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    1. Mig

      Im starting to think anomalys inventory is just everything on skin baron

      1. SeRvZ

        @Delta Team nha

      2. SUNSPYtm

        4:57 "because fat bastard who like to spend the money on the CS"

      3. SyncerGamer

        What if he is skin baron, and hes Inventory is Skin Barons Shop Inventory 😂🙌

      4. m4xx1cod3z

        Nice Picture

      5. SadLaner


    2. Cosmic Gamer

      3 howls?

    3. Marko Milojković

      U have all knifes xD

    4. thor 2789

      Missing Mac-10 Classic Crate - Kinda sus my dude, you need to change the titel now

    5. Liam Cintron

      Me being proud of my WW ak empress Anomaly:

    6. davidehu

      Next: all knife skins 😳

    7. goose

      Anomaly what is the worst knife that you own?

    8. Mikkel Andersen

      collect all knifes now

    9. shininja

      this dudes collection is worth more than my house

    10. Shadragon135

      If anomaly gets vac banned that’s gonna be a sad day

    11. xXMIKIXx

      Could you share the spreadsheet with us?

    12. cyberslayer182

      This video called me porr on 100 langues

    13. Popescu Sebastian

      Get all the stickers now :)

    14. U3 Pure

      Now get them all in stat track

    15. Linh Nguyễn Bảo

      if csgo is dead how valuable your skin deserve

    16. nuuubteach

      next video "I collected every knife"?

    17. AWPlug

      Can I have 1 battle scarred gray worth 2 cents

    18. Zumer99

      I think Anomaly is just Wolf Street in CS:GO

    19. 21 Savage

      skinbaron trash because no paypal

    20. VΞNØX

      Do you got AWP | White Out?

    21. Brecht Hofman

      Anomalys skins p2000 amber fade glock fade dual berettas vanilla p250 crimson kimono cz75 victoria five sven vanilla desert eagle blaze mp9 wild lilly mac 10 stalker mp7 vanilla ump 45 vanilla p90 vanilla t p90 emerald dragon ct ppbizon rolfs regret galil ar vanilla famas vanilla m4a4 vanilla ak 47 wasteland 4x eminir holo craft ssg blood in the water SG 553 vanilla aug akihabara accept awp souvenir dragon lore scar 20 emerald G3SG1 vanilla nova vanilla XM1014 frost bone shawed off vanilla mag 7 cinquedea M249 vanilla negev Mjolnir

    22. Xaens

      i watching this video with my 3dollars inventory. Me:interesting

    23. Shartdz Chartz

      I feel dirt poor after watching this video

    24. Mr teletuby

      You maybe have all the skins in CSGO but you dont have both of your kidneyd

    25. isdelo 73

      If u could only giv me 1 knife of ur 1000 knifes :(

    26. Ondřej Třeslín

      You have dragon lore, and im Happy with my awp sun in leo, and default knife 😐

    27. Shino GFX

      He having 3 howl m4's Me asking my " papanomaly " for buying me a howl .

    28. Anton Jensen

      next trading mission give all skins to FANS

    29. Isac

      07:31 "my playskin for many months" has only 230 stattrak kills on it lmao

    30. Lebrown

      Imagine if he got banned

    31. _Číčo _

      anomaly, can you pleasee send me or write in the comment an excel file with that list of skins?

    32. momorain

      What about all knifes with all finishes? :D


      donate me a cheap knife :)

    34. Danny playz

      Bruh instead of !ws he just goes to his inventory

    35. k

      I hate it when people cover their skins in stickers. It's like putting a bumper sticker on a lambo.

      1. alcohol and dopamine

        except ones where it complements the skin, like titan holos on a gungnir would look cool imo

    36. Weed Yeeter

      I never got why the fade skin is so expensive. It looks ugly on every item.

    37. A Random Guy

      You like csgo skins? Name all of them Anomaly: Inventory

    38. Erik Holmlund

      Do you have every knife

    39. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      the awp fade is garbage anomaly, and you know it fuck the purple looks better then the fade. and even that awp sucks.

    40. Harald Pannal

      But every single item in csgo

    41. TerminallyToast

      "Mommy can i have your credit card for a second." 30 seconds later:

    42. Kiburici

      Hey Anomaly can u post the excel?

