G-Eazy - Provide (Official Video) ft. Chris Brown, Mark Morrison


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    G-Eazy “Provide” feat. Chris Brown & Mark Morrison
    Out Now: smarturl.it/GxProvide

    Directed by Edgar Esteves
    Production Company: Blank Square Productions
    Producer: Andres Garcia
    DP: Josh Hill
    Edited by Joan Pabon
    Color by Bryan Smaller

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    1. Bethany Brown

      Love this one as much as I love you! Which is ALOT! you need to go live ASAP. I need to see your adorable face!

    2. aiyana ysibido

      no bc when chris smiled...🙈

    3. E JAY beatz

      himaka be goin crazy wit these remixes 🔥

    4. angello leon

      Return of the mack

    5. JJ the Shark

      my bro. This is such a clean video

    6. Kayte Thomas

      Chris brown makes this song a vibe !! 😍

    7. Alvin Cares

      Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

    8. Denise Whitfield


    9. Dj Kilnati


    10. 劉俊佑

      Dose anyone know the girl’s name?

    11. Joshua Muron

      classic shit

    12. Kimberly Lalonde


    13. OTTO

      I wish I could live in Young Gerald’s, “VideoWorld” right NOW‼️ (Cuz fcuk a lockdown)

    14. Maria Welch

      Damn. How tall are these two

    15. Reise Speller LALakersYesGSWarriorsNo

      You lied to me 'Cause she said she'd never turn on me You lied to me But you did, but you did You lied to me All this pain you said I'd never feel You lied to me But I do, but I do, do, do


      omg! Chris Bro


      Is it just me or does every single comment on this video seem fake

    18. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

      AQUÍ UN AMIGO 🇪🇦 ÉXITOS 🙏💯🎧🌎📀🎶

    19. Krimzn kura

      Brezzy alwayz wearz the solid Gears

    20. ____gorbek

      2021 return of the mack but worse

    21. J J

      Original still better

    22. Victor baeza

      This shit is straight garbage A drake clone ruining return of the mack gtfoh with that bs

    23. Emily Suprise

      How come every chris brown hook in every song bangs

    24. John K

      Good vivbes

    25. Ibzy

      Chris Brown is such good vibes man

    26. Fitzroy J Charles

      breezy issa hit maker any song he on issa hit !!!

    27. Felipe Terrazas

      Barely found out about this track. Been on repeat ever since.

    28. Peter Johnson

      Who is the main girl? She's so beautiful.

    29. Jessica Chasco

      G eazy is back baby yessss! So many memories with your music remember to be you always ❤️I'm aquarius ♒

    30. McKenzie McKenzie

      Leave a thumbs up guys Chris brown💥💥💥💥

    31. anonymous komentar

      he cant sing

    32. Danishvir Buttar

      Vintage Modern Love

    33. Eric Rogers

      🤣⚠️Is this the cheap hat crew..? I remember purchasing those hats in Washington DC from Street vendors when I was in 6th grade. FAQ CHEAP A$$ SNAPBACKS⚠️🤣 C' MON MAN...

    34. Avocado Bean

      whet its ft Breezy, the song gonna be a BOP

    35. RLS

      Kids today will never understand the vibe of this Return of The Mack beat. 😩🥺😭 Tooooo good. 🙌🏻❤️

    36. Robert Mitchell

      Straight banger homie!

    37. Ana TV Time!

      Love this!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Raoni no React

      That sound is very good !!!! Impossible to stay still!

    39. emalay chavez

      Bay to the universe...ity i wanna go to school maybe 😂

    40. Mary Joyner

      G EASY flow though

    41. pure vocals

      Chris brown cover hugets.info/show/s6h5fqiqrq6MxoY/vide.html

    42. Amazing Music

      its safe to say the guitar player is no angus young.

    43. KHLOE BYRD

      if yall havent listened to Return of the Mack,who are you?

