NVIDIA GTC 2020 Keynote in 10 minutes: Updated RTX and A100 GPU system


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    1. 陈冠西

      这老头真牛逼,,,呃。。我是说,他牙膏没多挤,牙齿还是一如既往地好。 。 。 。

    2. Robert Jackson

      Sorry... kilowatts.

    3. Robert Jackson

      A HPC Cluster with similar capabilities can cost $1M - $2M, with a power footprint of hundreds of megawatts, so $200K is steal along with

    4. Deepak Gautam

      Hello sir please launch budget card under 2000 doller like 3050 ti

    5. Chris Wilkinson

      I will buy 2 off to upgrade my computer so I can pac man on a large scale. Cool

    6. Red Fox

      More you lose the more we happy invade The more you lose the more we happy NVIDIA

    7. Red Fox

      More you lose the more we happy invade :)))))))))))))))

    8. Pedro Faria

      Jensen still hasn't learned how to conjugate verbs with plural nouns.

    9. Gallant Sage

      Nvidia on 🔥🔥🔥

    10. eldeecg

      $199,000 would buy a lot more spatulas.

    11. Max Kaspersson

      Bro you don't need that many spatulas.

    12. M R K Siva Naga Sai


    13. Breaker

      That must had been the most expensive kitchen in the world for a few minutes.

    14. Red Fox

      the more you lose the more we happy NVIDIA

    15. GETH_ _COMMANDS_

      i feel like a need 100 units of these to fight the british version of skynet called the Sanitation Plant v 0.3

    16. Lemon King

      Even for a dum dum like me know, this will revolutionize cyber industry. You could mine bit coin with it no?

    17. Randy Gangster راندي العصابة

      well so my Q is this all around able to run Crysis!!!?!*... * i know is a really bad dead meme LOL!!!

    18. SieBen

      Atx 3080ti or 3090 gonna be rockin (im not taking a 3070)

    19. Rishi Chawda

      Jensen cooked a huge garden of graphics with more trees and shades, and natural colors and effects. For a virtual world and naked eyes of the world. 🌈🌏

    20. Alex C.

      leather jacket everywhere and every time, probably sleeping in it too

    21. Low End Gamer

      Imagine buying an RTX2080TI

    22. FutherGaming

      But can it run Crysis?

    23. Vince Jerome Pedregosa

      can it run crisis?

    24. Milorad Zivanovic

      Can dgx a100 run a cod wz without crash?

    25. Bruno Oliveira

      7:27 Really fast, my eye can barely see the thing moving

    26. Flz Huang

      9:40 the more you buy, the more you save买的越多越省钱

    27. shadowXXe

      legend says that all of nvidias graphics cards get manufactured inside Jensen's oven

    28. JAWA


    29. lavupcreeper

      I don't know whether the oven would be cooking the A100, or if the A100 would be cooking the oven

    30. JoostArchives

      Is that Brandon?!!

    31. Gobal Krishnan V


    32. Wilson Chan

      The more you buy, the more you save.

    33. Cars Lansink

      No one is talking aboat that rapper? he is actually dope

    34. ehd chris


    35. Hans Hanserson

      Can it play Crysis?

    36. Michal

      50£? Let me have 100! :)

    37. Michael McNamara

      waiting for someone unboxing this

    38. sami

      john della bona = eminem?

    39. king kong

      my geforce Riva TNT can handle RTX?

    40. David Davis

      I love Nvidia and this CEO, top notch, class and innovation. This guy is exactly what the planet needs. Well done.

    41. 水昆

      this thing is more than my networth

    42. HackerAlien99

      can it run Crysis tho?

    43. cw a

      but can it play crysis?

    44. Oliviero Brandenburg

      But can it do Crysis?

    45. Mohsenne Chavérdie

      "The more you buy, the more you save."


      Nvidia Jarvis and AMD Ultron.......The Avengers will comes in real world, I guest :-) Everyone can Buy IRONMAN Command Center include Jarvis, with price $199K :-)

    47. Max Mildh -skräppost

      "The more you buy, the more you save".... LOL =D

    48. Something Wicked This Way Comes

      I'll wait till next year when the price is a few hundred.

    49. eSKAone

      This the new Playstation?: 6:30

    50. somepianochords

      May I have 144 FPS in RDR2 on this?

    51. Josh Semrok

      Great for businesses.

    52. Arthas

      I trust you, it's ridiculously fast These guys are about to born a monster

    53. kot yt

      I finally understand he is a Leather Jacket (Kawajan)

    54. dimpal das

      3:01 Eminem I will beat you 😂

    55. Hollinger's Bro

      Nvidia we make CPU too but servers only amd and intel is way behind but amd is slapping intel for being the fastest amd is much better because epic CPU are replace Xeon nvidia oh a100 is faster.