    43. Raccoon Jifo

      I love it how he put $100.00+ only it should be more like 1,000+

    44. Stodal

      Dude casually has 3 howls

    45. Vojta Klemperer

      i mean nice. BUT THAT SPREADSHEET MAN WTF, nice

    46. seagle time

      now get all the knives

    47. Jeff Nguyen

      "I dont have every single knives..." Me with zero skins: pff Amateur

    48. HAHAN't

      Anomaly: I collected every skin Me: cries in game drops

    49. below_zer below_death

      Ur the new mrbeats youtuber now go make videos like him donate free skins

    50. HAHAN't

      Rich cannot get any more richer

    51. MasterKaljami

      "I have every single AUG" bro show us the 🅱️akiha🅱️ara 🅱️a🅱️🅱️ecpt.

    52. blankily

      he is the skin changer

    53. yanis zdhfl

      4:44 look better

    54. JoeOnYT

      and now get every single float of every single gunskin,knife,gloves

    55. ꧁Jmatthew Jm꧂

      Noice gloves my man

    56. ReduX

      Anomaly, be honest with me, when will you do a face reveal?

    57. Budrow Conye

      Where is the m4 and Deagle printstream

    58. Tage Hahne Wallmark

      i dont understand this vidio

    59. Ken Emeigh

      How do you manage your inventory, you said you have a spreadsheet. Can you do a video of how you manage your inventory

    60. rühls beste

      Can you give me a skin for free. I don`t have that much :(

    61. SocraTeS

      i'm sure that skin baron buys skins from anomaly

    62. LGK Vortex

      kan i gete nife

    63. Mariia Chyrva


    64. Tkk. Lu

      you want to trade me a Prince? ;3

    65. Xray96X

      I wanna at least a rust coat siletto knife, a man o war awp and a ak 47 legion of anubis pls

    66. Louay Saleh

      kinda dry with the jokes tho but somehow funny

    67. Louay Saleh

      i swear your my favorite youtuber anomaly

    68. Thermophobe

      the spreadsheet is more impressive ngl

    69. RAGNAROK SO2

      Get knife me

    70. Uv 99k

      I wish csgo comes in android

    71. Karmzyy

      Me : Anomaly how many skins do you have Anomaly : I don’t know

    72. IPIVAR

      Why are people robbing banks it would be much easier to get in the Anomalys account.....Its modern time!

    73. Babysitter

      gib mirm messeer bitte anermoly

    74. Tekis

      Do you never though Where the gamblin pages or sells page of cs got their skins? well, why have your answer here... BRUH

    75. Petri Palomaa

      hej anomaly kan du hjälpa mig att få tilbaka mitt steam konto, det är en ryss som hackat de och jag har kordinaterna till hans dator i ryssland

    76. Fate_


    77. asd

      Skin baron on a nutshell;

    78. Skyder 2314

      congrats on 3 mil

    79. Davrid

      now that's a next level of flexing

    80. ma2k

      andddd how much have you payed for this game???????? prob a house lol

    81. ma2k

      GIVE ME A KNIFEEEEEE JK eheheh :) jk jk i love your vids and i subed and turn nots on

    82. kronikzvfx

      12:35 cant tell if that voice crack is real or not

    83. BIREQ

      drze sie jak zebo normalnie

    84. Berk Djelil

      did you get all kinfes???

    85. JustFusion

      Can you buy a skin from skin barel then resell it on steam market for more?

    86. Carter

      Pablo Escobar : Im the biggest kingpin in the history. Anomaly : Are you challangeing me??

    87. Kick The Baby

      “This has been my play skin for many months” *Stattrak confirmed Kills: 230*

    88. cozy

      @Anomaly Steamguard är inte säkert, 2 tömda konton på 2 dagar

    89. Blatant Plagiarismm

      I looked at the 100.000+ and remembered...

    90. Gucci LV

      this is my play ak for many months.. and he has only 230 kills on it xD

    91. Cleveland Brown

      I love this guy! I think he’s black

    92. AndreasH

      are you hacking?

    93. Elegant Pussy

      U miss Deagle Printstream Upd: sry I’m blind

    94. Product of Infinity

      since when did csgo add a storage unit???

    95. #G4M3R

      as i can see you have a lot blue skins soo i thought that i can get one?

    96. Leonard Papp

      now collect every sticker

    97. Napo Bully

      Fat u saw the trade site Haa gone

    98. Master. Kebab Maker

      Taste Lahmacun Turkish Legendary Food You Need Eat Coca Cola.

    99. Kevin L

      Anyone think the “bad fade” looks better?