Apple have one thing similar They hate 9 No Windows 9 and no iPhone 9

    36. Даниел

      The first iphones are: iphone, iphone 2g, iphone 3g...

    37. Joseph Rogers

      Cos 7ate 9

    38. iPhone12 mini #daswahreSE2

      I think apple skipp the iPhone 13 too

    39. first Dot

      no joke about " 7 ate 9 "?? hmmm

    40. porteal

      why do you need sponsors when you're shilling so hard for apple?

    41. heyeh heyeh

      Why are people not even giving 9 versions, what.

    42. Bloss0m YT

      I know the real reason. Bc 7 8 9

    43. calicomoonchild

      The number 9, has apparent unlucky connotations in China (A huge market for Apple), and market research indicated it would not sell there due to negative superstitious associations within Chinese culture. Also, in western astrology 9 signifies completion, which is not good when you use that number, then just keep on going. This is the same reason why Microsoft skipped Windows 9.

    44. Castiel Velasquez

      Because Apple get rid of the iPhone 9

    45. chicken man

      because iphone 7 8 (ate) 9

    46. Robert Berryman

      Microsoft also seems to believe that ten is cooler than nine. Seems stupid to me. I can’t imagine being the type of person who decides to buy a phone or a computer OS based on its marketing name rather than its features.

    47. Pixelated PEKKA

      It’s because 7, 8, 9. 🙃

    48. Alex Au

      People: It's WirLesS. Me: The pad has a wire..... And you still need to use a pad.

    49. Tia J

      Roman numerals don't seem to be taught in schools which is probably why people said X instead of 10.

    50. Dixeon •84 years and

      Short answer: they liked windows computers

    51. Thennarasan Vel

      The iphone SE 2 actually looks like the real iphone 9... And the iphone 12 mini actually looks like the real iphone SE 2.

    52. Avail GGs

      What about iPhone 11

    53. Art Cahanaj

      Iphone X is a way better name than Iphone 10

    54. atarixle

      Apple skipped iPhone 9, moving from 8 to X. Microsoft skipped Windows 9, moving from Windows 8 instantly to Windows 10 like five years before. But they all are inspired by me! Yes, me! Because I skipped the exact same version number of the Atari 8 Bit Graphical User Interface which I called "BOSS" like 20 years ago. I went straight from BOSS-XE V8.1 to BOSS-X Version 10.0 already back in 2000! ........ Just kidding. Things actually happened, but of course it's a coincidence.

    55. top files

      they skipped it because there 10 year anniversary was coming up and they needed to celebrate

    56. Rotafy.

      Video: IPhones Just the beginning: *I P H O N E A D*

    57. Caffeine Addict

      it's a buget model apples SE: 399$ Samsung's "A" series: well we got the A01 at 99$ sooo like it is literally like your old LCD display phones but like- mines only run on android other than that (besides the hardware and stuff) its the same.damn.thing. besides the 99$ price will i say?

    58. Fred Products

      Maybe cause 7 ate 9?🤔

    59. Van Dao

      There is no iphone 9 mean there is no windows 9

    60. EpicAsian420

      People complain about apple skiping the nine when Samsung skips from 10 to 20

    61. Alyssa XD

      Its simple 7 ate 9 ;)

    62. Antonio Emanuele Addis-Pilo

      Apple skipped 9 because seven ate(8) nine

    63. Rainight YT

      It’s because 7 8 9

    64. JD John

      not only iphone 9 is skipped but also iphone 2

    65. Amaeツ

      it’s because 7 8 9 Keep reading it over if you don’t get it 👇If you get it you can like

    66. Nate's Adventures of Silliness

      I’m pretty sure he was secretly sponsored by the wireless charging company to do that subliminally

    67. Leah !!

      😂 I can't believe that I only just found out the an 'apple pencil' is a stylis. I was wondering why they would have their own make of pencil 😂

    68. •Gacha Flower•

      Apple: skips 9 Me: cuz 7 8 9... 😔

    69. Oneway DAZLG

      The iPhone 9 was the iPhone 8 plus

    70. Francisco M

      7 ate 9😳

    71. Roee Douek

      8 min to say because it's cool, wow

    72. ShmoneyMan AK

      Was it supposed to be iPhone IX

    73. Louis Jones

      can we acknowledge the iphone 5c please, it was awesome

    74. Harshal Jadhav

      Meanwhile realme users •C1, C2, C3, skip...C4 - C10 •C11, C12, skip...C13 - C14 •C15, skip...C16 •C17

    75. Warzone Demons

      Or maybe because it was apples 10th year building iphones !

    76. Not RayanGamerBoy3917

      simple answer: SEVEN EIGHT NINE sub to me if u got the joke pwease

    77. Michael Staengl

      In Germany, the English number "nine" sounds like the German word "Nein" for "No". Perhaps it was a liiiiitlee pandering to the German market too? Let's imagine, the customer hesitates a bit between the word "iPhone" and "nine", the sales guy just walk away.

    78. Goat Nation

      7 8 9

    79. Ight Tay

      Yk I really thought they was just makin a joke about the 9 like yk the joke 789/ 7 ate 9 🤣✋🏾 lord help me

    80. mxnguy.mov

      Look, let’s call the Xrn the 9,


      Suddenly felt I was on tv commercials to buy a magnetic doc!! Dislike 100%

    82. Dottie Blueberry

      7 8 9 simple

    83. Dillon Crace

      iPhone X sounds cooler than iPhone 10


      Apple: imma call it the Apple Pencil Apple in 2050:imma call it the iPencil

    85. Super Snoopy Vids

      They skipped the iPhone 9 because 7 8 9

    86. Jdollies5

      no need for an 8 minute video about this.. 7 8 9

    87. Likes Sims


    88. Juice WRLD 9 9 9

      You know why they skipped the iPhone 9? *Because seven, eight, nine.*

    89. Markié gacha :3

      Theory: iPhone doesn't know how to count

    90. Mo bot

      I did not understand why they skipped the iPhone 9

    91. The Red Ant

      because 7,8,9 Huh i just cracked the case

    92. Malhar Savale

      People are asking this question now? The year iPhone 12 came out? Didn't anyone notice Windows though?

    93. Julian Palacios

      YOOO I’ve been here since 10k I found this in my recommended your channel free sooo fast!

    94. KHAtube-97

      Actually it was the iPhone 2g then 3G not the iPhone then the 3G no it was the 2g then 3g so technically the skipped the original 2 and 3

    95. Quantay Peoples

      Why did the iPhone skip 9? because 7 ate 9.

    96. Ed Gauci

      I don’t know anybody who didn’t understand that the X was 10 or pronounced it as anything other than iPhone 10

    97. Logan Parker

      Its bcuz 7 8 9

    98. Noah Muller

      Lmao I grew up with the iPod so MP3 player is something really weird for me.