    56. astroboy tech ranger


    57. glowsticky

      $3000 gpu's to pay for leather jackets and that kitchen lol

    58. Jean Roch

      Drinking game : tape a sip every time he says "ladies and gentlemen". I can't count that far, I might need more CUDA cores.


      If only consumer products were cheaper as they get powerful...rather than powerful and more expensive as well...

    60. Lone Wolf

      When he began with “199 ..” , my delusional self was - “yeah....I can afford 199 dollars” . Need to start listening properly. Maybe that’s why my girl left me.

    61. Peter Preuss

      How nice that Jensen's granny let him use her kitchen to cook up the latest NVidia goodies :)

    62. MahooBa rC

      Nvidia are absolute vile, lying, cheating rip off artists and they'll never get a penny from me again. I have been AMD since 980Ti - Had a 1080Ti but mentally I'd left them at the price increase of the 10 series. Sold my 1080Ti. Stuck with AMD and Xbox One X since. I know SO many people who left Nvidia because of their foul skulduggery.

    63. Ankit Chauhan

      How many btc I can mine.

    64. R Stieffel

      I want ten units for 150k a piece, can you do that?

    65. Tim E.

      Make an ai for Elon musk that makes its own space ships with its own ai in it that builds stuff as well, and launch it into deep space like a modern day time capsule

    66. 汪磊

      以无厚入有间 好刀法

    67. Dale Bulmer

      ... I guess it will beat my RX-480 lol

    68. Johnson

      Can it run CRYSIS ? remastered one.

    69. csm1o1

      nice DC rac in the end.

    70. patrick zhang

      So when do t-800 come out

    71. Daniel X

      Jarvis is such an original name. I bet no one can think of another with the same name.

    72. dah starr

      8:27 oh okay... sure

    73. Vinicius Santos

      But can it run crysis?

    74. D

      Watching too much IRON Man Jarvis hey

    75. Larry Bird

      ___Feed_back__ "Ladies & Gentlemen parts" == Cringe "using the name Jarvis for your product" == Cringe "using an oven" == Cringe "Tear drop Misty" == Cringe "Misty's reply" == Cringe "Omniverse name" == Cringe "Over enthusiastic Sesame street talking " == Doable Cringe "Technical details" == Awesome "The Rapping" == Awesome

    76. Imdicc

      Nvidia out here making vtubers

    77. companymen42

      I wonder if DLSS can be applied to test and measurement and calibration

    78. Andres Guerrero

      man the future is now! Before you dreamed of scientists to achieve space race, flying cars, technology.... Now you need to get better machines so the IA would learn our entire history of scientific achievements in a second and help us to make possible the impossible

    79. David H. Qu

      Chinese CEO is simply the best. Wondering why Nvidia is always so good in performance. Not Chinese made cheap crap it is the people only want to buy cheap, how could you blame all different kinds of Chinese ?

    80. pro blogger

      its game changing

    81. Simeon Nedkov

      Legend has it that Jensen Huang was born with the leather jacket.

    82. MauZ Arts

      the SkyNet System has now been completed... Terminators are coming !

    83. Johnny void

      flex lol

    84. Keshav Nair



      My smartphone in 2030

    86. Bri5150

      Buy Nvidia stock. I'm guessing it will be above $500 by the EOY.

    87. Nils Rohlfs

      Thats one nice as Kitchen!!

    88. Rkeyus

      Ok thats cool and all but can it run Crysis

    89. Keitaro Tsurugi

      No anime girl assistant, meh. On the bright side, just in time for crysis remastered.

    90. Zan Ban

      so if i sell my house i can buy one of these and still have enough to buy a shed ! woohooo !!! yeeey amazing pricee !! crysis!!!

    91. Alex Johnson

      Can it run crisis?

    92. jony- jiangfangying


    93. Guess Guess1

      common linux wheres ur review at

    94. Pierre CANGEMI

      Is that effective at bitcoin mining ? :) anyway, the a100 seems pretty impressive ...

    95. Kiki Riski

      Cuman 3m 😀😩😭🤪

    96. GGWP

      please give for free..👋👏

    97. Johan PONIN

      And it all started for video chip to make games ...

    98. Yourven Parianen

      But....can it run minecraft though

    99. King Friends

      Облачный гейминг приближается.

    100. Chris

      Marketing a 200k product to a consumer audience as if this is about a new GTA5 video card. Smart cross marketing because im actually pretty impressed with Nvidia now.