Apple Is No Longer A Growth Company

Lew Later

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    The smartphone landscape of 2019 is a much different place from when the iPhone first launched. Can Apple fill the iPhone void with services and wearables?
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    1. Ryan Beverly

      Hey guys, I've cited your podcasts for my essay submissions for my supply chain modules! You guys share really great insight, Economist who?? lol

    2. Михаил Костюничев

      Willy do almost lost his job here 😂

    3. Ray Caballero

      If Apple was smart businesswise the only thing they would change is allowing people to have more control over the concert they put on their phone that's basically what people want But either way I still feel that their user interface is way easier to understand sometimes just by looking at the icon of the application you can basically know what it is sometimes look at a Samsung user interface looking at stuff I don't know what it is until I actually open the application but with Apple is pretty straightforward even without opening the application

    4. Ray Caballero

      I love the Apple brand but the reason it's losing to Samsung now is because they have too many restrictions Think they were to change that in my honest opinion their user interface for Apple is way better than Samsung but because Samsung has literally no restrictions most people flock to their brand over Apple which is the original developers of the style of phones

    5. Bernice Henry

      "A guy like you..." - Lew, 2019

    6. Vlad Tepes

      it resides on earth, after all.

    7. Ivan Tirado

      Must be the reason for Apple's poor sales with the 12 series.... wait a minute...

    8. marcvought

      Just a little bit of choke. -- Willie Doo

    9. Walkman007

      Greta Thunberg ''fairytales about eternal economic growth''

    10. Giorgi Liebau

      Willy do almost lost his job here 😂

    11. Kitsune

      I hate Tim Cook ceo of apple he destroyed apple and all what sative jobs did like ban any cloud gaming on iOS

    12. Kamel Labiad

      Willy do almost lost his job here 😂

    13. Bryan Calhoun

      The guy in charge of apple now is not a visionary nor was he hired to be one. Hes a marketing guy. Steve jobs was the visionary. When he died then apple's future was sure to stagnate and eventually also slowly die with his visionary ability. Thats tragic but that's littersly how it is. The marketing guy is gonna squeeze as much $$$ as he can out of this Company. But as a marketing guy that's what they all do. They dont set up futures for excellence in R&D. They just take what they got and repackage it a GAZILLION times. Like they always do with I-phones... until eventually there's other amazing tech that over takes them because their behind the times... That's how it Be....

    14. QuidEst Nunc

      Please get back to us anxious iPhone Homers After you have Actually Physically touched and tested them there iPhone 12's. Thanks. Peace and out.

    15. Been Boyage

      Apple is ass

    16. Anthony Hernandez

      This fool keeps doing the same shit over and over again It’s actually sad you’re better than this

    17. Andrew Hayward

      Just found your Banner ? Round Universe

    18. Andrew Hayward

      What about Japan - people sign up to watch another Person eat !!!!

    19. TheLastStan

      Once you go apple your a consumer for life because they fk ur shit up on purpose and build shit to work good for 6 mo then you have to buy another one because the old one is a total piece of shit!!!!

    20. Whoisnt Whoisit

      Might be hard to keep a social media site up, but you make 500mil you can bail and enjoy the rest of your life just fine! :)

    21. Xavier Pierre

      This didn’t age well some how they surpassed 2 trillion

    22. Christopher Hammock

      I miss dreamcast. 😔

    23. Cbiz 210

      Dream Cast? Pfff! My brother and I had a Neo Geo and we too were outliers... I remember having to explain to people what it was, almost to the point where some kids thought it was like a knock off or a generic store brand version of a gaming console. Owning it was exhausting. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    24. Cbiz 210

      FROOT LOOPS.... YEYAHH! Y'all should do a mukbang episode. 🥣

    25. OutOfNameIdeas

      Vr is growing exponentially. It's pretty big. I think there is 1,8-2milion headsets connected to Steam right now actually.

    26. Kingjames313

      Wiiiiiiiiiiiilly Duuuuuuuu!!! Wooooo!!! Lol

    27. checotey

      08:38 is so funny man!!!!! :D :D

    28. Shilvio D. Linton

      I don't use Facebook. I think the new logo is clean and professional.

    29. secros

      I say give Willy Du the Froot Loops.