    44. Aron Jackson


    45. M Hanning

      I’m in love with song 😍

    46. Sharila Fofana


    47. Victor Gonçalves

      Oh mon 96 quel année où cette musique est sortie Merci à cette bonne époque,,,,merci Mark Morrison merci 2 paC Biggy etc etc


      I loved this music


      Return of the mack sample 🔥🔥🔥

    50. Quepid 101

      Rip Andre Hicks

    51. cruisingthe101

      Death of Covid 2021 VIBES

    52. Scizor Bullet

      Fucking hate this song every time i hear it on the radio i get hyped thinking its return of the mack but no its fucking g eazy and womenbeater brown -_-

    53. Briya Reyes


    54. OUTLAW TROY .209.


    55. Iris Johnson

      This my favorite 😻 new song 🎶 🎵 🎧 to listen 👂 to

    56. Danishvir Buttar

      Return of the Mack

    57. aza marina

      My husband

    58. SpeedGhost

      Breezy and Eazy together. ☀️🔥💯

    59. Shits Dank

      They owe Mack Morrison money lmfao

    60. AlyssaJames

    61. Andrei Mitu

      DAMN! love this 80' 90' vibe :D and by the looks of it, i'm not the only one :)))) BigUp from Romania

    62. Nick Bulloch

      MJ would be proud Breezy 😜 Can’t get enough of this 👍🏻

    63. Bee Stevens

      No to the leather looking trousers he got on.

    64. Wiebke B

      This song is so underrated

    65. Ronaldo Coelho

      G-Eazy with Gangstarrr voice and flow. if you not from the 80s or 90s forget it. you have no ideia.

    66. Megan-Lacey Forde

      Only here for classic song how g-eazy brought it back it back to life again what a great ledge ♥️🙏 @geazy

    67. Danielle U


    68. Kenzie’s World

      "You in my city, so i'm not gon take it easy on you."

    69. Lex Burrola

      when he looks to the side at 0:26 😩😍

    70. Elijah Schwartz

      I need a timeout this song is fantastic

    71. 0tijolinho alanzoka

      10M yeahh

    72. Donald Masek


    73. Donald Masek

      "Return of the Mark" sampled heavily

    74. Max Dimes

      that 4:3 though, keepin it og no doubt.

    75. Frederic Reid


    76. Frederic Reid


    77. Frederic Reid


    78. KM Kween

      This is the life and music we knew growing up. No thots. No strippers. Just straight good vibes🥰😌

      1. KM Kween

        @Scizor Bullet 😂 ima survivor of domesticviolence but this made me laugh. *when dark humor enters chat*💀

      2. Mr. Nobody

        @Scizor Bullet no not exactly rumors after hearing from fan videos he did this to her and that and all the fuck , ok if we think that he really did it so go to a police station complain or go to a court man do whatever you want but this chitchat without source is like rumors

      3. Scizor Bullet

        @Mr. Nobody rumors? Are you fucking kidding me??😂

      4. TubbS

        but you could say that to every generation i mean we all know there are so many samples :D

      5. Mr. Nobody

        @Zeus these people just come here after runors


      G Eazy and Breezy baby.

    80. Dominick Gonzalez

      2k views off of 10 mil..

    81. payten

      I Have a special glass mic it shatters when I drop it The shattered Mic Drop 💔🍷🎤 I leave scars.

    82. Shawn Bartholow


    83. wolfybezurkydonk

      Bayyyy Areaaaaa.. Leggoo Warriors

    84. Alston Crosby

      tory lanez would float on this

    85. K.d. Infamous

      This shit is horrible..

    86. Danishvir Buttar

      Why songs like these are so underrated ??

    87. mfnchris

      big name rappers on a cheap ass 3 tab roof

    88. Giselle Bustamante

      After a long day experienceingn one heck of a migraine this makes it a bit better. 😒😩😣☺️😌

    89. Tristan Culp

      I forgot about Chris brown till I saw [Look at me now] on my fyp

    90. N. Ali

      😞😞😞😞 return of the mack.

    91. JJ

      How come G easy be looking like George McFly in this video?

    92. Muhammad Muntasir Adamu

      It's sad that this song is underrated. This is a masterpiece. Thank you G Eazy and Chris Brown

      1. Mark Sowton

        Mark Morrison too

    93. Veronique Van Den Berghe

      Such disappointment !!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

      1. Jonas H

        @Veronique Van Den Berghe if tbisnisnt racist, then I don't know what is. Watch yourself

      2. Veronique Van Den Berghe

        @Jonas H exactly ! Part black which gives him 50% black ear 50% black DNA to move the way he does! 50% you don’t have!

      3. Jonas H

        @Veronique Van Den Berghe breezy is part white sweetheart. Nice try!

      4. Veronique Van Den Berghe

        @Jonas H one you too young to debate and second you white to be having black musical ear on black music!

      5. Jonas H

        I think you need your ears checked

    94. Marcus Roth

      Wish breezy switched up the return of the mack chorus. Still dope!

    95. Albert Botello

      I wanna hear this COMBINED with the O.G Return of the Mack 🙌 anybody who finds that audio PLEASE LMK!!!

    96. Aaron Romano

      G eazy is a club banger factory.