What Happens If I Push The Cocaine In The Water? (GTA Ballad Of Tony Fail)

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      guy : drops a box game : so u have chosen mission failed

    2. Rei Da Tecnologia

      Extremely detailed games be like:

    3. John Poop

      It was a 4 kilo

    4. Nah Name

      So fucking ridiculous

    5. Nightcore - By Gautham

      We want gta 6 speed run

    6. Denis Epure

      Our cocaine*

    7. Micah340

      Its a party down there

    8. VirgoIn VR

      Bruh, did someone else saw that one cocaine bag flew away?

    9. Nimal

      attention to detail

    10. Whyinem


    11. Mr. Muffin Man

      You will get icing

    12. Quantum

      The water got high as soon as the cocaine fell in ... literally ...

    13. Cake Eater

      TROOLLLED jk mat your the best👍👍

    14. joel mendoza

      You know how much one kilo on cocaine is

    15. GTA5_YT


    16. E.W VLOGS

      Jus playin wit my cocane

    17. Cesar Vialpando

      This game is still alive

    18. Sergeant Cheese Grater Sr.

      peak game development

    19. ÉnaGoN

      What are u doing on gta 4 ?

    20. Alika Velleses

      Turtles be busting out their plastic straws.

    21. Jayden Claviter

      Darkviper how many videos will you post a day Darkviper. Yes Me. But you didnt even finish the questi- Darkviper. yes

    22. hoep

      Now all the fish are gonna high has heck

    23. K N O T T Y B U D S

      That coke was probably double wrapped and vaccum sealed. I'm sure it would be fine.

    24. Aspenetrator

      Thats why turtles have straws in their noses

    25. Akram Akram

      Can't for gta 4 facts

    26. Yoselin Duarte


    27. Drows3y_Tiger

      Lol gotta love how PC everything is. Even the title. I believe it's the Ballad of GAY Tony.

    28. Noodle

      You know you had to try it first time you played the mission.

    29. RaddieB YT

      "Playin with my cocaine" -Matt

    30. The Name Is Tony

      No one gonna mention the first box of cocaine that pinged off into the distance???

    31. Elder Player

      Good old 1775 vibes.

    32. Julza

      GTA4 > GTA5

    33. ManMadeDesaster

      Other games: ya its fine i will still think its all there GTA 4: aye you destroyed a pack of cocaine bro, this mission is failed

    34. A Weeb That Love SingSing and Gorgc

      So this is the reason why my dealer increased the price about 4% or something

      1. Draco Zain

        Nah he's just finessing you out your socks

    35. Samay Sehdev

      What game is this?

    36. TurtleBurger

      Deliberately pushes valuable drugs into the water: Fails "I can't believe that just fucking happened"

    37. Ceddy D


    38. 유여준

      Can you kill the driver in Father and son mission?

    39. ThunderB0lt


    40. Ender Spartan 5

      Where can I find the full stream?

    41. Marcelery Stick

      Boston tea party

    42. cheezy

      Never thought hed be playing the best gta games dlc

    43. doodskie999

      This is why spongebob laughs like a maniac

    44. Isaiah Gonzales

      Make a video on how to find the buffalo cop car I've been wanting to find it

    45. 9housedawg123

      meanwhile: the Boston tea party

    46. 11er33

      Los Santos coke party? Dump the coke into the harbor

    47. Rule Britannia


    48. Rods Ahed

      this is going to make the boston tea harbor look like a joke

    49. Warfare Playz

      Boston Tea Party 2.0

    50. Orkun Koparan

      The name isn’t the “Ballad of Tony”.

      1. Danks Memington

        HUgets prolly doesnt like videos having the word "gay" in the title

    51. MaxgamingPlayz

      *_W E T S A L T_*

    52. One world or none

      this is why physics is never on your side

    53. Slightly Sodden Seal

      1/24 is too much

    54. NillerMann

      Wasn’t it called “Ballad of Gay Tony”?

      1. Ean Elijah De Guzman

        He shortened it mate

    55. Arkan Ramzy

      They really stepping up after the boston tea party

    56. MrMuguhfun

      The liberty city coke party

    57. Moistydude

      So it wasn’t *salt* ...

