Songs you can't NOT sing along to #1


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    If you don't sing along, you lying!
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    Today we take a look at songs you can't NOT sing along to 'cause they're just too catchy!
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    1. Åsa Fredrikson

      Would like to ad that some melodies are "dance friendly" in the list.

    2. SpecterKaiu

      ngl,joels smile just like looks so nice like honestly

    3. Aiden Gallimore

      I realized living on a prayer has a wordless hook (the ohhhhh)

    4. Hannah Symborski

      Accented words. When they hit a word with a pause makes the word awesome. Makes that word more important and emotionally connecting. Funner to sing too

    5. Shoto Todoroki

      Does he not know the lyrics of Viva La Vida?!?!?!?

    6. Jess T

      Does anyone just watch these to sing along to 😭✋

    7. Drew E

      Honestly, when I saw blinding lights, I got some dancing Joker vibes.

    8. Emma Ross

      i sang ymca

    9. ZiyGamming

      I almost sang to al of then I love all of them do you?

    10. HippoCookie

      I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) is a song that you can listen too on repeat for hours, How I Met Your Mother knew this too

    11. Eおじさん

      my sing along song is i could give it up from pusher

    12. What The Hoop

      Not my main one but I do

    13. Abagail Horstmyer

      Why does when Joel wears black he looks like Harry Styles?!?!?!? Especially in this video!!

    14. WolvesHeart

      Happy and sweet home Alabama are both from despicable me

    15. Captain Drinkalot

      honestly the only reason why I kinda know the lyrict to shake it of is thanks to The Hillywood Show and their Supernatural parody

    16. Harry Styles Watermelons

      when I see harry styles i click

    17. cindy shea

      I’ve had stayin alive stuck in my head for 3 months

    18. Nathan Meadows

      I used to roll the dice

    19. GamingTime

      Doja Cat Say So is predictable: Count stays 4.

    20. Tijs Westenberg

      "Its opjectefly the best in my opinion" : Joel

    21. Mudamation

      10:50 the Minecraft version is better

    22. NoahAgainstHumanity _

      STENA LINE 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Kokichi Ouma

      I don’t think the “Indian” from the village people is problematic because he’s actually native.

    24. guitar with Alex

      Being a metal head kind of helps with this

    25. Daimon Colliver

      I dont understand myself. I dislike "Happy" for some reason I dont know, but I cant help but dance the introvert in public dance. Which is slight movement in the corner

    26. Sanity's Edge

      I didmt sing along at all this was misleading

    27. James Ram

      I gotta admit Blinding Lights got me there😂😆

    28. yt_yALEX

      Bruh I lost Because most of the songs I know them

    29. Catalynz

      Songs you can't NOT sing along to -- one of the categories should be just how ubiquitous the song is. It's at least partially how frequently it's in people's ears, even when they're not actively listening to it, so that it's just that much more familiar when it comes on.

    30. Simon

      At 2:47 he litteraly just put his head in a marty video and he tought we wouldn’t notice.

    31. •Macha_Tea•

      Oohhhhh~ were halfway there ohohh~ Squidward on a chair!

    32. Emerson Sutton

      2:47 only the real ones recognised Marty Music

    33. Mihlali Jantjies

      Joel is the Sprouse brother who chose music

    34. MatkoFN

      Roomie: Didnt sing almost every song Rommie in his head: singing all the songs

    35. Gerald Stephens

      Just like Baby Shark.

    36. Adam Sitkin

      y u wearing a turtle nek

    37. Dan Keldeo

      in elementry i had to dance to the song happy infront of the whole school cuase my teacher made us do it

    38. dwatts64

      500 miles is most certainly an anthem if you're a Scot.

    39. DuoGamerz_15

      Okay living on a prayer and YMCA have to be the most iconic songs because our parents grw up with them

    40. Gamma77

      +1 Speed perhaps?

    41. kuchesezik

      i can only listen to kmac's i'm gonna be

    42. Megan

      I got a tad too excited when WMS started playing. I think everyon's awake now oop-

    43. James Phillips

      You have a beautiful voice roomie

    44. Lillian Kraft

      *Selena Gomez song plays* MMMM MMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM ME: jumps out my window

    45. baku simp

      any one else still laughing about how the editors put 'stenaline' in stayin' alive?🤣

    46. orangefast282

      I was holding my breath and covering my song, I DIDNT SING ALONG

    47. Shiny Gengar

      Happy makes me very unhappy

    48. Daniel Caba

      Roomie You look Darius kincaid in the hitmans movie young version

    49. The Man with the upside-down face

      At Wrecking Ball, i wanted to crush my Headphones *SO* badly, cuz i hate it

    50. XxVodka_RulezxX

      He looks like a geography teacher

    51. Kaylin Rhudy

      I just subscribed

    52. Fisz Plays

      I sang to all the songs I failed .. except senorita tho and watermelon sugar and viva va lida and im gonna (500 mil) and look at her now ok I admit it I didn't sing all of it but I sang more than half

    53. Late 4 dinner

      My main sing along is you dive love a bad name by Bon Jovi

    54. KZ6

      I love that hey ya is a Jojo stand.

