Watch the Shadowlands Launch Cinematic: “Beyond the Veil”

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    In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place-from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.
    Enter the Shadowlands on November 23 at 3:00pm PST. Learn more at
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    1. saiz chek

      i seriously feel blizzard has lost its touch.

    2. haunss

      Overwatch 2 looks nice

    3. calin andrei

      This franchise has only the cinemativs worth viewing. The rest is bulshit.....

    4. Drae

      Can we all agree that this is the actual Shadowlands cinematic trailer?

    5. Rumham23

      Winter Queen? More like Winter Giraffe, amirite guys? But forreal that neck long doe

    6. Mundane Moon

      Wow :3

    7. Akabans lusians

      ahh diablo reskin look good though story gona be mediocre again

    8. Erin Mortimer

      cool cinematic but sorry I'm still not coming back

    9. derp

      Shadowlands... yet another excuse to re-use the exact same geography they already had. The same as Cataclysm (the same world, but Deathwing breathed on it) and Warlords of Draenor (the same world, but time travel).

    10. Leenuws

      I mean, good looking cinematic as always, but it was kind of boring, tbh...

    11. freedom expression

      whats the sound at 0:40 please!?!?

    12. dvls

      This cinematic looks more like a major patch cinematic than new xpac

    13. Pavel Levin

      Начало хорошее

    14. 5lion Khorassan

      Shadowlands a shithole for Draenor and Kazzak 😂

    15. richardhalo

      Oh look, Necrons!

    16. Blas

      0:52 Those explosions effects are amazing. Props to the one who thought to do those stringy lines.

    17. R.R 999

      welcome to Final Fantasy XX

    18. sehhi vooty

      No one gonna talk about the serious workout sessions the Jailer puts into those trapezius, tho?

    19. Lyner

      whos the man at the end?

    20. alehzanderh

      Remember the WOTLK launch trailer? That was amazing. This - isn't. Maybe next month. Maybe.

    21. Daily Warcraft Reforged

      So basically Diablo 3 The World of Warcraft Expansion

    22. Adam Dale

      I feel like Blizzard would get five time more people it had in the glory days if they would simply make WoW 2 where everyone starts from the scratch again, with new graphics and game mechanics, rather than to keep beating this already dead corpse of WoW for more money. I think they are just piling more and more nonsense over the original story in order to keep it emotional... and its not working at all...

    23. Derick Gannon

      Seems more like Age of wonders...

    24. Nightwalker601

      TBC had the best cinematic because it was a great follow up to the original game and it actually should classes and class abilities. Idk wth I just watched but it isn’t compelling me to start playing again.

    25. R. pizzamonkey

      It's cool to see blizzard's journey from trying to pretend Classic didn't exist and that everyone hated it to literally putting in classic servers, setting the level cap back to 60, and then still making trailers that are detached from their recent style and look more like the original and TBC trailers.

    26. XEQshon

      Aion. This is Aion.

    27. SexyAnna

      Looks like a warhammer game

    28. Luna Jarosch

      LeTs MaKe SylVanAs EvIl Yaaaaaasss Will totally hate everything.

    29. ZHaoHao

      A new beginning of World of Warcraft

    30. Shahab Hajarian

      I used to really look forward to blizzard cinematics. Even as recently as the Draenor expansion they had goosebump-inducing effects. Compare this cinematic to that, it pales in comparison. I can just imagine Activision, "We don't make money off cinematics, the budget is being cut". Sorry to sound so cynical, but tell me I am wrong.

    31. Felipe

      This looks cool and the expansion might even be good, but it doesn't feel like warcraft. Something is lacking.

      1. JustPerson


    32. Eric Yiliqi

      Whoa a few years away now I recognize nobody in Blizzard's WoW cinematics... Did everyone I love die?

    33. Chazz vc

      At this point i just watch cinematics now and don't play the game anymore. This looks cool, but there is nothing left for me in retail wow, they changed everything that made me addicted to the game. That and i got older and likely changed a bit myself.

    34. Augustine Shepazzi

      Beautiful minus the Aerdenweald leader's eyes... looked like they were scaled awkwardly to the face size, making it look aggressively CGI.

    35. Saga

      I'm watching this and I just see another game hat just exist. Where is the Blizzard signature that we all know? Even the quality of the animation seems lower. I don't know, it doesn't feel like home to me anymore.

    36. Big Boochie

      is there an instrumental version of this on Apple Music? The revendreth part is epic

    37. The Wasted Wanderer

      Yeah, yeah, yeah. "I am inevitable, all is doomed, I am all powerful! Boo woo, booo woo, baah baah.." I have heard it alllll ten-thousand times over and again. I get it. You all expended every original bone in your body after Cataclysm. This is some real eye candy, pure and simple.

    38. rootifera

      I have no idea what's going on, who these people are... I hope people who pays for the game enjoys the content.

    39. E.Y. Covian

      At this moment, WoW has bowed to FFXIV

    40. Glenn Andersen

      I have a suggestion. Bring back the evilness and brutality of the orcs. black magic and so forth. I feel it's all too goofy now. but maybe I'm gonna give shadowlands a try. Just to see where you are going with this. Just out of pure curiosity.

    41. Misael Piero

      This should be f2p already

    42. Rock girl

      Why does this seem to be lacking the impact of other Blizzard Cinematics? It seems slow in parts as well like with Maldraxxus clip. Anyone else get that feeling?

    43. العلوم المحرمة عليان ارسلان

      زورو قناتي لصور الجن و الحن من امم ياجوج و ماجوج ..................9

    44. العلوم المحرمة عليان ارسلان

      زورو قناتي لصو الجن .............................33

      1. Rock girl

        Man, it sucks so much that I can't play World of Warcraft right now.