    58. *gacha Can*

      Graphics are so ~fucking~ good

    59. Verall 77

      consequences happen

    60. Cooked ea

      I always thought it was ballad of gay tiny not just balld of tony

    61. Nathan Kim

      Ever since Ariel the Mermaid came across the box with white powder, she always wanted to know what it's like to live where the people walk.

    62. Aaron Jiang

      if it’s cyberpunk and you destroyed all the package “thank you for watching over the shipment, I take the liberty to transfer payment on your account”

    63. Leandro Gaming

      LMAO aquaman gotta go high

    64. Nicholas Grguric

      What happens?

    65. Mr Sebru

      Fish belike: drugs drugeg

    66. Dalekov

      The Florida Tea Party.

    67. The Biggest Iron

      Liberty city tea party

    68. Kunga Lama

      Next day news Sharks found dancing at the beach with octopuses

    69. Tycini1

      Children in Africa could have eaten that

    70. StoleYoBiscuitHoe 1

      Dam the fish finna be like finally my order came in

    71. B-Chronium Productions

      GTA V would never have this level of realism or detail, lol

    72. Askewfiddle

      Those phish gonna be having a great time tonight

    73. Ural Miles

      Gay tony

    74. Jay _

      Alexa, play Giving Fish Cocaine by Lil Peep

    75. dimas rintama

      so this is the reason why nemo can speak

    76. Phil_ Thyrich

      Its like the Boston tea party, but better

    77. slorr55

      Playing with Michael Caine

    78. Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn

      People by next days, why are those fish so aggressive and why are so many of them dying

    79. CapKrunch 70

      The fish 10 mins later: *ayt where’s that shark at?*

    80. ·

      *I* Can’t believe that just fucking happened

    81. Shia Neko

      I'm not really sure what he expected...

    82. Andrew Wang


    83. SnaggyKid

      what game is this

    84. Agent Redbone

      In real life the pick up guy would be fishing it out. If they watched you intentionally destroy product they would have gathered the remaining product. An arm man would grab ya by the back of the neck guiding you to the truck with a gun jabbed in your side. In the truck you would have had 2 maybe 3 shots directly to the heart with a silenced 9mm

    85. Sir Thrash

      And thats the secret formula Don't tell plankton

    86. Caram3ll

      Boston Cocaine Party

    87. Gunther Stottlemyer

      Boston cocaine party

    88. Emma yaist

      So this channel is for fails or some shit?

    89. D'jango Markov

      God i miss gta iv

    90. JNX_crxpt

      What game is this

    91. q


    92. Herr Edward

      Everyone: hOw is DesTrOyiNg onE bOX a fAIl? Me: He purposefuly yeeted the shit into the sea and it looked like a couple thousand dollars worth of coke so yeah, Matt really is a moron on this one.

    93. TwIzL

      I like how in the title, he called it “the ballad of Tony” instead of “ballad of gay Tony” because HUgets is retarded

      1. Quantum

        Right lol

      2. benja 2000

        Tony: who says i ain't gay? Matt: You ain't gay. You ain't transgenda.

      3. TwIzL

        @SiisKolkytEuroo welcome to HUgets lol

      4. SiisKolkytEuroo

        So apparently it's ok to say cocaine but not g**

      5. Wendell Novais

        Susan Wojcicki=🤡

    94. Christ Chris

      All the comments saying "BuT iTs JuSt OnE bOx" not realizing cocaine is really fucking expensive

    95. fishy on me

      all the fish in the ocean:why is there a massive round thing in front of me and why do i feel like i’m in the sky

    96. Midknight13

      0:23 : You have destroyed too much of the shipment by pushing one bundle into the water Also 0:23 : Water clips through the deck

    97. Jakub Podolak

      Ballad of Gay Tony

    98. ELLO GUVNA

      What did he expect?

    99. Shitposts

      So he wasn't lying when he said about piles of cocaine...

    100. Rafael Muniz

      0:08 just playing with Michael Caine