    30. John Kavanaugh

      Yeah their minds are expanding all right like a balloon.

    31. John Kavanaugh

      Eat it like a sandwich.

    32. Nate Smith

      Their marketing team ruined their brand.

    33. Samuel Yirgalam

      It’s ironic how this was said 9 months ago and now apple is worth over $2 trillion

    34. edgar jimenez

      The only thing Apple ever cared about is growing their bank account lol

    35. dknight xs

      9 months later apple crosses 2 trillion net worth

    36. salmeq

      coming back from the future and wanted to say that they hit 2 trillion dollars

    37. kris ertmer


    38. Bran

      0:01 - his exam begins

    39. Stephanie Grove

      I haven’t been excited by Apple products since the death of Steve Jobs, for the most part, the products seem stale and uninspired.

    40. Mony Hach

      Honestly if it wasnt for the chinese we would have such great cheap phones like the pixel 4a. Get ready for non inovation for the next 10 years.

    41. Edward White

      Chik FIL a is trash

    42. Dachy Vashakmadze

      Last days I see so personal adds I am thinking deleting all Facebook apps

    43. Yassinbadr TECH

      12:05 I have I feeling that VR is going to be connected to cloud gaming service's and thet surely will make them smaller and lighter I think VR gaming are going to have a very bright future looking forward for it...😆👍

    44. Blikies

      Apple now: stocks and revenue go brrr

    45. Jhardy0786

      Facebook should get out of all politics

    46. J Z

      I know this old but at some point someone says “Yeah, yeah” and I was a bit funny but kinda sad

    47. marcus bernau

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    48. David Peganyee

      Feels like this episode was a lifetime ago..

    49. PixelPlay

      Let’s frootloop together 🤟🏽

    50. Jon T

      Apple is simply becoming apple again after 1985.

    51. Norton Anthology

      YEAH MAN!

    52. Terry Manion

      I'm 33 I use FB I don't mind the logo But if they're going to slap the logo in all their products, then make them more seamless. Maybe? Lol

    53. Arav Bathla


    54. Ron R

      I like the full length discussion uploads. Lew and Will & Joe Rogan are now my go to podcasts

    55. EMAN TOSIN

      plot twist. Google and Apple is owned by the same person

    56. Dan iel

      omg, your such a b to your coworker bro, so annoying.

    57. Graf Aramaic


    58. bigDAN

      not👎🏼 liking the "NEW" FACEBOOK logo...

    59. Guitar Heretic/*x

      You alright? Seem a little scattered. Good time for a quasi vacation. Why fight it?

    60. Marvin Eersteling

      Netscape...? What happend to them.... Talking about Altavista.... Wauw...

    61. Kids Lego World Assembly

      Lew, cut the shit down. If you do not like wily du , just fire him, do not keep him like a joke. Every time you atack him you look like an big fat ass. This is happend when somebody like you think become somebody else and try to keep slaves nearby. I am stoping wathing this shit and i hope many other will do until you correct your attitude.

    62. G Henrickson

      Apple started telling me two decades ago what I wanted. And I didn't. Ever since I bought my first Apple product in 1984...I have never gotten a fair shake on warranty and have always been disappointed in their customer service. I have a closet full of obsolete and failed Apple products. I am no longer a fan.

    63. David

      makes people dizzy

    64. JCW

      I think for AR gaming there needs to be more of a focus on game mechanics that utilize the features of AR in a more engaging way. It's like "Aha!” for 10 minutes and then you're just playing a shitty video game. There needs to be more to offer after the honeymoon phase wears off.

    65. Sideshow88

      Talk about valve then show the vive cosmos that has absolutely nothing to do with valve! What a melon.. valve's headset in the index.. please do some research

    66. Atoms Molecules

      All garbage, crApple phones are the biggest pieces of excrement ever produced. You can buy a car for the price of a shitty iPhone 11 pro max, a phone that sucks major donkey boner at multitasking.

    67. pokeill1

      I was gonna start a couch co op twitch/youtube stream channel but i think someones already done it

    68. Shahar Rozenbloom

      Apple will Scarp Rated R Movies and Shows and 2X The Price and Will Earn 10X to 5X with Much more Rentals. Work Tim. Eddie Be incharge on That 10X more earns and More iPhone Sell. You earn 10X Times from Movies and Shows Rentals. Money 💰. And Services could Charge More Money.