    45. Sean Sereneo

      I really want to get into playing world of warcraft. But I feel like I'm way behind and that I could be way too addicted to it and waste tons of money and time lmao.

    46. Nerijus Milasauskas

      Who agrees we should get WOW series???

    47. Travis Brown

      So where's Tyriel? ;)

    48. SeventhSwell

      Very pretty, but are we supposed to be afraid of the Jailer? He looks like Sloth from the Goonies.

    49. M Mehdi

      Trailer graphics: 10/10 gameplay graphics: 3/10

    50. Lantos Revial

      The fun fact about WoW is that they still make updates and DLC's and so on, but the game still looks as bad as it ever did, and they still have this same bs economy of "pay for the game, doesn't matter you still dont own it so you'll have to pay again and again if you want to keep playing"

    51. DarkWorld98

      0:11 Protoss. Can you guys be a bit more creative?

    52. Amira Hammoud

      SICKK BRUHHHH- :O •𒊹︎•

    53. Bartosz

      Sooo...considering we killed literally everyone multiple times, maybe put some sandbox elements in the game? The New World to conquer by players, build housing, castles, claim land for your own or clan and fight over it? Just an idea for content which doesn't grow old that quickly...

    54. SolarDragon1000


    55. Sarkhann

      Beautiful animation for a bullshit story hurts me most.

    56. Steve The Crewmate

      Oh shizbiscuits a war hammer reboot. Let’s goooo

    57. AccipiterMagna

      what has this got to do with world of warcraft? who are these characters?

    58. Armindo Gomes

      Where do we begin, ........ Blizzard pushes liberal ideology with a Femanist GOD "Abiter" Makes fun of the military with its handicapped npcs in the Arbiters main city. That resembles missing legs. The Bastions inslaved the owls to do there work, while the Bastions are blue wich is a Verizon of black people enslaving a lighter colored race............. Comical there isn't a Transgender npc.. oh wait there is All before level 52

    59. Josip

      Man, it sucks so much that I can't play World of Warcraft right now.

    60. 法官


    61. Marceos IV

      Is Arthas in there ?

    62. tadeusz7925

      Shadowlands, where WOW meets Diablo.

    63. DenMCX

      Is this the official opening cinematic for Shadowlands? If so, this would be the most "boring" of them all... even more boring than the MoP-opening...

    64. Natjimo

      Jokes on you, Im a ginger.

    65. music4meh

      What if it is Arthas in chains

    66. AGlan

      Omg! I might start playing WoW again!!! looks amazing!

    67. David Reis Queiroz

      You guys are missing someone, the leader of all the dark side of shadowlands..Mei

    68. DanteEightSix

      If only my former friends weren't pos's, Activision and Blizzard didn't become so corrupt, and I didn't regret already spending $1,000's on this game over a 14 year time span, I would've tried this expansion as well. My desire for this game has gone to the Shadowlands.

    69. Captain Cosmos

      wth is even going on here

    70. Saelorion

      Nice nod to the original WoW cinematic trailer though through transition pattern, etc.

    71. Mr. Prev.

      AT THE END, THAT WAS HIM!!! THE BALD ONE!!! Yeaiiiiiiii Oh...... nope, it's not the Bald one, the legs, look at the MIGHTY LEGS.....Baldy has no legs, this one is just maldy.

    72. CMDR Dreamstate

      Now all they have to do is make the next WoW expansion "The Nexus"... because the Ravenlord held dominion over the Shadowlands, and the heroes must help Orphea defeat him, with the help of Archangel Tyreal...

    73. black lagon

      Could have put a little more effort into this.looks a bit out of place and messy.

    74. Noel De Leon

      so i have no idea who the characters are in the cinematic lol XD

    75. Adan Rodriguez

      blm, white supremacy, Jews, Christians, Socialism, Capitalism, “Beyond the Veil”

      1. Isaac Plumbo


    76. R D

      Hopefully they can jail all the SJW snowflakes and all those who believe in more than 2 genders in this place for eternity.

    77. Vel Tien-Yun Wu

      Warcraft 3, Burning Crusade, Diablo 2 and StarCraft: Brood War player here. What League Of Legends cinematic is this? Are they releasing some new champions?

    78. Your wife's boyfriend

      This on mobile?

    79. Kev E


    80. Steven Kavanagh

      This is the first WoW expansion I haven't bought. Even the previous expansions that I didn't like had great cinematics (Draenor, namely). This one is just dreary and uninteresting, like the expansion itself. My lack of excitement for a game I've put unspeakable numbers of hours into, kinda makes me sad.

    81. H

      Warhammer Total War: World of Warcraft 20K

    82. Victor Pietroboni

      I don't gonna lie, this looks like elder scroll online

    83. Giovanni Quintero

      World of Warcraft : Diablo Inmortal Reforged

    84. M.C.Martin Official Channel

      Pffft A wanna be illidan

    85. Remedy

      It's getting to the point where I'm recognising less and less characters from Warcraft, the cinematics look impressive though.

      1. Remedy

        @Jurre true, its a bit like the current state of Star Wars, I'm like who are these people and why should I care? 🤔😅

      2. Jurre

        Well yeah it’s been 18 years since the last Warcraft game man, the games moves on and becomes it’s own thing

    86. Zerk

      Diablo 4 looking good

      1. James Cota


    87. Gevito236

      Can't wait for asmongold to react to this so he can get his cheap views.

    88. Professor Professorson

      This use to be a game about humans fighting orcs

    89. Zendir Zorander

      After 15 years only good thing about wow : Cinematics.

    90. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    91. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    92. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    93. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    94. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    95. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    96. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...

    97. Abc Efg

      Leon looking like he flew in from 1930s London...