    55. Ace Shirai

      Lynyrd Skynyrd, Outkast, Village People, Journey, Proclaimers, Doja Cat's Say So (Metal Version), Bon Jovi,...everything else makes me puke!

    56. IDazza RFC

      I think the only reason that wrecking ball is a sing along song is because how much it was fkn played on the radio

    57. Christine006

      11:40 *Niall Horan and James Corden flashbacks*

    58. Jake Modesti

      where was all star

    59. Angelica H

      I think the reason why people memorize these songs is because they are over played on the radio.

    60. Random Canadian99

      Fun fact: if it wasn't for Neil Young's Southern Man Lynyrd Skynyrd wouldn't of made Sweat Home Alabama

    61. Fluke Mortoli

      Lol blinding lights is definitely one of my favorite songs so yeah I sing along a lot. Lol also viva LA Vida is definitely a favorite of mine too. and dang you are good at singing it

    62. Jaqueline

      I hate Outcast Hey ya song

    63. dammyjodger1

      "Is it an anthem?" Scotland is side eyeing you rn.

    64. Henry

      The head dress in YMCA is no longer ok

    65. mango melon

      Is it just me that thought viva la vida was fallen kingdom

    66. Jonathan Switch blade

      You should’ve put smooth criminal in the video

    67. Toribio Gubert

      So he didnt put YMCA into anthem category??? I saw that right?

    68. april8tost

      I sing along to blinding lights as if I'm the weekdays

    69. No One

      I low how they misspelled journey. Jorny :DD jorney? Joareneyeyeeyeye yay?

    70. Dominique Mak

      "dont start me now"

    71. Nahome Aredo

      I do sing along to blinded by the lights

    72. XdEli 2009

      You also can’t not move to these songs

    73. Teazun

      I literally sing along to any song I know

    74. Kacey Anderson

      As someone who sang Life is a Highway in show choir, I can (happily) not sing along. I still cringe when I hear the song.

    75. Night Stick

      It's funny how I sometimes forget Joel's actually a seriously talented singer, and doesn't just do the reaction or commentary videos I always watch. Sometimes, though, he just casually goes off on parts of a song and I'm left stunned at how incredible his voice sounds...

    76. Night Stick

      4:25 That's funny, in last year's Spotify wrap-up Lauv ended up being my most listened to artist, but I hadn't once searched for Lauv or specifically added any of his songs to any playlists. I just ended up getting a ton of his music in my daily playlists, and I put some of them on repeat a bunch while I was working unconciously. Absolutely fantastic artist!

    77. Michael Montgomery

      1:02 my sentiments exactly.

    78. SuperGirlyGamer_165

      Can someone what age you usually get financial stress?

    79. Asher Madrid

      Roomie: *does the intro 3 minutes into the video. " WHATS UP GUYS, WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER VIDEO!!"

    80. Charlie T

      No messing about the Savage Garden football video is amazing

    81. Ling Ling potterhead Contortionist weirdo

      Well jokes on u I don’t know some of these songs So hahahahahahahahaha

    82. VolcanicO Does stuff

      title:Songs that you can’t NOT sing along to me:doesn’t sing

    83. Malaya Wesley

      And i sing along to blinding lights it’s my favorite song

    84. Malaya Wesley

      I do sing along to don’t start now

    85. Chan Siew Peng

      U got a nice voice 😲

    86. Chan Siew Peng

      More like :Y MCO🤣

    87. BikePack Rider

      Viva la vida as preformed by Panic! at the disco

    88. Patt Adams

      Journey is so hard to sing properly though

    89. GOD Gaming

      Does Sweden people have blue eyes? Or did you spend your money to change your eye colour

    90. CS GR

      That STENA LINE got me 😭😭😭

    91. Peachy Star!

      who else just played all the songs and had a complete party?

    92. Nai

      one of the reasons i dont like western pop

    93. Nice Son Cash Guy

      Tired of this song chorus or whatever its called is so freaking annoying i wanna rip my ear drums off

    94. sarreid

      Leave the original video in the description I don’t care about your opinion

    95. Latte Lord

      Yes, enthem... Also I disagree with about 90% of this sorry

    96. Steve Man

      Joerny is joe Biden and Bernie sanders together

    97. robotdiekje

      I sing allong with blinding lights

    98. Tasmin Smith

      Fun fact : most CPR instructors may advise you to keep in mind the chorus from staying alive to help you regulate accurate chest compression timing 👍🏻😂🚑

    99. hal9khal

      Frankly, most of the music mentioned on your channel would make me sing really soon, during an interrogation, but I am still hanging around watching your videos. :)

    100. Carlo Duong

      The last line remnds me of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. Her name is Noelle.