    69. N G

      Apple sucks

    70. Adrian train

      Talking to people in real life is I find to be over rated..... I was in hospital only days ago, was in a coma and tubed up. No one besides my wife visited me, no one bothered with me..... people are crap....

    71. Tad Saxington

      Growth is unsustainable. Logic is wonderful thing.

    72. Reuben Chan

      I like how by the end of the video the topic has nothing to do with the video title

    73. Christian Flores

      Are Facebook and Instagram and what’s app will Merge to 1 Social media site then 3?

    74. Oskar Antonsen

      Anybody else hate Facebook?


      how is this different than what Google glasses were? they're not being innovative here. lmfao 😂

    76. that guy

      You should get a mac book pro best laptop out there

    77. G4eva420

      Yes, I agree. I really don't like to see the Facebook logo every time I open IG or WhatsApp, I feel like deleting both apps every time I see that. Congress should dissolve Facebook, unfortunately FB already paid a lot of money to them to avoid that...

    78. Chandler T

      yes they are investments are worth it

    79. Freddy BronzeVille

      People perfer a icon. ppl just ignore the word just click the icon. I assume Facebook still keeps their colored box or with the same blue box. But change white capital "F" for doesn't matter. THIS! is a PR stunt!!! lol smh

    80. Hoover E Londono

      When the notch is gone and the prices calm down it will grow again

    81. Zac

      The other inhalers suck cause when your having an attack its hard to breathe in and get the medication in whereas the inhaler with the gas forces it in which gets it down into the lungs. Its heaps better when you cant breathe.

    82. rexbk09

      22:43 - Screen resolution for emailing artwork... (12,800 x 3200)

    83. Cornish Concept

      lew can i send a landscape picture to put on your background ?.its cool tho hope you think so

    84. Binod Shrestha

      willy du 2020 _ " hmm, yeah.............".

    85. Mateo Santos

      gaame of phones?

    86. Meister Rodgers

      VR is awesome. Gettin' rigged up is fun as 6;':"'.,

    87. asd ajsh

      but they arw investing into more entertainment industry

    88. Riley Mannion

      For me the vr headset is super interesting but for the whole setup I'd need to change my whole setup and it's more than my computer cost me so at this point it's just not financially feasible and I think it's the same for alot of people it's just a really big investment at a time where I should be saving up to buy an appartment😂

    89. Cody Pettengill

      Game of Phones is the name you were looking for

    90. Outside the Game Box

      Headphone jack...

    91. Jay Fxndi

      Unbox therapy guy

    92. Hellbound420

      That's the lamest, most uncreative logo I've seen in a long time..

    93. king of sports

      looooooool "yeah man"

    94. Tom

      google glasses ring a bell?

    95. Mr QuickFix

      Apple growth started before her career and will keep going when her career ends. Opinions are not facts. Numbers are facts

    96. Equal Infinite

      u r annoying

    97. Travis

      YES!!!!!!! so glad to hear apples cash flow is comin down maybe apple can step off their high horse n start catering to their loyal customer base instead of sayin fuck u we makin this n ur gonna buy it.... i have no idea y ppl keep buyin the overpriced "unfixable" stuff sry i just have absolutely zero respect for anything or anybody that takes advantage of another n over 500 dollars to replace a phone screen is 100% taking advantage of the type of person who buy apple, usually the kind of ppl that have money n wanna flash it, because honestly u get more capability out of android along with better price points, better app options, the phones not locked down in a sense.. so the only reason youd buy n apple is for looks at that point, either that or u jus wanna b one of those ppl that can say "i have n iphone" well FFFFFF that im proud as shit to say i love android apple can pocket somebody elses hard earned cash n thiss just about their phones dont get me started on the joke ass computers

    98. Adan M Garcia

      Nah. Good and casual tech needs to be instantaneous.

    99. SEANYMONEY -_-

      8:37 Lew: Remember tHaT Will Willy du: _sounding annoyed_ oh yeah, yeah Lew: What was that Will: _knowing he’s on the verge of being fired_ ohh I was just choking

    100. Cal

      driving the cars didnt MAKE the rats relaxed, the rats were just relaxed, meaning they weren't stressed out while doing the experiment